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									 Family, School, and Community Partnerships SIG Executive Committee Meeting
                          2008 – Meeting Minutes

Members present: Susan Auerbach (Chair), Rollande Deslandes (Member-at-large),
Steven Sheldon (outgoing Program co-Chair and Chair elect), Catherine Hands (outgoing
Program co-Chair and Secretary-Treasurer), Tammy Turner-Vorbeck (incoming Program

Regrets: Glenda Allen-Jones, Esther Ho, Alberto Ochoa, Edward Olivos

No quorum so vote items to be submitted for email vote by absentees.

   1. Old Business – AERA Travel Stipend for grad students and dissertation award
   - Last year Glenda proposed $750 per year for 3 travel stipends of $250 each for
      grad students presenting at AERA, with application consisting of letter from
      student and faculty member; email consensus of committee that 1 award could
      also go to Diss Award winner
   - ACTION PROPOSED: Finalize Glenda’s draft on 3 travel stipends of $250 each
      to also say that grad student must have a presentation accepted for a SIG session;
      that the person getting stipend is the actual presenter (not just a co-author); to
      include a form that demonstrates need by answering questions about travel
      distance to the conference and whether their institution reimburses part or all of
      their conference travel; stipulate that grad students cannot apply for stipend if
      received one in past 3 years. Glenda to be asked to finalize an application
      procedure. [NOTE: The above changes later approved by email vote.]

   2. Old Business – future sponsorship of INET by SIG
   - There are political issues at play – at this time, the FSCP SIG will not sponsor

3. Officers for 2008-9: (* = new)
                o Susan Auerbach, Chair*
                o Steven Sheldon, Chair Elect*
                o Cathy Hands, Secretary-Treasurer*
                o Executive Committee Members at Large: Glenda Allen-Jones,
                   Rollande Deslandes, Esther Ho*, Alberto Ochoa
                o Program Chair: Tammy Turner-Vorbeck

Committees for 2008-9 (* = chair):
-Program: Tammy Turner-Vorbeck*, Monica Miller Marsh, Jeff Bennett
-Membership: Steve Sheldon*, Rollande Deslandes
-Nominating: Mary Cornish*, Lori Thomas, Cathy Hands
-Honors and Awards: ___ *, Rollande Deslandes, Suzanne Bouffard (these 3 on
Dissertation Award Committee) plus Glenda Allen-Jones (travel stipend)
- Publications: Diana Michael*, Lee Shumow

Susan to seek chair for Dissertation Award Committee.

 4.  Membership
   - this year, 303 members
   - Rollande’s suggestion: send e-mail through INET to international scholars as one
      way of increasing membership

 5. Proposed change from Mary Cornish in the by-laws regarding the timing of the SIG
   - it will be brought up at the Business Meeting and a vote by show of hands will be
      taken – Cathy to count the votes

 6. Proposed change in dissertation award nomination procedure
   - Phase 1: attending members agreed that applications should be screened first for
      relevance to SIG mission with 1) an expanded abstract/executive summary, 2) a
      table of contents, and 3) the nominee’s response to a prompt about relevance, all
      submitted electronically by Oct. 1;
   - based on Phase 1 above, dissertation award committee to determine who is
      eligible to apply and invite those only to submit full dissertation;
   - discussion of whether to electronic copy (more environmentally friendly, cheaper
      for applicant/SIG/committee member) or hard copy (expensive to make copies
      and send but easier to read) would be most desirable – two of the committee
      members (Rollande and Virginia Shipman) want hard copies
   - have applicants make hard copies and the SIG reimburses them for copying and
      mailing expenses (up to $50 with receipts and written request)
   - [NOTE: The above changes approved by email vote of absentees.]

 7. Program Committee and use of SIG Poster Sessions
   - proposals that did not get as high a rating as other proposals were slotted as
      posters or roundtable presentations – that said, the ratings are subjective, and there
      is variability in how individual people assign the ratings – in the past two years,
      before looking at the ratings of the proposals, Steve and Cathy rejected all
      proposals with two recommended rejections from the reviewers – those proposals
      remaining were more or less on the same footing unless decisions needed to be
      made between similar proposals, for example
   - in some cases, those papers that could not be logically grouped in sessions were
      put into the poster session – it had nothing to do with ratings, it was a logistical
   - in some cases, people asked for poster sessions – this is a good format for
      presenters who want feedback on their work from a number of people, or for
      presenters who do not have a completed project (the same is true for roundtables)

 8. Business Meeting ideas for 2009

      -   Reception very expensive w/ hotel catering, cannot afford to do it every year.
          Continue reception at current level for next year or alternative?

 -   Also paid honorarium for invited speaker this year. Next year: another speaker or
     panel or other?
 -   Consider panel on methodological issues in our field, such as ethics/privacy,
     methodological rigor, selection bias, dealing with sensitive content, etc.
 -   Other ideas: Have dissertation awardee present on their work; Program Chair to
     keep eye out for proposal that might work well during Business Meeting format;
     methodological panel or Pam Kay Memorial panel also possible (see below).
 -   Decision pending, Chair to seek input from Exec Comm and membership

9. Pam Kay Memorial lecture/paper session/symposium
  - Pam had talked about the importance of academic rigor, so a lecture or session on
    research methods or action research might be appropriate
  - Pam was interested in special education, learning differences, and issues of
    inclusion and diversity for example, so a call could go out to the membership to
    propose a paper/symposium/lecture that addresses one of these issues
  - Possibility for AERA 2009 program and/or Business Meeting.

                          Respectfully submitted by Cathy Hands and Susan Auerbach


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