The Executive Committee, Council of Permanent Deacons by jit14310


									                                                                                                    Spring 2007
                                                                          Deacons & Wives Convocation
                                                                               November 3, 2007

                                                                             The Executive                                   The Convocation
                                                                          Committee, Council of
                                                                           Permanent Deacons
                                                                           Director(s) Revs. James Teti,
                                                                           Don Hummel, Anthony Kulig
                                                                            Deacons John J. McKenna,
                                                                         Joseph L. Mantineo, James Tobin
                                                                            Bergen Joe Yandoli -Chmn.
                                                                            Al McLaughlin - Secretary
                                                                          Essex Aldo Antola, Tom Bulgia
                                    Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey
Office of the Permanent Diaconate

                                                                        Hudson Herb Gimbel –Vice-Chmn.,
                                                                                   Tom Barrett
                                                                                                                       The Keynote Speaker of the
                                                                           Union John Baltus, Joe Lubas                convocation will be Deacon Bill
                                                                               Hispanic Luis Lorza,
                                                                                                                       Ditewig Executive Director of both
                                                                                 Asterio Velasco                       the Secretariat for the Diaconate and
                                                                             Publicity Ed Campanella
                                                                                                                       the Secretariat for Evangelization,
                                                                                  DeacoNews Editors                    and as a Hebrew consultant to the
                                                                                  Ed Campanella SFO                    Bishops’ Committee on Scripture
                                                                              Michael York Thomas Smith
                                                                                                                       Seton Hall’s Presidents Hall is the
                                                                               In Memorial of Our                      site that was chosen by the
                                                                               Departed, since 2005                    convocation committee consisting of
                                                                        George A. Ross        Joseph Fiore             Deacons: John McKenna, Joe
                                                                        Edward Botts         Victor Reyes              Yandoli, Al McLaughlin, Louis
                                                                        Philip Salerno        Janet Besida             Lorza, Ernest Abdad, and Joe
                                                                        Ann Giordano Daniel McCarron                   Mantineo. The time, on Saturday
                                                                                Aart P. Markenstein                    November 3, 2007 will be from 8:30
                                                                                                                       AM to 5:30 PM.
                                                                        Pray for Our Community
                                                                        Please remember in your prayers all the ill    The convocation will be enveloped
                                                                        and convalescing members of our                between Morning Prayer and the
                                                                        Diaconate family. May the Spirit of God,       celebration of the Holy Eucharist
                                                                        the healer of souls, bring His healing grace   with Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha,
                                                                        and peace upon the ailing, their families,     S.D.V, D.D. as the principal
                                                                        and all who care and minister to them.
DeacoNews Spring 2007                            Archdiocese of Newark
                                           good opportunity to gather as a
   Director’s Column                       community and grow in our ministry.             Deacon Spotlight
   Deacon John McKenna                     We encourage your suggestions for This section is normally reserved to
                                           future topics and speakers.            salute one of our own. With the start
                                           Thanks to the hard work of our brother of the new formation program, which
                                           Deacon, Paul Kliauga, we now have a is new from the ground-up, including
                                           Deacon Web Site.        The web site its leadership, the council decided that
                                           includes a Short History of the we should focus this month’s spotlight
                                           Permanent Diaconate, links for the column on our new formation team led
                                           United States Conference of Catholic by Rev. James Teti as the director of
                                           Bishops (USCCB), Congregation for selection and formation, co-directed by
                                           the Clergy and Vatican Documents Rev. Donald Hummel and Rev.
                                           Pertaining to Deacons, among other Anthony J. Kulig.
                                           Also included on the web site is our
                                           new Deacon Handbook.                The
                                           Handbook covers topics such as the
                                           Role of the Deacon at Mass, a copy of
I wish you and your families a             the Ministry Agreement, the policy for
Blessed Easter season! The Lord has        ministerial expectations, definitions of
Risen! He has truly Risen!                 diaconal status and the policy for the
Our Father in Heaven has a wonderful       assignment and tenure of deacons. I
way of using nature to point us to the     encourage you all to review it.
Resurrection. The spring season is a       We plan on using the web site as a
time of renewal and new life, which        supplemental   communication,   in
should point us toward Eternal Life.       addition to the mails regarding
As deacons, we have a privileged           upcoming events and seminars.                       Rev. James Teti
opportunity      to     proclaim     the                                          Born on November 28, 1970 in
Resurrection in our preaching, in our
service to our brothers and sisters and          Official Deacon                  Summit, NJ to Vincent and Katherine
                                                                                  Teti, he lived in Maplewood for much
in the witness of our lives.                      Appointments                    of his childhood (Our Lady of Sorrows
Spring is a time of change and it is                                              parish, South Orange) and then later
                                           The March 7, 2007 issue of the
also a time of change for the Office of                                           on in Mendham, NJ. As a child he
                                           Catholic Advocate announced four attended public schools in South
Deacon Personnel.          His Grace,
Archbishop Myers, continues to show                                               Orange, NJ, and was graduated from
his dedicated support to our               Deacons Joseph L. Mantineo, Sacred Delbarton School, Morristown, NJ in
community by naming Deacons Joe            Heart Parish, Rochelle Park, and 1988.
Mantineo and Jim Tobin as Associate        James Tobin, Assumption Parish,
                                                                                  Rev. Teti then attended Yale
Directors of the Office of Deacon          Emerson, have been appointed University in New Haven, CT
Personnel effective February 14, 2007.     Associate Directors of deacon
                                                                                  graduating with a B.A. in political
I look forward to working with Jim         personnel for a three year term ending
                                                                                  science in 1992. He attended seminary
and Joe on projects which will             February 14, 2010.                     at the Pontifical North American
enhance and support our Diaconate
                                         Deacon Joseph A. Dwyer Jr., St.              College in Vatican City and the
Community.                               Cassian, Upper Montclair, has been           Gregorian University, Rome, and
I would like to thank deacons Ernest appointed Permanent Deacon of Holy               received an S.T.B. in 1996 and an
Abad and Asterio Velasco for their Family Parish, Nutley, effective                   S.T.L. in fundamental theology in
work in putting together a series of February 21, 2007                                1998. Rev. James Teti was ordained
educational talks for deacons and their Deacon Francis P. McQuade was                 to the priesthood on May 24, 1997 by
wives. The first scheduled event will incardinated into the the Archdiocese           Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick.
be April 12, 2007 at 7:00 p.m. in the of Newark on December 6, 2006                   Re. Teti served for seven years (1998-
auditorium of the Archdiocesan                                                        2000, 2001-2006) at Our Lady of the
Center. I encourage you and your                                                      Lake parish, Verona, and also as priest
wives, if applicable, to attend. It is a                                              secretary in the Office of the
DeacoNews Spring 2007                          Archdiocese of Newark
Archbishop from 2000-2001. Rev Teti       Fatima, North Bergen, NJ (7yrs)           The whole diaconate community and
is serving currently as parochial vicar   Chaplain-Director     of      Campus      its leadership welcome Frs. Teti,
at St. Teresa's parish, Summit since      Ministry, Immaculate Heart Academy        Hummel and Kulig in a special way as
June, 2006.                               (6 yrs). Paramus Catholic HS (2 yrs)      we look to them for their combined
                                          Parochial Vicar - St. Helen's             experience, judgment, caring, and
                                          Westfield, NJ (2 1/2 yrs) Pastor - St.    direction of the Permanent Diaconate
                                          Bartholomew's, Scotch Plains, NJ (5       Formation program for the class of
                                          yrs). He is currently Director of         2011 and beyond.
                                          Ongoing Formation & Continuing
                                          Education for Priests as well as
                                          coordinator of the Priests' health        Class of ’92 Celebrates
                                          Committee. He serves on the Priest         15 years as Deacons
                                          Personnel Policy Board and the
                                          Catholic Advocate Editorial Board.        On May 16, 2007, 20 men of the
                                                                                    original class of 23 of the diaconate
                                                                                    class of 1992 will celebrate 15 years of
                                                                                    service as Permanent Deacons.
                                                                                 Marshall Andrews, John Baltus, Aldo
 Rev. Donald Keith Hummel                                                        Antola, William Benedetto,      Paul
Born on 24 November 1949                                                         Cavaliere   –    deceased,    Joseph
(Thanksgiving Day) the first born son                                            Cunningham - deceased, Joseph De
of Donald W. and Susan L. Hummel.                                                Maria, Lex Ferrauiola, Frank Gisoldi,
Though born in Newark, his entire                                                Alonzo Jackson, Patrick King, Robert
childhood was spent in West Caldwell,                                            Kratchman, Oscar Llaneza – deceased,
NJ. (ST. Aloysius, Caldwell, home                                                David Loman, Joe Lubas, Brett
parish). He attended St. Aloysius                                                Moore, James Mueller, Tom Pluta,
Grammar School and then St.                                                      Louis Restivo, George Rice, Jose
Benedict's Prep in Newark graduating          Rev. Anthony John. Kulig           Rodriguez, Alfred Somma, Anibal
in 1967.                                  Born in Garfield, NJ on July 31, 1935 Soto-Munoz
He then attended Providence College,      to the late Anthony M. and Eleanor D.       Congratulations!!!
Providence, RI and graduated in June      Kulig. He received his early education
of 1971 with a BA in the Humanities.      at Seton Hall Preparatory School and
He taught 3 years at East Orange          Seton Hall University. After six years       Deacon Quinn
Catholic High while finishing his first   at Immaculate Conception Seminary at
Master      degree   in    Educational    Darlington, NJ he was ordained in           Named Director of
Psychology and Counseling (MA)            1961. He served at Saint Patrick’s          Campus Ministry
from at Montclair State College (now      Church in Elizabeth, Seton Hall Prep
University). After 3 years of teaching,   and later at Seton Hall University.
he entered Immaculate Conception          In 1996, Father Kulig was named
Seminary in Darlington and was            Pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel
ordained in May, 1978. He received a      Church, Bayonne. In 2005, he retired
M.Div.       from    the     seminary.    as pastor and was appointed to the
Additionally he received his Doctorate    faculty of the Immaculate Conception
in Pastoral Minsitry (D.Min.) in May      Seminary.
1991. His post-doctoral work includes
certifications in Pastoral Addictions     Fr. Kulig currently serves in the
Counseling, Pastoral Counseling &         Presbyteral Council, College of
Psychotherapy, Thanatology (see: Did      Consultors, as well as an associate
You Know) and as a master Police          director of selection and formation for
Chaplain.                                 the permanent diaconate. He has also      Caldwell College has named Deacon
                                          served on the Vocations Board and the     Gregory Quinn of Fairfield, NJ as its
His assignments include: Diaconate -      Seton Hall Board of Trustees. In 2006     new campus minister.
Our Lady of Mercy, Jersey City            Fr. Kulig was named a Knight of the
Priesthood: Parochial Vicar - St.                                                   Quinn, a 2002 Caldwell College
                                          Holy Sepulchr by Archbishop John J.
Cecilia's, Kearny (4yrs.) Our Lady of                                               Pastoral Ministry graduate, is currently
                                                                                    assigned as a Deacon to St. Thomas
DeacoNews Spring 2007                          Archdiocese of Newark
More Roman Catholic church in              from the beginning of the Church until   with her husband, Karl, she has been
Fairfield, New Jersey. Deacon              today on Thursday, April 12th, 2007      very active in all areas of parish
Gregory said he is very excited to be      at 7:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of the    ministry and has recently earned a
on staff at Caldwell College. “This is a   Archdiocesan Center in Newark.           Bachelor of Theology Degree from
dream job that allows me to serve God      Refreshments and snacks will be          Cloverdale     College.     Through
full-time.”                                available.                               Magnificat, a worldwide ministry for
At St. Thomas More parish, Quinn is                                                 Catholic Women, She has had the
                                                                                    opportunity to speak to various
director of the social action concerns
                                                                                    Women’s groups
committee      which includes his
involvement in Habitat for Humanity
ministry and prison ministry. He has                                                      Did You Know?
been a member of the RCIA (Rite of
Christian Initiation of Adults) team.                                               NEW WEB SITE: Thanks to the
                                                                                    efforts of Deacon Paul Kliagua, we
To fulfill a corporal work of mercy,                                                finally have a new updated
Deacon Gregory Quinn also goes to                                                   Archdiocesan Diaconate web page;
prison as described in the February ‘07                                             Paul designed and implemented this
issue of the St. Anthony Messenger,                                                 web page. Kudos to Deacon Paul
“Helping Prisoners Find God”, by
Colette M. Liddy. Deacon Gregory is        Rev. Monsignor Robert J. Wister I am certain you will all agree that the
Co-Director of Prison Ministry for the     Ordained to the priesthood in 1968,      web site is excellent. It is a wonderful
Archdiocese of Newark, where among         Monsignor Wister teaches such classes    resource for us all and it contains a
his duties, he is responsible for          as World Christianity, and Popes and     wealth of pertinent information &
recruiting men and women to the            Papacy. He also is a Faculty Fellow of   links.
ministry. He has been volunteering in      Seton Hall School of Diplomacy and       Check it out and "bookmark" it.
prison ministry since 2000.                International    Relations,   and    a
Quinn has spent 27 years in the            consultant to CBS News on matters        ategory.display&category_id=64
financial     services  industry   in      concerning Catholicism and the
                                                                                    Note: if you can not get there directly
institutional and retail sales in the      Vatican. His articles have appeared in
                                                                                    from this link, go first to then
fixed income markets. He was               America, U.S. Catholic Theologian,
                                           Church History, Catholic Historical      to Permanent Diaconate under
previously head of trading at the                                                   "resources".
Sumitomo Bank and a Vice President         Review; and our own Catholic
of Chase Manhattan and Lehman              Advocate. He has written 70 articles     THANATOLOGY (studied by Fr. Don
Brothers in New York City. Quinn           in The Catholic Encyclopedia             Hummel) is defined as the study of the
maintained his own financial advisory                                               medical,       psychological,      and
                                                                                    sociological aspects of death and the
for seven years in Verona.                       Deacons Wives                      ways in which people deal with it.
Deacon Gregory holds a bachelor’s          All deacons and their wives are
degree in English from Kean College        cordially invited to a memorial mass,    HISPANIC SUPPORT GROUP: The
and a Master’s degree in Pastoral          sponsored by the Deacon Wives, for       Hispanic Deacons meet monthly at the
Ministry from Caldwell College. He         all deceased members of the our          Archdiocesan Center on the first
was ordained to the permanent              community, on Saturday April 28,         Tuesday of each month at 7:30 PM for
diaconate in 2005. (from      2007, 10 AM in the chapel at the         evening prayer in the chapel, then
and web sites).       Archdiocesan Center in Newark.           reconvene in a meeting room for a
                                           Lunch will follow. Questions? Call       group support discussion. All are
                                           Jean Andrews at 973-675-7213             welcome.
 Monsignor Wister on
   Religious Life                                                                         Very Important
                                              Patricia Patterman                 Changing your e-mail address? If you
Monsignor Wister. S.T.B, S.T.M, D.                    Addresses                  change your e-mail address and wish
Eccl. Hist, Associate Professor of                                               to continue to receive DeacoNews and
Church History at the Pontifical                  Deacons & Wives                other diaconate related e-mails, send
Gregorian University (was the first        Patricia Pattermann will present your new e-
Jesuit University, founded by St           “Praying the Scriptures” for deacons mail address. Remember; when you
Ignatius of Loyola over 450 years ago)     and wives on May 17 th, 2007, at 7 PM change your e-mail address there is no
will present a talk about Religious Life   at the Archdiocesan Center. Along forwarding process unless you tell us.

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