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									Last Resort: Marriage
Author: Pamela Stone

Desperate times call for...a quickie wedding!

And desperation is the only reason Charlotte Harrington would even consider marrying local playboy
Aaron Brody. Even if he is the most irresistible man she's ever laid eyes on.

Charlie's proposition could be a win-win for both of them. Aaron keeps his charter business afloat and the
gorgeous, cool-as-ice hotel heiress keeps her grandfather from selling her hotel out from under her.
Besides, it's temporary.

Isn't it?

It was supposed to be strictly a business arrangement. Falling in love with her husband wasn't part of the
deal. So when the time comes, will Charlie be able to just shake hands with Aaron and part ways forever?
Author Bio
Pamela Stone
Pamela Stone is a Texas native and an accounting graduate who spent twenty-plus years in the
technology field before becoming a romance writer. What were the odds? It probably didn't hurt that she
spent summers as a teen raiding her grandmother's shed, which was full of romance novels.<br/> <br/>
Pamela still resides in Texas with her childhood sweetheart and husband of well, we won't mention how
many years. In her spare time she enjoys traveling. From Hawaii to California to Florida to the Caribbean,
if there's a beach, she's there. So understandably, the majority of her stories are set by the ocean. She
also loves spending time with friends and family, but her laptop is never far from her fingertips for when
that next inspiration strikes! <br/> <br/> She insists that writing keeps her sane. Cheaper than a
therapist and tons more fun.

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