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					Issue No 42

    Time to send a Message
                          OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE LIBERTARIANZ PARTY                                           September 2005
                                                                     Hamilton East, Hamilton West, Tauranga, New
                                                                     Plymouth, Hutt South, Ohariu-Belmont and Wellington
                                                                     Central, tick your Libertarianz electorate candidate as
SCOTT WILSON                                                         well. Think about it, does the existing MP deserve your
                                                                     vote? Does the likely number 2 candidate deserve it?
So this is it people, the last Liberty before the 2005               The answer is plain – Vote Libertarianz for your
election. We have the best turnout ever of electorate                electorate candidate if you have one – it is sending a
and list candidates, and it is time to send a message.               sign that you appreciate the hard work they have taken
Even though you are a member, you might think that                   to campaign, to confront the tweedledum and
voting for Libertarianz, either on the list or for your local        tweedledee of the main parties.
candidate, is a wasted vote.                                         And if you are not in those electorates? Vote for the
Only one party is on the ballot openly and proudly                   candidate that is most likely to promote freedom.
advocating small government because it is moral,                     On election night, relax with friends. Cheer every time
because it is right that the state act only to protect its           one of the bastards loses their seat, and watch – Helen
citizens, not to initiate force against them.                        Clark will be worried and squirming, Winston will be too,
A vote for National or ACT is not a libertarian vote. It is          Peter Dunne will be back to the irrelevancy he always
not a vote for economic and personal freedom. National               was, Anderton will be a one man band again – and
will not blink for a moment as it continues to increase              every vote for Libertarianz is one step closer to pushing
government spending, and ACT wont blink as zero                      back Nanny State.
tolerance for crime means more peaceful people being                 I am leaving New Zealand to pursue a career in the UK,
prosecuted for owning magazines about growing                        and I have been proud to be associated with a bunch of
cannabis.                                                            hard-working, committed libertarians, who have rebuilt
Mencken once said that an election is an "advance                    this party and its membership and got it on the ballot
auction of stolen goods". Remember that! A vote for                  again once more.
Libertarianz is a vote AGAINST that, it is a vote for                I especially want to thank Bernard for being Leader,
saying:                                                              Julian for being one of the hardest working, committed
"I own my life, my body, my property and NO politician               freedom fighters I have known, spreading the message
will compromise that."                                               in an enormous electorate, and Robert Palmer for being
                                                                     our most competent Secretary. All of our candidates for
It tells ACT and National that they can't sell out freedom           individually working their arses off to walk the talk, from
just for the sake of power.                                          Tim Wikiriwhi to Andrew Bates to Mike Webber, Colin
                                                                     Cross and others, Sally O'Brien and Peter Cresswell for
It is also a ringing endorsement of your independence as             keeping Auckland in order, and finally Craig Milmine for
a person - your unwillingness to accept government that              making Liberty the best it has ever been!
initiates force in your name, for you.

So I say, first of all, tick Libertarianz for your party vote.                          Inside this Issue:
Libertarianz are highly unlikely to cross the 5% threshold                1    Time to send a Message – Scott Wilson
this time, but we can aim to be one of the bigger minor                  2-3   Electioneering Report Backs
parties outside Parliament. It took the Greens many                       4    The Free Radical Election Special
years, as the Values Party and then the Green Party, to                   5    Not PC – The Best of PC’s Blog
get into Parliament, but, more importantly, their ideas                   6    Freedom for Farmers – Julian Pistorius
                                                                               Hair for Libz – Julian Pistorius
became part of the political mainstream.
                                                                          7    Libz on TV
                                                                         8-9   Press Releases
Libertarianz for your Party Vote.
                                                                         10    Letters to the Editor
                                                                               Regular Libz Events
In the electorates with Libertarianz Electorate candidates               11    Meet the Candidates
– Northland, Whangarei, Northcote, North Shore,                          12    Contact Details

                                                             Liberty 1
                                                                                  Hobbs. The audience was talked over and Marion was
       Electioneering Report Backs                                                corrected and she didn't respond further :-)

    Wellington Central / Ohariu-Belmont                                           Surprise of the night was a question to National about
SCOTT WILSON                                                                      tougher crime policies and their effect on prison
     LIBERTARIANZ PRESIDENT                                                       overcrowding. Mark Blumsky said that he didn't mind
Colin Cross and Bernard Darnton appeared at the Ngaio                             paying to lock people up and build extra prisons. I noted
Meet the Candidates meeting, which covered both the                               that you could increase sentences, limit parole, etc.,
Ohariu-Belmont and the Wellington Central electorates                             without increasing the prison population by repealing the
(as the meeting hall is close to the electoral boundary).                         Misuse of Drugs Act. There were a few gasps but the
                                                                                  main response was applause. I was as surprised as
Colin and I turned up at 7pm, helped put out the chairs                           anyone - I was expecting to take a beating.
(and later helped stack them again) which was greatly
appreciated by the local progressive association which                            Once again - even if you're not invited, go anyway.
organised the meeting.                                                            Another 150 people heard the message and a dozen or
                                                                                  so candidates heard it for the nth time.
There were a mix of candidates: Georgina Beyer
appeared for Labour, even though she is not a candidate                                                  Hutt South
for either electorate, National's Ohariu-Belmont                                  PHIL HOWISON
candidate appeared, and there was Peter Dunne,                                        LIST AND HUTT SOUTH CANDIDATE
Stephen Franks, and an assortment of Green, another                               I attended a meeting at Epuni Baptist Church on
United Future, Alliance and old bugger for the                                    Wednesday night, all candidates except the Maori Party
Progressives, and a truly insane nutcase from                                     were there including a last-minute independent. The
Democrats for Social Credit who was barely out of his                             audience was about 100. It was an excellent meeting.
straight jacket with his foaming at the mouth conspiracy
theories about banks, Australians, foreign control etc.,                          The chairman was great - he really pissed off the long-
etc.                                                                              winded Murray Smith MP by not allowing the slightest
                                                                                  deviation from time limits. The atmosphere was pleasant
Colin did a stirring speech, unprepared, full of passion                          and questions were intelligent. I was spontaneously
and got much applause, spontaneous applause part way                              applauded during some of my answers - about education
through, he railed against politicians promising to fix                           and voluntary organisations - and I think they were
things with your money, and even if we didn't get many                            impressed with my speech. I was reassured by the fact
votes from it, we definitely got attention, and people were                       that virtually every other candidate advocated tax cuts
talking about us.                                                                 and smaller government. The question on education
                                                                                  left Trevor extremely grumpy as candidate after
Bernard also spoke with reason and a straight forward                             candidate ripped into Labour, to applause.
message that you own your life and the government
should stay out of it.               Colin was congratulated by                   There was an impressive Libz contingent, and we talked
Stephen Franks who said he wished he could give a                                 to many of the candidates and audience afterwards.
speech like that, both in content and style - essentially it                      Thanks to all those who attended, I think we made a
was Colin, Georgina Beyer and the 20yo Wellington                                 great impression.
Central United Future candidates that showed passion
(excluding the Social Credit fruit loop). A great meeting,
we put leaflets on every seat before people got there and
the place was packed out, most of the leaflets people
took with them.

I've just got back from the Brooklyn candidates' meeting.
We weren't invited but, as Julian has also discovered,
persistence pays off. Phone up beforehand or even just
appear on the night and often you'll be allowed to speak.

The room was packed; there weren't enough chairs,
there were people lined up against the walls, and there
were people outside the doorways peering in. The crowd
was feisty with a couple of party rent-a-crowds obvious
but the heckling was reasonably good-natured. Best
heckle was at Sue Kedgley, talking about alternative
transport. She said she had a raft of policies and some
wit noted that a raft policy was even worse than a bicycle
policy.                                                                               Phil Howison speaking at the Epuni Bapist Church
I got a reasonable response and got my points across
with minimum yelling from the audience and Marion
                                                                          Liberty 2
      Northland and Whangarei                                    and enjoying the sunshine. We had some really great
JULIAN PISTORIUS                                                 responses, particularly from a lady who loved Lindsay
        LIST AND NORTHLAND CANDIDATE                             Perigo's show, and agreed with his philosophy. We also
                                                                 ran into a staunch, long-time supporter, who had been
Here is my report of a busy weekend of campaigning.              following our blogs. Quite a few people thought that
We are putting freedom on the agenda, and some                   Nanny State's interference in people's lives was out of
libertarian-ish ideas are being touted by mainstream             control, and should be dumped.
parties! Also, the Greens show their true colours, and it
has more than a shade of authoritarianism. Read on.

Helen Hughes was invited to speak at the breakfast
meeting of the Whangarei Rotary Club on Friday. We
had to be there by 7am. Despite the early hour, Hooch
was in top form. We gave them a great many things to
think about, and she definitely made quite an impression.
:) I also played the Philosophy of Liberty animation.
Afterwards, we met a very interesting chap, who in turn
gave me a few things to think about, and possibly a
different way to convince people of the merit of our

The Russell Ratepayers Association had a meeting on at
7pm Friday night. I wasn't invited, but decided to go
anyway. In the afternoon, Jasmine and I drove to                 We then took the vehicle ferry to Opua, where we
Russell, via the scenic back road. We arrived a bit early.       chatted to locals and business owners. Amongst these
While people were coming in to take their seats, Jasmine         was another wonderfully vivacious and friendly business
and I handed out flyers around the hall. I ran into Jacqui       owner, who had loved Lindsay's PI show. She and her
Knight ( http://bitbybit.co.nz/ ), a woman I had been in         husband were finding it too hard to do business in
contact with via email. She is a staunch Greens                  Northland, and were going to move overseas, probably
supporter, but thanks to our previous amicable contact,          Australia. We can't afford to lose people like these!
her influence with the organisers, and Marc Alexander
from United Future being stuck in fog somewhere, I               We carried on to Pahia, where we covered the central
managed to get a three minute slot at the end.                   business district, and once again, I had quite a few
                                                                 favourable responses to our principle of "More Freedom
The meeting was quite well attended. Not too                     - Less Government".
surprisingly, as expected from Russell, the crowd
consisted mostly of Greens supporters. Sue Bradford              Upcoming events:
(Greens) was very popular, followed by Shane Jones
(Labour) but John Carter's (National) support was only           On Saturday, 10 September, at 10am, I have been
luke-warm. The candidates were all trying to outdo each          invited to speak at the Doubtless Bay Ratepayers "Meet
other on the toughness of their crime policies and their         the Candidates" meeting. I am particularly looking
stance on drugs. The stances on crime were heartening            forward to this.
to hear, but the drugs issue, not so heartening.
                                                                 So we've been busy, and it's looking good for freedom
In the question and answer session, I asked a question           up here! I'll keep you up to date with future happenings.
about the RMA to the candidates. I said that the RMA
has done huge amounts of damage to farmers. What
were they planning to do about it? All of the candidates,
including Tom McClelland (ACT) said that they
supported the original goals and principles of the RMA,
and then presented various ways in which they would
fiddle with the RMA, from 'completely overhauling' it, to
removing 'Treaty' references, from more bureaucrats, to
window-dressing. None of them were willing to scrap it.

I then had my three minutes to speak. I think I made
quite an impression, though not an entirely positive one.
:) I said that Libertarianz was unashamedly for private
property, individual rights and capitalism. The capitalism
part in particular put more than few people's noses out of
joint. Ah well! At least they know what we stand for. :)

On Saturday morning, we walked around Russell,
                                                                     Spot the problem in this election meeting advertisement
handing out Libz pamphlets and my flyer (will put a link
                                                                           from the Hutt Valley Business Association?
up later) to business owners, to people having brunch

                                                         Liberty 3
  Excerpts from the Free Radical -                                      Release education from the state and the road to
                                                                        liberty will become much smoother.
         Election Special:                                                   Peter Osbourne, P 10

Civility in the face of evil is no virtue; rage in the face             The vice of moderation is that it undermines any
of nihilism is no vice.                                                 basic moral principle to which it’s applied. The
     Lindsay Perigo, SOLOHQ.com                                         moderate will tell you that if you believe in
                                                                        something, and believe in it strongly enough, then
I’m going to cast my vote for freedom and against                       you are an extremist. But certain fundamental
Nanny State. I’ll be giving my party vote to                            matters are extreme, like the universal depravity of
Libertarianz and my constituency vote to Libertarianz                   murder. If “moderate” exceptions were made to that
leader Bernard Darnton in Wellington Central. To the                    principle, you can imagine what would happen. It’s
predictable clamour that these will be “wasted                          exactly what’s happening to the extreme political
votes” I respond: If enough of us do this, Nanny                        principle of freedom.
State will be gone by lunchtime.                                            Alec Mouhibian, P 19
    Lindsay Perigo, Editorial

The chief difference between the Libertarianz
defence policy for New Zealand and those of other
parties is an insistence that New Zealand be
    Robert Winefield, P 3

Is it more noble to give or to receive? I suggest that
it is more noble to produce, for without the producer
there is nothing for either party. State welfare loots
the producers in favour of the unproductive. It should
be abolished.
      Sally O’Brien, P 8

Bars are private property. It ought to be up to the
                                                                            The September edition is out now
bar-owners to allow or disallow smoking on their                          Subscribe to the Free Radical via the internet at:
property. Non-smokers have never been forced to                        www.freeradical.co.nz and click on the subscribe bar
drink at, or work in, smoker-friendly bars. Their right                or send $49.50 ($39.50 for students with copy of valid
not to be exposed to second-hand smoke is not                         Student ID) + $4.80 p&p for a six issue subscription to
infringed by allowing those who don't mind smoke to                   The Free Radical, P O Box 96-103, Balmoral, Auckland.
     Richard Goode, P 9                                           Name: ____________________________________

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                                                                  The Free Radical respects the privacy of its readers and
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                                                          Liberty 4
                                                                             Millions of hectares of DoC-controlled land is going
                                                                             to ruin;
           Not PC – The Best of PC                                           No possum or stoat control on 85% of the South
PETER CRESSWELL                                                              Island estate;
                                                                             And instead of private conservation initiatives the
[Peter Cresswell’s Blog can be found at:                                     Greens wish to expand the conservation estate,
http://pc.blogspot.com/                                                      push lease-hold farmers off the land, increase
                                                                             government control over conservation, and annul
Check it daily for regular Libertarian comments, art,                        private property rights
cartoons and discussion. You can post responses to
ideas and read background information by clicking on
links. – Editor]                                                         No wonder Jeanette got all septic at the chap who wrote
                                                                         the pamphlet. (Have a look at a video of Jeanette's
           Growing up on a benefit                                       attempt to 'confront' the pamphlet's author rather than
"Seventy-five percent of New Zealand families will have                  argue the facts. It's hilarious.)
targeted tax relief [through Working for Families]," says
Little Steve Maharey on Newstalk ZB. Problem is,                                      And have you noticed:
'Working for Families' is not 'tax relief,' it is a benefit. It is
welfare. It is a hand-out.                                                   •   how the results of a dodgy ACT poll whose
                                                                                 methodology has still not been revealed has all
What this means then is that thanks to this Nanny                                of a sudden appeared everywhere like some sort
Government, 3/4 of this country will soon be on the                              of Prague Spring?
mooch. Nanny is promising to provide, and they expect                        •   how every party blogger of every stripe hits their
the voters to reward them accordingly.                                           marks so efficiently, and in such a coordinated
As Barry Soper commented of this billion dollar spend-
                                                                             •   how National haven't mentioned it was they who
up, "the bung is well and truly out of the pork barrel." If
                                                                                 introduced both the NCEA and the RMA
successful, this Government will have used that pork
                                                                             •   how Labour haven't mentioned that it was
barrel to turn us in just two terms from a nation of
                                                                                 National who introduced both the NCEA and the
sheeple, to a nation now almost completely sucking off
the state tit.
                                                                             •   how ACT's Ken Shirley hasn't mentioned he
                                                                                 helped write the RMA
Do you really want to be a beneficiary? Do you want
your children to grow up being beneficiaries? Little                         •   how the Labour hacks are becoming
Stevie does. Michael does. Helen does.                                           increasingly shrill
                                                                             •   how Destiny billboards just don't stay up very
Do you?                                                                          well
                                                                             •   how Nick Smith and the worm have both
                                                                                 thankfully become invisible
               Privatising the Land                                          •   how Paul Holmes sadly hasn't
                                                                             •   how Susan Wood is ^%$(&&) ... sorry ... I
                                                                                 nodded off there for a moment and fell face
This is what happens when you really value something:
                                                                                 down on my keyboard
you don't ask for government help or ask them to get out
the big stick, you just put you money where your mouth                       •   how if Don Brash read out the phone book then
is.                                                                              headlines, podcasts, video interviews, and
                                                                                 Scoop scoops would quickly appear about how it
A US conservationist has created a huge, private                                 means he's planning to send our boys to Iraq on
national park in Chile, to immense local opposition. It's a                      a nuclear warship paid for by enslaving all Maori
real-life example of what might happen if we sold NZ's                           and by selling off all the schools and hospitals to
national parks. I expect the land will be far better                             American mates of the Roundtable. Or
maintained than publicly owned parks, or what passes                             something.
for New Zealand's conservation estate, and will include                      •   how manly Peter Davis looks in his Peruvian
voluntary easements for access.                                                  sweater

Speaking of NZ's 'conservation estate,' as the pamphlet                      “Keep Taxing Petrol” - Mallard
says that upset Jeanette so much (how the truth hurts),                  "Cutting excise tax on petrol would mean less money for
the bureaucrats administering the estate have ensured:                   [xxxx], Energy Minister Trevor Mallard says" on the
                                                                         Herald site.
    Kiwi numbers are in serious decline due to
    ineffective predator control;                                        Insert any words you like where I've put xxxx -- after all,
    77% of native species in decline;                                    Trevor does. And remember when you fill up your car
    1080 operations have wiped out birdsong in many                      that 47% of the cost, plus GST, goes straight to Michael,
    areas;                                                               Trevor and Helen to piss up against an electoral wall.

                                                                 Liberty 5
                                                                   mind, I have decided to raise some funds for the rest of
              Freedom for Farmers                                  my campaign in a slightly unorthodox way.
         LIBERTARIANZ DEPUTY LEADER AND CANDIDATE                  If I can raise over $500 in donations to my campaign,
                                                                   then I will cut my hair, currently shoulder length, to short-
Farmers are being bled dry by the unproductive masses
through extortionate taxes, and interfered with by
                                                                   Moreover, if enough people donate, and I get over
bureaucrats of all stripes. While they are expected to
                                                                   $1500, then I will shave my beard! Even Jasmine, my
produce, they are punished by means of such horrors as
                                                                   girlfriend of over three years, has never seen me without
the RMA, Kyoto Protocol, OSH, etc. Sky-high rates
                                                                   a beard.
demanded by local councils keep rising, yet farmers see
little or no benefit. Politicians want to give anybody the
right to wander at will over the property of farmers,
further chipping away at property rights. When farmers
defend their lives and property from burglars, they are
treated like criminals.

It is time for this to stop.

Libertarianz believes that people should have the
freedom to do with their own property (including money!)
what they want. Individuals are best left alone to run their
own lives. At the same time, people have to bear the
consequences of their actions, and cannot demand that
other people pay for their mistakes.

We believe that private property and common law are
the best ways to protect the environment - not DOC, the
appalling RMA, Kyoto Protocol and various other forms
of intrusive government legislation.

Council rates, which is basically a property tax, must be          This has not been an easy decision for me. I have grown
replaced with user-pays services.                                  quite attached to my hair, the facial part in particular.
                                                                   However, my campaign for the cause of individual liberty
We believe that the only legitimate function of                    is much more important than petty vanity. :)
government is to protect individual rights, uphold law and
order, and to defend the country from foreign enemies.             So, if you would like to contribute to a very worthy cause
                                                                   - the fight for your freedom - or if you just think I look like
Libertarianz is the only party that considers the individual       a hairy troglodyte, please donate to my campaign.
as sovereign. Contrast this with all the other parties, who
believe that the state is sovereign. The other parties are         The NZ bank account number to deposit money into is:
all just different varieties of Nanny State, who all think         National Bank
that politicians know how to run your life better than             J.L. Pistorius
yourself.                                                          06-0169-0097127-01

As author Ayn Rand once observed, when the                         Use "HAIR" as the reference when you make the
productive have to ask permission from the unproductive            payment. Email me at julian@julianpistorius.com to
in order to produce, then you may know your culture is             confirm your donation. I can also arrange for other
doomed. New Zealand farmers are still a force to be                payment methods.
reckoned with, and it is time for them to reclaim their lost
rights. We would like to let them know that there is one           I will have a running total on my website. You can
party that thinks they should not apologise, nor be                choose to be named and thanked publicly, or your
punished, for being productive.                                    donation can be be listed without your name.

                                                                   Every person who donates over $50 will receive a free
                       Hair for Libz                               copy of the latest edition of the The Free Radical
JULIAN PISTORIUS                                                   magazine ( http://www.freeradical.co.nz/ ). It is edited by
         LIBERTARIANZ DEPUTY LEADER AND CANDIDATE                  famous freedom-fighter and media celebrity, Lindsay
         FOR NORTHLAND                                             Perigo. In this issue, Lindsay says why he will vote
There is just over one week left before the election. I            Libertarianz, and why he does not consider it a wasted
have invested thousands of dollars of my own money                 vote.
into my campaign as Libertarianz candidate for
Northland, and have been without any full time income              You can help the fight for your own freedom, while
for almost half a year while campaigning. With that in             beautifying the world :) - just by making a simple
                                                           Liberty 6
            TV Opening Address
Saturday 20th August, Libertarianz had their opening
address screened. It asked, and then answered the
simple question: Who owns your life?

                                                                     SOLO is a diverse community of individualists from
                                                                     around the world. Call us what you will - ethical egoists -
                                                                     rational romantics - we're Sense of Life ObjectivistsTM.
                                                                     We subscribe to the philosophy of Ayn Rand - author of
                                                                     The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged - a philosophy for
                                                                     living on earth. And we've created a forum for open
                                                                     discussion replete with wit and wisdom, a place to meet
                                                                     like-minded men and women, a place to find friendship
                                                                     and perhaps romance - a fellowship of freedom. SOLO
                                                                     completely reinvents the culture of Objectivism making it
                                                                     an irresistible blend of reason and passion united by a
                                                                     commitment to living life to the fullest
In case you missed it – it can be seen on the front page
of the Libertarianz Website:
                                                                         Join The Business of Freedom
                                                                     ELLIOT SMITH
                                                                             LIBERTARIANZ LIST CANDIDATE
      TV Election Advertisements
                                                                     Free Trade and Enterprise keeps business going, and
Libertarianz are running 5 second advertisements on                  here is YOUR opportunity to assist YOUR company for
Prime TV. The projected reach is 1,350,000 adults 18+                FREE!
with an average of five viewings per person
                                                                     Are you a self employed sole trader? A computer
The schedule for the week commencing the 11th of                     programmer? An architect? In marketing or PR?
September on Prime TV is:
                                                                     Do you own a clothing store? A hardware shop? A dairy?
11-Sep   Sun    2010     Top Gear
11-Sep   Sun    2010     Top Gear                                    I’d like Libertarianz to support the efforts of other
11-Sep   Sun    2140     Oyster Bay Masterpiece Theatre              Libertarianz.
11-Sep   Sun    2140     Oyster Bay Masterpiece Theatre
12-Sep   Mon    2010     Who wants to be a millionaire?              Email me – elliot.smith@libertarianz.org.nz – listing the
12-Sep   Mon    2010     Who wants to be a millionaire?              name of your company, what you do, all the usual details
13-Sep   Tue    1940     United Travel Getaway                       – phone, fax, address, do you have a website? Will you
13-Sep   Tue    2110     Tuesday Documentary                         give a discount to other Libertarianz?
13-Sep   Tue    2110     Tuesday Documentary
14-Sep   Wed    2010     Top Gear                                    We’ll put these details on a new webpage within the
14-Sep   Wed    2010     Top Gear                                    Libertarianz main website, so your fellow freedom
14-Sep   Wed    2050     TBC                                         fighters can support you!
14-Sep   Wed    2050     TBC
14-Sep   Wed    2140     Comedy
15-Sep   Thu    2010     Dr. Who
15-Sep   Thu    2010     Dr. Who
15-Sep   Thu    2040     Drama
15-Sep   Thu    2040     Drama
15-Sep   Thu    2140     Reality
16-Sep   Fri    2010     Reality
16-Sep   Fri    2010     Reality
16-Sep   Fri    2110     The Footy Show
16-Sep   Fri    2110     The Footy Show
   The harm done by ordinary criminals, murderers, gangsters,
   and thieves is negligible in comparison with the agony            Look out for the Libertarianz Billboard which have been
   inflicted upon human beings by the professional do-gooders,       appearing around the country.
   who attempt to set themselves up as gods on earth and who
   would ruthlessly force their views on all others – with the
   abiding assurance that the end justifies the means. – Henry                      Legalise Freedom – Vote Libertarianz
   Grady Weaver

                                                             Liberty 7
                                                                    make-believe on the part of Peter Dunne -- unless he is
                  Press Releases                                    referring to a training aid for drug dogs." Goode points
Find all of our press releases at www.libertarianz.org.nz           out, in addition, that Peter Dunne "clearly cannot tell the
             Libz Cannabis Policy                                   difference between legalisation, a regime of fines, and a
                                                                    hole in his head."
              “Common Sense”
DR RICHARD GOODE                                                    Goode points out that the ACT party, too, while
        LIBERTARIANZ HEALTH SPOKESMAN AND LIST                      advocating Zero Tolerance for Crime, refuses to draw
                                                                    any distinction between real crimes for which there
"Vote Libertarianz for legal cannabis," was the message             should be zero tolerance, and victimless crimes which
of Libertarianz Drug Deregulation spokesman Dr.                     should be removed from the statute books forthwith.
Richard Goode today. "The Greens have dropped the                   Goode concludes: "The ACT Party wants to lock people
ball on this issue," says Goode. "While Libertarianz                up for 'crimes' against themselves; the Benighted Future
promotes complete legalisation, the Greens have                     Party wants to lock them up for use of imaginary drugs;
demoted their former cannabis legalisation advocate,                the Labour and National Parties want to lock them up
Nandor Tanczos, to a precarious seventh place on their              because they can; the Green Party wants to fine people
list. Tanczos is now proposing instead that cannabis                for smoking cannabis, and lock them up for growing their
smokers receive instant $100 fines for lighting up."                own or for supplying. Only Libertarianz advocates full,
Goode describes Tanczos' decriminalisation proposal as              complete and unalloyed legalisation, as a matter of
"one giant leap backwards for the Greens."                          urgency."
Goode confirms that "Libertarianz will legalise cannabis            Listen to Richard Goode and Nandor Tanczos from the
by repealing the draconian and arbitrary Misuse of Drugs            Green party go head to head on the issue of drug
Act. Cannabis will be tax-free, unregulated (except for an          legalisation on a BFM debate at the following link:
age restriction on sales) AND completely legal." This is            http://www.95bfm.com/assets/sm/2951/3/Nandor.mp3
consistent, he says, with the Libertarianz policy to repeal
all victimless crimes (crimes without any victim) in order
that police may concentrate on real crimes with real
victims, and have the numbers and resources to focus
on protecting New Zealand's citizens instead of doing
them over.

"Our policy is progressive," says Goode. "As adults, we
are all capable of making our own decisions about taking
drugs and taking the consequences. The government
has no right to tell us what drugs not to take, any more
than it has a right to tell us what food not to eat or
clothes not to wear. There is no sense in legislation
which criminalises half the country. Two thirds of young
people, and half of all adults under the age of 50, have
used cannabis. Marijuana is mainstream. Criminalisation
of something so mundane makes an ass of the law, and
criminals of otherwise law-abiding people."

"Our policy is common sense," says Goode. "Legalising
cannabis removes control of the drug trade and its profits
from organised crime and corrupt policemen.
Furthermore, legalising cannabis effectively increases
police numbers by taking them away from victimless
crimes and allowing them to concentrate instead on
those with real victims, such as murders, muggings,
burglaries, rapes and assaults."

"Our policy is one of freedom with responsibility," says                SHANE’S PRECISION
Goode. "We maintain that all New Zealanders must take

full responsibility for their actions, including the choices
as to what they put into their bodies."

Goode contrasts his party's policy with the "lunatic                          Gunsmith and Licensed gun dealer
reactionary ideas" of parties which seek to preserve the                                  .D.9 Te Puke.
status quo. Peter Dunne of the Benighted Future Party,                                 PH/FAX 07-533-2212
for example, threatens that if a Labour/Greens coalition                 Specialist in Rebarrelling, Matt & Polished,
comes to power, "Cannabis will be legalised and pseudo                  Blueing / Beadblasting, Accurising / Bedding,
methamphetamine downgraded as a serious drug."
Goode describes 'pseudo methamphetamine' as "pure
                                                                         Customizing / Suppressors and Restocking

                                                            Liberty 8
          Libz Issue Tax Challenge to                               "Similarly," says Darnton, unrolling a long list of other
                                                                    departments, quangos and ministries that can go, "the
              Mainstream Parties                                    Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs should be scrapped as
PETER CRESSWELL                                                     another race-based anomaly."
                                                                    "National's policy of 'reviewing' the contemptible is itself
"I find it monstrous that in a bid to get re-elected, the           contemptible in its lack of courage," says Darnton. "Don
Labour Party promises to turn a large proportion of the             knows these bureaucracies should go, and their abolition
country into beneficiaries," says Libertarianz spokesman            would help fund further tax cuts. The message is
Peter Cresswell today in reasserting his own party's tax            simple," concludes Darnton: "If you really do want to
policy. "Tax is theft," he says. "Accordingly, Libertarianz         abolish race-based bureaucracy, you have to vote
aim to reduce the theft as soon as practically possible."           Libertarianz."

"An election is an advance auction of stolen goods,"                       Labour Celebrates While Young
says Cresswell, "and Labour's promises represent a                                 People Suffer
large portion of the auction catalogue."                            PETER OSBOURNE
                                                                             LIBERTARIANZ EDUCATION SPOKESMAN AND LIST
Here's how Libertarianz propose to give that stolen                          CANDIDATE
money back, and to reduce compulsory taxation to zero
over five years: They propose a transition period to get            "A press release titled 'Labour celebrates young Kiwis' issued
there, during which income and company taxes would be               by Helen Clark and Youth Affairs Minister, Steve Maharey, is
reduced to a flat rate of 15%, and GST completely                   blatant, one sided, propaganda, as it fails to point out the litany
                                                                    of disasters that have befallen young kiwis as a direct result of
dumped. The first $10,000 of income would be tax free.
                                                                    Labour policy and that of previous governments." This was
Says Cresswell, "there's no reason that Mainstream                  from Peter Osborne, the Libertarianz Spokesman to Deregulate
Parties couldn't adopt this measure themselves. There is            Education today.
surplus and potential savings enough to pay for it, and it
would do more than anything else to give people back                "Issues that Clark and Maharey conveniently failed to point out
their own money."                                                   are, high levels of substance abuse, truancy levels, violent
                                                                    crime, homelessness, gangs, suicide, mental disorders and
"We still do not know National's tax plans," notes                  depression, etc., amongst New Zealand's young. These are all
Cresswell, "but with the enormous tax surpluses on the              problems on the increase and they are no longer problems that
                                                                    affect only the poor."
one hand and the profligate waste on the other, this '05
election offers a serious opportunity for a signal change           Osborne says, "These issues are an unavoidable result of the
in philosophical outlook: either tax up large and spend,            welfare state and state education. When all incentives to
spend, spend; or leave people alone and let government              encourage independence and to bring people's latent abilities
act only as referee."                                               to the fore are removed, there can be no other outcome. Large
                                                                    scale welfare dependency through only two or three
It's time the Mainstream Parties themselves recognised              generations, coupled with the control tool that is state
the choice.                                                         education, has made conditions fertile for the problems we are
                                                                    seeing today. Labour's insistence on meddling further into all of
                                                                    our lives, in recent years, has only accelerated this problem."
The Libertarianz Alternative Budget '05 demonstrating
the affordability of their transitional tax plan can be found       "It is also very telling that Clark and Maharey should omit any
at http://www.libertarianz.org.nz/?libzpr=334                       reference to such problems from their press release as it
                                                                    shows that their need for re-election is foremost in their minds.
       Libz will abolish all race-based                             The very real damage that their policies have had on our young
                                                                    generation is to be swept aside for now."
BERNARD DARNTON                                                     Mr Osborne continues, "This disaster is of their making and
        LIBERTARIANZ LEADER AND WELLINGTON CENTRAL                  that of previous governments but neither will they acknowledge
        CANDIDATE                                                   their role in this nor will they remove their policies. Their desire
                                                                    to control far outweighs their desire to eradicate this
"Don Brash's call to review the five government Maori               inconvenience."
agencies is a half-hearted attempt to get rid of racist
                                                                    He concludes, "Libertarianz understands that for people to live
government—unless the review takes all of five
                                                                    happy productive lives they must be granted the freedom to do
seconds," announced Libertarianz Leader and                         so. Self worth and independence will never surface in any
Wellington Central Candidate Bernard Darnton today.                 individual while tax funded welfare exists to remove the
                                                                    experiences that encourage such qualities. Libertarianz will
"Under any new government that truly wants one law for              remove the spiritual cancer that is the welfare state. We will
all, Te Puni Kokiri and Te Mangai Paho would be gone                also separate state and education entirely. Recent
by lunchtime. The Office of Treaty Settlements, the                 governments have had too much of a vested interest in
Maori Land Court and the Waitangi Tribunal can have                 moulding our minds to suit their ends. Sure, it has given them
their only legitimate role—to consider claims of state              the control they so keenly desire but people must look around
                                                                    them to understand that society is in a state of decline. We
theft of land—transferred to the High Court which would
                                                                    don't profess to fix your lives for you, that is up to you but we
judge claims solely on their legal merits," Darnton                 will remove all of the hurdles that have for too long hindered
explained.                                                          everyone's ability to follow their dreams."

                                                            Liberty 9
             Letters to the Editor                                                  Matt Bad for Workers
Letters to the editors of newspapers or letters to
talkshow hosts and other media are a superb way to get             Editor - Matt McCarten said wages have "plummeted"
the ideas of freedom into mainstream debate.                       since the 1980's, what a narrow measure of economic
                                                                   wellbeing. Living standards are not simply measured by
                                                                   pay packets, but also by -but not exclusive to - the price
           Libertarianz Opening Address                            of goods. Wages may have been higher during the more
                                                                   regulated years that Matt loved so much, but consumer
I have finally been insulted by Bob Jones (surely a club           goods for the workers - which make life better - were
that has only a few million members) for my appearance             simply out of reach or unavailable. Not now, due to
in the Libertarianz opening address. (Bob Jones, 28th              Matt's beloved tariffs being all but eliminated. Matt would
August 05.)                                                        have us believe in the good old days of the average Joe,
                                                                   I'd suggest that average Joe is not that keen to give up
Presumably the description "a couple of scruffs" refers to         the DVD player, cheap & quality cars, cellphones, shoes
the fact that one of us in the ad (the other one) sports a         for his kids, et al, simply so his pay-slip has bigger
beard. Bob has a well-known irrational fear of beards              numbers written on it. If Matt wants to help the workers
and given his own facial hair experiments in the                   he should call for much less tax and more deregulation
seventies this can probably be forgiven.                           that make jobs easier to get and products more
Bob also has an irrational fear of principled stands as
evidenced by his call to "toss away [our] Ayn Rand                 Russell Watkins
bibles." This is perplexing given Bob's constant                   Libertarianz Tauranga Candidate
complaint that people don't read enough and have no
ideas in their heads. Presumably it's OK to put ideas in
your head as long as you don't take them too seriously.                     Regular Libertarianz Events
I would never expect Bob Jones to vote Libertarianz. Our
                                                                                Friday Drinks, Auckland
plans to abolish dozens of pointless ministries, offices,
                                                                   Every odd-numbered Friday, join us for drinks and a chat
and commissions would no doubt cause a huge fall in
                                                                   in Mt Eden. Come and meet other Auckland Libz,
the price of central Wellington office space.
                                                                   and take part in the legendary 'Castle Drinks' - now in a
                                                                   great new setting.
Bernard Darnton
                                                                   45A View Road, Mt Eden
Leader, Libertarianz
                                                                   From 7pm on odd-numbered Fridays.

                   Legalised Looting                               BYO Drinks, Nibbles, Friends and Contributions.
                                                                   email Peter Cresswell at:
Until September 17th we will be bombarded with hype by             peter.cresswell@libertarianz.org.nz for further details, or
political parties, all trying to win our votes by promising        just come along and join in.
goodies that are purchased with our own money. And
most of the goodies go to those that are too ignorant to                      Auckland Libz on Campus
see through this charade, the greedy whose only                    We meet fortnightly on Fridays at 5pm, 45A View Rd.
thoughts are, "what's in it for me?" Those who work can            Contact Peter Kermode pgkermode@hotmail.com for
be excused for seeing it as one way to get their taxes             further details
back, but all should see it as a sick system that depends
on legalised looting and stand-over techniques by a
clique that's self-perpetuating, has no moral basis, but                   New Freeland Show - Hamilton:
has given itself a monopoly of force to back up their              Hear Libertarianz Tim Wikiriwhi and Robin Thomsen
demands. There does not seem to be a way to change it,             promoting more freedom and less government on
unless we all vote for the party that promises and                 Hamilton Community Radio 1206AM every Monday at
demands least; the party that let's you be in charge of            10am.
your own life. It may be small but is a giant when
measured on moral principles. If you listen to your                                  Wellington Libz:
conscience, you vote Libertarian.                                  The Wellington branch of the Libertarianz meets on the
                                                                   last Thursday of the month to discuss philosophy, politics
Steve Hoefsloot                                                    and ways to overthrow the government.

                                                                   Meetings are held in the upstairs room at the Terawhiti
                                                                   Arms, 5 Parkvale Rd Karori.
                                                                   7:30pm on the last Thursday of the month.
                               Vote                                Email Tina White at tina.white@libertarianz.org.nz for
                           Libertarianz!                           further details.

                                                          Liberty 10
                                                                    Strong communities only come about through voluntary
             Meet the Candidates                                    association by individuals. Central planning by ambitious
BERNARD DARNTON                                                     bureaucrats has destroyed many communities in this
        LIBERTARIANZ LEADER, WELLINGTON                             country.

                                                                    For too long bureaucrats and politicians have gotten
Libertarianz is a party crammed with talented
                                                                    away with eroding the rights of individuals. Thanks to the
people passionate about freedom. It is a party
                                                                    Resource Management Act, property rights in this
I'm proud to lead.
                                                                    country are a farce. The education system is in a
                                                                    shambles. The public health system is hopelessly
Libertarianz has a vision of a free prosperous country; a
                                                                    overloaded and inefficient. Thousands of innocent
voluntary society where nobody, especially the
                                                                    people get locked away and treated as criminals for
government, can use force to achieve their goals, a
                                                                    doing nothing more than ingesting substances that the
country where rights are protected rather than trampled;
                                                                    government does not approve of. While this failed
a country where wealth and talent are admired, not
                                                                    doctrine of prohibition is being enforced by an
sneered at.
                                                                    underfunded police force, real criminals get away with
                                                                    murder. The state has all but eliminated the rights of
I am driven to help this party get the government out of
                                                                    individuals to carry arms and to defend themselves, their
those areas where it has no business to let it concentrate
                                                                    families and their property. The defence force has been
on those things it should do well. Out of personal
                                                                    stripped to an ineffectual phantom of what it once was,
morality and relationships, out of the economy, out of
                                                                    while at the same time we have let our strategic alliances
education and health where its influence has been
                                                                    crumble away.
disastrous, and in to protecting its citizens' rights with a
functioning justice system, police, and defence force.
                                                                    It is time for this to stop. Join me on a journey to a world
                                                                    where people are free from coercion and can live their
I have been involved with Libertarianz for nearly ten
                                                                    lives without government interference.
years, firstly in Dunedin and now in Wellington. I have
served as Justice spokesman and now as leader.
                                                                    RUSSELL WATKINS
                                                                             LIBERTARIANZ TAURANGA AND LIST
It disturbs me to see the government intruding into every                    CANDIDATE
area of life it can get its claws into while simultaneously
allowing the police and defence forces, the only                    "Let's get Government out of your face, out of your
legitimate business of the government, to disintegrate.             pocket and out of your life!" says Tauranga
It disgusts me to see any number of invented "rights"               businessman and Libertarianz candidate Russell
being promoted while genuine rights—property rights,                 Watkins.
the right to self-defence, the right to a fair trial—are            "At this election you will have two choices: nineteen different
ignored or crushed.                                                 varieties of Nanny State, or us, the Libertarianz! Unlike every
                                                                    other Tauranga candidate, I am the only one standing for less
Join me in the fight for freedom and be part of that vision         government, not more."
for a free prosperous country.
                                                                    "My recent polling in local body elections showed me there are
                                                                    enough people out there ready to think for themselves, act for
JULIAN PISTORIUS                                                    themselves, and be responsible for themselves to give this
        LIBERTARIANZ DEPUTY LEADER,                                 electorate a real shake this year," says Watkins. "4800 people
                                                                    in Tauranga and 1700 people in the Western Bay voted last
                                                                    year to throw off the shackles of overbearing, thieving and
Julian Pistorius is a 28-year-old computer                          Nanny-knows-best local government. This year I ask them to
programmer. He is standing for parliament for                       vote for me to tell central government to get off their backs, out
Libertarianz in the Northland electorate. Born in South             of their pockets and out of their lives. They will never regret
Africa, Julian came to New Zealand when he was 19 and               doing so."
obtained a B.Sc. Computer Science degree at Auckland
University. When he is not fighting for the freedoms of all         On his chances against incumbent Winston Peters, Watkins is
                                                                    realistic. "Winston's scaremongering and conspiracy theories
New Zealanders, he enjoys reading, tramping and
                                                                    go down well with local nutters. I'll campaign instead to those
sailing.                                                            who are prepared to use their brains." As for National's Bob
                                                                    Clarkson, he says "Bob is well-intentioned, and will get his fair
I believe in the philosophy of individualism—that people            share of National Socialist voters, but neither he nor his voters
own their own lives, and that nobody has the right to tell          seem to know what it is that National stands for, let alone what
you what you can do with your property or your body, as             a principle is! It was National as you may recall who introduced
long as you don't harm anybody else. To this end, I                 both the RMA and the NCEA, and have yet to apologise or
believe that the only legitimate function of government is          make amends for either disaster," he says by way of illustrating
to protect these individual rights. Government has no               his point.
place in education, health, welfare, business, religion,
                                                                    "Political parasites and the busy-bodies of Helengrad and
culture or people's bedrooms. These are all areas where             elsewhere should know by now that Libertarianz will not go
people can make up their own minds as to how they                   away, and that one day individual New Zealanders will wake up
arrange their affairs.                                              to the fact that they are being robbed and scammed by all
                                                                    those that wish to rule them."

                                                           Liberty 11
                                                                                        New Zealand
  Libertarianz                                                                      Permit Number 191284
  P O Box 6173
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