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					 Sistem Informasi Untuk
  Teknologi Tepat Guna

Computer Network Research Group
  Institute Teknologi Bandung

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To provide integrated, accessible
pathways to information and services
relevant to small- and medium-sized
enterprises using technology

  If I dream on a “Indonesia
Technology Network (ITN)” …
    How it would look like
 The big picture
 Benefit & Responsibilities.
 Implementation, focus on
   – Membership development.
   – Network tools.
   – Marketing.
   – Evaluation.
 Long Term Sustainability.
By Region Type
     By Expertise
Some References
 Http://
  (Canada Technology Network)
   (Australian Science & Technology Council)
   (National Technology DataBank)
   (Technology Transfer Information Center)
Technology Behind It???
 Plain & simple Internet technology.
 Heavy Electronic Mail Traffic.
 Heavy Mailing Lists Discussions.
 Bunch of Web servers.
 Supported by Ring of Database Servers.
 Physically connected networks.
Technology is only a           tool!
 Yes, technology is only a tool.
 It is not the aim.
 It is not the objectives.

Vision & Philosophy
  behind the activities are

To provide integrated, accessible
pathways to information and services
relevant to small- and medium-sized
enterprises using technology
        The Need

Dynamic economics constantly
reinvent themselves and grow
    through innovation ..
The Need
 Innovation “the process of turning an idea into a
  profitable product or service - the
  commercialization of invention”
   – dynamic economies grow through
   – Various services required to support
   – Large firms either have these in-house or
     know where to get them
   – SMEs tend not to have easy access.
   – ITN intend to address this “access gap”
Benefit (should be …)
 A wider base of expertise on which you can draw to solve
    your; or your clients’; day to day inquiries.
   A higher profile for your organization in your client
   Higher levels of service to your constituent communities.
   Access to the national intellectual resources of the ITN
    with linkages to peer organizations (nationally &
   Access to training, diagnostic / benchmarking tools, and
    communications vehicles produced under the ITN
Responsibilities (should be ..)
 Promote the Network and advertise yourself as part of it.
 Respond promptly and effectively to client calls and
    referrals from other members.
   Use entry-level needs assessment tools to help client
    identify areas in which assistance is required.
   Refer clients to appropriate service providers and ensure
    that assistance is delivered in an objective, impartial
   Provide feedback to network managers.
   Provide pathfinding services at no charge to the client.
Uniqueness of ITN (should be ..)
 Nation-wide links between organizations and
  people advising SMEs on technology and
  related business needs.
 Accessible, professional contact points -
  personal, confidential services.
 Diagnosis of client problem.
 Fast and easy access and referrals for SMEs.
 Exploits Internet Technology.
Building the Network -
Designing the Network
 Organized several workshop to obtain input
  of clients and potential members.
 Specific ideas on how to develop ITN
  – Build ITN to meet regional needs.
  – Network tools - directory of members.
  – Leading role of private sector on advisory
  – Fees for some services.
  – Promote success stories.
Building the Network -
 National and Regional Management.
 Coordination Office.
 National Advisory Board and Regional
 Development of management policies and
Regional Coordination - Values
 Diffusion - “If you have a Lemon, make
 Build “From the Ground Up …”
 “Help Other Organizations Fly Their Flags
 “Unity in Diversity” ITN is a National
  Brand with Regional Flavours.
Building a Regional
Coordination Team
 Understand “Coordination”!
“(co-or-di-nate) … to bring the parts or agents
  of a plan, process etc. into a common
  whole, to harmonize”
  –   The “Vision Thing”
  –   Help Others Excel and Succeed
  –   Build a “Team”
  –   Organize, Enable, Empower, Support
  –   “Lead” but don’t “Do” ..
Building a Regional
Coordination Team
 Know your environment!
  – Pick the Right Partners
     • Synergy, Common Cause, Special Focus.
  – Find Partners with Something to Prove.
  – Help Partner “fly their flags higher”
  – Build a small core team.
ITN Services to Members
 Training and Orientation
 Awareness Events
 Diffusion Campaigns
 Trade Show Support
 Advertising Support
 Newsletter Contributions
 Partnership Conferences
Serving Clients - Small Business
 Often “doesn’t know what it doesn’t
 is to small to have all the skills.
 Needs a custom network of people and
 Needs a “diffusion campaign”
Phases of ITN Development
 Scoping Phase
   – Identify Partners
   – Build Vision for Success
 Proposal Phase
   – Design Project Components
   – Expand Partnerships
   – Identify Resources
 Planning Phase
   – Build Task Oriented Teams
   – Detailed Planning
 Sequential Implementation Phase
   – Implement, Evaluate and Plan
Proposed Implementation Focus
 Membership Development.
 Network Tools.
 Marketing.
 Evaluation.
Implementation: Membership
 Recruitment.
 Training.
  – Awareness of Network Resources and
  – Network skills, use of network tools.
  – Diagnostic skills and use of diagnostic tools.
  – Effective use of communication channels.
Implementation: Network Tools
 Electronic communication and information
 Diagnostic programs.
 International intelligence-gathering
Implementation: Marketing
 Grouping
  – the potential end-user clients from the SME
  – Organizations that may be recruited as
    members of the ITN.
  – The media and the general public.
Implementation: Marketing
 Objectives:
  – To raise awareness and acceptance of ITN.
  – To advise prospective members about ITN.
  – To manage the expectations of ITN amongs the
    public and end-user clients.
  – To promote awareness of the ITN amongs
    policy makers and the public.
  – To promote general awareness of the urgent
    need for improved adoption of technology for
    increased competitiveness.
Implementation: Evaluation
 Critical Success factor:
  – An expression by ITN Client Satisfaction.
  – Demonstrated improvements in linkages among
    client firms and among network members.
  – Recognition by clients, members, and the
  – The development of network infrastructure and
    operations with a clear identification of those
    elements that are self-sustaining.
Long-Term Sustainability
 We have to ensure that the network
  continues to function, and to meet its goals
  after dedicated funding ends.
 Evaluate those services that are self-
 Evaluate those services that should be
  sustained as core government services.