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                                .25 credit; No Prerequisite

Subject: HE: Anger Management & Conflict Resolution Student:

Beginning Date:                                                    Completion Date:
Course Goals: HE.CM.HS.04 Communicate effectively, using peer resistance, assertiveness, conflict
resolution skills, and negotiation and refusal skills to avoid unsafe situations. HE.CM.HS.05 Set short-and-
long term goals that promote healthy living. HE.CM.HS.06 Use a decision-making model to make lifelong
healthy decisions. HE.CM.HS.07 Advocate to self peers, family and community members the importance of
participating in health-enhancing behaviors and abstaining from unsafe behaviors.

Course Requirements: The student will complete 150 points of work designed by the teacher and student for
¼ of a credit. In order for the student to earn a ¼ of a credit, the Points Earned column must add up to 150
points. The % column is to be used for recording the percentage of each assignment. Each assignment and
activity must be completed with at least 80% accuracy using the criteria set forth by the teacher. The student
will earn credit as follows.

 Points         Area of Study:            Specific Work Completed:             Points     Teacher        %
Possible:                                                                     Earned:     Initials:
    5         Conflict                Complete Conflict Resolution
              Resolution              Worksheet
   10         Session 1-              Complete Session 1
              Overview of             Worksheets
   15         Session 2-Events        Complete Session 2
              & Cues                  Worksheets

   15         Session 3-Anger         Complete Session 3
              Control Plan            Worksheets

   15         Session 4-The           Complete Session 4
              Aggression Cycle        Worksheets

   15         Session 5-              Complete Session 5
              Cognitive               Worksheets
   15         Session 6-              Complete Session 6
              Review Session          Worksheets

   15         Session 7 & 8-          Complete Session 7 & 8
              Assertiveness &         Worksheets
              The Resolution
   15         Session 9 & 10-         Complete Session 9& 10
              Anger & The             Worksheets

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   15         Session 11-       Complete Session 11
              Review Session    Worksheets

   15         Session 12-       Complete Session 12
              Closing &         Worksheet
  Total              -               Credit Earned: _____      Points      -      Grade:
 Points                                                       Earned:

                Student Signature                           Teacher Signature

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