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                       WHERE TO GO, STAY AND PLAY
           New Guidebooks for Europe, Italy and Ireland in Stores Just in Time
                            For Second Semester Abroad!
HOBOKEN, NJ, DECEMBER 2006—Study abroad for college students in the United States reached
an all-time high last year, with a record 190,000+ students participating in programs, and the numbers
are growing. With the start of second semester just around the corner (let’s not forget Spring Break!) and
numerous RailEurope passes purchased, thousands of adventurous and fun-seeking students are gearing
up for the time of their lives! Best of all, they now have guidebooks written specifically for them. Fresh,
edgy, irreverent and opinionated, MTV Travel Guides provide no-nonsense, insider advice on
everything from staying in the best hostels to booking student tickets on-line for the Louvre to buying
vintage chic for the chillest nightlife.

Writers were recruited through a nationwide search conducted on mtvU.com—the website for mtvU,
MTV’s 24-hour college network—where more than 500 talented college-aged writers competed for 10
coveted spots. A few of the selected writers have suggested the following activities from the first three
books in the series:

MTV Guide to Europe by Valerie Conners, Sylvie Hogg, Andre Legaspi, Colleen Taylor, Kitty Hall,
Ari Cohen, Mayling Ganuza, Christi Daugherty, Hana Mastrini / $24.99 / 0-7645-8499-5

       Gorge on sausages and beer in Munich and explore the Englischer Garten—in particular, check out the
       pseudo-surfers trying to tackle the artificial wave near the small waterway in the park. Berlin to the north
       also has some great aquatic activities. Freischwimmer, a fantastic bar along a canal, is always full of chill
       East Berliners downing some cocktails and listening to some snazzy tunes. If music and dancing is top on
       your list, a night of flamenco is absolutely necessary when you’re roaming the streets of Seville. Whirling
       dresses, emphatic foot stomping and contagious clapping will have you practicing your dance moves for
       weeks after. Finally, we all know what Amsterdam is famous for, but the city’s brown cafes are amazing
       haunts that have been doling out perfectly poured pints for their patrons for centuries. Bartenders go to
       amazing lengths to make sure your pint is always perfect—from the slow pour to the almost surgical
       trimming of the head with their wet knife. The Dutch take great pride in this age-old tradition and it’s
       something to witness firsthand.                                                             -Andre Legaspi

MTV Guide to Ireland by Olivia Edward, Clare O’Connor and Christi Daugherty / $21.99 / 0-7645-

          Take a day off from your busy, Guinness-drinking schedule for a surf lesson in the freezing North
          Atlantic at Lahinch in beautiful, cliff-lined County Clare. Or, if you’re not feeling particularly
          adventurous, take in a traditional Irish music session at The Crane in Galway—this place is the genuine
          article, complete with fiddles and old men in tweed. An absolute must is a trip to see the eighth wonder of
          the world, the Giant’s Causeway—thousands of hexagonal pillars made of basalt, forming a natural plane
          of steps out to the Antrim shoreline. To avoid the crowds, head to The Burren in County Clare, an
          extraordinary moon-like landscape where badgers and stoats will be your sole company amid the rocks. If
          you’d like to join the summertime throng of tourists, check out the Old Jamieson Distillery in Dublin,
          where you’ll learn the history of what is known in Irish as uisce beatha (the water of life)—and, of
          course, taste some whiskey for yourself.                                                  -Clare O’Connor

MTV Guide to Italy by Sylvie Hogg, Brad Archer, Taryn Firkser, Andre Legaspi, Anne Laurella and
John Moretti / $23.99 / 0-7645-8771-4

          For all-around Italian-ness, spectacular sightseeing, and fun, the pick for best Italian city is Rome. Perugia
          and Bologna are completely overlooked by most first-time travelers, but these hip and manageable
          university towns are the first places to visit if you want to meet other students and break into the local
          scene. The most fascinating ruins in Italy, if not the world, are at Pompeii, which feels eerily alive with
          the 2,000 year-old ghosts of those who were wiped out by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. In a country full
          of tourist clichés, an experience that really is worth the splurge is a nighttime gondola ride in Venice. In
          the summer, take a break from Italy's endless art and architecture and indulge your inner sun worshipper
          on the fabulous, unspoiled islands of Ponza and Panarea, or in the anything-goes beach party towns of
          Rimini and Riccione, on the Adriatic coast. If you really want to understand modern Italian culture, get
          tickets to a soccer game—all the big cities have teams that play in Italy's premier league (the season runs
          from September-May), and the atmosphere at the stadium is electric.                               -Sylvie Hogg

The guides’ two-color interiors make them easy to scan, and detailed city maps keep travelers on the right
path. “MTV Best” icons highlight the most happening places and things to do, while “mtvU” icons
provide handy, practical tips for students studying abroad. “Free” icons point readers to museums with
no admission charge, complimentary bar food, and no-cover charge entertainment.

The series will continue with guides for Spain, France, England and American Road Trips in April 2007.
Frommers.com offers many additional tips on traveling to these and more destinations, as well as
booking tools to plan your trip, including flight and hotel options. MTV Travel Guides podcasts with the
writers are available for download on www.frommers.com/podcast or iTunes.com.

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