San Jose layoffs by classification

Account Clerk I/II Count                      6
Analyst I/II Count                            8
Arts Program Coordinator Count                1
Assoc Construction Insp Count                 1
Assoc Engineer Count                          2
Assoc Engineering Tech Count                  1
Assoc Structure/Land Designer Count           1
Building Inspect/Comb Cert FT Count           1
Building Rehab Insp I/II Count                1
Code Enforcement Insp I/II Count              6
Communications Technician Count               1
Community Activity Wkr Count                  1
Community Coord Count                         1
Contract Compliance Specialist Count          1
Crime Prevention Specialist Count             4
Custodial Supervisor Count                    1
Custodian Count                              60
Electrician Count                             1
Engineer I/II Count                          14
Engineerg Technician I/II Count              12
Equipment Operator Count                      1
Events Coordinator I Count                    1
Facility Attendant Count                     24
Financial Analyst Count                       1
Fire Fighter Count                           74
Gerontology Specialist Count                  5
Groundskeeper Count                           1
Groundsworker Count                           1
Housing Policy & Plan Admin
Count                                         1
Librarian I/II Count                         14
Library Assistant Count                       5
Library Clerk Count                          20
Marketing & Public Outreach Rep I/II Count    1
Office Specialist I/II Count                 17
Park Ranger Count                             4
Parking & Traffic Control Officer Count      10
Planner I/II Count                            3
Plumber Count                                 1
Police Officer Count                         88
Program Manager II Count                      3
Property Manager I/II Count                   1
Recreation Program Specialist Count           2
Recreation Progrm Specialist Count            1
Secretary Count                               4
Security Officer Count                        4
Senior Librarian Count                        3
Senr Account Clerk Count                      4
Senr Custodian Count                          5
Senr Electronic Syst Tech Count               1
Senr Engineering Tech Count                 2
Senr Facility Attendant Count               2
Senr Office Specialist Count                4
Senr Recr Leader Count                      2
Senr Systms Apps Prgmr Count                1
Structure/Land Designer I/II Count          2
Supervg Applicat Analyst Count              2
Supervg School Crossing Guard Count         1
Supervisor of Facilities Count              1
Systems Application Programmer I/II Count   1
Therapeutic Specialist Count                1
Traffic Checker II Count                    3
Video/MultiMedia Prod Count                 2
Warehouse Worker I/II Count                 3
Workers Comp Clms Adj I/II Count            3
Youth Outreach Wkr I Count                  3

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Description: San Jose officials on Tuesday told 457 full-time city workers that they may be laid off to help fix a $116 million deficit. While city officials would not say which specific workers had received notices, they released a list of targeted positions by department. More than 600 other full-timers will transfer to other positions, some of which pay less than their current jobs