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					                               COYOTE CHRONICLE
                         DESERT HEIGHTS CHARTER SCHOOL
                              5821 W. BEVERLY LANE
                               GLENDALE, AZ 85306
                               PHONE (602)896-2900
Mark Jiles, Principal                             1, uary 1
                                           VolumeJanIssue 12, 2010                        Chelsey Peitz, Assistant Principal

                        FLAG CEREMONY 1-8-2010/STUDENTS OF THE MONTH
      Thank you to our families who attended our recent flag ceremony this past Friday. The following students
      were recognized as our December Students of the Month:

      Destiny Bealey                     Jacob Jordan                           Jackson Guzman
      Athena Ferns                       Jayda Page                             Lisa Lucero
      Sidney Wicker                      Emily Kasten                           Michael Hutchins
      Amber Calissi                      Mikey Steiger                          Caitlyn Hamza
                                         Devin Santos                           Emilio Cress
      Yamika Ramesh
                                         Luis Cazares
      Nathaniel Bennett
                                         Savannah Shives                        From Preschool/Aftercare
      Alexa Reyna Perez
                                         Diego Revilla                          Zoey Hicks
      Trevor Siegel
                                         Jordan Harris                          Audrey Auernheimger
      Mya Marquez                        Ricky Murphy                           Annika Williams
      Rosemary Smokoska                  Destiny Bealey                         Korey Johnson
      Alexis Diaz                        Jennalee Wilson                        Siddharth Rajagopolan
      Nyja Hereder                       Maisie Baird                           Reagan Jarrell
      Jacob Morris                       Zack Kennedy                           Caleb Parker
      Haidyn Bender                                                             Evan Polson

                                                  PTSA NEWS
   We had a great turnout at the last PTSA meeting! Thank you to the parents and teachers that attended. The
   PTSA members voted in favor of the PTSA donating $4000.00 to Desert Heights to assist in the purchase of a
   canopy for the playground. Plans are to have the canopy installed over Spring Break, just in time for our
   warmer weather. We will be having our Donuts for Dad on February 5th and are looking for volunteers to as-
   sist in the set up and clean up. If you are available to assist please contact Lacie Green at lacie.mojo.green@
   gmail.com. Also, the PTSA Restaurant Night that was scheduled for January has been cancelled. We are
   working on our Restaurant Night for February so watch for further information.
   The following students were recognized for bringing in the most “trash” for the 2nd quarter Trash For Cash
   Program: Haidyn Bender, Savannah Scheve, Emma Hurley.
   Mrs. Crawford’s class was rewarded for bringing in the most “trash” as a class. Thank you for all of those who
   participated. This program assists the PTSA in meeting their “fundraiser” goals as well as contributing much
   needed supplies to the classrooms and the front office.
Page 2                                                                            C O Y O T E   C H R O N I C L E

                          DROP OFF AND PICKUP PROGRAM
 Our new drop off and pick up procedures have been very successful thus far. Thank you to our parents, stu-
 dents and staff for your cooperation. We are always open for improvement so if you have any suggestions that
 you will improve the program please let us know.
 We are wanting to remind parents of the following:
  Please be sure your Zone card is visible on your dashboard.
  Please be patient in the parking lot. Caution and courtesy are of the utmost importance.
  DO NOT park in the surrounding businesses.
  When driving on Beverly Lane please be sure crossing guard is on sidewalk before driving thru crosswalk.
  PLEASE, do not park in No Parking Zones. Glendale Police WILL cite you.

 Again, thank you for your cooperation.

                     2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony 1-20-10
                We cordially invite our parents to attend the 2nd Quarter Awards Ceremony on
                January 20th as our students are recognized for the academic successes.

                                          Inside                  Outside
                8:15-8:40                 Kindergarten            First Grade
                8:45-9:10                 Second Grade            Third Grade
                9:15-9:40                 Fourth Grade            Fifth Grade
                9:45                                              Middle School

                      PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND!!!

           Monday, January 18 MLK DAY/NO SCHOOL

                                            LOST AND FOUND
          Parents, if your child is missing a jacket or sweater or even a lunch box or water bottle, please
          have them check the lost and found located outside the office. Items that are not labeled with a
          students name will be donated to the nearest shelter.

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