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Eric S


									                                       Eric S. Peeples
                          3920 DEWEY AVENUE • OMAHA, NE 68105
                 PHONE 602-369-5124 • E-MAIL ERICPEEPLES@CREIGHTON.EDU

August 2005 – present
Creighton University School of Medicine
 Doctor of Medicine, anticipated May 2009

August 2001 – May 2005
Creighton University, Omaha, NE
 Bachelor of Sciences, Chemistry and Spanish, cum laude

August 1997 – May 2001
Deer Valley High School

October 2005 – present
Magis Clinic
 Volunteered each semester in the Creighton student-run free clinic for the homeless, experiences
   included taking vital signs, interviewing patients, writing notes, developing assessments and plans, and
   performing minor procedures

June 2008 – July 2008
Institute for Latin American Concern
 Participated in a six week service-learning trip to Piedra Partida, Dominican Republic, a rural village
    where our group set up and operated a multi-specialty clinic

September 2005 – September 2006
Project CURA
Trip Coordinator
 A five week service-learning trip to Chimbote, Peru assisting with a program designed to prevent youth
    involvement in local gangs as well as performing various community improvement projects
 Responsibilities included planning flights, lodging, and trip itineraries, as well as coordinating donations

April 2004 – July 2004
Trip Coordinator
 A five week service-learning trip to Antigua, Guatemala, volunteering in rural clinics and participating in
    half-day intensive medical Spanish courses
 Responsibilities included coordinating volunteer sites, weekend trips, site visits, and medical donations

May 2003 – August 2005
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Research Assistant
 Performed research on the in vivo targets of organophosphate agents, using mouse models and
    biochemical analyses including gel electrophoresis, Western blotting, protein extraction, polymerase chain
    reactions, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry
 Research culminated in a first author paper in a peer-reviewed journal, February 2005
January 2003 – May 2003
Semestre Dominicano
 Participated in a semester-long service-learning trip to Santiago, Dominican Republic, which included
    volunteering in a local hospital and at a farm in a rural village

Editor of medical school yearbook, 2008 – present
Senior Video Committee, 2008 – present
Creighton University School of Medicine Admissions Committee, 2006 – present
Magis Clinic Supplies Committee, 2006 – 2007

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity
 Webmaster and recruiter, local chapter, August 2006 – present
 Responsibilities include maintaining, updating, and advancing the chapter’s website, as well as recruiting
    incoming medical students

The Wellness Chronicle, medical student newsletter
 Writer of “Peeples Guide,” a quarterly article that gives light-hearted and often humorous tips on
   surviving various aspects of medical school, Winter 2005 – present
 Editor-in-Chief, May 2006 – May 2008

Context Journal, national student health professional journal on community health
 Editor-in-Chief, May 2008 – present
 Associate Editor-in-Chief, August 2007 – May 2008
 Peer Reviewer, August 2005 – August 2007
 Responsibilities include reviewing articles, reviewing and interviewing applicants for editorial board
   positions, making final editions to articles, and formatting the final publication

Magis Pediatric Vaccination Clinic, 2007
Sight Savers vision screening, 2007
Sienna Francis House free clinic for the homeless volunteer, 2007
Prevent Blindness Nebraska vision screening, 2006
OneWorld Clinic Spanish translator, 2005 – 2006
Habitat for Humanity volunteer, 2005 – 2006
Tutoring high school science students, 2005 – 2006
Special Olympics supervisor, 2005

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, 2005 – present
American Medical Association, 2006 – present
Student National Medical Association, 2005 – 2007

Medical Dean’s Educational Assistance Scholarship, 2007 – 2008
Golden Apple Graphic Design Contest Winner, 2008
Creighton University School of Medicine Photography Contest Runner-up, 2006
Peeples, Eric. The Peeples Guide. Creighton University School of Medicine Wellness Chronicle. Running
   quarterly column: Winter 2005 – present

Peeples, Eric. The Peeples Guide to Medical Literacy. Creighton University School of Medicine Wellness
   Chronicle. Quarterly column: Fall 2006 – Summer 2007

Peeples, Eric. Faculty Profile: Dr. Lee Morrow. Creighton University School of Medicine Wellness Chronicle. Fall
   2005: 10.

Peeples ES, Schopfer LM, Duysen EG, Spaulding R, Voelker T, Thompson CM, Lockridge O. Albumin, a new
   biomarker of organophosphorus toxicant exposure, identified by mass spectrometry. Toxicol Sci. 2005 Feb;83(2):303-
   12. Epub 2004 Nov 3.

Peeples, Eric. Biomarkers of organophosphorus toxicant exposure. Poster presentation at Midwest Student
   Biomedical Research Forum, October 2004.

Pediatric Interest Group, 2007 – present
Intramural Sports: soccer, volleyball, flag football, 2005 – present
Anatomy Practice Practical Coordinator, 2006 – 2007
Bluejay Battle of the Bands class of 2009 fundraiser coordinator, 2005 – 2007
Healer’s Art Elective Course, 2006
Class of 2009 class officer, 2005 – 2006
Attended the Midwest Global Health Conference, Omaha, Nebraska, 2005
Creighton Rowing Crew, 2001 – 2005

Writing, soccer, international travel, juggling, photography

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