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Onboard Winter 06.qxd

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Onboard Winter 06.qxd

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                                                                                         Australian Navy Cadets
                                                                                               Vol 4 Issue 1
                                                                                               Winter 2006
          a national newsletter for Cadets, Parents, Staff and the ANC community

                                                                                           OR EN
     ‘Messing about in Boats’ ~ ANC VIC Area Regatta April 06                            AJ PM
                                                                                        M LO T
                                                                                          E    C
                                                                                        EV JE NG
                                                                                    R ED PRO AINI 4
                                                                                             R GE
                                                                                          R T PA
                                                                                        FO SEE
THIS EDITION:                                                                              ~

•   At the Helm                                           •     NTS IPSWICH

•   Intro to DANC Staff in Canberra Office                •     New Safety Boat
                                                                for TS TYALGUM
•   Editorial
                                                          •     ANCHQ Tasmania
•   From the National Training Director
                                                          •     Bendigo Tri-Service Cadet Debutante Ball
•   International Sea Cadet Exchanges
                                                          •     TS MELBOURNE Eastlink Tunnel Visit
•   Information Systems Update
                                                          •     TS BUNBURY Cadet/Parent Dinner
•   NSW & ACT Area
                                                          •     Contact, Websites & Deadline Details
At the Helm
      Gavin Reeves ~ CAPT ANC

       In my Unit visits it has           development of an effective                   pleasing that a significant
been very pleasing to see the             training regime. The RAN                      number have chosen the RAN
increasingly effective use of             gives superb support and                      or other Services as a career.
ANC Midshipmen and the                    enables delivery of the ANC
strong support given by staff to          Midshipmen's course                           Our ANC Midshipmen have
helping and supporting our                exclusively at HMAS                           stood out internationally at
senior Cadets develop their               CRESWELL. ANC staff have                      ISCA exchanges both here and
leadership skills and add value           ensured its success by                        overseas. They are a credit to
to their Unit's activities.               encouraging suitable Cadets to                the ANC and it is testimony to
                                          develop their skills and                      their efforts that the UK SCC
ANC Midshipmen were                       nominate for selection.                       intend to send an observer to
introduced about four years                                                             an ANC Midshipmen's course
ago and have had a profound               Delivery of the ANC's premier                 at CRESWELL and that the
effect on the operations of the           youth training course at                      South African SCC are seeking
ANC. They have enabled us to              CRESWELL has enhanced the                     permission to evaluate it.
empower our 'senior young                 status of ANC Midshipmen.
people' to take an active role in         The CRESWELL course is                        I thank all ANC staff for their
their own development and for             demanding and while also                      support for Midshipmen and
the first time the ANC enjoys a           enjoyable, participants are                   encourage all Cadets to work
coordinated Cadet input into              expected to work hard and the                 towards selection to undertake
the Corps' planning and                   course has attained a well-                   the ANC Midshipmen's course.
direction at all three levels of          earned reputation for
operations, viz National, Area            excellence.
(State) and Unit.
                                          Most participants have found
The key drivers of success                the Midshipmen's course to
have been cooperation and                 have significantly assisted their
support from all and the                  self-development and it is

Directorate of Australian Navy Cadets
      Sandon Morrell ~ LEUT RAN DDANC

     L to R: CPO Cameron Ferguson (SO DANC); Amanda Gill (RM DANC); CMDR Wayne Mitchell (DANC); LEUT Sandon Morrell (DDANC)

The Directorate of Australian             The current Director of                       joined the RAN as a legal officer
Navy Cadets is staffed by full            Australian Navy Cadets (DANC)                 in 1978 and becoming qualified
time Navy personnel, and public           posted into his position late last            as a supply officer 1983. CMDR
servants, and is situated in              year. CMDR Wayne Mitchell has                 Mitchell’s love of language saw
Canberra.                                 an interesting history, having                him qualify as an Indonesian

                                                                                                                              Page 2
                                                                                   Further DANC

linguist in 1986 and, after          He is married with one child and    1986 after serving 4 years
teaching at the RAAF School of       enjoys kayaking, sailing, and       as a cadet in TS GAYUNDAH.
languages for two years, he          adventure sports.                   He is posting back to sea in
became the first Naval Officer to                                        HMAS ARMIDALE next year
Command the School. CMDR             As a result of the Inquiry into     following well deserved Long
Mitchell enjoys tennis, squash,      Military Justice, a Resource        Service Leave. He will be
cycling, and reading.                Manager (RM-DANC) position          relieved by CPOB Les Devers in
                                     has recently been established       early September. CPOB
LEUT Sandon Morrell took over        within the Directorate. Ms          Ferguson enjoys all things Naval.
as the Deputy Director               Amanda Gill is the current
(DDANC) in March this year.          Resource Manager, and has been      The aforementioned Staff
LEUT Morrell was a Cadet in          working as a Defence Civilian       members are from the Canberra
the nineties, before joining the     since 2003. Ms Gill enjoys          Office of DANC. We hope to
RAN as a seaman officer in           swimming, boxercise and             introduce the Staff from HMAS
1998.                                renovating her new house.           CERBERUS Office in the next
Having served on most classes of                                         edition.
ship, LEUT Morrell has been          CPOB Cameron Ferguson is the
posted as the Navigator in           Staff Officer for DANC (SO-
MHCs, FCPBs, FFHs, and FFGs.         DANC). He joined the RAN in

                                                          Barbara Butterworth ~ LCDR ANC PRM

In ‘Wind in the Willows’, the        exists, let alone the fun you can   in the next issue of Defence
Water Rat said to his new friend     have with a whole bunch of new      Family Matters as well. It would
Mole “Believe me, my young           friends? Amazing, but true!         be very interesting to get YOUR
friend, there is NOTHING--           When you're ‘messing about in       ideas on how we can showcase
absolute nothing--half so much       boats’ having a great time with     the ANC.
worth doing as simply messing        your friends, think what you
about in boats.”                     could do to spread the word         By the way, the Water Rat got so
                                     about just how much fun it really   dreamy about ‘messing about in
You know the feeling I’m sure -      is.                                 boats’ that he wasn't watching
but did you know that there’s a                                          where he was rowing … and
lot of young Australians who are     Your stories in Onboard are great   ended up in the bottom of the
just biding their time before they   - they give other Units some        boat with his feet in the air.
are old enough to join the Navy      good ideas - and now we’re          Wouldn't happen to you, would
who simply don’t know the ANC        going to have one of the stories    it?

                                                                                                    Page 3
From the Training Directorate
      David Avenell ~ CMDR ANC DT

Training Enhancement Project         The Phase 1 contract is expected      Directorate Staff, as well as
                                     to be signed by the end of            representatives from Area HQs,
Some of you may have seen            September, and the materials          Unit Staff, and MIDN Council
some ads in newspapers about         delivered by the end of April         members. The MIDN will
this DDFC funded project. This       next year.                            present Cadet perspectives on a
is an incredible opportunity for                                           range of issues, and may
the ANC to get ALL of our            Phase 2 will involve taking all       approach COs for permission to
training reviewed and                the learning outcomes and             talk to Cadets and get their ideas.
redeveloped, at no cost to us!!!!    creating the new course materials
                                     for each course. At the end of        How can I get the resources I
What is the ‘TEP’?                   Phase 2 the ANC will have a           have created added to the
The TEP is a three to five year      brand new, well structured, and       Phase 1 review?
project funded by DDFC. It is in     easy to use training system for       Please send everything you have
two phases.                          Cadets and Staff. Phase 2 will        that you think is valuable that is
                                     take a few years, so courses will     not in ABR 5127 - even if you
In Phase 1, all of the ANC           be developed in order of priority.    think we might have it already.
training materials, our concerns                                           Please do not email materials.
about those materials, and our       What is DDFC’s role?                  The size of most materials will
ideas for the new training system    DDFC are funding the project,         prevent them being delivered.
will be reviewed. As well as         and will act as project managers      All materials - electronic (on
official ANC materials, any          for us. DDFC are NOT telling us       CD) or paper, should be sent
resources that Units are currently   what should be in our training        immediately to:
using that are effective, and the    program, and have deliberately
materials of overseas maritime       set up this project with each of      TDM ANCHQ
cadet corps will also be reviewed    the three Cadet Corps getting         2.W.4 Leeuwin Barracks
for ideas.                           completely different materials,       Locked Bag 5001
                                     based on what we have                 FREMANTLE WA 6959
At the end of Phase 1, the ANC       independently decided are our
will receive:                        own needs. In other words,            The TDM will ensure that copies
                                     DDFC are funding each Corps to        go to the relevant Assistant
1. Standard templates for all        address our own concerns, and         Director of Training, and the
ANC training packages: course        are NOT creating a ‘purple’           contractors. If you have created
outlines, lesson plans,              training system. Where it is          good models that you think are a
assessment items, progress           identified that the three Corps all   useful resource (but are difficult
charts, record of training,          want the same thing, DDFC will        to mail), please send a letter
handouts, powerpoints, reference     let us know, so that it can help us   explaining the model, and some
materials.                           identify suitable options for tri-    photos.
                                     service activities.
2. New learning outcomes for all                                           How can I get my ideas about
ANC courses: Cadet promotion         What is the ANC’s role?               a better training system added
courses, category and special        The ANC will be forming a             to the phase 1 review?
award courses. Staff induction,      working group to work with            Jot down your ideas (can be
youth development, skill             contractor in identifying our core    formal or informal, but please
development, ‘train the trainer’     concerns, ‘big ideas’, required       type them so we can interpret
for running each Cadet course,       design features, and ‘non-            them easily!) and mail them to
training management and Unit         negotiables’. The working group       the address above. You can send
management courses.                  will consist of the Training          an electronic version on a CD if

                                                                                                        Page 4
                                                             Further Training Directorate

you have materials to show us as    will be created from nominees          implemented and modern
well as ideas.                      across all Areas and roles.            training system.

How can I get involved as a         If you don’t get selected for a        Get involved now - an
working group member?               place on the working group,            opportunity like this won’t
Anyone interesting in becoming      there will also be an ANC              happen again for at least a
a working group member should       discussion board section created       decade.
send an email to their Senior       for each topic. An email will be
Officer and Staff Officer-          sent out in due course letting you     POC: Staff Officer - Training in
Training, stating the amount of     know when these discussion             each state can forward queries to
time you can make available for     topics have been created.              the TDM. Please ensure that if
this project per week. Areas will                                          you have multiple queries that
be asked to provide four names,     This is the best opportunity the       you send one email with all
from a variety of different roles   ANC has ever had to develop a          queries per week, so that the
as nominees. The working group      new, exciting, easily                  workload can be managed.

                                                International Sea Cadet Exchanges
                                                                  Zenda Gardiner ~ LCDR ANC OLO

INTERNATIONAL SEA                   All made some really great             a submarine visit.
CADET EXCHANGES                     friends, and SBLT Pemberton            As usual, the visit to the Island
                                    and the rest of the Staff of the       Ranger Station was enjoyed,
1. ANC International                ANC WA went out of their way           with the opportunity to see live
Exchange Perth, April 14 - 30,      to make sure the Internationals        snakes, and other island
2006.                               were lacking nothing. The              inhabitants.
                                    Pemberton family also hosted the
The ANC WA again hosted             group for a BBQ during the             A visit to the clothing store to
International Cadets and their      second week, giving everyone           buy the odd item of clothing,
escorting Officers during the       time to relax and enjoy the day.       tally bands, badges etc was also
April ACT, followed by a                                                   enjoyed. As usual HMAS
cultural and sightseeing            LCDR Leon Griffiths hosted the         STIRLING impressed the
programme during the last week      group for the second week, ably        visitors immensely, and of
of their stay. Participants from    assisted by CPO Lynton Michael         course, their different uniforms
USA, Canada, England and            RANR, with visits to Perth Mint,       caused the odd stare or two by
Sweden were in attendance. The      Fremantle Goal, Whiteman Park,         the RAN personnel.
US and Canadian groups were         and Fremantle Maritime
kindly hosted by ANC NSW for        Museum, WA Aquarium and                Attendance at the Dawn Service
a whirlwind day and night in        some souvenir shopping                 on Anzac Day, in Kings Park at
Sydney on their way back home.      squeezed in too.                       4.30 am was a huge surprise, and
                                                                           highlight of their visit. Every
Again the International             HMAS STIRLING again                    year the visitors are ‘blown
Exchange consisted of               allowed the visitors onboard,          away’ at the number of people
participation in the ACT, with      with a great island tour, starting     turning up to the service (usually
most choosing to be involved        with the historic water well the       around 40,000), and the sunrise
with either the Adventure           first settlers dug, right through to   over the cenotaph is spectacular.
Training, or the Sailing courses.   the Escape Training facility, and      Later in the morning,

                                                                                                         Page 5
Further International Sea Cadet Exchanges

participation in the main street     the following personnel either      HONG KONG - Attending the
parade in Perth saw the visitors     overseas right now, or preparing    Summer Camp and cultural
in awe of the experience. People     to depart.                          exchange, is SBLT K Hickey,
clapping and waving flags while                                          and Cadet PO M Hickey.
all the marches passed by - and      USA - Held in Providence,
they all commented that their        Rhode Island: CPO C Rennie,         There were no Cadets nominated
countries didn’t do that for their   and Cadets LS T Jost and AB R       for Singapore, UK, or Holland
veterans, and they wished they       Ausburn.                            this year however anyone
did.                                                                     wanting to attend the
                                     SWEDEN - Attending 3 different      International Exchange in New
A free day to do what ever they      Summer Training Camps, and          Delhi (India) in January 2007 is
wanted was scheduled, and the        sightseeing from Stockholm:         requested to nominate as soon as
Swedes chose a ‘learn to surf’       CPO G Askew RANR and Cadet          possible.
programme, while the rest took       PO J Bray.
the ferry to Rottnest Island for a                                       Nominations and any further
day of relaxing, swimming and                                            information on any exchange can
snorkeling.                          RUSSIA - Commencing from St         be found in ABR 5128 Ch 21, or
                                     Petersburg onboard the Russian      can be obtained by contacting
It is intended that the ANC WA       Cadets ship Lord Novgoraad The      LCDR Gardiner -
will host a similar programme in     Great; LCDR J Stanton, and
April of 2007.                       Cadets LS T Green and PO S
2. International Exchange
Participants from ANC.               CANADA - Attending the
The ANC is again participating       HMCS Quadra Summer Camp
in International Sea Cadet           and cultural programme, LEUT
Exchange Programmes and has          B Pettitt, and Cadet WO Sheppard.

Information Systems Update
       Jake Radloff ~ SBLT ANC ADIS

        This update I’m happy to     email client on your ISP account.   information and now works off a
report some recent improvements                                          series of three tabs instead of
with the system. Recently I’ve       2. Setup IMAP or POP3 to            one. The resources page of the
had a number of emails about For further   ANC Website contains a
‘missing emails’ from mailing        instructions on this please         reference document for how to
lists. COs for example not           contact me.                         update and what each of the
receiving an addressed                                        fields now are.
email. Last edition I reported an    Also remember that all important
issue with Bigpond (and I            reference documents are now         Fields requiring additional
suspect other ISPs may do            being hosted in the Resources       information are highlighted in
likewise) filtering out some of      section of the ANC Website.         red. Please note that only the
our mailing list emails. There are                                       fields with red asterisk (*) are
two workarounds for this.            CMC Update                          required to save your record. The
                                     This month we saw the updated       red highlighted fields can be
1. Save and forward your mail,       CMC fields released. The update     filled in at any time. Once your
and use webmail to check your        allows our account database         account is updated, and no red
Cadetnet email as well as your       system to capture more              highlights remain, the system

                                                                                                    Page 6
                                               Further Information Systems Update

will show a green tick in the top    writing and should have the issue    event or activity recently?
right hand corner. This means        resolved shortly.                    What better place to include a
your account is ready for COAS                                            report and some photos in
migration. There is no rush to       COAS                                 addition to the Onboard
complete this task but I             COAS continues to undergo final      newsletter? For future events, let
encourage all Staff and Cadets to    development and testing. Once        me know and we can look into
complete it ASAP. If everyone        User Acceptance Testing Round        publishing them on the site to
self-manages their own account,      Two (UAT2) has been                  gain you regional or even
the workload on Staff, especially    completed, the ANC will have a       national exposure!
the CO, is significantly reduced.    release date. Training materials
                                     will be provided prior to launch,    RECENTLY UPDATED
Once all accounts are COAS           however these cannot be              WEBSITES
Ready, they will go through a        developed until UAT2 is signed       Bravo Zulu to the following
verification process. Please         off to ensure they are relevant to   people!
ensure that you enter only the       the final system. All Senior            TS DERWENT - thanks to
correct information in CMC, and      Officers have been briefed and       POANC Paul Nash
update it as soon as any details     regional implementation plans           TS BROOME - thanks to
change. Fields such as time in       are close to being completed.        Cadet LS Emily Hull
rank will be vetted prior to                                                 ANC-TAS - thanks to
COAS migration so members            ANC BULLETIN BOARD                   POANC Jenny Kaine
with false information will be       Many users have not been able           ANC-WA - thanks to SBLT
corrected. If you are unsure, ask    to access the BB lately. The         Melanie Comito ANC
your CO. In the case of Staff the    developers are looking into the
HR department or your Regional       issue and I will report back when    If you have your website up and
HQ should have details on your       I know more, or it is fixed. For     running, let me know via email.
paper file. Your friendly            now the workaround is to access      Also don't forget to check out
Regional ISA can assist you with     the BB via other ANC websites        your Regional HQ website:
any technical difficulties.          and clicking on the link to
                                     ‘Forum’ from the LHS bar. See            QLD -
A word on security and privacy.      below for your Regional HQ 
The CMC system continues to          URL.                                     NSW -
adhere to Defence and                                           
Government laws relating to          CADETNET WEBSITES
security and privacy. You will       I’ve seen a number of Staff and          VIC -
notice fields with ‘privacy’ check   Cadets commencing work on  
boxes next to them. This will        their Unit Websites. The                 SA/NT -
allow for things like silent phone   Cadetnet WebBuilder (CWB) is
numbers and the like in COAS,        quite challenging to learn, but          TAS -
however the box does not affect      once you get the hang of it, quite
CMC. Please do not hesitate to       intuitive. If you have an interest       WA -
contact me if you have any           in updating your Unit’s site,
concerns relating to the CMC         please talk to your CO and
fields update.                       organise Webmaster or                If you have any questions or
                                     Webauthor permissions to be          suggestions for the Website
SPAM                                 added to your CadetNet account.      please email me at
We’ve been subjected to a new        This will allow you access to the
range of spam attacks this           ‘Website Admin’ and CWB.
month. These emails contain          Reference guides are available.      Till next edition…
graphics and so have been able       Contact me for further
to get through the filters.          information.
Defence are investigating and
updating the filter at the time of   Has your Unit had an exciting

                                                                                                           Page 7
      John Gill ~ CMDR ANC SOANC NSW & ACT

       The NSW/ACT Area has          exhibited by the Cadets was             Federation Guard does their stuff
just completed the July 2006         clear, and it makes me both             at a pretty high standard, the
Annual Continuous Training           humble and proud that I should          NAAVG were a sight to behold!
camp, which saw about 40             play a small part in ensuring the       Just as I had made the POQC
Cadets undertaking General           Cadet experience pays dividends         undertake a Selection Board, the
Training (GT), 10 Cadets on the      for not only the Cadets, but the        NAAVG put me through the
Petty Officer Qualifying Course      Staff also.                             wringer in order to gain entry
and five Staff attend New Entry                    Bird Away!
                                                                             into that select band and be
training.                                                                    presented with a much coveted
           No. 1 Platoon                                                     ‘Venetian Sword’ - much to my

                                                    Top Guns

The ACT was conducted at TS
                                                                                 The ‘Venetian Guard’ Selection Panel
SHOALHAVEN, which is
located onboard HMAS
ALBATROSS. I would like to
take this opportunity to publicly
thank the Commanding Officers
for their continued support in       Highlights of the GT included a
ensuring our Area ACTs provide       rifle shoot, and for some lucky
the best possible experiences for    Cadets, a helicopter ride courtesy
                                                                                        The ‘Venetian Sword’
the Cadets attending.                of LCDR Moggach and LEUT
                                     Hill of HS 817 SQN. Divisions
I would also be remiss if I didn’t   on the penultimate day saw not          A special mention needs to also
also thank the dedicated team of     only an extremely well turned           be made with regard to LEUT
Staff that worked so hard to         out gathering of Cadets and             Kathy Ford, RANR. Kathy used
make sure the ACT was a              Staff, but also witnessed the           up some of her personal leave to
success - all up, 16 Staff were on   inaugural parading of the               come over from WA and attend
hand for course Instructional                                                during the camp; this permitted
duties, first aid, and supervisory                                           her to conduct some
assistants, along with two                                                   reassessments, which lead to the
Midshipmen, one Cadet CPO                                                    promotion of Cadet Petty Officer
and a Cadet PO to provide                                                    Ian Anderson (TS SIRIUS) to the
ancillary support - to all I offer                                           rank of Provisional MIDN. To
BZ!                                                                          Kathy - a big thank you, and to
                                                                             P/MIDN Anderson -
                                       The NSW & ACT Area ‘Venetian Guard’   Congratulations!
I had the opportunity to attend
on a number of days, and was         NSW/ACT Area Venetian Guard
struck by the teamwork and           (aka Petty Officer Qualifying
camaraderie that was on show.        Course- POQC).
Whilst conducting Rounds on the
Thursday evening and again           Quite frankly, the Queen can
when inspecting the Divisions on     keep her Palace Guard, the Pope
the Friday Morning, the high         can keep his Swiss Guard, and
level of pride and enthusiasm        although the Australian                         The Transformation begins!

                                                                                                                  Page 8
                                                                                       NTS IPSWICH
                                                        Tex Bryson ~ LEUT ANC CO NTS IPSWICH

The start of the school holidays    LCDR Cook came on board and          Numerous photographs
saw the ship in turmoil, with       brought the best possible news.      were taken and it truly was, a
cancellations of courses left,      Two warships were alongside          memorable and auspicious
right and centre due to             and there was a possibility of a     occasion.
operational requirements at         ships visit as the Navy was going
RAAF Base Amberley and              to swear in the newest recruits      NTS IPSWICH Navy Cadets
Gallipoli Barracks, Enoggera.       from Brisbane on the flight deck     visit an American US Navy
                                    of the HMAS SYDNEY.                  Submarine, USS City of
With some last minute juggling                                           Corpus Christi (SSN 705)
we were able to get two Cadets                                           A surprise visit by the American
to Bundaberg for a PO                                                    Navy to the port of Brisbane
Promotions Course and one to                                             came with an open invitation to
Southport for a LS Promotions                                            the Australian Navy Cadets.
Course. The remainder went on a
hastily organised, four day
deployment to TS GAYUNDAH
at Bulimba.
                                    This was very enlightening as
                                    the Cadets were introduced to a
                                    ships company that were
                                    carrying out a very important
                                    service that involved kids not
                                    much older than the Cadets           Australian Navy Cadets, from
                                    themselves. The Skipper was          various Units of South East
                                    fantastic, as he chatted for quite   Queensland were offered a very
                                    long periods with the Cadets and     unique opportunity to go
The first day was all nuts and      made them feel very welcome.         onboard a fully operational
bolts as the relatively new         When he asked were there any         nuclear powered US Navy Los
recruits went through their paces   questions, a Cadet promptly          Angeles Class, attack submarine,
of Colours, drill, seamanship       asked, could they all go for a       the USS CITY of CORPUS
swimming tests and preparing        ride.                                CHRISTI. Of the 40 Cadets that
the ship for overnight visitors.                                         were invited, five were from
The second day was a great day                                           NTS IPSWICH.
as the introduction to power
boating up and down the dead                                             Cadets were told initially that
calm Brisbane River proved to                                            they would only be onboard for
be a big hit.                                                            30 minutes; two hours later they
                                                                         emerged, all with smiling faces.

                                                                         Some of the comments were;
                                    As the HMAS PARRAMATTA               “Can we take this for a sea
                                    departed, the Cadets were invited    ride?” and “How many crew are
                                    to tour the Sydney , the hands       onboard?” or “How good was
                                    could not be faulted in their        that!!” The crew members who
                                    enthusiasm to give the Cadets a      took the Cadets on the guided
                                    good time. They scrambled from       tour were absolutely fantastic
That evening the Navy OPPSO,        the bowels to the Bridge.            towards us all. The Cadets were

                                                                                                     Page 9

allowed to listen to the sonar,     and all the Cadets were truly
have a look through the             amazed by this experience. It is
periscopes, walk through to the     however, disappointing that
torpedo room, open the torpedo      because of the very short notice
tubes and see all the torpedos,     and restricted numbers not all
look at the accommodation areas,    Cadets could get to experience
galley, control room etc.           this opportunity.

                                                                           L to R: LS R Rogers, AB E Rogers, RCT H Young,
This was truly a very rare event                                          SBLT P Rogers ANC, LS R Young and AB P Klaebe

New Safety Boat for TS TYALGUM
      Rod Sheppard ~ LEUT ANC TS TYALGUM

THE OFFICIAL                        City Councillor Susie Douglas,       Cadet Unit in many other ways
CHRISTENING AND                     both of whom are long time
LAUNCH OF THE                       supporters of TS TYALGUM.
‘MV MARJORIE ANNE’                  The proceedings began with a
                                    welcoming address by the
On Saturday 13 May 2006 the         Commanding Officer of TS
Officers, Instructors and Cadets,   TYALGUM, LCDR Christine
of TS TYALGUM, Australian           Sheppard ANC, who gave a brief
Navy Cadets, along with             story about the efforts of our
members of the TS TYALGUM           Executive Officer, LEUT Rod                       The MV Marjorie Anne
Unit Committee Inc, invited         Sheppard ANC and Unit Support
VIPs and 50 other guests            Committee members in putting         The vessel is a UB 520 built in
gathered at our Cadet Unit boat     together a successful application,   2e commercial survey by
ramp to witness the official        with mention of the great            Southern Star Boats.
launch and christening of our       benefits gained by all ANC           The new age four stroke 60hp
new safety/rescue boat the MV       Cadets and Staff in having our       Johnson Outboard motor powers
Marjorie Anne.                      new safety boat, with sincere        this very well built and sturdy
                                    thanks to the Queensland             sea boat that provides a
                                    Government’s Gambling                comfortable and smooth ride.
                                    Community Benefit Fund for
                                    granting us the funds to purchase    The new vessel will give many
                                    the vessel.                          years of happy and safe power
                                                                         boating activities to all the
                                    The name of our new vessel the       Cadets and Staff of TS
                                    MV Marjorie Anne was chosen          TYALGUM and will now allow
                                    to honour the years of hard and      for our Cadets to obtain their
      Ships Company and Guests
                                    tireless work of Mrs Marjorie        powerboat licence under Qld
                                    Smith, who was a member of the       Transport requirements for ‘Boat
Amongst our guests where            Unit Support Committee for 22        Safe Training’, and then further
Federal MP for Moncrieff Mr         years, serving mainly as the         their skills to obtain AYF Power
Steven Ciobo and Gold Coast         Treasurer, but also supporting our   Boating Certificates.

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                                                           Michael Mann ~ CMDR ANC SOANCTAS

INTERSTATE VISITORS                  copy to myself as SO to initiate      Navy Cadets were
Tasmania seems to have been the      preliminary discussions or do so      awarded the trophy for 2006.
choice of destination for three      through the respective SO’s           Whilst I could not ‘see’ the
interstate ANC Units over the        and/or your CLO. Formal               performance, first hand, I
past six months.                     arrangements through the              received numerous comments
                                     channels can then be instigated,      over the ensuing weeks from a
 As has been reported in a           if it looks like the tour will come   wide cross-section of the
previous edition, TS BENDIGO         to fruition.                          community who know my
visited in February to participate                                         association, which only
in a sea voyage on the Lady          LNA INSPECTION                        substantiates the correct
Nelson out of Hobart.                TS MERSEY at Devonport on             ‘umpires’ decision. BZ to the
                                     the NW Coast of Tasmania were         Staff and the Cadets who
TS PERTH undertook a sea             the successful Tasmanian Unit in      participated.
voyage on HMAS DARWIN in             this year’s round of LNA
April from Western Australia to      Inspections. They are scheduled
Sydney, via Hobart. Whilst in        for CANC’s Inspection on
Hobart, they utilised TS             Saturday 02 September 2006. I         TRI SERVICE INVOLVEMENT
DERWENT's premises.                  wish them all the best in the         The OC 5 Wing AAFC invited
                                     Australian title. TS MERSEY is        nominations from 15 ANC
During June, TS TINGIRA with         becoming accustomed to the            Cadets and two Staff to join
several Cadets from CIHS             ‘pressures’ of such Inspections,      them in their forthcoming GST
HAMPTON PARK and a Cadet             albeit following a record four        to be held at east Sale in early
from TS LATROBE toured the           attempts in the late 1990’s when      September. This is the third year
State. They also were scheduled      they achieved it in that fourth       the ANC has been invited to
to do a voyage on the Lady           attempt. Who says persistence         participate and the billets are
Nelson, but all they could do,       doesn’t pay? I also take the          eagerly sought. Unfortunately, I
was see the ship at the slipyard,    opportunity to wish all the other     have just received notification
which is adjacent to TS              State winners, every success.         that the ANC involvement has
DERWENT, where they stayed                                                 been shelved for this year due to
on two separate nights. Lady         ANZAC DAY 2006                        revised travel arrangements,
Nelson was in for running repairs    TS DERWENT and TS                     whereby they have chartered a
and actually had its transom         HOBART, our dedicated Band            plane which has a limit of 180
removed at the time. They            Unit, participated in the Hobart      pax.
arrived on the Spirit of             ANZAC DAY March, as usual.
Tasmania, although bitterly          TS HOBART, over the past two          SHIP VISIT
disappointed about missing the       to three years has provided the       Hobart hosted a visit from the
sea voyage, nonetheless, enjoyed     band support for the ADF Cadets       FNS VENDEMIAIRE, a French
the scenery this State has to        who have been marching                naval frigate in early July. ANC
offer.                               towards the rear of the parade.       members undertook a visit, as
                                     Each year, the Anzac Day              did Cadets from the local AAFC
Units are welcome to consider        Committee stimulates the ADF          Units. It is always interesting to
Tasmania as a destination for R      Cadet participation by providing      be given the opportunity to visit
& R. Early planning will enable      a trophy to the Service judged to     another country’s ship and to
a suitable itinerary to be worked    have provided the best marching       learn about their situation and
out with some ‘local’ knowledge      display. I am pleased as being        their Cadet Force involvement.
and timings. Please, either          Parade Commander on the day
contact the desired Unit CO          for the ANC, to advise that the
direct through cadetnet with a

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      Patricia Ibbotson ~ SBLT ANC TS BENDIGO

        Our Fifth Annual            with a lovely bouquet of white      This has become a major
Debutante Ball was held on          lilies by flower girl Alannah       fundraising event for the three
Saturday 03 June at the             Pilcher and pageboy Izaak           Cadet Units in Bendigo as well
Strathfieldsaye Sports Club on      Wilkinson.                          as a fantastic social event that
the outskirts of Bendigo. The                                           brings the Units together. This
Ball is run by the Tri-Service      The debutantes and partners then    year we were fortunate enough
Cadet Ball Committee and            displayed their dancing skills,     to receive funding in the Cadet
coordinated by Pat Ibbotson of      honed over the past three           Initiated Activity program that
TS BENDIGO.                         months, by performing three         enabled us to reduce the ticket
                                    dances, the Evening Three Step,     prices for all.
This year the ball was hosted by    the Tracey Leigh Waltz and the
410 SQN AAFC. The theme of          Mambo. They then invited their      The Ball was well attended by
the Ball was ‘Hot Air Balloons’     parents to join them on the dance   families and friends of the
which featured as centrepieces      floor.                              couples, Cadets and Staff and
on each table and each side of                                          supported by the Bendigo RSL
the parachute archway through       Following a delicious three-        Sub branch and the Legion of
which the eight Cadet couples       course meal, we then heard a few    Frontiersmen, Countess
entered.                            words from LTCOL Jolly before       Mountbatten’s Own who made a
                                    the party really started. The       generous donation to each Unit.
Our special guests were LTCOL       RAAF Central Band ‘Force 10’,
Warren Jolly MBE, from              a fourteen-piece dance band,        Next year the Ball is to be hosted
Puckapunyal Army Base, and          supplied music and guests           by TS BENDIGO and we aim to
Mrs Anne-Maree Jolly who            danced the night away in great      make it bigger and better than
received the debutantes and their   style.                              ever. We hope to see many of the
partners. Mrs Jolly was presented                                       ANC family in Bendigo in 2007.

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                                         TS MELBOURNE ~ EASTLINK TUNNEL VISIT
                                             Michael Andrews ~ LEUT ANC CO TS MELBOURNE

On Saturday 08 July 2006, the      there are even temporary offices      to swap from tunnel to
Cadets of TS MELBOURNE             and tea rooms in the tunnel itself.   tunnel as they are at different
were treated to a guided tour of   This is because at night, the         stages of completion. We went
the East Link Tunnels, at the      tunnel entrance must be closed        all the way to the end of the
Springvale Road end. This was      with multiple roller doors to         tunnel and were able to see the
made possible by CPO ANC Jim       keep the noise down for the local     Road Header cut the face of the
Borg who is working on the East    residents. Once the workers are       rock to make the tunnel, and see
Link project.                      in the tunnel, they are in there      the drilling rig start to drill the
                                   for 10 hours before the doors         holes for the rock bolts. At this
                                   open again in the morning.            point, we were 35 metres
                                                                         underground, and 630 metres in
                                   Two tunnels (westbound and            from the tunnel portal.
                                   eastbound) are being dug from
                                   both the Springvale Road and
                                   Deep Creek Road ends
                                   simultaneously. They are
The visit commenced with a         expected to meet in the middle at
thorough safety induction which    the end of this year. Once dug,
included demonstrations on all     the tunnels will be 1.6km long.
the safety equipment required to   At the deepest point, the tunnels
be worn to enter the tunnel, and
operation of the ‘Oxybox’ self                                           Fresh air is provided in the
rescuers (emergency oxygen                                               tunnels through massive ducts,
packs). Safety and emergency                                             fanned in from the outside. If it’s
procedures were also explained                                           cold outside, it’s cold in the
in detail. The project has an                                            tunnel. If it’s hot outside, it’s hot
exemplary safety record - NIL                                            in the tunnel too.
injuries for over 500 days.
                                                                         We thank CPO ANC Jim Borg
The Cadets were broken into        will be 42 metres underground.        and Project Manager Boyd
groups, and taken down into the    Our trip snaked through both          Knights from Thiess John
tunnel in a troop carrier. It is   tunnels, which are joined by          Holland for making their time
another world underground -        emergency cross tunnels. We had       available to give us the tour.

                   Website link for Merchandising:
                       Also don’t forget to visit the our ANC on-line shop at

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TS BUNBURY Cadet/Parent Dinner
       Marten Wagenaar ~ LEUT ANC CO TS BUNBURY

       On Tuesday 13 June 2006          The cost of the evening was              standard of our Cadets as they
TS BUNBURY hosted a                     subsidised by the Unit                   grow, going on to be the
Cadet/Parent dinner at the local        Committee to allow the Cadets            community leaders of the future.
TAFE Campus training                    every opportunity to attend.
restaurant in Bunbury. Our                                                       These types of evenings allow
invited guest for the evening was       CAPT Reeves had time to talk             the Parents to be with their
CAPT Gavin Reeves, CANC.                with most of the Cadets and              children in a formal situation and
                                        Parents during the course of the         to be justifiably proud of them.
Twenty Cadets and their Parents         evening before the very short            They all behaved in a manner
and Staff attended the Christmas        speeches after the meal as the           that we can all be proud of.
in July themed buffet. The meal         restaurant closed at 2100.               This is the second of the dinners
consisting of four courses plus                                                  we have hosted and it is now
dessert was great. Some of the          All who attended had a great             going to be an annual event at
Cadets had a great time trying          night and CAPT Reeves spoke              TS BUNBURY.
out food they did not know              about the future of Australian
existed. Especially the sweets of       Navy Cadets. We look forward
which there were four choices.          to a better future, with the

   CAPT Reeves and the Bunbury Cadets      L to R: LEUT Wagenaar, SBLT Dugand,   LEUT Wagenaar and TS BUNBURY Unit Committee
                                                PO Phillips and CAPT Reeves

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