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Johnson Chronicle 2001 by goodbaby


									                 Johnson Chronicle 2001                                                           Aaron’s Life
   Another year has gone by and the Johnson’s have been through a rather remarkable year.          As for Aaron,
Dawn’s Destinations                                                                           he is growing at
     Dawn has been extremely busy this year. She has been working diligently as nurse         incredible speeds.
healing the entire world. Well, I am sure that it seems as such. She has been working at      He stands in at 39
Scotland School for Veteran’s Children, as well as working for Summit Home Health.            inches of height
                                                                                              and weighs around
Plus, the family did a repeat of last year’s mission work by working at a couple of local
                                                                                              39 pounds. He is
Christian camps: Rhodes Grove Campground and Camp Joy-El. While the family time               the          proper
was enjoyed tremendously, many times it was Tony and Aaron on their own while DJ              gentlemen          at
rushed to save children from the dangers of splinters in fingers and owwies on knees.         getting doors for
Actually, the injuries were actually exciting sometimes with several trips to the ER.         people and being
     But that is not all. Dawn also took on the position of Corresponding Secretary for the   Mr. Helpful. His
Messiah Chapter of , the nursing honor society to which she was inducted as a              favorite words are:
student. (Sigma Theta Tau for Chronicle subscribers who do not speak Greek). It               OK, No, juice, eat,
involves some trips to Messiah for board meetings and mailings to  members. This           buck and horse.
                                                                                              He is learning his
new and exciting position incurred a trip for Dawn to Indianapolis for the national
                                                                                              alphabet and in his
convention as chapter representative. They paid for all Dawn’s expenses to attend the         spare time, has
four-day meeting in November as Tony and Aaron held up the house at home. The rest            been      designing
of the work is working with the computer and that brings me to my new position,               Lego skyscrapers
Assistant Corresponding Secretary. While this does not give me license to commit              and reading books.
surgery on a human being, it does mean I can commit surgery on a kitchen (more on this             The summer
later).                                                                                       was the most
     Dawn is up to so much more. Since hours have been lagging at Scotland School, she        trying time of
has picked up some hours at the Falling Spring Nursing Home, here in Chambersburg.            Aaron’s      young
With her spare moments, she also has become more involved in the Eastern Star                 life. It was potty
                                                                                              training time and
organization, a charitable group she and her mother have been in for some time now.
                                                                                              we had a tough
     I do not know about you, but typing all of Dawn’s efforts is making me tired.            time figuring it
Tony’s Tests and Trials                                                                       out. After it was
     Where am I? I am still teaching at the Christian School, torturing young students        all said and done,
through various means available. I am currently coaching the Mock Trial team for a fifth      bribery of ice
season. The fourth season was by far the best as the team turned in an outstanding            cream sundaes and
performance, winning fourth place, just a single point out of second. And that was not        getting rid of the
                                                                                              training pants and
the most exciting thing of the year. I was the Senior class advisor of 2001 and every
                                                                                              putting on real
single student graduated. Dawn and I served as chaperones for the trip, along with            underwear brought
another couple, to Colorado. We had Wonderful Weather and had a Wonderful time in             victory to all, plus
the Wonderful Winterland of Estes Park, Colorado. By the end of the week, the foot of         a few extra pounds
snow had melted and we enjoyed spring weather for a couple of days of sightseeing.            because the family
     Now, about that kitchen surgery I mentioned previously. One night, while DJ was at       was not going to
work, we had a grease fire. After a couple of exciting minutes, the damage included the       let    Aaron eat
stove hood, cabinet blisters, burnt formica and wall and melted dishes, faucet, window,       sundaes           by
carpet, and draperies, singed arm hairs and burnt knuckles on the Chronicle’s editor. All     himself.
told, the adjuster and contractors put the damages at approximately $4500. So, we are              Aaron      will
                                                                                              probably          be
getting a new countertop, stove hood, kitchen sink and flooring.
                                                                                              attending school
     Some of you may not have known this, but at the end of March, I got rid of my sister.    next year in K-4.
I kicked her out of the family. Luckily for her, she found someone to take her in. Well,      When             we
maybe that does not sound right. Let’s try this. I got myself a new brother-in-law whose      suggested         to
number one redeeming quality is that he can beat my dad in Trivial Pursuit. Yeah, he          Aaron that he
loves my sister a bunch too, but why let that stand in the way. So if you have the            would get to go to
opportunity, welcome Joel Perloff to the Johnson’s.                                           school next year
     DJ and I also helped with Vacation Bible School at our church                            with Daddy, he
for two weeks this summer. The kids dug in the sand for clues                                 did nothing but
about the Bible lessons to discover God’s truths and we can                                   look at books and
                                                                                              point out things he
glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that two young men
                                                                                              knew for the next
accepted Christ in our classes.                                                               two days.

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