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ON Guard
Machine Guarding Solutions Newsletter 1:                                               May 2003
(Note: a draft Newsletter #1 has been previously sent to some sites)

This newsletter has been provided via the faxstream. However, future editions (which will be
published in the first week of each month) will only be available on the DECS website
(www.decs.sa.gov.au/ohsw). To access all machine guarding information, first click on “guarding
login”. User name is “safety”, password is “mudguard”. The user name and password must not be
passed on to non-DECS employees.

A huge amount of work has been undertaken across the department to address issues of machine
guarding which have arisen as a result of the machinery audit done in Term 4 2002.

Many schools have assessed risks and implemented a range of control options to eliminate or reduce
that risk. School staff are both thanked for, and congratulated on, the work to date.

Health and Safety Services has been attempting to provide direction for actions and to present as many
solutions as possible to the problems identified. Unfortunately, when seeking directions to pass on to
sites, the department has been provided with sometimes contradictory advice. Health and Safety
Services makes every endeavour to ensure that the advice passed on to sites is accurate and timely, but
recognises that this has meant in some circumstances sites have undertaken actions on their own

So that sites can better plan their responses to this whole issue, the following information is provided:

Electrical issues:
     •    DAIS are establishing the best possible prices for a range of electrical fittings. Sites are
          advised to contact their FM contractor to assist in the supply and fitting of any electrical
          requirements identified as being necessary in the audit undertaken last year.

     •    Information on electrical safety, including the fitting of emergency stop buttons is published
          on the DECS OHS&W website (www.decs.sa.gov.au/ohsw)

Tender for guarding:
     •    Tender specifications for the provision of chuck guards for drill presses and metal lathes are
          being developed and the tender will be let as soon as possible. It is hoped that these chuck
          guards will be available from 31 July 2003. Sites which have already purchased and fitted
          chuck guards will obviously not have to replace their existing chuck guards unless they have
          been proven to be ineffective.

     •    The same tender will also seek providers of transmission and gearbox guarding for Hercus
          lathes. It is hoped that the lathe guarding will be available from 31 August 2003. Sites which
          have addressed the issue of guarding lathes will obviously not be required to replace the
          guarding they have fitted with the newer guards, unless again, the fitted guarding is proving
    •   Until these guarding solutions are available, those sites which have not implemented
        alternative guarding controls must maintain effective administrative controls.

    •   Training in aspects of machinery safety has been provided to Design and Technology Studies
        teachers across the state. So far some 209 persons have been trained, and a further two
        courses (14 May at Keith and 16 May at Urrbrae), are still to take place.

Approved machinery listing and disposal/decommissioning of surplus machines:
    •   A project officer has been appointed to develop an “approved machinery list”. The
        development of this list will take some time, as consultation with teachers, curriculum writers,
        manufacturers and suppliers needs to occur if the list is to meet both existing and future
        curriculum demands.

    •   Information has been provided to sites regarding the requirements relating to the purchase of
        new and the decommissioning of old or surplus machinery. To access this information go to
        the DECS OHS&W website (www.decs.sa.gov.au/ohsw)

Maintenance, maintenance schedules and SOPs
    •   Maintenance schedules and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been developed for
        all machines and are now available. To access this information go to the DECS OHS&W
        website. (www.decs.sa.gov.au/ohsw). The department will be producing a range of laminated
        SOPs and providing them at no cost to sites later in Term 2.

    •   Investigations are underway into engaging external contactors to conduct annual maintenance
        checks on a range of machines within Design and Technology Studies workshops. It is
        expected that a decision on this matter will be made by the end of Term 3 2003.

Materials and information
    •   The CD ROM on the setting and guarding of machinery is being revised and will be published
        on the DECS OHS&W website as soon as the material for each machine is developed. This
        information will be further developed and available on a web platform from November 2003.

    •   A small working party, which includes Design and Technology teachers and a representative
        from the TTA has been established to have oversight of the issue of machinery in schools.

Health and Safety Services would be very pleased to receive guarding solutions which sites have
implemented and have assessed as being effective. Any information which sites are prepared to share
would be attached to the next edition of On Guard along with acknowledgement of the site or persons
who forwarded the solution. For publication a clear digital photograph of the solution, (and perhaps a
picture of the person who developed the solution!) along with an explanation of the problem and its
solution must be provided via email to large.david@saugov.sa.gov.au

                                                  The best solution received for the month will
                                                  receive a copy (valued at $130) of Australian
                                                  Safety Sign Clip Art CD Rom, containing
                                                  over 200 clip art images of all the main
                                                  safety signs used in industry today.

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