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NSW TAG Saferx Medicines Group – membership Name Position Ms ...

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									                         NSW TAG Saferx Medicines Group – membership

             Name                                              Position
   Ms Rosemary Burke            Director of Pharmacy,
   (Chair)                      Concord Hospital
   Ms Pauline Dobson            Clinical Nurse Consultant HIV/AIDS, Immunology and Infectious
                                Diseases Unit, John Hunter Hospital
   Ms Judith Ford               Patient Safety & Quality Manager, CGU.
                                Eastern Sector, Based at Cooma Community Health, GSAHS
   A/Prof Robyn Gallagher       Associate Professor Chronic and Complex Care,
                                Coordinator Masters Honours Program,
                                Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Health,
                                University of Technology, Sydney
   Dr Madlen Gazarian           Paediatric Clinical Pharmacologist & Rheumatologist, Senior Lecturer,
                                School of Women’s and Children’s Health, University of NSW,
                                Sydney Children’s Hospital
   Ms Betty Johnson             Consumer representative

   Mr Daniel Lalor              Project Officer, Medication Safety, Quality & Safety Branch
                                NSW Department of Health
   Ms Alice McKellar            Chief Pharmacist,
                                Goulburn Base Hospital
   Ms Jennifer MacDonald        Deputy Director of Pharmacy,
                                John Hunter Hospital
   Dr Bridin Murnion            Staff Specialist, Drug Health Services, Director of Physician Training,
                                Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
   Ms Diane Reeves              Medication Safety Pharmacist,
   Dr Darren Roberts            Clinical Pharmacology Registrar,
                                St Vincents Hospital
   Ms Penny Thornton            Principal Advisor, Medication Safety,
                                Clinical Quality, Safety & Governance Branch, NSW Health
   Ms Meredith Verge            Education & Training Pharmacist,
                                Royal North Shore Hospital
   Ms Sally Wilson              Clinical Nurse Consultant, Pain Management,
                                Royal Hospital for Women
                                       Corresponding Members
   Prof Ric Day                 Clinical Pharmacologist,
                                St Vincents Hospital
   Dr Amanda Thomson            Haematologist,
                                Royal North Shore Hospital
   Ms Susan Welsh               Medication Safety Pharmacist,
                                St Vincents Hospital
   Dr Jocelyn Lowinger          QUM and Publications Manager,
                                NSW TAG

   • Director Pre-vocational Education & Training (DPET) or similar hospital based position, ie
       responsible for education of junior medical staff

Updated March 2010

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