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					               Supporting the Data Lifecycle:
   A one-day symposium defining & aligning institutional,
    national and international approaches to storing and
                   managing research data

                       Wednesday, 11 February 2009, 8:45 am – 4:45 pm
                 Holme & Sutherland Rooms, Holme Building, University of Sydney

    Convened by ANDS and ARCS; sponsored by Intersect; hosted by University of Sydney ICT

8:45 am             Registration and coffee
Session chair:     Jim Richardson
9:15 am             Welcome and introduction                  Prof Jill Trewhella,     Deputy Vice-Chancellor
                                                              (Research), University of Sydney
9:30 am             A data-driven research world              Ross Wilkinson, Executive Director, ANDS

9:50 am             Requirements of data management from creation, through curation and
                    preservation, towards publication

                    Overview                                  Dr Jim Richardson, Relationship Manager
                                                              for eResearch, University of Sydney
10:05 am            Institutional requirements                Prof Leon Sterling, Director for eResearch,
                                                              University of Melbourne

10:15 am                                                      Prof Andrew Cheetham, Pro Vice-
                                                              Chancellor (Research), UWS
10:25 am            Questions and discussion

10:45am             Break with refreshments
Session chair:      Dr Adrian Burton, Deputy Director, ANDS
11:15 am            Some researcher requirements              Prof Marc Wilkins,     Biotechnology &
                                                              Biomolecular Sciences, UNSW

11:25 am                                                      Prof Paul Turnbull, School of Arts, Griffith
11:35 am            Discussion: identify additional           Discussion at each table
                    requirements; challenge any
                    requirements mentioned seen as
                    unnecessary / too ambitious
12:10 pm            Reports back to whole workshop            Rapporteur at each table
12:35 pm to         General discussion                        Overall rapporteur: Dr Andrew
12:45 pm                                                      Treloar, Deputy Director, ANDS
12:45pm          Lunch
Session chair:   Florian Goessmann
1:30 pm          Some research data store models and associated requirements:-
1:35 pm          Monash LaRDS                        Neil Clarke,   Director, ITS Research Support
                                                     Services, Monash University
1:45 pm          The VeRSI Data Store                Dr Ann Borda Executive Director and Dr
                                                     Lyle Winton Business Development & Policy
                                                     Manger, VeRSI
1:55 pm          ARCS Data Fabric                    Florian Goessmann,      Manager, ARCS Data
2:05 pm          Questions and discussion

2:30 pm          Break with refreshments
Session chair:   Ross Wilkinson
3:00 pm          Group discussions: boundaries and   Discussion at each table with quick
                 linkages between store and          reports back
3:45 pm          Summary of requirements             Andrew Treloar,     Deputy Director, ANDS

3:55 pm          General discussion from the floor
4:30 pm          Next steps: e.g. further
                 consultation on requirements
4:45 pm           Close (refreshments and informal discussions until 5:30 if you can stay)
From 6:00 pm      Drinks hosted by Intersect at Rose Hotel & Restaurant
                  Corner of Cleveland/Shepherd Sts: see map

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