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									                                                                                                                                                             FARM WEEKLY ■ February 18, 2010
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McGill to push for corporatisation
GARY McGill is a third generation             the corporate world,” he said.
grain farmer from Calingiri who is               “I sense there is receptiveness out
determined to change CBH’s structure          there to the idea now because a change
to ensure the company has the capaci-         of attitude has started.
ty to handle looming competition in              “Throughout 2009, recognition
the Australian grains industry.               developed and shareholders started
   Mr McGill is also a long-serving           talking about a real need to change.
member of the Pastoralists and                   “I’m giving them a chance to express
Graziers Association executive com-           that change of attitude.”
mittee.                                          Mr McGill said CBH needed a cor-
   However, he doesn’t want those             porate structure because it would be
agripolitical connections to become           unable to compete in the deregulated
the central focus of his campaign for         export market, under a co-operative
District 2, at this year’s CBH director       structure.
elections.                                       “A co-operative in today’s environ-
   “The focus of my campaign is to            ment is a lumbering monolith, and
change CBH to become more com-                CBH has a bunch if ideologues astride
mercial and move away from agripoli-          its back,” he said.
tics,” he said.                                  “And as a consequence it is not
   Mr McGill said he had no formal            going to adjust and react to circum-
business qualifications but would             stances as quickly as it should.
attend a company director’s course, if           “The board will continue to make
elected.                                      superficial changes such as buying off
   However, he said he was “eminently         some growers, while the real issues will
qualified” to contest this year’s election    be ignored.
because CBH is a “political institu-             “A lot of external scrutiny is being
tion” and he believes he can match it         placed on the company.
with the rest of them.                           “Within a number of years, if some-
   Mr McGill said CBH was an                  thing is not done now, CBH’s position
“agripolitical institution” because the       will continue to deteriorate to the
board was elected through a political         point where it will only be able to be         ❐ Gary McGill
process.                                      salvaged with external capital.
   He nominated for the CBH board                “However, we need to take control
because he recognised the company             of the process now and corporatise
needed to change its current direction.       CBH to give it that competitive            will have a realisation of his signifi-      Mr McGill said if elected, he would    like me don’t get on the board and
   He said he also sensed there had           advantage.                                 cant equity.                              give a clear undertaking to, “energeti-   change the company to put it into a
been a change in attitude during 2009,           “That process will allow the current       “Putting an exact number on it will    cally prosecute the case to corporatise   really competitive position for this
among CBH’s grower shareholders.              shareholder to receive some real and       depend on market values and equi-         CBH”.                                     new environment, new entrants will
   He is now giving those growers the         tangible equity.                           table demutualisation formulae.              He said there had also been a dis-     appear and CBH will not be able to
chance to express that view with a               “Not artificially contrived rebates        “However, it is reasonable to say      tinct shift in sentiment among the        respond to it and the bigger growers
vote.                                         and discounts or other phoney entitle-     there’s hundreds of thousands of dol-     bigger growers who produce a large        will seek alternatives and that will be
   “We need to get CBH out of the             ments.                                     lars available to today’s shareholders    portion of the WA export crop.            to CBH’s detriment and losses will be
political trap that it’s in and put it into      “When it is listed, the shareholder     that can be accessed immediately.”           “What is going to happen if people     borne by the shareholders.”

            FARM WEEKLY ■ February 18, 2010
16                                                                                                                                                                       WEEKLYFARMING

 Double knock to control                                                                            International speakers
 flaxleaf fleabane
THE voracious weed flaxleaf
fleabane should be controlled
now before it becomes a big-
ger problem at seeding.
                                                Flaxleaf fleabane is a grey
                                             hairy plant that can grow up
                                             to one metre in height. It pro-
                                             duces a cluster of seed heads
                                                                                                    an Update highlight
                                                                                                    THE         Agriculture     and     Food                                                              products for crop production or grain
   Agriculture and Food                      that resemble a candelabra.                            Department and GRDC’s Agribusiness                                                                    trading.
Department senior research                   The seeds germinate in spring                          Crop Updates 2010 on February 25                                                                         The Crop Updates dinner will con-
officer Sally Peltzer undertook              and early summer and thrives                           and 26 at Burswood will feature key                                                                   clude the program for day one with an
herbicide trials at Frankland                after harvest, particularly after                      international, national and local grain                                                               exciting after dinner speech from
and Kendenup last year and                   summer rains.                                          industry leaders. Alan Tracy is a distin-                                                             Olympic finalist and Commonwealth
found it was possible to effec-                 Dr Peltzer said flaxleaf flea-                      guished policy and trade adviser who                                                                  Games gold medalist, Brennon
tively control the weed.                     bane had possibly spread in                            has been with US Wheat Associates                                                                     Dowrick.
   Details of Dr Peltzer’s                   WA in response to changing                             since 1997.                                                                                              Brennon is a great motivational
research will be outlined at                 farming systems away from                                 Alan will discuss the highly success-                                                              speaker who will provide excellent, value
the department’s Agribusiness                cultivation and sheep, which                           ful US Wheat Associates model for                                                                     for money personal development point-
Crop Updates this month sup-                 helped to control the weed.                            promoting US wheat usage around the                                                                   ers to spark new advisers and rekindle
ported by the Grains Research                   “Once the crop is removed                           world, the Tri-Lateral Agreement to                                                                   enthusiasm for old heads as well.
and Development                              at harvest, the fleabane has no                        bring GM wheat to market (Canada,                                                                        The dinner is an important network-
Corporation.                                 competition for light or mois-                         USA and Australia), dealing with cus-                                                                 ing opportunity on the program.
   Dr Peltzer said it was                    ture and can grow rapidly,                             tomers and the US wheat / grain future                                                                   Day two will commence with a
imperative to prevent seed set               especially with summer rain,”                          - breeding, production, agronomics,                                                                   report on harvest logistics 2009/10
in mature plants, which each                 she said.                                              market signals, logistics (local co-oper-                                                             from the CBH Grain Operations gener-
produce an average of                           “This deprives the following                        atives).                                                                                              al manager Colin Tutt at the
110,000 seeds that could be                  crop of soil moisture required                            Dr Hugh Beckie from Canada will                  ❐ Dr Hugh Beckie from Canada will                 AGI/GIWA breakfast.
blown vast distances by the                  for yields, so it is important                         provide delegates with an update on the             provide delegates with an update on                  Colin’s views are highly respected in
wind.                                        to get onto summer weed con-                           western Canadian cropping scene                     the western Canadian cropping                     the grain industry and the audience will
   “A ‘double knock’ of                      trol sooner rather than later.”                        including future cropping trends and                scene including future cropping trends            be keen to hear how the system has
glyphosate or glyphosate and                    The department plans to                             challenges facing growers over the next             and challenges facing growers over                functioned this year following last year’s
2, 4-D followed by a paraquat                conduct further herbicide tri-                         decade.                                             the next decade.                                  big challenges.
seven days later provided                    als on flaxleaf fleabane over                             Hugh is a plant scientist at the                                                                      Day two will also focus on wheat,
complete control,” she said.                 summer in the lead up to this                          Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada                                                                      crop nutrition, weeds, pest and disease
   “A single does of glyphosate              year’s cropping program.                               Research Centre in Saskatoon,                                                                         management along with variety per-
or glyphosate and 2, 4- D also                  The 2010 Agribusiness                               Saskatchewan, and Adjunct Professor                                                                   formance across a number of crops.
provides reasonable control,                 Crop Updates will be held at                           in the Department of Agricultural,                                                                       Concurrent sessions will feature a
but not as good as a ‘double                 the Burswood Entertainment                             Food and Nutritional Science,                                                                         number of important presentations and
knock’. The leaf and stem of                 Complex on 25-26 February.                             University of Alberta in Edmonton,                                                                    discussions on Roundup Ready canola
mature flaxleaf fleabane is                  Regional Updates will be held                          Alberta.                                                                                              protocols, results of 2009 GM crop tri-
quite hairy and, combined                    around the grainbelt during                               His research program since 1996 has                                                                als and stewardship requirements for
with possible moisture stress                March.                                                 dealt with monitoring, risk assessment                                                                2010. There will also be sessions devot-
during summer, herbicide                     ❐ For more information visit                           and management of herbicide-resistant                                                                 ed to rotational fit and nutrition of
uptake is reduced.”                                     weeds, climate change impact on weed                                                                  Roundup Ready, Clearfield and hybrid
                                                                                                    invasiveness, as well as environmental                                                                canola.
                                                                                                    biosafety and risk assessment of novel                                                                   Attendees will have up to four con-
                                                                                                    crops and crops with novel traits.                                                                    current sessions to choose from on each
                                                                                                       Hugh has authored or co-authored                                                                   of the two days, including sessions on
CBH Candidate Profile                                                                               80 refereed publications. In his spare                                                                crop disease threats for 2010, latest sow-
                                                                                                    time, Hugh is a cereal, oilseed and                                                                   ing techniques and stubble manage-
Donald Wallace                                                                                      annual legume crop grower on a 2500
                                                                                                    acre farm near Saskatoon where he
                                                                                                                                                        ❐ US Wheat Associates representa-
                                                                                                                                                                                                          ment relevant to all crops. Results of
                                                                                                                                                                                                          2009 variety trials for wheat, canola and
                                                                                                    grew up.                                                                                              pulses will also be presented.
                                                                                                       The third international guest speaker            tive Alan Tracy will discuss a range of              Crop Updates convener John Duff
I am seeking your vote in the up coming CBH director elections to help me achieve:                  is Professor Carol Mallory-Smith of                 topics at Crop Updates.                           said “the varied high quality program
• To make the company work for growers, not growers work for the company.                           Oregon State University. Carol will dis-                                                              has something for anyone connected to
• To create a lower cost ‘No Fuss’ path for our grain from the farm to market.                      cuss issues involved in the coexistence             has produced 87 publications and has              grain production of the grain supply
                                                                                                    of GM and non-GM crops, and gene                    spoken at conferences and events                  chain”.
• To keep the processes of grain delivery and standards as simple as possible.
                                                                                                    flow issues. A highly pertinent topic               worldwide.                                           Delegate registrations have been
• To foster a collaborative approach between CBH staff and CBH members.                             given the recent decision on GM                        Day one concentrates on GM                     strong ensuring a good audience for the
It is my opinion, that growers are working for CBH, instead of CBH working for                      canola in WA.                                       canola, the role of pastures in cropping          assembled program.
growers.                                                                                               This topic has increasing importance             systems, tillage and stubble manage-                 The conference is being convened by
                                                                                                    as world grain producers seriously con-             ment, economics and farm business                 the Grain Industry Association of
As your representative I would like to ensure that as a grower, you are a valued
stakeholder of the company, rewarded for your many years of support, consulted,
                                                                                                    sider the role of GM with other crops               performance and predictions for 2010              Western Australia (GIWA) on behalf of
informed and respected.                                                                             such as wheat. Increasing crop produc-              and weed management. The perform-                 the Agriculture and Food Department
                                                                                                    tivity is increasingly important as plant           ance of canola varieties will be high-            and the Grains Research and
We the growers take the highest financial risk to provide grain for CBH. Your service               breeders and others attempt to meet                 lighted on the day.                               Development Corporation.
coop should provide the just reward for your patronage.                                             future food demand within a context of                 A new feature at this year’s Crop              ❐ For a full copy of this year’s
If you want someone to shake loose your domestic and international encumbered                       increasing energy, fertiliser and chemi-            Updates will be the introduction of               program or further details visit
capital and return value for your effort, please consider voting for me (District 4) in             cal costs plus the potentially negative             ‘Quick or Commercial Sessions’ for                the event website
this upcoming election.                                                                             influence of climate change.                        rapid delivery of pertinent points on   
                                                                                                       Professor Mallory-Smith has spent                new varieties, seasonal forecasting,              cropupdates.html or contact the
Ph 08 9865 3048                                         Mob 0427 653 048                            15 years working in plant science. She              interesting research highlights and new           GIWA office on 08 6272 4567.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     CBH ELECTIONS DISTRICT 3

                                                                                                                                                                                                             CBH IS AT
                                                                                                                                                                                                         THE CROSSROADS

 Australian                                                                                                     Andrew Crook, Candidate for electoral zone 2 in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Colin Butcher
 Inoculate                                                                                                                    CBH director elections.
                                                                                                                The health of CBH is integral to the sustainability of
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Commercial focus to contain costs and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     ensure a sustainable path to market for
  Guide™                                                                                                                        WA grain growers.
                                                                                                                            If elected as your director I will work towards:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    WA grain.
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Maximise returns to growers through
                                                                                                                                                                                                       superior marketing and value chain
                                                                                                                       Grower understanding of the need for structural change.                                    participation.
                                                                                                             Realizing for growers the value from downstream marketing and processing.
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Develop an appropriate structure to
Becker Underwood                                                                                       Providing CBH with the ability to compete and grow in the deregulated environment.            enable CBH to expand its activities and
     Phone:                                                                                               Increasing the commercial focus of a co-operative storage and handling system.                    return value to growers.
                                                                                                                            Making CBH the partner of choice for growers.
1800 558 399                                                                                         With 7 years on the CBH Growers Advisory I understand that the health of CBH is integral
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Phone: (08) 9647 2037
                                                                                                                                                                                                             Mobile: 0417 472 037
                                                                                                                                to the sustainability of WA grain growers.

                                                                                                                  I urge growers to make themselves aware of the issues and vote.                        Use your vote and give CBH
                                                                                                     Contact me on phone: 9041 2141 mobile: 0429 412 141 email:                             a bright future

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