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					                             Master of Logistics Management
                                                          including Graduate Certificate and Diploma

                                  Logistics specialists are in very high demand in the private and public sectors
                                  throughout the world. With the business world becoming more connected
                                  day by day, the need to have efficient and effective supply chains has become

                                  The supply chain is a complex sequence        a particular focus on management and
                                  of events and decisions, which                operations. The program develops skills
                                  connects sourcing raw materials with          in:
                                  manufacturing and the end consumer.
The Institute of Transport and    Logistics is the management of this end-      •	   Applying concepts, techniques and
                                  to-end supply chain and companies in               principles that underlie logistics and
Logistics Studies is recognised   every type of industry are increasingly            supply chain management.
                                  using supply chain management to              •	   Understanding the relationships
as a National Centre of           differentiate themselves from their                between business processes within
                                  competitors.                                       and between organisations.
Excellence by the Australian                                                    •	   Using systems approaches to
                                  The logistics management program at                logistics to solve business problems
Federal Government and            the Faculty of Economics and Business,        •	   Managing the impact of current
                                  The University of Sydney is offered                and future trends in logistics
is ranked amongst the top         through the Institute of Transport and             management on business processes.
                                  Logistics Studies (ITLS). ITLS is a world
five institutes in the world in   class research centre, with strong industry   Further Information
                                  links and a key role in developing
logistics and transportation      innovative ideas in logistics and             For further information on entry
                                  supply chain management policy and            requirements, course structure and
research and education.           professional practice in Australia.           subject delivery mode please see:
                                  Students come from more than
                                  twenty three countries to study in this       Or contact the Faculty of Economics and
                                  prestigious program which is designed         Business Student Information Office:
                                  to provide specialist training in the         Phone: +61 (0) 2 9351 3076
                                  field of logistics and supply chain with      Email:
Units of Study                                   Program Structure                                                          Career Opportunities

                                                 Logistics Management is offered at the                                     Today logistics is a boardroom issue,
•	   Analysis Tools for Transport and
                                                 Masters (eight units), Graduate Diploma                                    and companies in every type of industry
                                                 (six units) and Graduate Certificate (four                                 are seeking people at all levels with the
•	   Aviation Management and Logistics           units) level. These programs are fully                                     vision and drive to deliver continuous
•	   Geographical Information Systems            integrated allowing articulation between                                   improvement in their supply chains.
•	   Innovations in Logistics and Supply         each program, including the possibility
     Chains                                      to enrol (on completion of the Masters                                     As part of the logistics management
                                                 program) in a research program at ITLS                                     program ITLS provides opportunities for
•	   Intelligent Transport and Logistics
                                                 leading to an MPhil or PhD in Logistics                                    its students to gain real world industry
                                                 Management.                                                                experience with international logistics
•	   International Freight Transportation                                                                                   organisations:
•	   International Logistics                     A major in Logistics Management (four                            
•	   Logistics in Humanitarian Aid Projects      units) is also available through the Master
•	   Logistics and Supply Chain                  of Commerce (MCom). The following                                          Graduates of ITLS have excelled in
                                                 combined programs are also available:                                      their careers, with many reaching
                                                 MLM/Master of Transport Management,                                        senior positions after two years back
•	   Logistics Systems
                                                 MLM/MCom and MLM/Master of                                                 in the workforce. Our alumni are
•	   Maritime Logistics                          International Business.                                                    employed in senior management and
•	   Manufacturing Logistics                                                                                                advisory positions, within Australia and
•	   Organisational Logistics                    Units of study are offered across the year                                 internationally, in both the private and
•	   Public Transport Policy and Planning        and study may be commenced in: Summer                                      public sectors, from small businesses
                                                 School (January); Semester 1 (February/                                    to multinational companies, in national
•	   Project Management in Supply Chains
                                                 March); Winter School (June/July); or                                      governments and at local and state
•	   Public Transport Policy and Planning
                                                 Semester 2 (July).                                                         government level, and in internationally
•	   Railway Planning and Operations                                                                                        recognized research centres and
•	   Research Project                            Program Delivery                                                           prominent consultancies.
•	   Retail Logistics Management
•	   Reverse Logistics and Closed Loop           The program is taught by some of                                           Some examples of the rewarding career
                                                 Australia’s, and the world’s, leading                                      opportunities in this diverse field are:
     Supply Chain Management
                                                 academics in logistics and supply chain
•	   Strategic Transport Modelling
                                                 management. The lecturers that teach in                                    •	    Business Development Director
•	   Survey Design and Management                this program have the expertise and real                                   •	    Director of Distribution
•	   Sustainable Transport and Logistic          world experience necessary to deliver                                      •	    Export Manager
     Systems                                     a high quality learning experience. The                                    •	    Global Fleet Manager
•	   Traffic Systems Management and              international visiting academics (from                                     •	    Inventory/Logistics Manager
                                                 countries such as Canada, Chile, Germany,                                  •	    Operations Manager
                                                 the UK and the USA) who teach in the                                       •	    Procurement/Purchasing Manager
•	   Transport and Logistics Management
                                                 program bring a global flavour and                                         •	    Quality Assurance Manager
•	   Transport Modes and Systems                 guest lecturers from industry make the                                     •	    Shipping Coordinator
•	   Transport Policy                            connection from the classroom to the                                       •	    Supply Chain and Logistics Director
•	   Value Chain Management                      workplace.                                                                 •	    Transport and Freight Manager
                                                                                                                            •	    Warehouse Operations Manager

                                              This brochure was produced from information available at the time of printing. It is an expression of intent only and should not be taken as a
                                              firm offer or undertaking. The University reserves the right to make alterations to any information contained within this publication without
                                              notice. CRICOS Provider Code (University of Sydney and USFP): 00026A

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