LUNCH MENU WINTER 2009 Vroom's Fresh Fruit Juices $6.00 BREADS by lindayy


LUNCH MENU WINTER 2009 Vroom's Fresh Fruit Juices $6.00 BREADS ...

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									LUNCH MENU WINTER 2009

Vroom’s Fresh Fruit Juices                                                                                             $6.00

Chips                                                                                                                  $8.00
Ciabatta for Two                                                                                                       $14.50
4 pieces of ciabatta served w labna cheese, olives & tomato salsa
Trio of Dips                                                                                                           $12.50
ciabatta bread served w a selection of dips
Salt & Pepper Squid                                                                                                    $10.50
Bruschetta                                                                                                             $11.50
tomato, garlic, mediterranean herbs & spices served w ciabatta & balsamic glaze

Linguini of Scallops, Chorizo Sausage, Cipollini (sweet onion)                                                         $26.50
linguini served w scallops, chorizo, cipollini (sweet onion) , then spiced w chilli & ginger pesto in a tomato sauce
Gorgonzola stuffed Gnocchi                                                                                             $24.50
served w asparagus, prosciutto, rocket & parmesan than finished w a light pumpkin sauce
Middle Eastern Style Chicken & Wild Mushroom Lasagne                                                                   $22.50
finished w a light tomato sauce, laban cheese & rocket
Risotto                                                                                                                $19.50
wild mushroom risotto w truffle oil & micro leaf salad

Light Meal
Sweet & Spicy Pumpkin Soup                                                                                             $12.50
pumpkin soup w mid eastern spices
Rump Steak Chips & Salad                                                                                               $24.00
300g rump steak, chips, salad & béarnaise sauce
Vroom Caesar Salad                                                                                                     $18.50
baby cos, bacon, prosciutto, truffle infused caesar dressing
Beer Battered Flat Head & Chips                                                                                        $22.50
served w tartare sauce
Atlantic Salmon                                                                                                        $28.50
served on truffle mash & avocado salsa finished w fig infused balsamic vinegar
Butter Chicken                                                                                                         $23.50
vroom style butter chicken served w turmeric rice & puppodums
Baby Octopus w Smoked Paprika & Almonds                                                                                $19.50
served on baby cos, cherry tomato, yellow zucchini & spanish onion salad w balsamic dressing
Mediterranean Vegetable Tart                                                                                           $14.50
roasted mediterranean vegetables served in a pastry shell w rocket salad

                                                    Vroom Bistro + Bar
                    (p) 07 3257 4455 (f) 07 3257 4466 (e) (w)
                             Please be advised that all public holidays incur a 16.5% surcharge
Light Meal (continued)
Greek Salad w Roast Lamb                                                                                 $18.50
olives, smoked feta cheese , cucumber, cherry tomatoes & mesclun dressed w mint & olive oil
Moroccan Lamb Salad                                                                                      $21.00
moroccan spiced lamb served w lentils, tomato, spanish onion, mesclun & crisp lavash
Soft Shell Tempura Crab                                                                                  $18.50
served w a salad of micro leaf, cherry tomato, laban cheese & dressed w a sherry vinaigrette

SANDWICHES (all served w super crunch chips)
Lamb & Tatziki Sandwich                                                                                  $15.50
toasted turkish, roasted lamb, rocket, tatziki
HCT Sandwich                                                                                             $15.50
toasted bap w ham, boccaccini cheese, tomato & baby cos
Vroom Club Sandwich                                                                                      $19.50
succulent chicken maryland, premium bacon, tomato, spinach & house made spicy alioli
Burger                                                                                                   $18.00
premium beef patty w tomato, caramelised onion, rocket & tamarind chutney

Fresh Fruit Salad w Yoghurt & 3 Berry Compot                                       (V)(GF)               $11.50
Bircher Muesli w Yoghurt, Honey & Almonds                                          (V)                   $11.00
Provincial Beans w Thick Cut Wholemeal Toast                                       (V)                   $15.00
a combination of cannelloni & borlotti beans stewed w carrot, onion & tomato
3 Egg Omelette w Chorizo, Eschallots & Toasted Ciabatta                                                  $17.00
finished w fresh baby spinach paprika spiced ali oli
Breakfast BST                                                                                            $16.50
2 fried eggs, premium bacon, tomato, spinach & spicy ali oli served on a toasted turkish bun
3 Scrambled Eggs & Premium Bacon served w Ciabatta                                                       $14.50

DESSERT                                                                                                  $12.50
Orange & Cardomon Crème Brule topped w a caramelised honey orange wheel (GF)
Chocolate Brownie w vanilla ice-cream
Warm Bread Pudding - toasted brioche w walnuts & sultanas in white chocolate sauce & vanilla ice-cream
White Chocolate Cheese Cake
Belgian Waffles w lady fingers bananas, sultanas & caramel sauce

                                                  Vroom Bistro + Bar
                   (p) 07 3257 4455 (f) 07 3257 4466 (e) (w)
                            Please be advised that all public holidays incur a 16.5% surcharg

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