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Library Aides

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									                                               Queensland Independent
                                                  Education Union
                                                           School Officer Campaign
                                                           “Many Faces – Many Skills”
    ABN 45 620 218 712
                                                                          Fact Sheet

                                                    Library Aides
It’s Our Job

                                  Gather & Distribute Relevant           Process Resource          Assist with Resource Centre
                                          Resources                          Orders                        Supervision

                          Assist Teachers & Students to
                           Locate Research Materials                                                              Process SCIS Data

                              Assist Teachers &
                               Students to Use                        IT’S OUR JOB!                        Operate Automation System
                            Computers & Software

                               Complete Relevant                                                                    Assist Others with
                            Training Days, Computer                                                                  Maintenance of
                            User Groups & Network                                         Order & Gather            Computer Software
                                    Meetings                                         Student/Teacher Requests
                                                 Train & Supervise Student             from Outside Agencies
                              Library Aides undertake a variety of roles in the School Resource Centre. Over the years, the necessary
                              skills and responsibility of their role has grown substantially beyond the basic taking care of library
                              resources. Many Library Aides have qualifications in library science and/or technology and are often
                              called upon to provide technological assistance. These qualifications, skills and experience are not
                              recognised in the current classification structure and, therefore, Library Aides miss out on an appropriate
                              recognition of the important role they play in our schools.

                                            Library Aides Lose – Schools Lose – Students Lose.
                              Employers’ Reaction:
                              Employing authorities are unwilling to recognise the various skills and responsibilities of Library Aides.
                              Catholic Employers have proposed a variation to the classification structure which would provide a lower
                              classification level than the current structure.

                              QIEU Response:
                              QIEU members have endorsed a campaign to amend the School Officers’ Award to:
                                  !   recognise new positions in the classification structure
                                  !   reclassify positions to the correct level
                                  !   increase incremental steps available within classification levels

                              What Can Library Aides Do?
                              !   Join QIEU
    Authorised by:
   General Secretary          !   Support campaign activities
     Terry Burke              !   Discuss the issue with teachers and other school officers
  117 Fortescue Street        !   Come to a meeting of your local QIEU Branch
                              !   Attend the rally outside the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on 2 July 2001
   Ph: (07) 3839 7020         !   Sign the petition
 Freecall: 1800 177 937
  For campaign updates
                                              Library Aides Want a Fair, Just and Relevant
                                                     Award Classification Structure

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