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									         Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust
Preserving Ku-ring-gai for future generations                        Issue No. 4                        August 1999
                                                                              replaced by a single group of no more
                                                                              than 20 or 25 people, chosen by
                                 Submissions to                               Council, and possibly "facilitated" by
                                                                              none    other   than the General
                                 consultants                                  Manager!!.

                                 C    ouncil has announced it will
                                      conduct four separate studies
                                 during the October-December quarter
                                                                              Remarkably, though Council refused to
                                                                              develop a Ku-ring-gai-wide residential
                                                                              strategy and or conduct Ku-ring-gai-
                                 this year.      Those studies will be        wide baseline studies, this group will
                                 conducted by external consultants, and       be drawn Ku-ring-gai-wide - thus
                                 cover four categories (1.) Transport;        minimising community representation
                                 (2) lnfrastructure; (3.) Environment; (4.)   from affected areas to perhaps a mere
                                 Heritage     and     Visual    Character.    handful of residents!
                                 Council has yet to announce which
                                 consultants have been chosen for the         You should strongly press Council to
                                 individual studies.                          retain the workshop groups and to use
                                                                              these as the proposed "resident
                                 As Council has imposed strict limits on      reference group".
                                 the scope of the studies, as well as
                                 severe time limits within which the
                                 studies are to be conducted, we
                                 strongly urge members and residents,
                                 either as individuals or as groups, to
                                                                              Dummy groups
                                 provide     the     consultants
                                 information and submissions relevant
                                                                     with     proliferate
                                 to the four studies, both for your local
                                 area and for Ku-ring-gai as a whole.
                                                                              T   he      recent
                                                                              "political parties" in the forthcoming
                                 Areas of obvious concern include the         Council elections reveal the lengths to
                                 intractable traffic bottlenecks along the    which certain individuals and interests
                                 highway and residential streets, even        are prepared to go to win residents'
                                 outside peak hour; water and drainage        votes. The proliferation of "above the
                                 problems; overcrowded trains; the loss       line" groups is a none-too-subtle
                                 of 20% of the entire tree canopy in just     attempt to pick up votes and channel
                                 9 years; the adverse impact of               preferences to the "real" candidate
                                 inappropriate developments; the harm         behind the groups. Most have never
                                 being done to heritage and character;        been heard of before and no doubt will
                                 etc.                                         disappear after the election.
                                 You are urged to start gathering your        Unfortunately, these dummy groups
                                 material now so as to submit it to the       have appealing names likely to catch
                                 consultants at the beginning of the          the eye of unsuspecting voters.
                                 study period - as soon as Council has
                                                                              This is no surprise! But it emphasises
                                 announced the successful tenderers
                                                                              that in the forthcoming election the
                                 for the consultancies.
                                                                              only safe vote will be a vote for a
                                                                              KPT-endorsed candidate!
                                 Y    ou will recall that residents'
                                      workshops were conducted by
                                 Council throughout Ku-ring-gal earlier       Developers in sheep's
                                 this year. These were highly effective
                                 from the residents' point of view in         clothing
                                 making concerns and viewpoints
                                 known to Council and council staff.          O   f most concern are the developer-
                                                                                  connected candidates and groups
                                                                              who are organising themselves for the
                                 Perhaps they were too effective.
                                                                              September 11 Council elections.
                                 Although the workshop participants
                                 indicated they wanted the workshops          Where those candidates make public
                                 reconvened as the year's events              their   developer-related    interests,
                                 unfolded, Council evidently intends to       residents will know where they stand.
                                 abandon them.                                However the reverse is likely:
                                                                              developer-related candidates are likely
                                 Instead, the eight suburb-based
                                                                              to promote themselves with platitudes
                                 workshops, making up about 180
                                                                              such as "determined to protect
                                 community representatives, is to be
Ku-ring-gai's character and heritage"                                                       displaying the intellect, business
and pledges to "ensure our                  KPT-endorsed                                    experience and other attributes
environmental heritage is protected".                                                       necessary to turn Council around,
Unless residents personally know of         candidates                                      and set it on the right path. You’ll
a candidate's true intentions, the
only safe vote is a vote for a
KPT-endorsed candidate.
                                            W      e’ve     had     an  excellent
                                                   response from our recent call
                                            for contact from residents interested
                                                                                            find them worthy of your support.
                                                                                            This will not be a public meeting but
                                                                                            a meeting of Trust members – so,
                                            in standing for Council. Thank you
                                                                                            look for your invitation and bring it
                                            to all those members who assisted
                                                                                            with you to gain entry to the
                                            with the letter-boxing!
Our position                                In recent weeks we’ve been
The Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust          interviewing prospective candidates
has, from its inception, called on          and now believe that we have a
Council to develop a housing
strategy within the framework of
                                            strong team to represent you and                Ku-ring-gai needs
                                            the community on 11 September
comprehensive       studies
Heritage, Character, Environment
                                into        and over the next four years.                   your help!
and Infrastructure, the results of
which are incorporated in a Local
                                            Shortly after close of nominations on
                                            11 August we hope to announce the               W      e urge you to give our
                                                                                                   endorsed candidates as much
                                                                                            support as possible, including help
Environmental Plan with prescriptive        election candidates which have
                                                                                            in letter-boxing how-to-vote material,
controls.     Only within such a            been endorsed by the KPT. You’ll
                                                                                            manning polling booths and enlisting
framework can Ku-ring-gai's housing         have an opportunity to meet them in
                                                                                            help from fellow residents. If we’re
policies, including medium density          the following week (see below).
                                                                                            to succeed we need to spread the
developments,       be      properly
                                                                                            workload as much as possible!
developed and integrated into the
municipality.                                                                               In particular, we need as many
KPT is not anti-development, but is
                                            Election policies                               volunteers as possible to letter-box
anti bad-development and anti
                                            O    ur stance on the residential
                                                 strategy    has    been     well
                                            publicised at public meetings as well
                                                                                            leaflets in the run-up to the election -
                                                                                            and to hand out how-to-votes on and
                                                                                            before election day, in support of
In particular, it opposes the current       as in newsletters and official                  KPT-endorsed candidates. Can you
random, ad hoc development                  correspondence. All of this can be              help? If so, please send in the
decisions by Council, taken in a            viewed on our website, on the                   following form as soon as possible:
policy vacuum behind closed doors.          internet at www.kpt.asn.au.
As Neville Gruzman, former mayor            But we will not be approaching the
of Woollahra and current professor          electorate on the residential strategy          YES! I want to support KPT-
of architecture, wrote in a feature         alone.     Our candidates will be               endorsed candidates with:
article in the SMH recently (12.7.99)       supporting a clearly expressed and
about SEPP53 and the problems of            well-rounded platform of policy                      letter-boxing of leaflets
unsuitable       medium       density       statements.                                          between August 11 and the
developments in suburban Sydney:                                                                 September 11 election
                                            The bungling of the residential
 “It is easy to say some suburbs            strategy is just one of the areas in                 date.
 are underdeveloped, but such               which the current Council has
 claims must be quantified. How             displayed its incompetence.     Ku-                  handing out how-to-vote
 many cars will existing roads              ring-gai’s finances are also in a                    cards prior to September
 carry?     How much will the               mess. The standard of corporate                      11 at pre-polling booths.
 existing water, power, storm               governance is generally woeful. Our
 water, telephone and sewerage              endorsed         candidates      will
                                            comprehensively address these and                    handing out how-to-vote
 systems      support?       Such
 questions can be answered only             other issues.                                        cards on September 11 at
 by exhaustive research by the                                                                   polling stations for the
 Government.           Yet   such                                                                elections.
 questions have never been
 properly addressed, so how can             Meet the                                        NAME:
 anyone know what population a
 particular area can support?"              candidates!                                     ADDRESS:
KPT wants these issues - and others
- properly addressed by Council.
                                            W    e’ll shortly be writing to you
                                                 with details of a meeting at
                                            which you can meet our endorsed
                                                                                            PHONE (day):
The present Council has failed
                                            candidates, hear their policies, and
                                                                                            PHONE (evng):
dismally in this regard. It is time to
                                            have the opportunity to express your            Send to: KPT, PO Box 51, Lindfield
elect a new Council which will not let
                                            views. We’re confident that you’ll                         NSW 2070
Ku-ring-gai, or its residents, down.
                                            find them a well-rounded team,

President: G J Tabuteau                  Published by Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust Inc.               Secretary: Thérèse Fletcher
Vice-Pres: Graham Lewis                          PO Box 10, Lindfield, NSW 2070                         Treasurer:    Mark Mealey
Email:     info@kpt.asn.au                             Reg. No. Y2927206                                Web site: www.kpt.asn.au

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