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					         Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust
Preserving Ku-ring-gai for future generations                        Issue No. 3                          June 1999
                                                                             Draft study briefs go on public
                                                                             exhibition on 23 June. You should
                                 Council Reneges on                          examine the draft briefs very carefully
                                                                             and keep pressing Council to extend
                                 Full Studies                                the studies in accordance with the

                                 “A     severe setback for Ku-ring-gai”
                                        best describes Council’s shock
                                 decision on 3 June not to obtain whole-
                                                                             community’s repeatedly expressed

                                 of-Ku-ring-gai studies for Traffic,
                                 Transport, Infrastructure, Heritage,        Residents’ chance: the
                                 Character and Environment. Instead
                                 Council decided that only partial and
                                                                             Council Elections
                                 limited studies would be obtained for
                                 the purposes of drawing up a new
                                                                             N   ominations for Council Elections
                                                                                 open on 26 July. Nominations
                                                                             close on 11 August, and Council
                                 Residential Strategy.
                                                                             Elections take place on 11 September.
                                 Limited studies will thus not extend to
                                                                             KPT believes that the community, and
                                 many of the current and pending spot-
                                                                             Ku-ring-gai, deserve much better from
                                 re-zoning applications - which Council
                                                                             our Council, whether it be on the
                                 has announced it will process even
                                                                             crucial issue of medium density
                                 before those limited studies are
                                                                             development, financial management,
                                 completed. Medium density developers
                                                                             openness and transparency in Council
                                 will no doubt welcome Council’s
                                                                             decision-making,      or     bushland
                                 approach in this regard. Furthermore,
                                                                             preservation (20% of Ku-ring-gai’s tree
                                 many of the key studies - such as
                                                                             canopy has vanished in the last 9
                                 traffic and stormwater will have little
                                                                             years alone!)
                                 credibility as a result. The cost savings
                                 will be relatively minor. The cost to our   KPT is interested in hearing from
                                 streets and our neighbourhoods will be      residents     who      support   KPT’s
                                 disastrous.                                 objectives and propose running for
                                                                             Council. The following notice has been
                                 It is understood that Sydney Water, for
                                                                             placed in the local press:
                                 example, have taken the position that
                                 they are unable to guarantee water
                                 supply even with the current level of             Ku-ring-gai needs
                                 development in Ku-ring-gai.
                                 Community calls for Council to conduct
                                 studies go back several years. By           The Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust Inc
                                 1995, when DUAP requirements for a          invites   residents   interested    in
                                 medium density housing strategy             contesting the Ku-ring-gai Municipal
                                 began posing a serious threat to Ku-        Council elections in September 1999
                                                                             to contact the Trust to discuss
                                 ring-gai, the need for proper studies
                                                                             endorsement and/or support.
                                 was pressing, and had become
                                 critically urgent by the time the           The Trust’s aims are to retain the
                                 community called on Council to reject       unique character of Ku-ring-gai for
                                 the last strategy in November 1998.         future generations and to ensure
                                 Throughout this period Council has          development controls are in keeping
                                 resolutely resisted comprehensive           with the aspirations of residents
                                 municipality-wide studies. Unlike other
                                                                             Details of the Trust are available on
                                 Councils, these have simply never
                                                                             our web site, at
                                 been conducted in Ku-ring-gai. The
                                 reasons are obscure to say the least.            For enquiries please contact:
                                                                               Graham Lewis (tel: 9416 5818)
                                 Council has now set a 3-month time
                                                                                   or email:
                                 limit - ending on December 24 - within       or PO Box 51, Lindfield NSW 2070
                                 which the partial and limited studies
                                 are to be completed. In the 13 months
                                 that will have elapsed since November       The notice on the reverse side is also
                                 1998, just 3 months will have been          being circulated throughout the
                                 allowed for the conduct of studies! The     municipality.
                                 community can rightly consider this
                                 outcome        to     be      extremely
                                 unsatisfactory, for both residents and
                                              be drawn from amongst the                       views and aspirations.
   Workshops                                  members of the various workshops.
                                                                                              We need a Council with vision and
                                              It seems instead that Council now               courage, prepared to properly
   Disenfranchised                            proposes to start again, seeking to             represent residents.

   I n announcing this latest flawed
     process proposed by Council for
   progressing a residential strategy,
                                              draw a group more sympathetic to
                                              developers or to the present
                                                                                              There will be a concerted and very
                                                                                              well organised push by developers
                                                                                              to    ensure     that       candidates
   Mayor Dobbin referred to the
                                              KPT members are asked to write                  sympathetic to their cause are
   intention of using a “democratically
                                              to Council protesting any attempt               elected. Voters will find it difficult, if
   elected residents’ reference group”.
                                              to bypass the consultation                      not impossible, to identify such
   KPT smells a rat! The members of           mechanism already established                   candidates or groups in the election.
   the various workshops organised by         through the workshop process.                   This makes it vital that genuine
   Council during in March were                                                               independent candidates, who will
   selected from the many people who                                                          represent residents’ interest, and
   put themselves forward at Council’s        Elections                                       those of Ku-ring-gai, are elected to
   February    information     sessions.
   Their names were advertised to the
   community at large, to allow input!
                                              T   he forthcoming Council elections
                                                  are probably the most important
                                              in Ku-ring-gai in the last 25 years or
                                                                                              You are urged to take an active role
                                                                                              in the election, either by standing
   These people have already put              more. Never before has such a                   yourself, or by encouraging genuine
   hours of work and study into the           wave of inappropriate development               candidates to stand, in your ward; by
   subject. They specifically asked to        threatened      our     streets   and           supporting such candidates; and by
                                              neighbourhoods. Never before have               helping in funding and letterbox
   be kept involved. They want to be!
                                              we so needed a Council that is                  leaflet distribution. Please contact
   Many workshops asked for follow-up         responsive to the community’s                   KPT if you think you can help.
   meetings, or a consultative group to

  The following notice is being delivered to all Ku-ring-gai households in the next couple of weeks

                                                Ku-ring-gai needs
   Ku-ring-gai is a unique area of Sydney with its lush bushland, splendid trees, beautiful gardens and expansive and
   pleasant streets.

   That’s why we decided to live here. It’s simply the best place in Sydney to live – and we’d like to keep it that way.

   Because of Ku-ring-gai Council’s bumbling over urban consolidation and financial management we have a fight on
   our hands to preserve Ku-ring-gai in all its present glory.

   The Council has now decided to introduce a new tax through a ‘green’ levy on ratepayers to help make up for an
   accumulated deficit over the last four years of $16m. Yet it refuses to increase the levy on developers – Ku-ring-
   gai’s developer contributions are less than 1% of developer contributions in North Sydney Council.

   So in Ku-ring-gai ratepayers subsidise developers.

   The Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust believes the time has come for everyone in Ku-ring-gai to fight to preserve our
   unique municipality from rapacious developers and an inept and bungling council.

   The Trust was formed as a result of the anger of residents over the council’s handling of the Residential Strategy
   which would have seen Ku-ring-gai turned into another Chatswood or Hurstville. The Trust’s objective is to stem
   this onrushing tide and preserve and protect Ku-ring-gai.

                                Now Ku-ring-gai needs your support again
   Support the Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust endorsed candidates at the 11 September 1999
        local government elections and put the residents back in control of our Council.
   For further information see the Trust’s website or contact the Trust at PO Box 51, Lindfield NSW 2070
                                            or at the following telephone numbers:
Roseville Ward                  Gordon Ward             Comenarra Ward              St Ives Ward              Wahroonga Ward
           9417 4214             9144 5628                9498 3128                  9988 3638                  9416 9488
                                      Authorised by Graham Lewis PO Box 51 Lindfield 2070

   President: G J Tabuteau                 Published by Ku-ring-gai Preservation Trust Inc.               Secretary: Thérèse Fletcher
   Vice-Pres: Graham Lewis                         PO Box 10, Lindfield, NSW 2070                         Treasurer:    Mark Mealey
   Email:                            Reg. No. Y2927206                                Web site:

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