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									        Connecting with
        Today’s Children
                               This conference is about
                               understanding the
                               •   inter-recognition,
                               •   inter-acceptance
                               •   inter-dependence
                               - empathetic
                               We will explore
                               •   anxiety,
Presenters                     •   social withdrawal
Dr Michaela Glöckler (Swiss)
                               •   hyperactivity
Florian Oswald (Swiss)
                               in children, with lectures,
John Cunningham (USA)
                               art work, discussion and
Annette Brian (Australia)      workshops that are
John Angus                     practical on how to help.
Dr David Ritchie
                                   10 - 14 July
Sue Simpson
Dr Michael Sargent
Dr Ruth Baker
                                    St Peter’s
Joce Freeman
Mary Willow                         Cambridge,
Robyn Ritchie                      New Zealand
 An International Kolisko Conference for
  teachers, medical practitioners, health
       professionals and parents.
                Email sbednarek@xtra.co.nz
          Healing body, soul & spirit
              10 - 14 July 2010
          Cambridge, New Zealand

Why do we have Kolisko            supported in their age
conferences?                      appropriate needs? This is a
                                  great concern in Waldorf and
Eugene Kolisko was the first      Steiner education.
school doctor in a Waldorf        Rudolf Steiner has said that
School. As both teacher           the social question is an
and school doctor, he gave        educational question and the
the basis to observe              educational question is a
                                  medical question.
education in itself as a form
of preventative medicine          Eugene Kolisko worked closely
and as a healing process.         with Rudolf Steiner to
                                  understand and give a medical
The concept for these             perspective to the learning
Kolisko conferences is to         and development processes
present and to clarify the        of children consistent with
                                  their soul-spiritual nature. In
pedagogical and therapeutic       this first Kolisko conference to
tools found within Waldorf        be held in New Zealand, we will
education.                        try to deepen our
                                  understanding and connection
In a time of social insecurity,   with today’s children through
with many new health issues       inter- recognition,
and pressures from the            inter - acceptance and
harmful effects of                inter - dependence:
                                  empathetic relationships.
civilization, violence, drug
abuse and, increasingly,          We will do this by
deficient immune systems, a       experiencing, understanding
                                  and finding ways to work with
fundamental new reflection
                                  anxiety, social withdrawal and
is essential.                     hyperactivity and how in
How can teachers,                 extreme (or the other pole) we
therapists, doctors, nurses       have nervousness, autistic and
and parents work together,        attention deficit disorder.
in such a way that children       Education and Medicine
today feel fully accepted         working together for healthy
and acknowledged and are          development.

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