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					                                  Profile of the Company
              (Please affix stamp of the company and initial the same)

Name of the Company
Registered Office Address
Tel # and Fax #
Correspondence Address
Tel # and Fax #
Plant Address
Promoters & Director of the Company              To be submitted in the format of Director’s frofile
Details of Board of Directors along with the
Executive/ Non-Executive/Independent

Also indicate whether the director is a
Managing Director or Chairman
Company Secretary
Tel # and Fax # Email ID
Compliance Officer
Tel # and Fax # Email ID
Email ID for investor grievances
RTA and Common Agency along with
address and Tel # and Fax #
Company’s business                               Give a brief write up
Group Companies
Name Change History staring from
incorporation / Change in business
Share Capital (Listed, Paid-up Capital,          ____ equity shares of Rs. _____ /- each aggregating to
Provide details of Calls-in-Arrears )            Rs. ___
Capital evolution details of the company
together with Distinctive Nos. related to each
issue starting from subscription to the
Whether the entire capital of the company is
listed on all the Exchanges where listed
Scrip Code of the company in the Exchange
where listed
Other Exchanges where listed alongwith
trading status
Whether the equity shares of the company
are mandated for trading in compulsory
demat segment by SEBI? If yes, please
mention the SEBI Circular no. and date
Date of Listing of Securities on the
No of employees in the company
No of Shareholders of the company
Audited Financial performance for last 3                                                         Rs. in lacs
financial years                                   Sales/ Income from operations
                                                  Other Income
                                                  Total Income
                                                  Earnings before Interest, Depreciation, Tax & Amortisation
                                                  Profit before Tax
                                                  Provision for Tax
                                                  Profit after Tax

                                                  Share Capital
                                                  Reserves and Surplus (excl revaluation reserve)
                                                  Loan Funds

                                                  Fixed Assets
                                                    Gross Block
                                                    Net Block
                                                  Working Capital
                                                    Current Assets
                                                    Less Current Liabilities
                                                  Miscellaneous Exp/ Dr. Bal in P&L Account

Details of securities issued which are
convertible into equity at a later date.
Details of material litigations pending against
the company and the current status
Whether there are any auditors qualifications
in the latest audit report, when the company
would remove those qualifications and how
the same has been addressed in the
subsequent quarterly results
Whether any scheme under section 391 –
394 or 100 is pending before any High
Court. If yes, details thereof

We confirm that the information contained herein are true and correct and does not
contain any misstatement.

Signed by Managing Director/ Company Secretary

Other enclosures:
   1. Quarterly results for the subsequent quarters in Clause 41 format including segment results and
   consolidated results if applicable.
2. Latest Shareholding Pattern in clause 35 format alongwith annexures in new format
3. Latest Annual report of the company
4. Important documents to be submitted in compliance with Listing Agreement / SEBI Compliances /
   ROC filing together with money receipt.
      a. Clause 16 – Fixation of Book Closure/ Record Date
      b. Clause 19 – Board Meeting Intimation
      c. Clause 20 and 22 – Outcome of the Board Meeting
      d. Clause 30 – Any change in Directors and Auditors.
      e. Clause 31 – Copies of notices sent to shareholders and resolutions passed in the AGM/
          EGM and two copies of the annual report
      f. Clause 35 – Shareholding pattern alongwith annexures
      g. Clause 36 – Material and price sensitive information
      h. Clause 41 – Quarterly/ Annual results alongwith limited review/ auditors report
      i. Clause 47 – Compliance officer, RTA
      j. Disclosures under 3(4), 7(3), 8(3) of SEBI (Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takover)
          Regulations, 1997
      k. Disclosures under 13(6) of SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 1992.
      l. Copy of Form no.2 and 5 filed with ROC in respect of aforesaid allotment along with the
          copy of challan towards the payment of filing fees of the said forms.
      m. Copy of Form no.21 filed with ROC together with copy of challan towards the payment of
          filing fees of the said forms.

5. Undertaking that there is no order against the promoters/ directors/ company by SEBI or other any
   statutory authority from accessing or dealing in the capital market.
6. Auditors Certificate for shares that are locked in, if any.