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					      Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services




                           Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services

Table of Contents

1.   ADVERTISEMENT ..............................................................................................3
2.   ABOUT KING ISLAND .......................................................................................4
3.   ABOUT THE COUNCIL ......................................................................................4
4.   STRATEGIC PLAN ..............................................................................................5
5.   ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE....................................................................6
7.   POSITION DESCRIPTION ..................................................................................7

                     Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services


                      King Island Council
                 Looking to step up? - Looking for a sea change?
This is an amazing opportunity for the right person
King Island is a stunning, 64kms long and 25kms wide. With an area of 110,000
hectares, the Island is situated at the western end of Bass Strait, between Victoria and
Reporting directly to the General Manager, the role is a critical component of a
diverse organisation providing technical services for the management of Council’s
works and engineering services department.
With a team of skilled and enthusiastic staff to support you in achieving your goals
you will be supported by a management team devoted to ensure the success of
Council’s strategic direction.
The successful candidate will possess appropriate qualifications, demonstrate strong
leadership and management skills and have senior management experience in a multi-
disciplinary team.
This position is full time and an attractive salary package ($80,000-$95,000 inclusive
of housing, car and superannuation) will be negotiated with the successful candidate
to reflect the accountabilities and responsibilities of the position.
An information package, which includes a Position Description, may be obtained for
the position by contacting Council’s Executive Assistant, Ms Leah Martin, on (03)
6462 1177 or by email at
Applications in writing, addressing the selection criteria provided in the Position
Description should be marked “Confidential” and forwarded to the General
Manager, King Island Council, PO Box 147, Currie, Tasmania 7256.
Applications close at 4.30pm on 20 July 2007.
 The King Island Council is an equal opportunity employer that complies with the
                             Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)
Andrew Wardlaw
General Manager

                     Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services

The Island is situated at the western entrance to Bass Strait midway between Victoria
and mainland Tasmania, being approximately 100 kilometres and about forty-five
minutes flight time in either direction.
King Island has a population of approximately 1,700 permanent residents of which
about half live in and around the main township of Currie situated on the west coast.
There are two other townships, Naracoopa on the east coast and Grassy to the
The Island, which is 64 kilometres north to south and 25 kilometres east to west,
enjoys a reputation for excellence in the production of fine beef and superior dairy
products as well as magnificent seafood. National Foods is the owner of King Island
Dairies Pty Ltd a producer of fine cheese and Tasman Group operate the King Island
Abattoir an exporter of prime beef, the Kelp Industry is a major part of the Island
economy and tourism has become the growth industry over recent times.
In the township of Currie you will find the King Island Multi Purpose Health Centre
and the King Island District High School, a hotel and two licensed Clubs, two
supermarkets and several speciality shops. Westpac has a branch on the Island and
there are agencies for most major banks.
King Island Council employs 15 permanent indoor and 18 permanent outdoor
employees. Casual employees are engaged on occasions as the need arises.
The General Manager has overall control of staff and operations although there are
wide ranging delegations to three Directors in the areas of:-
         •   Corporate Services
         •   Works and Engineering Services
         •   Environmental Services
There are nine elected Councillors including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and
Council meetings are held on the third Tuesday in every month commencing at 3.00
pm. Working Groups made up of elected members and employees meet regularly on
a wide range of important issues.
Representing and serving a small and remote community, the King Island Council
often becomes involved in areas outside the normal charter for local government. It is
a diverse and very busy organisation.
The current organisation structure is included for information.

                         Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services

The King Island 2013- Strategic Plan 2004-2008 sets the direction of Council for a 5-
year period with the objective of ensuring the community’s needs and expectations
are met in a planned and cost effective manner. Council’s vision statement and
purpose are:

 Vision Statement for King Island

 The vision of King Island was developed and agreed at the King Island Search Conference held on 5-7
 December 2003 at the Currie Town Hall.

 To preserve and improve the “King Island Way” including freedom of opportunities, community
 friendliness along with personal and industry security in an environmentally sustainable way
 appropriate to King Island.

 The King Island Way:

 Describes the uniqueness of the island, its place, pace and lifestyle. It captures the value and spirit of
 the King Island community and guided the work undertaken by the community members in
 developing its future direction.

 Vision Statement for King Island Council

 The King Island Council is a strong advocate for the “King Island Way” and a leader in the
 community promoting the economic, social and environmental welfare of the Island.

 To assist the community fulfil its future directions the Council will show strong leadership and
 provide the organisation with sufficient resources to fulfil the sustainable expectations of the
 community from the funds available.

 Our Purpose

 The purpose of the Council is to provide the delivery of local government services and affordable
 infrastructure to support the community in its endeavours and be an advocate for the Island with
 Governments and other organisations

In recent times Council has noticed that the community is changing in social structure.
Therefore to ensure social, economic and environmental viability and vitality into the
future, Council are committed to a process of community consultation to define the
guidelines for future directions.

                                                                                                                            Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services


                                                                                                 King Island Council                                   Mayor

                                                                                                  General Manager

                                                                       Executive Assistant

                Director Corporate Services                           Director Works & Engineering Services            Director Devlopment & Environment Services         Community Development Manager

 Payroll/Creditor Officer              Rates Officer              Depot Officer                Technical Services Officer                                      Special Projects Officer       Youth Development Officer
                                                                                                                                      EHO - Cadet
   Receipting Officer              Finance Officer (P/T)          Airport Officer                                                                              Cultural Centre Manager       Phoenix House Co-ordinator

                                                                                     Works Foreman                                                                              Administration Support

                                                           General Labourers        Water & Sewerage     Plant Operators

               Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services

   1.1 To effectively and efficiently manage the Works & Engineering Services Unit
       in the context of the Council’s overall corporate objectives, policies etc. and
       compliance with all associated legal matters.
   1.2 To actively participate in the overall management of Council using
       progressive and contemporary management techniques.
   2.1 The Director – Works & Engineering Services reports directly to the General
       Manager and is accountable for tasks including, but not limited to:
   2.1.1 To advise Council on all engineering and related municipal services
         having regard to the provisions of relevant legislation, best industry
         practice and to remain abreast of changes in legislation, construction
         methods and methods of service delivery to ensure effective operations of
         functions under his control.
   2.1.2 Prepare forward plans, supervise and take responsibility for the efficient
         and effective provision of all of Council’s external works and services.
   2.1.3 Responsible for the operation of Council’s water, sewerage and refuse
         services in consultation with the Director Development and Environment
   2.1.4 Responsible for the preparation of estimates for Council and private works
         and to ensure that works and services are provided within budget as
         adopted or revised by Council.
   2.1.5 Day to day management of the Aerodrome and related services in
         consultation with the General Manager.
   2.1.6 Preparation of grant submissions and compliance with grant conditions.
   2.1.7 To accept and perform the powers and/or functions as delegated to the
         Director by Council and/or the General Manager.
   2.1.8 Contribute to the overall management of the organisation.
   2.1.9 To carry out such duties as the General Manager may direct from time to
         time including acting in the position of General Manager if and when
   2.2 OH&S and Risk Management
   2.2.1 Ensure adherence to health and safety legislation to ensure the wellbeing
         of staff and the public.
   2.2.2 Understand the principles of risk management and its application to
         property, liability and Occupational Health and Safety.
   2.2.3 Monitor and appraise risk management performance of supervisory staff.
   2.3 General
   2.3.1 To endeavour at all time to enhance the image of Council with all
         segments of the community by actions and all avenues of communication.

                      Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services
      2.3.2 Other duties as directed by the General Manager.

      All decisions made by the Director Works & Engineering Services must conform
      with, and be within the constraints of and consistent with, approved delegations,
      statutory obligations, Council’s policies and procedures and agreed budgets.


      Subject to the provision of the Local Government Act, other relevant legislation
      and the delegations approved by the General Manager and /or Council, the
      Director Works & Engineering Services has the authority to implement action to
      achieve Council’s goals and objectives in areas under his/her direct control.

      The Director- Works & Engineering Services is accountable to the General
      Manager for Unit operations including reporting on activities and projects of the
      Unit and for advance planning, policy development, utilisation of resources and
      contract management.


5.1        Specialist Knowledge and Skills

5.1.1      Understanding of Council Operations
                                                                                               Deleted: i
5.1.2      Knowledge of Engineering Services principles.

5.1.3      Knowledge and experience in implementation of best practice and quality

5.1.4      Experience in managing change in an environment of resource constraint.

5.1.5      Ability to solve the day-to-day and operational problems using a range of
           standard approaches and techniques.

5.1.6      An understanding of the economical, political and social issues relating to
           local Government reform programs.

5.2        Management Skills

5.2.1      Ability to organise and plan workflow, set priorities and achieve deadlines to
           meet the position’s designated objectives.

5.2.2      Ability to contribute to the strategic direction of Council as part of its Senior
           Management Team.

5.2.3      Knowledge of contemporary management practices.

5.3        Interpersonal Skills

                    Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services
5.3.1. Capacity to liaise and negotiate with internal staff and external bodies and

5.3.2   Demonstrated capacity in leading, developing and motivating staff to perform
        within the department in pursuit of set and agreed targets.

5.3.3   Developed conflict resolution, negotiating and influencing skills.

5.3.4   High level written and verbal communication skills.

5.3.5   A positive personal and professional presentation.


6.1     Formal Qualifications

6.1.1   Tertiary qualifications in Civil Engineering and/or extensive experience in
        road, water, sewerage construction, maintenance and planning.

6.1.2   Membership of a relevant Professional Association will be highly regarded.

6.1.3   Current driver’s license is required.

6.2     Experience

6.2.1   The incumbent will be a well-presented, mature and experienced person, who
        has worked in either government or the private sector.

6.2.2   Demonstrated competency in financial management.

6.2.3   Working ability to develop financial reports and budgets.

6.2.4   Prior experience in a management role is desirable.

6.2.5   The ability to work under pressure with accuracy.

6.2.6   Advanced supervisory experience highly regarded.

6.2.7   Application of standard computer techniques such as Microsoft Work and


Applicants applying for this position will be assessed against these selection criteria.
Applications not addressing the selection criteria may not be considered for the

7.1     Tertiary qualification in Civil Engineering and/or extensive experience in
        road, water, sewerage construction, maintenance and planning.

7.2     Membership of a relevant Professional Association will be highly regarded.

                    Information Package – Director Works and Engineering Services
7.3    The incumbent is expected to be a well-presented, mature and experienced
       person, who has worked in either government or the private sector.

7.4    Ability to develop budgets

7.5    Previous experience in financial control of budgets and reporting on variances
                                                                                        Deleted: 4
7.6    Highly developed written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

7.7    Demonstrate a courteous disposition and helpful and friendly demeanour,          Deleted: 5
       whilst working in a team and the ability to exercise political acumen, tact,
       discretion and sound judgment at all times.

7.8    Time management skills and the ability to develop, maintain and monitor own      Deleted: 6
       work program to meet deadlines.

7.9    Application of standard computer techniques such as Microsoft Word and           Deleted: 7
                                                                                        Deleted: 8
7.10   Driver’s Licence.


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