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					                             Dept of Juvenile Justice
                                  Industrial Bulletin
                                           Edition No. 2                                April 2006

Restructure Proposal                                out in order for others to gain. At this stage
                                                    Association representatives are not convinced
All members should be aware of the                  that this need be the case. The use of consult-
Department's proposed restructuring of              ants raises questions about the availability of
Juvenile Justice Community Services. The            further funds. The provision of upgrades to a
proposal falls a long way short of what was         number of Central Support Office based staff
promised by the Department when discussions         raises issues of equity. The apparent disparity
between the Department and the PSA were             between staff in JJCS and elsewhere must be
initiated in early 2005.                            discussed in detail in order for the Association
                                                    to be convinced of the extent of available funds
On the positive side the elimination of pay         for the restructure.
inequities between managers is welcome as is
the creation of Assistant Manager positions. It
should be noted however, that these positions
                                                    Consultation with PSA
are still under-graded when compared to their       Members
equivalents in DOCS and Corrective Services.
                                                    The Association will be holding meetings in all
On the negative side the proposed elimination       JJCS offices in NSW during April. PSA
of Aboriginal Program Support Officer posi-         Organiser Latu Sailosi, PSA Industrial Officer
tions could substantially reduce the                Andrew Wilson and Regional Organisers will
Department's capacity for dealing with the dis-     undertake these meetings. These meetings
proportionate number of indigenous youth            will allow members to discuss the restructure
exposed to the criminal justice system as well      and to directly inform PSA staff about their
as damaging the career path for indigenous          concerns. In addition the PSA will be sending
staff. The proposal also fails to offer any up      out e-mail broadcasts concerning key issues,
grading to JJO's or Counsellors. There are          meetings with Senior Management and dele-
many other issues that need to addressed in         gates meetings. The aim will be to keep mem-
relation to the proposal.                           bers informed of all developments after the
                                                    workplace meetings.
PSA Response
The PSA held a teleconference with all JJCS
                                                    Decision Making
delegates on 3 March 2006 in order to discuss       The PSA position in relation to the restructure
the proposal. The delegates voted unanimous-        will be decided upon either by a vote of JJCS
ly to reject the proposal in its current form.      delegates. Please refer to the list attached.
                                                    Members should note that PSA staff may not
The PSA has sought a meeting with Senior            vote as part of the decision making process.
Management of the Department to discuss the         As mentioned above, the PSA will distribute
restructuring proposal. The objective of the        information to members via e-mail in advance
Association in these discussions will be to lock    of delegates meetings so that members can
in the gains in the proposal at the same time       alert delegates to their concerns. Decisions
as eliminating its downsides- this is obviously     taken by delegates will also be broadcast by
no easy task. The Department has maintained         e-mail bulletin.
that the restructure must be cost-neutral; a
stance that means some staff will have to lose

        Authorised by John Cahill, General Secretary, Public Service Association of NSW
        Contact Details for PSA Representatives
                              PSA Delegates
Blacktown JJCS            Garry Dillon - JJO       02 9831 8088
                                                   02 9831 4665
Campbelltown JJCS         Dimitra Vossinakis - JJO 02 9724 1690
                                                   02 9724 6264
Dubbo JJCS/YJC            Dudley Beetson - YJC     02 8881 0700
                                                   02 6882 6561
Fairfield JJCS            James Schofield - JJO    02 9724 1690
                                                   02 9724 6264
Gosford/Newcastle         Michael Barrett - JJO    G: 02 4323 4994
JJCS                                               N: 02 4962 3755
Stanmore IPU              Christian Cabrera - IPU 02 8585 2600
Sydney JJCS               Jenny Anderson - JJO     02 9215 3399
                                                   02 9215 3300
Taree JJCS                Bill Sullivan - JJO      02 9560 4755
                                                   02 6551 2612
PSA Staff            Contact Details                Area Represented
Andrew Wilson        Ph: 9220 0969                  Whole Department
Industrial Officer       0408 213 339
Latu Sailosi         Ph: 9290 1555                  Blacktown JJCS
Organiser                0428 410 700               Blacktown IPU
Sydney Metro             lsailosi@psa.asn.au        Campbelltown JJCS
                                                    Fairfield JJCS
                                                    Stanmore IPU
                                                    Sydney JJCS
                                                    Youth Drug and Alcohol
Michael Fogarty      Ph: 6332 1720                  Bathurst JJCS
Regional                 0408 410 746               Orange JJCS
Organiser               mfogarty@psa.asn.au         Parkes JJCS
Central West                                        Dubbo JJCS
                                                    Bourke JJCS
                                                    Broken Hill JJCS
John Campbell        Ph: 6621 4450                  Kempsey JJCS
Regional                 0408 263 044               Coffs Harbour JJCS
Organiser                johncampbell@psa.asn.au    Grafton JJCS
North Coast                                         Tweed Heads JCS
                                                    Lismore JJCS
Michael Sinclair     Ph: 4929 4788                  Muswellbrook JJCS
Regional                 0419 411 919               Newcastle JJCS
Organiser                msinclair@psa.asn.au       Taree JJCS
Tania Faint          Ph: 6766 5488                  Armidale JJCS
Regional                 0428 410 745               Moree JJCS
Organiser                tania.faint@cma.nsw.gov.au Glen Innes JJCS
North West                                          Tamworth JJCS
                                                    Walgett JJCS
Peter Hood           Ph: 6921 6522                  Albury JJCS
Regional                 0428 410 749               Griffith JJCS
Organiser                phood@psa.asn.au           Deniliquin JJCS
Riverina                                            Wagga Wagga JJCS
Felix Bronneberg     Ph: 4226 4749                  Bateman’s Bay JJCS
Laurie Brady             0428 410 748               Bega JJCS
Regional                 fbronneberg@psa.asn.au     Goulburn JJCS
Organisers           Ph: 4226 4749                  Wollongong JJCS
South East               0409 455 682               Bowral JJCS
                         lbrady@psa.asn.au          Queanbeyan JJCS
                                                    Nowra JJCS
Roger Plunkett       Ph: 0407 959 661               Gosford JJCS
Organiser                rplunkett@psa.asn.au
Central Coast

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