Placement by liwenting


									                                 Bus 430: Placement
                            Prepared by: Dr Szeto Wing Fu

1. Objectives

To provide business administration students with a minimum of 100 hours of practical
business administration experience through a planned and supervised placement
program in various business institutes, so that students will be able to integrate
management theories with actual practice, and to understand business operation

2. Supervision

To provide supervised learning opportunities for business administration students by
professionally qualified field supervisors in order that the above objectives of practice
would be met. Supervisors are expected to provide weekly supervision sessions to
students, with at least 1 hour for each session.

3. Evaluation and Assessment

Both the College professor and institute supervisor will provide evaluation and
assessment in the following areas:
a) Professional values and attitudes (10%)
b) Student’s performance in the workplace (30%)
c) Business Plan/Project (30%)
d) Supervision (20%)
e) Recording (10%)

4. Content

A group of 2-4 students is formed. This group will be attached to a business. This
group will act as supportive and consultative function to the business. They can
make use of their learning knowledge to make business plan, marketing research,
marketing strategy, evaluation plan, etc. The business team will take the advice and
make it perform.
5. Period

From late-September to mid-December: 12 weeks in total, with two to four 2 hours
sessions per week. Those sessions will be normally conducted in afternoon or
evening or any time arranged between students and the companies.

6. Placement Coordination

A coordinator from BA Department is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the
progress of placement. In addition, the coordinator will make frequent contacts with
the various supervisors concerning student’s performance. Supervisors meetings are
held in order to facilitate better understanding and communication between the
placement supervisors and the College.

January 2005

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