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Irish Garden Shed

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   Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself
  Guide for Backyard Builders
             David and Jeanie Stiles
         $51.95, ISBN 9781554072248
            Published by Firefly Books
    This is a wonderfully inspirational book
for anyone interested in building a shed, or
any small outdoor structure. With full details,
enhanced by diagrams and photographs, it is
                                                     Irish Garden
a useful starter for those with little building
experience. However, its inspirational take on
‘sheds’ would also appeal to those with some
experience, looking for a project to keep their
building skills honed.
    A short introduction to designing your
shed is followed by ‘General shed construction                 Step-By-Step Instructions
primer’, a detailed chapter dealing with the
basics of construction. The first shed covered        This is an extract from ‘Sheds: The Do-It-Yourself Guide
is a basic 2.5 x 3m one, during which many of        for Backyard Builders’ by David and Jeanie Stiles. The
the techniques common to the other sheds are
covered in detail. Another 14 shed styles are
                                                      Irish Garden Shed was inspired by a shed spotted by
included, with additional instructions where          David while cycling through the British Isles. Featuring
the methods have not been covered in the basic          timber frame construction and log filled walls, it is a
shed construction. A comprehensive ‘Skill                            shed fit for any backyard.
review’ section provides handy hints and tips
about some of the basic techniques, such as                                      Please note: As this is a direct abstract
cutting and drilling, fastenings and finishing.                                   of the book, we have not changed the
    Being a Canadian publication, some                                           imperial measurements to metric. There
concessions to measurements have to be                                           are also some references to other pages in
made (metric hasn’t quite taken on there yet!).                                  the book, which have been left in place as
Nevertheless, this does not detract from the                                     an indication of the other areas covered.
value of this book at all.
    The Stiles have their own comprehensive                                      Below: This potting shed is another of the
website (, with some                                       sheds featured in the book.
information from their books, as well as a
great range of projects to get kids involved with
building. An excerpt from the book is also
available at the Amazon website
A4 format, paperback, 208 pages, detailed diagrams
throughout, 24 pages of inspirational colour
photographs. I

 This book is available from our Bookshop (p71).

28 • TOB 142 • August/September 2007

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