Industry confIdence hIgh as rubus forecast to double by 2012 by lindayy


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Industry confIdence hIgh
as rubus forecast
to double by 2012
Rubus industry leaders are forecasting      the following characteristics remains         breeding programs that display these
the Rubus industry will double in size      the primary focus of the Rubus Variety        qualities. A delegation has recently
by 2012 with confidence high among          Improvement Program;                          travelled overseas to build these vital
most major growers within the industry.     • Production of high yielding varieties       relationships on behalf of industry
Investment by many larger growers             tolerant of Phytophthora fragariae var      ensuring access to quality genetic
supports this confidence.                     rubi.                                       material for the future. These varieties
Industry growth is anticipated for the      • Production of large sized fruit.            are designed to supplement the varieties
fresh fruit sector and is supported by                                                    stemming from the breeding and
                                            • Production of fruit with enhanced
advances in product quality through                                                       evaluation work that was commenced
agronomic advances, disease resistant                                                     by the late Graeme McGregor and
cultivars, increased areas of covered       The Australian Rubus Growers                  since continued by Rubus Industry
cropping enabling greater control over      Association (ARGA) is making a                Development Officer Alison Brinson.
timing and quality of product harvested.    concerted effort to lead the way in
There is strong consumer confidence in      acquiring varieties from overseas             Covered cropping is an area of growth
products with healthy attributes which is                                                 and an increased level of research and
unlikely to fade.                                                                         development (R&D) that is occurring in
                                                                                          this key area will be of great benefit to
The statutory levy continues to progress
                                                                                          the industry.
well with consistent growth through
the year despite the effects of drought                                                   Finally, communication to industry
and other adverse weather patterns                                                        highlighting key R&D findings and issues
throughout various growing regions.                                                       tackled by the Industry Development
The major goals of the industry strategic                                                 Officer (IDO) on industry’s behalf has
plan which were set to run from 2005                                                      progressed well over the last 12 to
through to 2009 have already been                                                         18 months with the launch of the new
met with industry somewhat ahead                                                          website. This website is an excellent
of targets. A great deal of energy is                                                     asset for industry and will only improve
now being directed towards the future                                                     in the future with support and feedback
sustainable growth of the sector. The                                                     from industry.
long term prospects for the industry
                                                                                          for more information contact:
remain extremely positive with a new set
                                                                                          stuart burgess
of key strategic objectives to be set in
                                                                                          hal Industry services Manager
place by late 2008.
                                                                                          t 03 6231 1945
Access to improved varieties that exhibit                                                 e

    these projects have been funded by hal using the rubus levy and/or voluntary contributions from industry with matched funding
                                        from the australian government for all r&d activity.
The key objectives of the Rubus Industry          fruiting potential. In November 2007,         International Raspberry Conference
Breeding and Industry Development project         an irrigation system was installed at the     (IRC) meeting (RB07002). A report on
are to ensure widespread adoption of              seedling plot at DPI Toolangi. Regular        their findings will be available on their
sustainable, efficient production techniques      irrigation and improved rainfall greatly      return.
for Rubus fruit and products. This project        improved plant growth and fruit quality,
                                                                                              Cross berry industry project “WaterWise
ensures cultivars are developed that are          enabling realistic assessment of the
                                                                                              Berries” was undertaken to establish
resistant to diseases, tolerate a range           material over the last season. Decisions
                                                                                              current water use and irrigation practices
of Australian microclimates, have a long          have not yet been made on how to
                                                                                              of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry
shelf life and good flavour.                      manage this material after the end of the
                                                                                              crops in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. The
                                                  current project. Two assessment days
Below is a summary of some of the key                                                         National Heritage Trust (NHT) funded
                                                  for growers were held at the breeding       cross-berry industry water use efficiency
activities undertaken through this project:
                                                  plots to upskill growers in evaluating      project, “WaterWise Berries”, commenced
• The assessment summary for the 3-plant          the material in the plots. Unfortunately,   in July 2007. The aim of this project is to
  plots at Hoddles Creek was presented            these days were poorly attended.            determine the water use of berry crops.
  to ARGA Committee, for a decision
                                                • The new ARGA website was launched           Activities have been well attended by
  about which selections to progress to
                                                  in September 2007. The new ARGA             growers from the Yarra Valley and beyond.
  further evaluation. In the 3-plant plot
                                                  website has significantly improved          An application has been made to the NHT
  at Hoddles Creek, approximately 25
                                                  communication in the Rubus industry         to expand this project for a further three
  selections had stood out, of which seven                                                    years to develop benchmarking and best
                                                  nationally. Contrary to expectations, the
  were outstanding. After the 2006/07                                                         practice data for irrigating berry crops.
                                                  number of enquiries about the Rubus
  assessments, the ARGA Committee
                                                  industry has doubled since the launch of    A Strategic Agrichemical Review
  agreed to bulk up eight frontrunners for
                                                  the site. Major industry communication      (SARP) process was undertaken for the
  transfer to another grower’s property
                                                  is now via email and website rather         Rubus industry by the HAL Minor Use
  for on-going evaluation. These plants
                                                  than via the traditional newsletter.        Coordinator. The SARP process has
  were transferred in January 2008. In
  April 2008, the ARGA committee decided        • Application submitted to HAL for an         enabled the industry to prioritise the crop
  to transfer a total of ten frontrunners to      expanded IDO project – Australian           protection chemicals that will require Minor
  another grower’s property in Silvan for         Rubus Industry Development –                Use Permits to manage the increased
  further re-evaluation.                          Best Practice and Integrated Fruit          number of pest problems from changing
                                                  Production (RB8001).                        climatic conditions
• Approx 40 seedlings have been
  assessed for a second season at the           • Application to HAL, on behalf of            Project fr05003
  breeding plot at DPI Toolangi. A decision       ARGA, for a study tour for three            for more information contact:
  regarding which selections should               growers to attend international berry       alison brinson
  be retained will be finalised when the          conferences and meet with overseas          t 03 9210 9308
  plants are assessed for primocane               breeders – Global Berry Congress and        e

The new Australian Rubus Growers                tools on the site include a comprehensive     world leading Rubus R&D program
Association (ARGA) website has been up          history of Rubus fruit and varieties as       sites from other key growing regions
and running since September 2007 and is         well as availability templates and new        including Oregon Raspberry & Blackberry
proving to be a success for the industry.       developments to mention just a few.           Commission (USA) and the Scottish Crop
                                                                                              Research Institute for some of the latest
The widespread industry consultation            There is access to information for home       overseas trends and technical information.
that occurred during its design and             gardeners, nutrition facts and figures,
development phase is paying dividends           storage and recipes.                          The ARGA and website editor (Fiona
not only in its functionality but also in the                                                 Meewissen) welcome any feedback and/or
types of value adds available to those          The news section of the website contains      recommendations that growers may have
actively involved in the industry.              a variety of up to date information with      on the website.
                                                recent highlights being a new initiative to
Some of the key operational elements of the                                                   Project fr06003
                                                protect Australia’s bees and also a new
website include the ability to download order   chemical use regulations in Victoria fact     for more information contact:
forms for planting material, including the                                                    Phil rowe
                                                sheet. This section is updated regularly.
recently acquired himbo-top® (Designation                                                     t 03 5634 7526
of variety: ‘Rafzaqu’). Other excellent         Individuals can explore numerous              e

    InVestIng In australIan hortIculture

AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT PRIORITIES                                                                RELATIONSHIPS
As part of the Australian Government’s
                                                     Productivity and adding Value
                                                                                                AND ROLES
commitment to rural research and
development, horticulture industries                 Improve the productivity and               RELATING TO HAL
can access matching Commonwealth
funding through HAL for all research and
                                                     profitability of existing industries and
                                                     support the development of viable
development activities.                              new industries.                            Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) is a
                                                     supply chain and Markets                   not-for-profit industry owned company.
The Australian Government’s Rural                                                               Its role is to manage the expenditure
Research and Development Priorities                  Better understand and respond to
                                                                                                of funds collected by the Australian
aim to foster innovation and guide R&D               domestic and international market
                                                                                                Government on behalf of horticulture
effort in the face of continuing economic,           and consumer requirements and
environmental and social change. HAL’s               improve the flow of such information
operations are closely aligned with these            through the whole supply chain,            HAL invests $85 million annually in
priorities.                                          including to consumers.                    projects benefit horticulture industries.

Percentage by value of                    natural resource Management                           An Industry Advisory Committee (IAC)
rubus Projects value of Dried Grape projects
 Percentage by                            Support effective management of                       is established for each industry with
                                          Australia’s natural resources to                      a statutory levy and annual income
                                          ensure primary industries are both                    exceeding $150,000. The IAC is a
                                          economically and environmentally                      subcommittee of the HAL Board. It
                                          sustainable.                                          makes recommendations to HAL on the
                                                                                                expenditure of funds.
                                                     climate Variability and climate
                                                     change                                     The Peak Industry Body (PIB)
                                                     Build resilience to climate variability    for an industry is responsible
                                                     and adapt to and mitigate the effects      for recommending to HAL the
                                                     of climate change.                         establishment of, and any changes
                                                                                                to, statutory levies. The PIB for
                                                     biosecurity                                an industry with a statutory levy
                                                     Protect Australia’s community, primary     recommends membership of the IAC
      Productivity and Adding Value (100%)           industries and environment from            to HAL and must demonstrate how
                                                     biosecurity threats.                       the skills required on an IAC are met
      Supply Chain Markets (0%)                                                                 by the persons they recommend for
                                                                                                appointment to the committee.
      Natural Resources Management (0%)
                                                    In 2007/08 the Australian Rubus Growers     For more information please visit
      Climate Variability and Climate Change (0%)   Association (ARGA) acted as the service
                                                    provider on two projects.
      Biosecurity (0%)

                                                    Full details where the ARGA acted as the
                                                    service provider can be found on page
This chart shows the percentage                     four of this report.
of expenditure in HAL’s rubus R&D
program against each of the Australian
Government priorities for rural
research and development. Full detail
                                                      CONSULTATION FUNDING
of expenditure across all industries is               Consultation funding can be paid by HAL to a PIB to cover costs for IAC meetings,
available in HAL’s annual report or at                annual levy payers’ meetings and costs within the partnership agreement between                               HAL and the member industry that are specified as consultation, for example R&D
                                                      program consultation. Consultation does not include funding for conferences,
                                                      publications or general communication or industry development officers/managers.
                                                      In 2007/08 $2,400 of consultation funding was budgeted to be provided to the

 Project no    Project title                                levy     start         Project        organisation              contact
                                                            or Vc    Project       completion

 FR05003       Facilitating the development of the rubus    Levy     1-Sep-05      15-Jul-08      Victorian Department of   Alison Brinson
               industry – breeding and IDO                                                        Primary Industries        03 9210 9308

 FR06003       Facilitating communication in the rubus      VC       1-Jul-06      31-May-09      Australian Rubus          Philip Rowe
               industry                                                                           Growers Association       03 5634 7526

 RB07002       Global Berry Congress and IRC meeting        Levy     24-Apr-08     30-Sep-08      Australian Rubus          Philip Rowe
                                                            and VC                                Growers Association       03 5634 7526

The rubus industry contributes funding towards an across industry program that addresses issues affecting all of horticulture.
Details of the current program are listed below. A full report of the program can be found at

 Project no.         title

                     Enhance the efficiency, transparency, responsiveness and integrity of the supply chain for the total industry to
 outcome 1
                     provide clear market signals

 AH04007             Pesticide regulation coordinator

 AH04009             Coordination of minor use permits for horticulture

 AH06004             Horticulture Code of Conduct - Industry Support Package

 AH07001             Horticulture Statistics database

 AH07021             Enhancing consumer confidence in the safety of Australian horticultural produce

 outcome 2           Maximise the benefits of horticultural products in the eyes of consumers, influencers and government

 AH07006             Promoting the health advantage of fruit and vegetables to increase their consumption

 AH07007             Horticulture Wellbeing Initiative

 outcome 3           Position horticulture to compete in a globalised environment

 AH07002             HAL Market Access Coordinator

 AH07003             Market access support program

 AH07017             Codex Committee on Fresh Fruit and Vegetables participation

 outcome 4           achieve long term viability and sustainability for australia horticulture

 AH06002             Horticulture Industry Strategic Plan

 AH06007             Industry involvement in the development of Primary Production and Processing Standards

 AH06015             Cooperative venture for capacity building (CVCB) membership fees

 AH07009             Horticulture Water Initiative

 MT07029             Managing pesticide access in horticulture

                                                                               Marketing                r&d           combined
                                                                               2007/2008           2007/2008          2007/2008

 Funds available 1 July 2007                                                                          14,484                14,484

  Levies Received                                                                                     48,721                48,721

  Commonwealth Contributions                                                                          12,458                12,458

  Other Income                                                                                         1,007                 1,007

 total Income                                                                        n/a              62,186                62,186

  Budget                                                                                              66,060                66,060

  Variance to Budget                                                                                  (3,874)               (3,874)

 PrograM InVestMent
  Levy Programs                                                                                       21,929                21,929

  Service Delivery Programs by HAL                                                                     2,987                 2,987

  Across Industry Funding                                                                                254                   254

  Levy Collection Costs                                                                               10,268                10,268

 total Investment                                                                    n/a             35,438                 35,438
  Budget                                                                                              61,115                61,115

  Variance to Budget                                                                                  25,677                25,677

 Annual Surplus/Deficit                                                              N/A              26,748                26,748

 funds available 30 June 2008                                                        n/a              41,232                41,232

An audited financial report for 12 months ending 30 June 2008 will be available via the HAL website on 15 September 2008.

                                                                                        for More
   RUBUS INDUSTRY                                                                       InforMatIon contact:

   david bardon
   lorraine chapman
   steve chapman
   Philip dornauf
                                                                                        Stuart Burgess
   albert Meeuwissen
                                                                                        Industry Services Manager
   fiona Meeuwissen                                                                     Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL)
   Philip rowe                                                                          C/- FGT
   John sandford                                                                        Macquarie Wharf No. 1
                                                                                        Hunter Street,
   stephen la Morticella
                                                                                        Hobart TAS 7000
   alison brinson (ex officio)                                                          t 03 6231 1945

                          Horticulture Australia Limited (HAL) Level 7, 179 Elizabeth Street Sydney NSW 2000
                                      t 02 8295 2300 f 02 8295 2399

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