How to Run Progress Reports by bzq17683


									How to Run Progress Reports
 1)   Open PowerTeacher

 2)   Start Gradebook

 3)   Once Gradebook has started, select the Reports tab

 4) Choose individual Student report in the list.

 5) You will be presented with a 2 tab format box at the bottom of the screen.

         a.   Criteria Tab – Use this to set the parameters of the report.
              Following are the suggested changes.
 i. Sections - Choose whether you want to run a specific section or all active

    If you choose Selected Class, you must change the classes in the upper left
    corner for each report.

ii. Include – Uncheck the Include Final Grades Check box if you do not want a
    calculated final grade to show up on the progress report.

    Here is what the progress report shows with the Final Grades box checked.

iii. Date Range – Select the date range for the assignments to be included on the
     progress report.
      b.   Layout Tab – Use this to add a header or footer as well as a
           signature line.
               i. TopNote – File this in with the School information for display
                  on the top of the report.

              ii. Bottom Note – File in with additional information that will
                  display on each report.
             iii. Signature Line – Check this so that a Signature line shows up
                  on each report

6) Once you have set your criteria and the layout you are ready to run the
   report. Click on the Run Report button in the lower right portion of the

7) You will have the option to save or open the report. Print the report using
   the printer button.

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