How To Plan a Cross-Country Flight

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					How To Plan a Cross-Country Flight
Can Do Day Before

  1. Draw route on map using ruler
         a. Pick a set heading point that is within 15nm that you can fly to without
         b. Remember to look out for airspace restrictions
  2. Draw 10nm check marks on route line
  3. Draw 10° drift lines on map
  4. On navigation log enter route information
         a. Every time the heading changes is a new line
  5. Using a protractor determine the true track of each leg and enter on navigation log
  6. Determine the magnetic variation for each leg and enter it on log
  7. Measure distance of each leg in NM and enter it on log
  8. Pick ground speed check points and enter them on log
         a. Try to pick at least 2 per leg
         b. Measure distance between check points and distance remaining and enter on log
  9. Pick altitude to fly legs at
         a. 1000’ above highest obstacle within 5nm radius
         b. East is Least. West is Best
  10. Enter airport information on back of log using CFS

Do Day Of

  11. Obtain weather
         a. METARS, TAF, GFA, FD, and NOTAMS
         b. Calculate pressure altitude from METAR
                   i. 29.92 – Altimeter Setting x 1000 = Pressure altitude to apply
         c. Enter upper winds and temperatures on log
  12. From performance chart in POH determine choose RPM setting for legs and enter on log
  13. Enter TAS and GPH from performance chart on log
  14. Convert TAS to CAS using flight computer and then CAS to IAS using POH. Enter on log
         a. For climb leg do the reverse
  15. Using flight computer wind side, determine true heading and ground speed. Enter on log
  16. Apply variation to true heading to get magnetic heading. Apply deviation to get compass
17. Using flight computer calculate ETE (estimated time enroute)
         a. Triangle points to ground speed. Distance on outer scale = Time on inner scale.
18. Using flight computer calculate fuel burn
         a. Triangle points to GPH. Time on inner scale = Gallons on outer scale
19. Enter Start & Taxi fuel
         a. Usually 1.5 gal
20. Enter time and fuel for circuits
         a. 10min/circuit, 2 gal/circuit
         b. Do not enter for final destination
21. Calculate reserve
         a. Day = 30mins. Night = 45mins
22. Total the time enroute and the fuel required and enter on log
23. Calculate weight and balance
24. Calculate takeoff and landing distances
25. Fill in ICAO flight plan