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Headmaster - Murray Guest

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									Term 2, Week 6– Wednesday 3 June, 2009                House on Duty is Abbott – ah 6776 5829

Headmaster - Murray Guest
                         Sydney High Weekend
                         With 200 Sydney High boys with us from Friday to Sunday, last weekend was the single biggest
                         sporting occasion at TAS this year. It was also the biggest that our two schools have participated
                         in as shooting and football were added to the usual encounters of basketball, tennis and rugby.
                         To the casual observer it must appear that TAS and Sydney High are hugely different institutions;
                         in size, location, student make-up and educational system. Our long connection through the
                         GPS and common sporting ethos bridge these differences though and make the matching a
                         happy one. The weekend was again a resounding success and I was delighted to see such good
                         spirit and sportsmanship across the board. It was fitting that the victories were shared and I
                         congratulate all our sportsmen on their efforts.
We are very fortunate that Sydney High generously commit to travelling to Armidale each year and I offer special thanks
to their Headmaster, Dr Jagger and all the High staff for making this possible.

Coonabarabran Horse Sports Expo
I very much enjoyed making my first visit to the Horse Sports at Coonabarabran on Sunday and it really was quite an
experience. The TAS team of Ed Hoddle, Ben Armstrong, Jordan Rose and Nick Murray were amongst some 570 riders
from schools across NSW and the sheer size of the event was something to behold. I was proud to see our boys carrying
themselves and performing so well and I offer them congratulations on their commitment to their sport and their
performance over the four days of competition.

Armidale Eisteddfod
ʻChoirs Nightʼ is one of the showcase evenings of the Armidale Eisteddfod and last nightʼs event was a highlight of
the 2009 program. TAS was proudly represented by the TAS Singers in the final three major categories and performed
very well indeed with first place in the small choirs (up to 9 choristers), second in the first open choirs section (for two
contrasting pieces with at least 3 parts) and third in the New England Choral Championship. These fine results in strong
and big fields reflect the talent and dedication of our TAS Singers and I congratulate them on their performances last

Chaplain-Richard Newton In Life’s waiting Room Romans 8: 22-25
Imagine, if at all possible, being a Bulldogʼs supporter. Imagine how you would feel every time a
refereeʼs decision goes ʻupstairsʼ to the video ref. The wait must be pure torture. I would say for
any league supporter the wait for the video refʼs decision is a very good example of waiting eagerly.
When the ref draws the imaginary box in the air, all eyes turn to the big screen, spectators shuffle
forward to the edge of their seats and they wait eagerly for the decision. However in the case of
the Dogʼs supporter it is not so much a longing but a dread. For all too often it has resulted in
disappointment. Poor doggies! As a Dragons fan, I like it!
In the passage we hear that the whole of creation groans as it waits for the hope that is still to come.
In fact the groaning is that of a woman in labor. This is indeed a desperate groan. We wait for the
hope that will come. It is a good thing that we wait for, not some colossal disappointment like the video ref might hand
down, but redemption, the freedom from the pain and disappointment that this world and this life bring.
But we wait. We wait for that time to come; we are urged here to wait patiently. I may seem like captain obvious here, but
we wait because it has not yet arrived. Some people become disappointed with God now, because they wonder ʻwhy is
there pain and suffering?ʼ But this is to confuse what he has promised. He has not promised a pain free existence in the
waiting room, in this life, in the here and the now, this is a promise for the future, a certain outcome still to eventuate,
we know what we wait for, and so we hope, and we do not hope for what we have already received.

  • phone: 6776 5800          • fax 6776 5830        • web: www.as.edu.au          • email: reception@as.edu.au
                                                    Tuesday 16 June
Weekly Calendar                                                     Year 11 Hospitality Work Placement
                                                    6.00pm          In House Music Concert
Wednesday 3 June
              Year 12 Construction Work Placement

Thursday 4 June
              Year 12 Construction Work Placement   P&F Association
3.30pm        Classes conclude for long weekend     Thank you to those who helped out in various ways on
                                                    Saturday at the Soup Kitchen/ Canteen. It was a wonderful
Friday 5 June                                       day and it is always a pleasure to work with you.
              Year 12 Construction Work Placement
                                                    The next home game of Rugby to be held at TAS is next
              Boarder buses depart
                                                    term and it would be great if we could have a small
              Staff PD Day
                                                    committee organised by then to help with the running of
              SCHOOL CLOSED
                                                    these canteens. Please contact one of the P&F executive
Saturday 6 June                                     for details.
              NE Opens/U16s Schoolboy Rugby         Lastly we are holding a meeting on Tuesday 16th June at
              - NSW Country School Championships    1pm in the Lower Maxwell room to discuss ideas for future
              (Farrer, Tamworth)                    fundraising and the Fete and welcome you all to attend.
              SCHOOL CLOSED                         If you are unable to attend but have ideas you would like
                                                    considered please email Margie on mg.r@bigpond.com
Sunday 7 June                                                                                Margie and Kaye
              NSW Country School Championships
              SCHOOL CLOSED
                                                    On the Web
Monday 8 June                                       Rugby v SHS
              Queenʼs Birthday Holiday              http://www.as.edu.au/current_happenings/activities/
              Boarders return by 8.00pm             sport/rugby.php
                                                    Round Square
Tuesday 9 June
              Classes resume
              Activities Briefing - No Assembly
              Cattle Preg Testing Course            Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award
              (Wallamumbi Station - Yrs 10, 11,     http://www.as.edu.au/current_happenings/activities/
              12)                                   DofE/current_duke.php and
Wednesday 10 June                                   PSSA Cross Country
              ICAS Science Competition
              Cattle Preg Testing Course
Thursday 11 June                                    Tom Abbott Workshop
              Interschool Debating at TAS
              Cattle Preg Testing Course            music/current_music.php
                                                    Transition Athletics
Friday 12 June
4.00pm        Depart for LBK Prime Cup - Tamworth
              (13s to Open)                         transition.php
                                                    Thalgarrah movie
Saturday 13 June
              Shooting Training Weekend
7.00-9.00pm   NEGS Middle School Social             MS Monitors for Semester 1 2009
Sunday 14 June                                      current_middle_school.php
9.30am        Morning Prayer                        Photo albums from Excursion Week
              Shooting Training Weekend             http://www.as.edu.au/current_happenings/excursions.
              (Wollomombi)                          php
2pm           Eisteddfod Gala Concert               Foundation
Monday 15 June
              Activities Day No. 4
              Year 11 Hospitality Work Placement    Hawkesbury Canoe Classic 2009 details
                                                                   Calendar / P & F / On the Web Page 2
 Foundation                                                      Activities Day 4
Complimentary DVD and Annual Giving
                                                                The following arrangements will exist for cadets on
                                                                Activities Day 4.
                                                                As usual there will be briefing for all cadets at period 5 on
I am really pleased to be able to let you all know that
                                                                the Tuesday prior to the day. All Cadets are to have their
from next week you will all be receiving in the mail a
                                                                school diary and a pen with them at the briefing in order
complimentary DVD of the opening of the Hoskins Centre
                                                                to take down specific details of the day.
in March and a brochure that marks the launch of the
                                                                Please note that the details for B Company below are
Foundationʼs Annual Giving appeal.
                                                                correct and represent a change from previous published
The DVD gives a snapshot of the opening highlights and
features compelling speeches and many, but not all of the
performances. Unfortunately, the recording of some of
                                                                Platoon Activity    Location Time out          Time in
the performances, like the Blenders was not good enough
                                                                A Coy
for the DVD but we are trying to resurrect a little to appear
                                                                1, 2 & 3 Range      Loch Abba 0830hrs           1700 hrs
on the TAS website. Nonetheless, the DVD will be a great
                                                                Platoon Practice
reminder of all the celebrations.
While the dust may have settled on all the events of the
opening in March, the work still continues to outfit it with
sound and lighting equipment and a curtain. You will find in
                                                                B Coy
the envelope our inaugural Annual Giving brochure which
                                                                4&5     Navigation/ Newholme 0830hrs            1700 hrs
families, Foundation members and old boys will receive
                                                                Platoon Rogaining
each year asking if they are able to make a contribution to
a few projects that the school is running. This is of course
                                                                        Bush cooking
entirely voluntary and we recognise that it may not be
possible for many families to give this year. However, we
                                                                6         Abseiling  Bakers      0830hrs       1700 hrs
need to start this form of fund raising that is the bedrock
                                                                Platoon   Knots/     Creek
for most independent schools and any consideration you
may give is gratefully received.
I do hope you will enjoy the DVD and will have no problem
viewing it in either your DVD player or computer.
                                              Cressida Mort
                                                                C Coy
                                   Director of Development
                                                                7, 8 & 9 Radio       Private  0830hrs          1530 hrs
                                                                Platoon procedure Property

Community Service
                                                                         Knots/      near Dumaresq Dam
Alligators swimming club would like between 15 and 20
TAS boys for community service on Sunday 28th June for
their annual swimming carnival.
                                                                Note: A Coy Range Shoot - 15 June
Boys who volunteer to help will be needed from 8:30am
                                                                This Range Shoot is conducted under the TAS Rifle Club.
until 4pm. Please email Ms Boydell to register your name
                                                                Parents are reminded to have the consent form into the
for this Community Service. cboydell@as.edu.au
                                                                school by Friday 5th June, in order for their son in A Coy
                                                                to participate in the range practice.

Competition Results
Goegraphy Competition
Congratulations to the following boys who received great         Student Services
results in the recent Geography Competition:
High Distinctions        Nathan Eagar                                                Boarder buses will depart TAS around
                         Max Melville                                                8am on Friday morning. Tickets are
                         Anthony Pitt                                                available from Mrs OʼBrien today and
                         Simon Scoles                                                timetables are also available.
                         Lucas Tooth                                                 If necessary I can be contacted over
                         Jonathan Wheeler                                            the weekend on 0412 475 339.
                                                                                                       Mrs Vickey OʼBrien
Credits                   Lachlan Sewell
                          Mitch Maguire                                          Foundation / Activities Day 4 Page 3
 General Notices                                                                        Hawkesbury

Exchange Students                                                                        October 24 – 25, 2009
With the Long Weekend approaching we have two of our                                     The 32nd Hawkesbury Canoe
exchange students in boarding who may well be staying                                    Classic will take place on October
in all weekend. Kushagra Agrawal is from Daly College,                                   24 and 25 this year. TAS will again
India and is in year 10 and Sarfaraz Gill is from Vivek High                             enter a large squad of paddlers,
School, India and is in Year 11. If any family feels they are                            all hoping to complete the 111
doing something where these boys might be able to join in                                kilometres      from Windsor to
we would love to hear from you as they would appreciate         Brooklyn Bridge under the light of a full moon.
experiencing more of Australia. This may be the whole           This continues the proud tradition at TAS of challenge and
weekend or indeed a day activity. Kush and Sarfaraz both        service through this unique event. The Classic is still one
speak very good English and are keen to meet more of            of the great physical and mental challenges available to
the TAS community. Contact Mr Harris if you are able to         our students in a relatively safe environment. It is also the
help.                                                           primary source of funds for bone marrow research and
                                                                has contributed over $1.5 million in the past 31 years.
                                                                We are looking for keen and determined paddlers to join
                                                                our team. Training, boats and all equipment are supplied
                                                                or arranged as well as transport, accommodation and the
The National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) is again          support of a land crew during the event. Our boats
touring this winter and will hold workshops at the              include single and double kayaks and we can cater for 50
Hoskins Centre during the July holidays. Details can be         paddlers. Students from Years 9 to 11 can paddle with a
found on the Instituteʼs website http://www.nida.edu.au/        friend or their parent and we also cater for adult pairings
NidaCustomisation/CourseList.aspx?TYP=225#1978                  (although students have the first option on boats). Parents
                                                                and friends can also experience the event by being part
The 4 courses offered are:                                       of the land crew
Acting Intensive for 16 years and over      July   18-19        Training will take place throughout Term 3 with expert
Acting to Camera 12 to 18 years             July   18-19        tuition available both in paddling and race conditioning
Acting Techniques 12 to 15 years            July   14-17        and preparation. Trainings occur every Sunday morning at
Acting Techniques 16 years and over         July   14-17        Dumaresq Dam, starting on Sunday, August 2.
                                                                If you think that you would like to be involved ask for the
                                                                fact sheet from Peter Hall or Reception. There is a form to
Year 11 Parent Teacher Interviews & HSC                         express interest that needs to be returned by Friday, June
Information Session                                             26 to allow for initial boat allocations for training. We can
Thursday 18 June                                                email or fax information to parents and friends who may
3.30-5.30pm Parent/Teacher Interviews (Library)                 wish to reserve a place in the 2009 Classic. There is also
Friday 19 June                                                  the above information and a report and photos from the
11.30-12.30pm HSC Information Session (Hoskins Centre)          last Classic on our website under activities and this will be
All parents welcome. Compulsory for Year 11 students.           gradually updated as we head towards this yearʼs event.
Focuses on HSC goal setting, changes to HCSC subjects           This is an experience not to be missed and part of the rich
patterns, HSC scaling and University Admission Index            heritage of TAS.        See http://www.as.edu.au/current_
(UAI).                                                          happenings/activities/hcc/hawkesbury.php for details.
12.30-1.15       Lunch in Dining Hall                                                                              Peter Hall
1.30-4.30pm Parent/Teacher Inverviews
                 (Memorial Hall)
Teachers appreciate parents taking the time to come to
the school for these interviews.
Letters have been sent to parents today. For enquires,
please contact Meg Sadler on 6776 5805 or email

Eisteddfod Congratulations
Andrew Grigg
Period Character Sketch                    1st
Verse Speaking Solo                        2nd
Improvision duo with Peter Lynn            3rd
Public Speaking Prepared Speech Highly     Commended
                                                                                                 General Notices Page 4
                                                              University of Technology, Sydney
 Careers - Trevor Thatcher                                      Bachelor of Accounting Co-Op Scholarship Course
http://www.as.edu.au/current_happenings/careers/                        Australiaʼs premier business degree
careers.php                                                   • Applications for the UTS BAcc course will close this year
                                                              on Friday 12 June.
Diploma in Law                                                • Interested students to go to www.bachelorofaccouting.
University of Sydney
For your information and that of your students, we enclose
our Course Information Handbook for the Winter 2009
semester together with our publication “A Pathway to
                                                              Open Days for 2009
Legal Practice”.
                                                              Australian Catholic University
The Diploma in Law is awarded by the Legal Profession
                                                              Canberra campus                           29 August
Admission Board which is the authority that grants
                                                              North Sydney campus Open Night            9 September
admission to the legal profession in NSW. For the purpose
                                                              Strathfield campus                         12 September
of admission tot he legal profession, the Diploma in Law
                                                              Australian Maritime College
and a law degree from an accredited faculty are equivalent.
                                                              Launceston campus                         16 August
Based on current fees for tuition and examination, it is
                                                              Campus tours can be arranged by appointment.
possible to complete the Diploma for just over $11,000.
                                                              For further information call 1300 361 928.
The Boardʼs aim in offering the Diploma is to make the
                                                              Australian National University            29 August
study of law accessible and affordable to as many people
                                                              Charles Sturt University                  Every day
a possible who have the desire and necessary aptitude to
                                                              For campus tours/appointments and course information
undertake it. Notable features of the program are;
                                                              call 1800 334 733.
  • entry to the course is open to holders of a NSW Higher
                                                              Griffith University
  School Certificate with a UAI of at least 66;
                                                              Gold Coast                                9 August
                                                              La Trobe University
  • the course is designed to be taken part time (all week
                                                              Albury-Wodonga campus                     23 August
  day lectures are delivered in the evening) or by external
                                                              Mildura campus Information session
  study. Lectures are delivered at Sydney Universityʼs
                                                                                               27 July – 14 August
  Camperdown campus and the Old Law School Building
                                                              Macquarie University                      12 September
  in the Sydney CBD;
                                                              Southern Cross University
                                                              For personalised campus tours and special events call
  • the course has a practical orientation and emphasis in
                                                              1800 111 890
  the course is on preparation for practice;
                                                              University of Canberra                    29 August
                                                              University of New England                 4 September
  • teaching staff come from law faculties and legal
                                                              University of New South Wales
  practice. All teach part time for the LEC< so we cannot
                                                              Open Day                                  5 September
  offer the level of individual support available from full
                                                              Australian Defence Force Academy, Canberra 29 August
  time academic faculties;
                                                              University of Newcastle
                                                              Newcastle campus (Callaghan)              29 August
  • there is no HECS available although some student may
                                                              Central Coast campus (Ourimbah)           22 August
  qualify for austudy assistance;
                                                              Port Macquarie campus Information Night 3 September
                                                              University of Sydney
  • students have full access to the Sydney University Law
                                                              Camperdown & Darlington, Mallett Street, Sydney College
  School Library
                                                              of the Arts and Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Macquarie
                                                              Street campus) 29 August
We presently have approximately 1,200 students enrolled
                                                              For campus tours call 1300 362 006.
in the course of whom approximately 30% entered through
                                                              University of Technology, Sydney
the HSC or equivalent entry category, often after some
                                                              UTS Information Day, Broadway campus 29 August
time in the workforce.
                                                              UTS Information Evening, Kuring-gai campus9 September
Please see Mr Thatcher for more information.
                                                              University of Western Sydney
                                                              Parramatta campus                         30 August
Bond Universityʼs Scholarship Program                         University of Wollongong
APPLICATIONS FOR ALL BOND UNIVERSITY                          For personalised campus tours and special events, call
SCHOLARSHIPS CLOSE ON FRIDAY, 31ST JULY 2009.                 1300 367 869.
Queries can be directed to the Bond University Scholarship
Program on 07 5595 1067 or by email scholarships@bond.        For information on school visit days, contact individual
edu.au.                                                       institutions.

                                                                                                      Careers Page 5
UNSW CO-OP Program Scholarships
In 2010, the UNSW Co-op Program will offer scholarships          Sporting News
in 24 programs across Business, Engineering, Built             http://www.as.edu.au/current_happenings/activities/
Environment and Science.                                       sport/current_sport.php
The benefits for students include:
•       Industry experience with leading employers
                                                               Armidale Primary Schoolsʼ Rugby Competition
•       Leadership & professional development training
                                                               Date: 3 June (continues each Wednesday this term)
•       Mentoring and support throughout their degree
                                                               Venue: Consett Davis Ovals at UNE
•       Professional networking opportunities
                                                               Start time: 4:10pm
•       Strong network of friends and peers
                                                               Format: 10-a-side rugby played on ʻhalf-filedsʼ. There
•       $60,000 - $75,000 scholarship*
                                                               will be an ʻAʼ and ʻBʼ Division and TAS will have one team
                                                               in each division. There will be four team in each division.
In the current economic climate, it is more important
                                                               All four games will be played at the same time.
than ever that students gain a competitive advantage
                                                               Transport: TAS minibus departs 3:45pm and will return to
when entering graduate employment. The UNSW Co-op
                                                               TAS by 5:15pm
Program provides invaluable professional experience in
the real world that helps Co-op Graduates make smarter
                                                               Results from LBK-Prime Cup, Friday 29 May
career choices and positions them well ahead of the
                                                               Team           Opponents     Result
                                                               3rd XV         Oxley         lost 0 - 31
The UNSW Co-op Program is open to year 12 students
entering university for the first time, or those commencing
                                                               There are no LBK-Prime Cup games on Friday 5 June
university for the first time after a gap year. Candidates
for Scholarship are not only selected on their academic
                                                               Results of Sydney Boysʼ High School visit (SHS)
ability, but also their communication skills, community
contribution, personal motivation and leadership potential.
                                                               Junior game (Yr 9 and below): TAS lost 23 - 49
Co-op Scholar applicants need to achieve a UAI of 95.7
                                                               Senior game: TAS lost 25 - 54
(or equivalent) unless entry into the particular program
at UNSW requires a higher mark. Any year 12 student
                                                               Senior Tennis: SHS won
expecting a UAI above 90 should consider applying.
                                                               Rifle Shooting: TAS won
Students can find out more and APPLY ONLINE at: www.
                                                               Yr 5/6   TAS won 49 - 24
* Scholarships pay $15,000 per year over 4 years
                                                               13Bs      TAS won 61 - 0
for Business & Science degrees and 5 years for most
                                                               13As     TAS lost 27 - 29
Engineering degrees. (NB: Specific conditions apply for
                                                               14Bs     TAS lost 19 - 22
Mining Engineering, Petroleum Engineering and Surveying
                                                               14As     TAS lost 0 - 34
and Spatial Information Systems.
                                                               15As     TAS won 47 - 0
For details see www.co-op.unsw.edu.au
                                                               16Bs     TAS won 19 - 15
                                                               16As     TAS won 31 - 0
Bachelor of Medicine
                                                               2nd XV   TAS won 27 - 12
Joint Medical Program (JMP)
                                                               1st XV   TAS lost 22 - 24
The on-line direct University Application for Admission to
the Bachelor of Medicine – Joint Medical Program will open
August, 2009.
                                                               2nd XI TAS lost 0 - 3
                                                               1st XI TAS lost 1 - 3
The Bachelor of Medicine – JMP is offered jointly by the
University of Newcastle and the University of New England
                                                               UP-COMING RUGBY TRIPS:
                                                               Rugby: TAS vs Wollongbar/Alstonville Rugby (WAR) trip
in partnership with the Hunter New England Health Service
                                                               A complete Information Sheet is available on the Rugby
and the Northern Sydney Central Coast Health Service. The
                                                               Page of the TAS website:
JMP is an expansion of the highly successful University
of Newcastle medical program and is identical at both
institutions. Candidates will have the opportunity to select
                                                               A summary of the information follows:
the site at which they would prefer to enrol, either the
                                                               Game date: Saturday 20 June
University of Newcastle or University of New England (in
                                                               Teams: 15As, 14As, 13As & Yr 5/6
Northern NSW), when they lodge their JMP on-line direct
                                                               Venue: Wollongbar
university application.
Please see Mr Thatcher for more information.
                                                                                             Careers / Sport     Page 6
Game times:                                                     Assistance Needed
4:00pm: Yr 5/6                                                  Volunteers are needed to assist in the running of
5:00pm: 13As                                                    the Soup Kitchen/ Canteen for home games over the
6:00pm: 14As                                                    rugby season. Please contact Julie Heagney if you are
7:00pm: 15As                                                    interested.
# Saturday 20 June:                                                          Beat the winter blues with
Depart TAS at 8:30am. 15s, 14s & 13s travel in an Edwards                    exercise at TAS
coach. Yr 5/6 in a TAS minibus                                                Chris Doherty has three different types of
# Sunday 21 June: Depart Wollongbar 10:00am, arrive TAS                       classes available. www.cdpt.net.au
5:00pm                                                                        General Circuit: A weights based circuit
Accommodation on 20 June:                                                     class with some aerobic stations.
All boys will be billeted (in pairs) with parents of WAR                      Suitable for people 12 years and over of all
players                                                         levels of fitness. Monday: 6:45pm
Meals: Lunches will be at McDonlads/Subway. Dinner and                            Tuesday: 5:15pm
breakfast provided by WAR parents                                                 Thursday 6:45pm
Cost: Approx $65 (day boys) and $61 (boarders). Includes                          Saturday 4:15pm
transport, all meals, and accommodation.                        Location: TAS weights room
Note: Before 20 June, boys should buy a small gift to           Cost: First class free then $7.00 per session
present to their billet for hosting them.                       Reduced Mobility circuit:
                                                                Designed with retirees in mind, NO getting up and down
                                                                from the floor and NO really difficult stations.
Rugby: TAS vs SHORE trip
                                                                Tuesday & Thursday 10:15am
Game date: Saturday 27 June
                                                                Location: TAS weights room
Teams: 1st XV, 2nd XV, 3rd XV, 16As, 16Bs, 15As, 15Bs
                                                                Cost: First class free then $7.00 per session
Venue: SCEGS War Memorial Playing Fields (cnr Alpha Rd
                                                                Mild Moves:
and Sailors Bay Rd), Northbridge
                                                                Designed for those who have graduated from a Cardiac
Game times:
                                                                Rehabilitation course. A gentle class consisting mostly
10:00am: 16Bs & 15Bs
                                                                aerobic moves with some light hand weights (optional).
11:00am: 3rd XV, 16As & 15As
                                                                Wednesday 5:15pm
12 noon: 2nd XV
                                                                Location: Green Room (upstairs, TAS sports centre)
1:00pm: 1st XV
                                                                Cost: First class free then $6.00 per session
                                                                Contact Chris on 6771 1158 for more information.
Friday 26 June:
# 16s and 15s depart TAS 1:45pm
# Opens depart TAS 4:00pm                                       1st Football 30th and 31st May
Sunday 28 May:                                                  The 1st football team had a big weekend with a very close
All return to TAS at 5:00pm                                     fought match with Sydney High on Saturday and then
Accommodation:                                                  travelling to Glen Innes for the competition round on the
# 16s & 15s: Shore gym on Friday 26 June; Sydney Olympic        Sunday.
Park Lodge on Saturday 27 June                                  Saturday marked the first time Sydney High has travelled
# Opens: SHS Rowing Shed on Friday 26 June & Saturday           to Armidale with their 1st football team. Both sides were
27 June                                                         evenly matched and the game was locked at one each half
Rugby Test on Saturday 27 June at 8:00pm:                       way through the second half, thanks to a cunning chip shot
All boys to watch the Wallabies vs France Rugby Test at         by Ben Brunckhorst. At that point the game swung in the
ANZ Stadium. All TAS boys (and staff) will be in ʻGate P,        favour of TAS for the first time, with the boys holding their
Aisle 142, Rows 8 to 13, Seats 1 to 15ʼ (approx) and ʻGate      shape and stringing good passes together to dominate
P, Aisle 143, Rows 12 to 22ʼ.                                   possession. However this was short lived. High snuck a
Meals: A combination of TAS food, SHORE food, McDonalds         second goal and the TAS boys lost their impetuous and
and SOPAC Lodge food                                            conceded a third before full time. Special mention must
Cost: Approx $155 (day boys) and $143 (boarders).               go once again to Nick Boulos who played an outstanding
Includes transport, all meals, accommodation and Test           game at centre back and Clive OʼConnor beside him to the
tickets                                                         left, while Toby Brunckhorst continued to play the captains
Note: It is expected that all boys will stay with their teams   role in the middle of the park – distributing the ball and
on both nights and attend the Test match with their team.       always being available. Well done boys.
                                                                The character of the team was tested the next day. The
                                                                boys had to pull themselves together, lick their wounds
                                                                and travel North to Glen – never an easy task.
                                                                                                           Sport Page 7
                                                              Musical Notes - Ian Slater
 Sadly, with a less than full contingent, we leaked too
 many goals and the home team were two up at half
 time and another two added before full time. This is        The big news form the eisteddfod is the win for the TAS
 too many to attempt to win back, and should have been       big band in the large ensemble section of the Armidale
 unnecessary. Having said that there were moments of         eisteddfod. The band played Manteca and were a credit
 great play. Nick Boulos once again had a solid game in      to the school. There was stiff competition especially from
 defence. While Tommy Kwok eventually scored through         Bellingen – but TAS prevailed.
 a very nice shot after a game of ping-pong with the         On Wednesday Mr. Dempster and I took 8B to the University
 keeper. The highlight however, came a little late when      of New Englandʼs ethnomusicology department to play
 the team managed to string some passes together and         their Balinese compositions on a traditional Gamelan
 Toby Brunckhorst finished soundly to score our second        orchestra. Take a look at the website for some photos of
 and final goal. Thanks boys for a big weekend.               the boys in action.
                                   Rev. Richard Newton       As part of the Foundation Dinner for the New England
                                                             Art Museum held at the Hoskins Arts Centre, Nigel Bell,
                                                             Timothy Williamson and Sam Bullen entertained guests
                                                             with their trio music.
                                                             On Sunday the chapel choir took part in an Evensong at

  Shooting News
                                                             the Cathedral. This was a truly memorable evening and a
                                                             special mention must go to Nigel Bell who sang the cantor
                                                             part beautifully. As well as the choir thanks to the brass
TAS shooters competed against Sydney Boys High School
                                                             and string payers who enhanced the service.
rifle team in a smallbore competition last Saturday.
                                                             Some more eisteffod results. Please let me know of any
Competing in 10 man teams, the competition involved two
stages at 50yards - a deliberate application followed by a
                                                             French open piano solo Timothy Williamson         3rd
snap practice.
                                                             U.15 piano solo           Timothy Williamson      1st
The competition saw some excellent shooting, with TAS
                                                             13 – 15 championship Timothy Williamson           1st
Year 10 student Luke Heagney top scoring in the deliberate
                                                             U.15 Pop jazz/piano       Angus Trenerry          1st
application scoring an incredible 99 (possible 100) with 4
                                                             Large ensemble Big Band                           1st
centre bullseyes. Matthew Tong of Sydney High top scored
                                                             Large ensemble more than 20 AYO                   1st
in the snap practice with a score of 70 (possible 80).
                                                                                       Timothy Williamson
TAS narrowly won the competition with a total score of
                                                                                       Angus Trenerry
1513-16, against a Sydney Boys High School score of
                                                                                       Nigel Bell
                                                                                       Harry Wright
                                                                                       Sam Bullen
Next shooting for TAS will be at Wingham this weekend,
                                                             U.15 piano solo           Aidan Watt              2nd
competing in their fullbore prize meeting.
                                                             Flute novice              Zac Collins-Widders     1st
                                                             Guitar duet or group Yr 7-12
                                                             New England youth guitar (Max Laurie)             1st

                                                             And finally – a sombre note for budding musicians:
                                                             St. Peterʼs still checking IDʼs. He asks a man, “What did
                                                             you do on Earth?”
                                                             The man says, “I was a doctor.”
                                                             St. Peter says, “Ok, go right through those pearly gates.
                                                             Next! What did you do on Earth?”
                                                             “I was a school teacher.”
                                                             “Go right through those pearly gates. Next! And what did
                                                             you do on Earth?”
                                                             “I was a musician.”
                                                             “Go around the side, up the freight elevator, through the
           TAS & Sydney High School Shooters                 kitchen.....

                                                                                  Sport / Shooting / Music Page 8
 Counsellorʼs Corner                                              Congratulations to Michael Taylor who came second at
In the last Counsellorʼs Corner I was talking to parents of       the State Gymnastics competition in the Vault. Well done
boys in the Middle School. This time the comments are             Michael.
intended to reflect the boysʼ experience, even if itʼs only
the parents who read it!! Perhaps parents will invite sons        National Geographic Geography
to read it too??                                                  Competition
The transition to adolescence is interesting because we           Congratulations to Riley Baile, Nick Hadfield and Bryan
can start to think and feel very differently. A lot of things      Morley for receiving a Distinction in the National Geographic
seem to be about us and how others see us. We start to            Geography Competition. A special mention must go to
focus on our own body-image, our place in the social              John Dennis, Aidan Hammerschmid, Nicholas McCarroll,
groups at School, the ways others include or exclude              Waseem Sajeev, Ben Stacy and Alex Wright who all received
us, and whether we are OK to ourselves and others. (We            a High Distinction.
donʼt have to be super-cool to feel OK about ourselves).
We become much more concerned about what is called                Year 8 Maths Test
ʻimage-management – how we seem to others and how to              All of Year 8ʼs will be sitting for a Maths examination on
ensure that othersʼ perceptions of us are what we want. We        Thursday, 4th June, Periods 1 and 2. All students must
start to notice whether we are inclined to privacy, being an      bring; pens, ruler, rubber and a calculator. The topics
observer of others or whether we are happier being ʻout           will be; algebra, percentages, pythagoras and basic skills.
thereʼ, projecting ourselves into social situations.              Revision has been sent out via email to all students.
We are likely to have a point of view about a lot of things,                                                Mrs Seonia Wark
though we want there to be absolute fairness, justice and
rightness in the ways things work out. We see things from         Middle School Social
our own point of view and often see other peopleʼs points         This terms Middle School social will be hosted by NEGS
of view as things we have to prove wrong or convince to           and will be held on Saturday 13th June from 7pm to 9pm.
join us on our side. Sometimes we want to exclude others          Please discuss this with your son as we will be taking
who differ from us, or fear being excluded by others               attendance next week. There will be a cover charge of $5
because of our points of view.                                    per boy attending which will be charged to your school
Whether we are accepted by our peers and attractive to girls      account. All boys are required to catch the bus to and from
as we change physically can become very important. We             the social. They will need to meet at the front of the TAS
start to look for opportunities to express our independence       Memorial Hall at 6.45pm and are to be collected promptly
and this can lead us into conflict with authority figures           at 9.00pm from the same place. Please note it is a school
– parents, teachers, coaches. We can get pretty stirred up        requirement that all day and boarding students travel to
about these things.                                               and from school socials on the bus.
Life can feel a bit untidy during this period of our lives. Our
bodies are changing, we are more aware of ourselves and           Mobile Phone Policy
how we fit socially, and not always sure that everything           We would appreciate the support of our parents in
is OK. That is why it is good to talk with trusted adults in      reinforcing the schoolʼs mobile phone policy with their
your world when you are feeling a bit ʻblueʼ – a teacher,         son. A number of boys have had their phones confiscated
the Counsellor, the Chaplain, an older friend or relative.        for inappropriate use during class time.
DOING THAT IS OK – you donʼt have to be falling off your           The use of mobile phones is accepted and it is acknowledged
perch. Just have a chat and discover that itʼs not a bad          that they give important communication access to parents.
experience. Best wishes                                           In accepting the use of mobile phones it is expected that
                                                Rob Hadfield       they will be used responsibly.
                                                                  Boarders may carry mobile phones but they are to be
                                                                  switched off on all formal occasions. This includes
                                                                  teaching periods, tutor/assembly times, roll call and

  Middle School                                                   prep times. Mobile phones are not permitted to be
                                                                  used after lights out. Any student found using vulgar
                                                                  or obscene language, harassing or antisocial behaviour
Queens Birthday Long Weekend
                                                                  or transmitting/displaying unapproved images of other
After a busy 6 weeks of activities in and out of the classroom
                                                                  persons will face disciplinary action. Irresponsible use of
the boys will appreciate the opportunity to recharge their
                                                                  a mobile phone will include its confiscation for a period
batteries in the comfort of their own homes. At end of this
                                                                  of time as determined by staff according to the level of
term a semester report will be mailed out to parents. We
                                                                  breach of use.
wish the boarders a safe journey home and know that all
                                                                  Day boys may also carry mobile phones but are to be
our boys are looking forward to this opportunity to spend
                                                                  switched off during class, tutor group or any other formal
extra time with their families.
                                                                              Counsellorʼs Corner / Middle School Page 9
gathering. That is, use is permitted at any time when a
student would normally be able to access a pay-phone (ie,       Junior School
recess, lunchtime and after school). Inappropriate use of
any kind will in result immediate confiscation of the phone.
                                                               Looking Ahead
                                                               Wednesday 3 June        No Assembly today
Activities Day 4                                               Thursday 4 June         Junior School closes at 3.30pm
On Monday 15th June the Years 7 & 8 will be involved in                                for the long weekend
Cadet activities whilst Year 6 boys be travelling to Dorrigo   Friday 5 June           Staff only day
to participate in the National Parks and Wildlife Service      Monday 8 June           Queenʼs Birthday Long Weekend
Discovery Walk at the Rainforest Centre. The Year 6 boys       Wednesday 10 June       ICAS Science Competition for
will travel by coach and will be leaving TAS at 8.30am and                             Years 3,4 & 5
will return by 3.30pm. The boys are asked to bring morning                             Year 1W Assembly
tea and lunch, plenty of water and a raincoat. All boys must   Monday 15 June          Activities Day
wear appropriate footwear and a hat.

PSSA Cross Country                                             Tezukayama visit to TAS cancelled for
Last Thursday, Joe Makeham, Will Claridge and Dan Allen        2009
attended the public school cross country also known as         It is with much sadness that we were informed by the
zone. There were over 100 children from all ages who           Headmaster of Tezukayam Gakuin Elementary School
came to represent their school from many places such as;       in Osaka, Japan that they will be unable to visit us this
Tamworth, Moree, Quirindi, Inverell, Gunnedah and not to       year. The Japanese government will not allow any school
forget the hosts of the event, Walcha.                         excursions to leave the country in response to the swine
Unfortunately the weather was terrible to run in on the day.   flu epidemic until the end of August 2009 which precludes
But Will, Dan and myself were fortunate enough to cope         Tezukayama from visiting us.
with these shocking conditions and were able to run into
exceptional places. Greatfully, I managed to win the under
12 division and run really well. As for Dan, he successfully
finished in ninth. This is a fantastic place especially in
these types of conditions. Not to forget Will who finished      Happy Birthday Wishes
at forteenth which also was great considering there was a      We wish a very Happy Birthday to the following children
large number of kids in the race. All the other TAS kids did   who celebrate their birthdays this week:
well to and finished very close up with the leaders.            Matthew Wark and Daisy Meehan.
I congratulate all the kids who tried so hard in that tough
competition and I am glad of how TAS went.                     Congratulations to our stars
                                               Joe Makeham     Congratulations to the following children who received
                                                               their Bronze Award at the assembly last week:
Year 7 Poetry                                                  Max Barnsley, Hamish Chalmers, Jack Evans, Sophia
Recently Year 7 began their unit of work on poetry. In Year    Bohlsen, Tristan Rottcher, Noah Champion, Archie chick,
7 B we have been reading some poetry classics such as          Mason Hallett, Harry Litchfield, Damien Tyers, Charlie
Wordsworthʼs “I wandered lonely as a cloud”, creating some     Rutledge, Stephen Smith, Nicholas Jackson, Ethan Jones,
Nature Haikus and most recently writing some very cool         Joe Sewell, Lachlan Wood, Amelia Newton, Lachlan Alford,
Simile and Metaphor raps. Here are just a few examples of      James Hutchison, Andrew Spokes, Tahlia Paull, Finley
our work.                                                      McCarthy, Umur Gultekin, William Brissett and Holly
Autumn                                                         Tearle.
Summer has gone now                                            Congratulations to the following children who are the first
leaves falling on to the ground                                to receive their Silver Award this year!
soothing calm colours                                          Lucy Ball, Angus Alford, Cotter Litchfield and Nicholas
                                       by Hamish McPhie        Moar.

Here are some Rap Lyrics from Patrick Williamson, John         Thank you to our Music staff
Dennis and Sam Doyle. Can you spot the simile?                 Our thanks are extended to Mr Phil Oxley for the care and
His feet stunk like French blue cheese                         guidance he has given to our childrenʼs young voices in
That showed the remnants of week old peas                      the K-2 and Yr 3-5 Choirs – they are so fortunate to be
                                                               receiving this level of expertise at their young ages. We
Log on to the TAS website to hear the rap poems                were delighted with their performances at the Eisteddfod
performed.                                                     and very proud of their presentation. Well done to all.

                                                                             Middle School / Junior School     Page 10
Australiaʼs Biggest Morning Tea at TAS
Last Friday 29th May, the Junior School hosted the annual        Junior School Sport
Australiaʼs Biggest Morning Tea to raise money for the          TAS Teddies
Cancer Council. Thanks to the students and parents for                                                 Mrs Hilary Harvey
the many plates of food that were brought for us to share.      The TAS Teddies had a great game played in good spirit
The Junior School was able to raise $510.15 on the day.         in Guyra on Saturday against the Lions. Even though some
This money will be sent to the Cancer Council along with        of the girls they played were much bigger than them, the
the money raised from decorating Mrs Paullʼs head. The          Teddies chased and kicked hard all game, losing just 2-
total amount raised for the Cancer Council is $2032.50.         0. Alexander Gibson and Tristan Rottcher did some big
An amazing effort. Well done to all involved.                    kicking, while Dominic Ferguson and Harry Litchfield were
                                                                always right on the ball. Mason Hallett and Henry Moore
Tiddalik the Frog Performance                                   eagerly turned the play towards the opposition goal at
                                      Mrs Anne Trenerry         every opportunity. The Teddies have clearly learned a lot
The Junior School children from Kindergarten to Year            already this season and should be very pleased with how
5 were treated to a wonderful performance last week,            they are going.
brought to us by the Young Australia Workshop Company.
The story of Tiddalik the Frog, who drank up all the            TAS Trucks
water in the land, was creatively and spectacularly told                                               Mr Cameron Moore
through an amazing large 3D book, clever puppetry,              The TAS Trucks had a fun game against a very strong Uralla
sound effects and two performers, John and Elanna.               Force this weekend. With a few players short all players
The audience participation enhanced the story, and the          demonstrated how fit they were, running around the field
childrenʼs “incredible face-pulling” finally made Tiddalik       for the whole game. Isabel McBean and Olivia Strelitz were
“laugh”, and the water flowed out of his mouth, all over         great attackers, tackling well and trying to run the ball up
Kindergarten, much to their shrieks of delight! It was an       to our goal. Unfortunately they were stopped by some very
excellent performance. The Junior School will have their        good little Force players. Lawrence Conroy and Rachael
second visiting performance this term on Thursday, 18th         Kenrick did some great kicks from the backline and tried
June with the show “Making Friends”.                            hard to run back to defend our goal. All players played
                                                                very well and kept their spirits up all through the game.
Individual Eisteddfod Results                                   I look forward to our next game when we are all well and
Many of our children in the Junior School participate in the    back on deck!
Eisteddfod each year. It is a wonderful achievement for         A big thank you to Mrs Strelitz and Mr McBean who stood
these children to perform at this level and we congratulate     in for me and did a great job as team coaches.
all of them. We would like to thank the peripatetic teachers
and the Music staff for preparing the children so well for       A reminder to both Teddies and Trucks that there are
their performances. Please let Mrs Nies know of your            no games next weekend due to the long weekend. The
achievements in the Eisteddfod so they can be included          next game for both teams is on Saturday 13th June. The
in the newsletter (lnies@as.edu.au, 6776 5817 or drop in        Trucks will play on Rologas 4 at 9.30am against the Guyra
a note).                                                        Leopards. The Teddies will play against the Demon Knights
Congratulations to Mia Emanuel on obtaining the following       Daggers on Rologas 7 at 9.30am.
places at the Eisteddfod: 1st place in the Cello solo – 8 yrs
and under, 1st place in the Cello solo – restricted – 8 years   TAS Tigers
and under, 1st place in the String solo – novice – Yrs K-4                                              Ms Lana Bromwich
and 1st place in the Duet on any Bowed Instruments – 10         This week the Mighty TAS Tigers played against the Ex
years and under accompanied by her sister, Izzy Emanuel.        Services- West Lions. It was a tight game from the start
Well done Mia!                                                  with both teams displaying equal ability, making this a
We would also like to congratulate Daisy Meehan who             challenging, but exciting game. Harry Ashton-Nies and
came 2nd in the Violin solo – 8 years and under.                Cooper Johnson were tenacious in defending our team,
                                                                with many near goals intercepted cleverly. Angus Alford
Lost Property                                                   and Cooper Johnson worked hard to produce some
Ashleigh Slater lost her tracksuit after the cross country -    exciting goals. Ollie Fletcher was a good back, keeping
no items were left over at Newling Oval so some child has       the pressure on at all times. Player of the match this week
picked it up - could all parents and children check their       went to Charlotte Caldwell for her clever long passes and
tracksuit tops to see if they have hers? It is labelled with    for her ability to run up and down the field quickly. We
her name.                                                       lost 5/3 but we enjoyed the challenge of this weekʼs game.
                                                                Well done to all players.

                                                                                 Junior School / Junior Sport Page 11
TAS Tanks                                                    TAS Totems
                                    Mrs Veronica Waters                                              Mr Steve Robinson
The TAS Tanks played a superb game of soccer on Saturday     The Totems played a very hard game this past weekend
and were extremely thankful to Duncan Chalmers who           and enjoyed playing in this weekʼs amended team. Oscar
stepped in to play for us at the very last minute, having    McBean started the game as our goalie and played a
just finished his game. Our defense was very strong and       fantastic first half against a very experienced team. Oscar
the ball was kept in our field of play for the majority of    switched with Kathleen McPhie in the second half and
the first half. In the first half Hugh Fletcher, Jack Waters   when in partnership
and Callum Ferguson maintained their positions as            with Toby Niemeyer, prevented further success by Uralla.
forwards and scored many goals and attempted to score        Amelia Newton enjoyed the first half in mid-field before
many more! The team certainly gained a lot of exercise       rotating with Jack Cregan, Harry Graham and Nick Bohlsen
as they continually ran back to the half way line for DKʼs   on the back line as our defense team. But it was Lucy
goal kicks- it was a never ending pattern of play in this    Fenwicke and Dan Lethbridge who worked with the entire
very exciting game. Duncan Chalmers and Archie Stacy         team in
not only defended well as backs- they also displayed the     continuously attempting and often succeeding to move
ability to play the entire field with tremendous ability      the ball up the field. Despite an overall loss it was fantastic
to pass the ball. In the second half Jack Waters joined      to see our teamwork together. Well done to Jack Cregan as
Archie Stacy in the backs and they were able to pass the     player of the week! See you at
ball efficiently to the forwards. I was delighted with how     training everyone.
well Callum Ferguson attacked, gained control of the ball
from a tackle and passed to an eagerly waiting player.       TAS Titans
The TANKS are certainly playing as a team and passing                                                  Mr Jeremy Nash
the ball with accuracy around the field. A very exciting      When the Titans motored off to Guyra for their away game
and rewarding game of soccer, which saw the TANKS            of the season, the freezing winds abated and the skies
undefeated!                                                  became sunny. An unnatural period of pleasant weather
                                                             ensued for the length of the game, which was obviously
TAS Toads                                                    the only time in 12 months that ever happens over there.
                                   Mr Warwick Dawson         So the Gods were smiling, the game began evenly, the ball
The weekend the Toads were up against the North              was hotly contested and moved up and down the paddock
Armidale Crocodiles in which they were victorious. The       in rallies and sorties. Then after fifteen minutes Guyra
Crocs were a very competitive side which gave the Toads      made a classic move up the wing, centrered the ball and
early problems, going up 1 - 0 in the first 5 minutes,        popped it in the net. There was no fault to our game, we
but after some brilliant attacking play by Michael Paull     were one man down, and were playing commendably. But
and Luke Evans the Toads were up at half time. During        the psychological blow had been delivered, we moved out
the second half the Toads managed to defend their lead       of position, every player was a back, every player was a
thanks to some outstanding tackling and defensive work       centre, and no-one was a forward, depending on where
from Stephen Smith and Joe Gordon combined, with             the ball was.
midfield work from Tom Jarvis and Henry OʼNeil. Well          Lack of trust and moving out of position gave predictable
Done Toads!                                                  results, and the opposing goals rolled in, the confidence
                                                             of the opposing team soared, and all our attacks fizzled
TAS Typhoons                                                 because we had no position play.
                                   Mrs Christine Wright      Man of the match went to Pierce Adams for his gutsy work
Our mighty Typhoons had a tremendous game on                 in defence, always in the game and always there to clear
Saturday against Uralla Power. A very even match, the        the ball, and kick most of our goal kicks. His tackling
game was well played by both sides with some terrific         game was great, and the team should be happy to trust
performances by our Typhoon players. Sam Wright had          our worthy backs. The other player of note was Gus Engler
an outstanding match in goals first half and kept us in       in goal, who moved out to block, and saved countless
the game with some outstanding saves. Fred Jeitani, Chris    attempts. It is great to have a team with two boys keen to
Ramazani and Lachlan Alford had strong and determined        develop their skills in goalie position.
games, skillfully moving the ball up field and supporting
each other with tremendous teamwork. Claudia Meehan,         TAS Titans vs Thorny Devils
Amber Strelitz and Nathan van Duijnhoven had solid                                                Mrs Anne Trenerry
games in defense, with some powerful free kicks, and         The gallant TAS Titans fought their hardest on Saturday
great teamwork. Amber and Claudia also had some good         when they played the well-drilled Thorny Devils. Outdone
attacking passages of play. Our player of the match this     in the first three quarters, the TAS Titans made a
week went to Chris Ramazani. The final result of 4-3 to       comeback and thanks to goals from Olivia Fenwicke (2)
the Typhoons was a great result. Well done team!             and Katie Gordon(1), outscored the opposition in the final
                                                                                                Junior Sport Page 12
quarter. The TAS Titans were tireless in defence, but the
opposition was too strong on the day. McDonaldsʼ players
of the match were Katie Gordon and Jessica Chambers,
both showed determination and hunger for the ball. The
oppositionʼs best and fairest points went deservedly to
Maddie Taylor. Holly Tearle tried her hardest throughout
the game, and was unlucky not to score. It is a delight
to watch the developing skills and persistence shown by
Sophia Bohlsen, Georgia Hutton, Tildy Waterson, Dimity
Tearle and Emily Sole. Netball games will be in recess over
the long weekend. We play Round 8 on Saturday, 13th
June at 12pm on Court 12 against Blue Buddies.

TAS Uʼ9 Hockey
                                          Mr Michael Riley
This weekend was smaller than our last sessions out at
the UNE but the cold weather did not fail us at all, it was
freezing! The team was still keen for hockey and after we
had done a few drills we took on the Ex-servies team.
They were strong and older than us but we still tried hard
and had lots of fun doing it. Just a reminder that there will
not be hockey over the long weekend. Thanks.

TAS Tadpoles
                                       Miss Lucy Southeren
The TAS Tadpoles played a fantastic game on the weekend
and it is clear that all their hard work in training has been
paying off. The girls were much more aggressive in the
game this week which was wonderful to see. Lilly Graham
was in the thick of the game and tackling and Lucy Ball
got stuck into the ball in first half and stayed on the other
team attacking until she got it - it was wonderful to watch.
Sam Behrend and Harry Ackling were quick to spot gaps in
the field, and run into them to receive the ball. Everybody
remembered to spread out and Stuart Epworth and Jack
Ackling made great use of their new passing skills. All in
all excellent team work Tadpoles, keep it up!

                                                                Junior Sport Page 13

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