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									Green garden gurus get gong

                                                  Conservation Volunteers Australia helpers Lillian Midgley and Franc Crupi
                                                  with Natalie Dearden (centre) received a certificate of appreciation for
                                                  their hard work volunteering for the organisation.

TO Franc Crupi it is all about getting outdoors and meeting new people. But to Conservation Volunteers
Australia (CVA) the efforts given by people like Franc means so much more.

The 61-year-old Gladstone pensioner was this week one of a number of local volunteers recognised for their
outstanding contribution to CVA in a small presentation ceremony conducted at the Tannum Sands
Community Nursery.

Joining Franc in gaining a special mention were Lillian Midgley and Gordon Duncan.

“June 5 was World Environment Day and CVA each year recognises the outstanding contribution of their
extraordinary volunteers,” CVA Gladstone Volunteer Engagement officer Pamela MacDonald said. “We are
extremely grateful to all of the volunteers who give their time and energy so generously and making the
world a better place for us all. “Franc, Lillian and Gordon are worthy of special mention and have shown true
Australian spirit by their significant commitment to the environment.”

Consistently volunteering for more than two years, Franc has now clocked up an amazing 230 days of service
with the local organisation on a range of conservation projects spanning from the Byellee Wetlands to
Kirkwood Road, Wietalaba in the Boyne Valley and the Tannum Sands Community Nursery.
Gordon and Lillian are fast on track to emulating Franc's feats by notching up 55 and 50 volunteer days
It was relocating from Miriam Vale to Gladstone which resulted in Franc seeking out the CVA office in
Goondoon Street to register as a volunteer. And he has not looked back since, volunteering whatever spare
time he can give. “The best thing is you meet a lot of people,” Franc said. “It's a steady pace and I know I
am doing something good for the environment and community. I plan to stick around for a while more
because it gets me out of the house.”

Likewise, 63-year-old volunteer Lillian has been volunteering at the Tannum Sands Community Nursery each
Wednesday for the past 18 months. Confessing to being a mad keen gardener, Lillian said she enjoyed the
chance to meet other volunteers, grow plants and try to green the world. “I had been looking into doing
some volunteering work but the choice down here is very limited,” Lillian said.
“The community nursery opened not long after and I thought 'that's me all over'. Once a gardener I think
you're always a gardener.”

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