Grace in the struggle

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Genesis 32-33 - Andrew Laird
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                                                                 Grace in the struggle
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Grace in the struggle
Genesis 32-33 | Dominic Steele

1   Difficulty 32:1-9                                   4   God: The face of Grace 32:22-32

2   Jacob’s prayer 32:9-13                                  a Paradigmatic

    a God of my father Abraham, Isaac 32:9a                 b The struggles of life are struggles with God

    b God’s promise 32:9b                                   c In the desperateness of the struggle reaching out for

    c My unworthiness 32:10
                                                            d God’s grace to the struggler who overcomes

    d Save me – for the sake of my family
      and your promise 32:11-12                         5   Esau: The face of Grace 33

3   Jacob’s Acting and trusting/not trusting 32:13-21   6   Struggle

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