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									                                                                                      Tilt-Lift Equipment Pty Ltd
Safe Seal (J-24)                                                                      ABN 76 005 928 987
Water Based Acrylic Sealer                                                            CONCRETE ACCESSORIES

                                                             higher gloss and a more durable finish. Do not apply
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:                                         Safe Seal outside, if rain is expected within 6 to 8 hours.
Safe Seal is an acrylic copolymer in a water based           Apply to concrete that is at least seven days old. For
solution containing 15% solids by weight. It is used to      maximum performance wait until concrete is 28 days old
seal, dustproof and enhance the beauty of concrete and       before applying.
other related surfaces like exposed aggregate, brick and
terrazzo. Safe Seal produces a durable, breathable film      APPROXIMATE COVERAGE:
that has a built- in resistance enabling it to withstand     Rough, Porous Concrete
many common chemicals such as acids, alkalis, oils,              First Coat ……..………………… 4.9 to 7.4 m /L
gasoline and detergents. Safe Seal’s excellent wetting                                                          2
                                                                 Second Coat …………………….7.4 to 9.8 m /L
characteristics promote easy application and superior        Smooth, Non-Porous Concrete or Brick
adhesion.                                                                                                2
                                                                 First Coat ………….…….……… 7.4 m2/L
                                                                 Second Coat …………………….9.8 m /L
PURPOSE:                                                     Texture and surface absorption will influence final
Safe Seal can be used to seal, dustproof and protect         coverage.
interior concrete and terrazzo floors and can also be
used to seal and protect exterior concrete and masonry       DRYING TIME:
walls. Safe Seal's features include safety and ease of       Approximately 2 hours at 21°C for re-coating or light
use. It contains no flammable solvents and can be used       traffic. 12 hours for heavy traffic. Drying time is
indoors where solvent based products may present a           temperature and humidity dependent. Wait until the coat
hazard. Typically, solvent based products are flammable      is tack free prior to applying next coat.
or combustible and have a strong irritating odour. Safe
Seal. however, has no odour and is non-flammable.            PACKAGING:
The use of Safe Seal saves time because floor                20L pails and 208L drums.
preparation and product application are usually simpler
than with other sealers. On maintenance type                 CLEAN UP:
applications. labour and down time are reduced because       For tools and equipment, use warm soapy water.
of the products excellent recoatability. Safe Seal can be
used effectively in factories. offices, schools, hospitals
and malls or anywhere toxic or flammable materials pose      LIMITATIONS:
a safety hazard.                                             Safe Seal HD should not be used at temperatures below
                                                             4 C. Do not apply concrete or mortar toppings over
ADVANTAGES                                                   sealed surfaces. Do not apply Safe Seal HD to concrete
   • Water based                                             that is less than 7 days old. Safe Seal HD is not intended
   • Sealer and Dustproofer                                  for areas of high traffic. May show rubber tire marks.
   • Low odour, Ideal for Interior Applications              Safe Seal HD will interfere with the adhesion of sealants.
   • Non-Flammable                                           Avoid spraying Safe Seal HD into joints that are to
   • Easy Water Clean Up.                                    receive a subsequent application. Do not allow stored
   • Good Chemical and Stain Resistance                      Safe Seal HD to freeze.
   • Used on Interior Floors/Exterior Walls
SPECIFICATIONS:                                              Use protective clothing and equipment. Avoid excessive
Appearance………………………………..Milky-White                          inhalation of vapours or mists. Safe Seal HD may be
Density …………………………………….1 kg/litre                            irritating to skin and eyes with repeated exposure. Refer
Percent Solids ……………………………15%                                to Material Safety Data Sheets for additional information.
Film Thk at Applied Coverage ….0.005cm at 4.9 m /L
                                                             TECHNICAL SERVICES:
APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS:                                    Call the technical staff for assistance at:
Surface Preparation:
Surfaces should be clean and free of oil, grease, dirt,
paint and curing compounds. Note, Sil-Cure (J-13) is                               03 9583 0115
compatible with Safe Seal and does not need to be                                        or
removed prior to applying Safe Seal. Safe Seal is not to                         Fax: 03 9583 9293
be used as a curing compound.
If the surface is dirty, it should be cleaned with Citrus    Visit the website at:
Peel (J-48) and thoroughly rinsed. On dense or     
extremely dirty concrete floors, the surface should be
cleaned with water blasting (2,000 psi, 14 MPa
minimum) or shot blasted to ensure proper adhesion.          Also, Tilt-Lift Equipment’s coast to coast network of
                                                             distributors and dealers are well informed on capability
Application:                                                 and applications procedures.
Application methods include low pressure spraying,
roller, brush, or lambs wool applicator. Apply uniformly
without puddles. On smaller projects, Tilt-Lift Equipment
recommends rolling the material. Two coats are
recommended. Allow the first coat to dry before applying
the second coat. Additional coats generally result in a

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