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					                   GB Advantage                                                                              Issue
                                         Gallagher Bassett News
                                         Gallagher Bassett News

‘Great result’ for GB award finalists
                                                                                           Customer Feedback Coordinator since
                                                                                           August 2008. Specifically mentioned
                                                                                           were her results with complaint
                                                                                           resolution times, the courtesy call
                                                                                           project, the internal quality assessment
                                                                                           (IQA) initiative and her work with the
                                                                                           national customer feedback committee.
                                                                                           IQA is a phone call made to a randomly
                                                                                           selected injured worker to understand
                                                                                           deficiencies, injured worker satisfaction
                                                                                           levels and assist with operational
                                                                                           improvement strategies to achieve an
                                                                                           optimum level of customer service.
                                                                                           An IQA call can also be used to get
                                                                                           feedback from small employers.

GB has seven finalists in the annual          achieved some notable results with           Outstanding Contribution by a Team
Injury Support & Service Awards for           that group of injured workers, who           - Communications Team
WorkSafe Victoria Agents.                     are generally more difficult to RTW,         The communications team was
                                              particularly after 52 weeks. Regional        nominated for the combined work it has
The winners will be announced at an           workers have provided positive feedback      achieved in learning and development,
awards ceremony on September 23,              on Sarah’s ability to relate to them, the    human resources, customer feedback,
2009.                                         support she provides and how she has         communications, customer service and

John McNamara, General Manager
                                              made a difference to their experience.         Season’s
                                                                                           cultural improvement initiatives.

Victoria, congratulated the GB finalists,
saying it was “a great result”, with GB
                                              Excellence in Innovation
                                              - Anya Robinson
                                                                                           Outstanding Contribution by a Team
                                                                                           - Victoria Police Team
nominees being about 25% of the               Anya was nominated for the claims            The Victoria Police team was nominated
finalists, despite the company’s 11%          management strategies she has                for its achievement in team-based
market share among the six Agents.            implemented in medical management,           strategies to improve performance,
                                              long-tail and the multidisciplinary          team dynamics and the team’s overall
The finalists are:                            management (MDM) and long-term               performance which has contributed to
Excellence in Personal Injury                 management segments. (Claims                 winning the Victoria Police tender for
Management - Michael Luong                    assessed as high risk are allocated to the   a further five years (see GB Advantage
Michael was nominated for the work            MDM segment for active management.)          #52).
he has done with his project team and         The thoroughness of Anya’s initiatives,
the impact he has had on the team’s           her execution and ultimately the results     Outstanding Contribution by an
results. He is considered a fantastic         she has achieved for GB and the              Individual - Dan Miles
leader by his peers and feedback from         scheme are recognised as being unique        Dan was nominated for the results he
stakeholders has been overwhelming.           and innovative.                              has achieved in managing a project
                                                                                           team and the numerous times he goes
Excellence in Return to Work                  Outstanding New Starter                      above and beyond his role to achieve
- Sarah Holmes                                - Bernadette Arvidson                        scheme and GB objectives in a way that
Sarah was nominated for RTW results           Bernie was nominated for the impressive      has inspired respect and esteem from
with regional injured workers. She has        results she has achieved in her role as      his peers.

  2      Chicken farm slices
         LTI, premium rates         4       Injured worker
                                            satisfaction on
                                            the rise
                                                                    5       Discipline the key to
                                                                            elite performance         7      Masters programs
                                                                                                             offer career stepping

                                            We manage claims... better
2 GB Advantage

Chicken farm slices LTI, premium rates

A Victorian chicken farm has               onsite three days a week.                    gradual onset and “weird” symptoms,
dramatically reduced workers’              “Employees are encouraged to report          like an inability to loosen up. ART aimed
compensation claims and premiums           any ‘niggle’ or discomfort to their          to understand the true reason for pain
by introducing an on-site movement-        supervisor, which begins the early-          and treat “the mechanism behind the
based therapy known as active release      intervention process,” Ms Whitlock said.     diagnosis”.
technique (ART).                           ART treatment meant potential problems
                                           were stemmed early, reducing lost time       Dr Murray said ART “gets to the
GB is the workers’ compensation            from injuries. Employees were usually        source of the problem, breaking down
Agent for family owned and operated        able to remain on current duties during      adhesions and scar tissues. This
Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm, which            treatment or could move to modified          restores joints and tissues to full function
supplies supermarket chains,               duties.                                      and mobility faster. For example, in
wholesalers and distributors. It has                                                    90% of cases, STC consultants can
a farm and processing facility at                                                       resolve carpal tunnel syndrome three
Lockwood, 15km from Bendigo, in            “It’s a win-win for employees                times faster than the average for other
regional Victoria, additional breeding                                                  treatment alternatives”.
and broiler farms, and a hatchery at       and the company. It keeps
East Bendigo. There are about 500                                                       Dr Murray said ART averaged 2.81
employees, of whom 300 are based at        production flowing and is                    visits to resolve occupational injuries,
Lockwood.                                                                               compared with 12-18 visits for traditional
                                           a morale booster for staff,”                 treatments. STC used 18 treatment
Sandra Whitlock, Workplace Injury                                                       styles, including ART.
Manager, said Hazeldene’s had high         she said
premiums and claim levels because                                                       Regular, early intervention meant
much of the processing was repetitive      Over five years, the combined input into     problems did not escalate. When STC
work, generating muscle strains and        injury management by Hazeldene’s,            began working with an organisation,
sprains. Management was seeking ways       STC and GB has seen the company’s            injuries were generally more serious, but
to reduce claims and heard, through an     premium rate drop from 14% to 4%             the “bar is lowered” as potential injuries
industrial relations consultant, of work   of payroll, representing “astronomical”      were identified earlier, Dr Murray said.
James Murray, Managing Director of the     savings for the company.
Soft Tissue Centre (STC), was doing at                                                  At Hazeldene’s, injuries included
abattoirs.                                 When STC came on board, there were           postural pain from standing at work
                                           28 current workers’ compensation             stations, sore shoulders and backs, and
Hazeldene’s Managing Director              claims. Today there are only five, but Ms    elbow, wrist and hand injuries.
John Hazeldene, General Manager,           Whitlock still aims to reduce that figure.
Production, Gerry Rickard, and Dr                                                       STC works only with employer
Murray “had a chat” and launched           ART was developed in Canada, where Dr        clients, focusing on on-site treatment
a trial in 2005. Ms Whitlock said          Murray trained. He said ART was simple,      in industries with high soft tissue
STC consultants, who are qualified         but hard to do properly. It involved         injury levels, for example, food and
osteopaths, chiropractors and              shortening the affected soft-tissue          manufacturing. STC also offers risk
physiotherapists who have received an      structure then gently pulling it free.       management, employee training
additional two years ART training, were    Acute strains and sprains began wth a        and benchmarking.
                                                                                                           GB Advantage 3

                                                                                   Get worker health checks
New Zealand scheme beset by                                                        and keep your business healthy

unfunded liabilities                                                               Victorians are increasingly suffering
                                                                                   from preventable chronic diseases. Early
                                                                                   intervention can make all the difference
                                                                                   to your worker’s personal health and the
                                                                                   productivity of your workforce. This is
                                                                                   particularly the case with preventable
                                                                                   chronic disease like type 2 diabetes and
                                                                                   cardiovascular disease.

                                                                                   WorkHealth is designed to improve the
                                                                                   health and wellbeing of all Victorian
                                                                                   workers. An important part of this
                                                                                   program is working cooperatively with
                                                                                   employers to offer voluntary health
                                                                                   checks to workers, free of charge to them
                                                                                   and at their place of work.

                                                                                   What happens during a health check?
                                                                                   A health professional will visit your
                                                                                   business. Health checks take about
                                                                                   15-20 minutes per worker where
                                                                                   participating staff:
                                                                                       complete a short questionnaire
                                                                                      have their waist circumference, blood
                                                                                      cholesterol, blood pressure and blood
                                                                                      sugar measured, and
                                                                                      receive immediate information and
                                                                                      advice based on their results.

                                                                                   The benefits of worker health checks
                                                                                   Involvement in the program is voluntary
                                                                                   but the benefits to your staff and the
One outcome of last November’s          guidance based on first-hand               ongoing health of your business are
change in New Zealand’s                 experience.                                potentially great. Supporting workplace
government was a realisation that                                                  health programs can result in improved
Accident Compensation Corporation       Peter participated in a panel that         productivity and staff morale, reduced
(ACC) had an unfunded liability of      discussed different approaches to          absenteeism and workplace injuries and
$NZ24 billion, off-set by assets        the delivery of effective scheme           improved corporate image.
of $NZ11 billion                        performance and asked whether
                                        there was a role for competition.          Health checks encourage workers to
While some commentators said that       The outcome was that there were            learn about the state of their health and
was very unsatisfactory, others found   several positive features in the NSW       receive actions that are easy and practical
it acceptable.                          and Victorian schemes that could be        to implement.
                                        readily adopted into the NZ system.
However, the incoming government                                                   Get financial support to improve the
has said the situation is far from      John Jury, GM NZ, participated on          health of your workers
satisfactory and taken the former       a panel discussion that examined           Businesses with an annual remuneration
government to task for not disclosing   the pros and cons of re-introducing        of less than $10 million are fully
the correct financial information.      experience rating. From the                reimbursed the cost of health checks
                                        perspective of employers who actively      by WorkSafe, meaning they are free.
Gallagher Bassett NZ was invited to     managed their health and safety            Businesses with an annual remuneration
present a paper and participate in      programs, experience rating was very       over $10 million will be reimbursed
two panels at a summit on reviewing     positive. However, for ACC, it was         $30 towards the cost of health checks,
NZ’s accident compensation system.      not a financial success as ACC paid        and may be required to make a small
                                        more in bonuses than it collected in       contribution.
Peter Walker, GM Business               penalties.
Development, gave a very informative                                               WorkHealth is now available across
presentation on GB’s global             Following the summit, GB has               metropolitan Melbourne and much of
experience with different systems and   presented several suggestions for          regional Victoria. The fastest way to apply
approaches to claims management.        scheme improvement to ACC and              is online at or by
He said few providers could match       will continue to liaise with the various   calling WorkSafe directly
GB’s global experience and provide      stakeholders.                              on 1800 136 089.
4 GB Advantage

 Injured worker                                                                      GB a finalist at
 satisfaction on the rise                                                            ANZIIF awards

                                                                                     GB was the only third-party
                                                                                     administrator (TPA) selected as a
                                                                                     finalist in the Service Provider of the
                                                                                     Year category at the annual Australian
                                                                                     & New Zealand Institute of Insurance &
                                                                                     Finance awards.

                                                                                     The industry awards were presented at a
                                                                                     dinner in Sydney on July 30.

                                                                                     The category winner was Finity.

                                                                                     Damien Gilhooley, GB National Sales &
                                                                                     Marketing Manager, said it was a great
                                                                                     achievement for GB to be in the top
                                                                                     three service providers across Australia
                                                                                     and New Zealand and the only TPA
 Injured workers in Victoria for whom       functions to realise four key goals in   recognised.
 GB is their workers’ compensation          GB’s business plan:
 agent are more satisfied this year                                                  “This is an outstanding achievement in
 than they were last year.                   1. Improve the service experience of    itself and testament to the innovative
                                                injured workers,                     processes and outstanding work done by
 That’s one of the findings in the latest                                            GB staff on a daily basis,” he said.
 injured worker survey, conducted by         2. Develop and manage an internal
 WorkSafe Victoria*.                            technical training program to
                                                                                     He thanked staff for their service delivery
                                                increase staff knowledge and
                                                                                     and clients who provided testimonials for
 John McNamara, GB General                      capability,
                                                                                     GB’s nomination.
 Manager Victoria, said the results          3. Improve communication
 indicated a steady improvement in              techniques and perception            The awards pay tribute to the
 overall injured worker satisfaction            of internal and external             achievements of companies and
 over the last two years. He said GB’s          stakeholders, and                    individuals in the Australian and New
 result was “fantastic”, particularly the                                            Zealand markets throughout the
 improved service results for workers        4. Increase staff satisfaction and      previous year. The 14 award categories
 whose claims fell within the range of          retention through cultural           give companies and individuals the
 21-99 days.                                    improvement programs.                opportunity to demonstrate the highest
                                                                                     standards of best practice and innovative
 He thanked GB team members for                                                      initiatives in their field.
                                            GB has implemented a customer
                                            feedback model, an internal
 “hard work, dedication and                                                          Entrants in the service provider of the
                                            quality assessment initiative, a
                                                                                     year category were assessed against the
 unwavering support for service             team development plan, which
                                                                                     following criteria:
 improvement, particularly the              includes reporting back to claims
                                                                                          In-depth knowledge and
                                            teams monthly on results, courtesy
 cohesion shown by the claims               calls to injured workers, improved
                                                                                          understanding of the insurance
 and customer service teams in                                                            market through research
                                            staff communications and cultural
                                                                                          Responsiveness to insurers’ needs
 their joint initiatives”.                  improvement initiatives, and HR
                                            strategies to improve retention.            Innovation
 The survey showed GB had                                                               Industry leadership
 concurrently delivered on claims           *Further information on agent               Thorough provision of information
 management outcomes and                    performance measures is published
                                            in Appendix 2 to the VWA’s Annual           Service flexibility and efficiency
 service delivery.
                                            Report, which can be obtained from          Professional standards
 GB’s strategy in the past two years        WorkSafe or viewed at                       Promotional efforts proposed by
 has been to combine several support                    the winner.
                                                                                                              GB Advantage 5

Discipline the key to elite performance

Being organised and disciplined is the      Morgan is currently training for the      Plus he has to juggle training with his
secret to competing at Olympic and          forthcoming Pacific Rim Championships,    role at GB, where he joined the team
world championship level in sport,          in Taipei, and the World Championships,   six months ago. Morgan has worked
and that’s what has also kept Morgan        in the Netherlands.                       in workers’ compensation for 12
Endicott-Davies at the top level in his                                               years, previously with a broker and an
career as a Business Account Manager        After competing in the 2008 Jigoro Kano   underwriter.
for GB in Sydney.                           Cup, in Tokyo, Japan, Morgan become
                                            Australia’s number one ranked judoka      He enjoys his sport because, like rugby
Morgan competed in his first                in the under 100kg weight category, and   league, it’s a contact sport. But there’s
international judo competition in 1998 at   thus was asked to again represent his     no team support, “you’re responsible for
the Oceania championships, where he         country.                                  your own actions and outcomes”.
won bronze and silver. He was a reserve
for the Sydney Olympics judo team in        Morgan, now 35, was a relative            As a combat sport, judo is “one of the
2000.                                       latecomer to judo, despite his father,    hardest things to do, mentally and
                                            Ivor, being a former New Zealand          physically”. But it has allowed him to
He won his first Australian National        champion.                                 be involved in one of the world’s largest
Judo Championships gold medal in                                                      participation sports and develop a
2001, then competed in the Pacific          He played rugby league as a junior, but   fraternity of fellow competitors globally.
Rim Championships, British Open,            when the family spent a year in Japan
Kano Cup (World Level) and the 2002         (his mother is Japanese) in 1993,         All of which is excellent training for his
Commonwealth Games, in Manchester,          Morgan took up the Japanese martial       GB role dealing with business executives
where he placed in the top four.            art and earned a black belt in only 12    at the director and c-suite level. “I love
                                            months.                                   interacting with people,” he said.
He represented Australia at the Athens
Olympic Games in 2004, placing ninth,       He’s not sure his body can handle the     Morgan is grateful to GB for the time
and has continued representing his          competitive side of the sport any more.   it allows him to devote to competing
country in international competitions.                                                internationally, but says the forthcoming
                                            “Training is like playing a               championships are likely to be his last
Despite planning to “retire” and focus on   game of rugby every night,”               as a competitor. However, retirement will
coaching the NSW team and instructing                                                 by no means end his involvement with
at his Zenbu Judo Club in Sydney,           he said.                                  the sport.
6 GB Advantage

 Court waives damages                                                                  GB offers OHS
 claim deadline                                                                        training sessions
                                                                                       Gallagher Bassett is committed to
                                                                                       assisting clients manage their workers’
                                                                                       compensation and occupational health
                                                                                       and safety needs.

                                                                                       To ensure clients are well informed on
                                                                                       those topics, GB offers a comprehensive
                                                                                       range of training sessions.

                                                                                       The following is a sample of forthcoming
                                                                                       courses in Melbourne, Sydney and
                                                                                       Brisbane. For a full list and details
                                                                                       on how to register, please access the
                                                                                       calendar on the website or call a GB
                                                                                       office for a hard copy. For web access,
                                                                                       go to, click
                                                                                       on Solutions/Workers’ Compensation/
                                                                                       Statutory Schemes/Training – the training
                                                                                       calendar is on the right-hand side
                                                                                       of the screen.

 The Queensland Supreme Court              the safety of his own infant son.           Basic Claims Management
 (QSC) has cleared the way for a           In the first crash, a teenage boy was       6 October – Box Hill Office
 police inspector to seek damages          killed when his father, the driver, lost    Introduction to OHS Legislation
 for alleged psychological trauma          control of the vehicle and hit a tree. In   6 October – Melbourne City Office
 from the CTP insurers of two drivers      the second incident, two young men          Role of the Return to Work Co-ordinator
 involved in fatal road crashes            were incinerated after the crash.           – two-day course
 he attended while on duty on                                                          (WorkSafe Victoria approved)
 Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.              Justice Wilson said Mr White had            14 and 21 October – Melbourne
                                           notified the CTP insurers, AAMI and         City Office
 QSC Justice Margaret Wilson granted       Suncorp, of his claims in January           24 and 25 November – Box Hill Office
 an application by Darryl James White      2009. The claims would normally be          Return to Work Responsibilities for
 to waive a statutory deadline for         statute barred under Queensland’s           Line Managers
 making claims linked to the January       Motor Accident Insurance Act unless         15 October – Melbourne City Office
 2006 and August 2007crashes.              Mr White had claimed within nine            NSW Claims Management and Return
                                           months of the incidents or within nine      to Work Coordinator Training
 Justice Wilson said a psychiatric         months of the first appearance of           19 October – Melbourne City Office
 disorder resulting from trauma could      symptoms of his alleged injuries.           Advanced Claims Management
 develop “over time rather than have                                                   19 November – Melbourne City Office
 an immediate onset”.                      Justice Wilson said Suncorp had
                                           agreed to recognise the claim against
                                           it but Mr White had applied to have         New South Wales:
 “Its symptoms may not be                  the deadline waived for the claim           Vic Claims Management and Return to
 appreciated or understood                 against AAMI.                               Work Coordinator Training
                                                                                       9 October – North Sydney Office
 by someone suffering from                 Justice Wilson said Mr White was            Role of a Return to Work Coordinator –
 the disorder. I am satisfied              unaware his injuries were related to        Advanced Session
                                           the crashes he had witnessed until          14 October – North Sydney Office
 this is an appropriate case               he saw a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist     Managing Occupational Stress in the
 to authorise [Mr White] to                described his symptoms as including         Workplace
                                           “anxiety, hyper-vigilance, nightmares       10 November
 proceed further with his                  and avoidance”. He had become
 claim.”                                   over-protective of his son.                 Queensland:
                                                                                       NSW Claims Management and Return
 Mr White, 49, a Queensland police         Another doctor said he was unaware          to Work Coordinator Training
 officer for almost 30 years, claimed      of “any non-work-related stress tools       15 October
 he sustained psychological trauma         which would significantly contribute        Vic Claims Management and Return to
 because the horrific nature of the        to the development of [Mr White’s]          Work Coordinator Training
 crashes triggered anxiety and fears for   psychological symptoms”.                    28 October
                                                                                                                                       GB Advantage 7

Masters programs
offer career stepping stones

Left to right: Terrance Coe, Business Development Manager; Kate Hawthorne, Branch Supervisor – Box Hill; Alex
Vichidvongsa, Technical Manager.

The “perfect career stepping stone” is                        complete a subject more quickly. GB               Certificate of Management (Personal
how GB’s three staff who are currently                        gives enrolled staff paid study leave for         Injury) as a prerequisite to the Masters.
enrolled in DeakinPrime Masters                               the one-week residentials.
degree programs describe their learning                                                                         “I want to be a senior manager
opportunity.                                                  Kate is grateful for the exposure to
                                                              different areas that are not within her
                                                                                                                within GB and this is a step to
Terrance Coe, Business Development                            responsibility at Box Hill and learning           that goal. I want to be able to
Manager, Kate Hawthorne, Branch                               about workers’ compensation in other              say ‘I have knowledge of this
Supervisor - Box Hill, and Alex                               jurisdictions. For GB, the benefits               industry and have put in the
Vichidvongsa, Technical Manager,                              include Kate’s ability to share her new
are enrolled in either the Master of                          knowledge with her fellow employees.
                                                                                                                effort to obtain qualifications
Management (Personal Injury) or Master                                                                          to support this’,” Terrance
of Business (Personal Injury) with                            Alex has just enrolled in the Master of           said.
DeakinPrime, the corporate education                          Management (Personal Injury), having
arm of Melbourne’s Deakin University.                         completed a Diploma of Personal Injury            He says GB’s support in training staff
                                                              Management (Workers’ Compensation)                is good for retention and morale.
Their courses are run exclusively                             last year.                                        “When people see GB investing in
for employees of members of the                                                                                 its employees, they know it’s a good
Personal Injury Education Foundation                          He says the opportunity to receive                place to work.” He appreciates being
Ltd, established in early 2006 by a                           tertiary training shows people can                nominated for and supported in his
consortium of Australian and New                              work their way up through hard work               training program.
Zealand accident compensation                                 and dedication. Alex has been with
regulators, insurers and claims                               GB for almost five years, starting as             He said up-skilling employees was
management organisations who shared                           a claims processor/consultant in the              also beneficial for GB in gaining new
the vision of creating leading educational                    Victoria Police team. He then became              business.
programs focused on the needs of those                        a case manager and is now a technical
working in the personal injury industry.                      manager.                                          Kate, Alex and Terrance agree it is a
                                                                                                                delicate juggling act to balance study
Kate began a three-year Master of                             Terrance, who is about to embark on               commitments, a full-time job, and life
Management in early 2008 and is on                            his Masters, says he sees value in the            outside work, but Terrance says the
track to graduate at the end of 2010.                         education programs because they                   residentials are a “brilliant” concept.
                                                              “validate what I know”. He has been
She spends five to 10 hours a week                            in the industry since 1992, but has no            “To get away from day-to-day
studying, depending on the complexity                         formal, industry-specific qualifications          distractions and focus solely on the
of her current subjects. She appreciates                      to back his on-the-job experience. He             specific course for a week is unique,”
the residentials, which mean she can                          is currently completing a Post-Graduate           he said.
8 GB Advantage

Service charter outlines GB’s customer commitment
Customer service is the bedrock of GB’s     You will have a dedicated case manager      two business days of receiving a new
approach to claims management, says         to assist you through the claims            claim.
Managing Director Jon Winsbury.             management process.                         We will treat you with dignity and respect
                                                                                        in all our dealings with you.
He said GB was committed to providing       Accountability:
                                                                                        We will keep you up to date with your
the highest level of customer service.      We will make claim payments within          obligations and let you know what you
“We are passionate about what we            relevant legislated or agreed timeframes.   can expect from the claims management
do and the outcomes we deliver to           We will acknowledge and explain what to     process.
our customers, our people and the           expect if we are unable to immediately
community.                                                                              We will actively seek your feedback on
                                            resolve your requests.                      our service performance.
“We measure our success by our              We will measure our performance
clients’ success: fewer claims, faster      against this service charter and            Privacy:
claims resolutions, more efficient claims   encourage customer feedback to              We will respect the privacy and
administration and improved customer        continuously improve our service            confidentiality of your personal
experience,” Jon said.                      performance.                                information.
                                            We will maintain an objective customer      We will value the personal information
These are the five elements in the GB       feedback process.                           you give us and take all precautions to
customer service charter:                                                               prevent unauthorised access to that
                                            Transparency:                               information.
Accessibility:                              We will adhere to the highest standards     We will, with your help, keep your
We will acknowledge, by phone or in         of ethical behaviour at all times in your   personal information accurate and up to
writing, all written customer inquiries     dealings with us.                           date.
within five business days.                  We will advise you of your rights and       We will provide you with access to our
We will make every effort to speak with     entitlements.                               privacy policy through our website.
you each time you call us, however, if we   We will explain our decision-making
are unavailable, we will return your call   process and respect your rights to seek     To provide customer feedback to
within one business day.                    a review of our decisions.                  GB, you can go to the website,
We will contact all relevant stakeholders                                      and look
when we make a decision that will affect    Customer Focus:                             under Contact Us or email us directly on
your claim.                                 We will contact all stakeholders within     the relevant email address below.

   GB AUSTRALIA                             CUSTOMER FEEDBACK                           The GB Advantage contains articles for general
                                                                                        information only. No responsibility is accepted for                       To provide us with customer feedback,
                                                                                        errors, omissions, or possible misleading statements,              please visit our website,
                                                                                        nor for any action taken as a result of any material in
                                   and look        this publication.
   Sydney              +61 2 9464 7111      under Contact Us or alternatively, email
   Melbourne           +61 3 9297 9000      us directly on the relevant email           Additional information and professional advice
   Brisbane            +61 7 3005 1900      address below:                              regarding issues raised in this publication can be
   Adelaide            +61 8 8357 2655                                                  obtained from Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd.
   GB NEW ZEALAND                            RISX-FACS® is registered in the United States                        New South Wales
                                                                                        of America                PrintPost Approval: PP431003/10072
   Auckland            +64 9 966 1760
                                            South Australia

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