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									                  General Information on
           the 2010 Invitation Programme for
                     From New Zealand

1. General Outline
   (1) Outline of the 2010 Invitation Programme for Future Business
       Counterparts from New Zealand (FBC.NZ)
      The Invitation Programme for Future Business Counterparts from New
   Zealand (hereinafter abbreviated as FBC.NZ) is an invitation programme, through
   which young professionals from New Zealand, who will assume greater
   responsibilities in the coming years and are strongly interested in strengthening
   economic relations with Japan, would visit and experience Japan, its society,
   culture, and people. The aim of this unique programme is to give young
   professionals from New Zealand some clues on business between the two
   countries by increasing their understanding of Japan through lectures on Japanese
   society, visits to major Japanese industries, and interaction with Japanese people.
   Global environmental protection measures taken by Japanese corporations will be
   covered in a cross-sectoral manner as well.
    On 15th November, 2007, Japanese Ambassador to New Zealand Toshihiro
   Takahashi conveyed the idea in his remarks at the 34th Joint Meeting of the
   Japan-New Zealand Business Council, by noting "The Japanese Government is
   planning to invite up to fifty New Zealand professionals, including those from the
   business sector, to Japan next year to help promote the Japan-New Zealand
      With respect to the groundbreaking announcement above, the FBC.NZ
   programme has been formulated in close cooperation with the Japan and the New
   Zealand Committees of the Japan-New Zealand Business Council in each country.
    This programme is designed and implemented to promote a greater

understanding of Japan by participants and thereby advance and/or enhance the
relationship between Japan and New Zealand. Bearing the aforementioned
background in mind, this programme also aims to play a leading role in exploring
the new frontiers in economic ties.

(2)Under the auspices of the JENESYS Programme
  FBC.NZ is formulated to be an integral part of the JENESYS Programme.
  At the Second East Asia Summit (EAS), which was held in January 2007, the then
Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe announced a plan to implement a large-scale
youth exchange program, inviting about 6,000 young people to Japan mainly from
the EAS member states (ASEAN, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, the ROK)
every year for five years, with a view to establishing and reinforcing a basis for
Asia’s stalwart solidarity by expanding youth exchange. Based on this plan, the
Government of Japan launched the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for
Students and Youths (JENESYS) Programme in 2007.

(3) JICE
  JICE (Japan International Cooperation Center) is an authorized public
organization established in 1977 under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of Japan. Since its inception, JICE has been closely working with Japanese
aid agencies and government ministries as well as foreign governments and
United Nations organizations such as UNESCO and UNDP to support the
implementation of international cooperation programmes.
    JICE is an official agent of this JENESYS Programme, which has undertaken
all the necessary arrangements for the 2010 Invitation Programme for Future
Business Counterparts from New Zealand, such as pre-departure orientation,
travel procedures and the whole schedule of events in Japan under the guidance of
the Government of Japan.

2. Tentative Programme Schedule
   Date        Day      Schedule
 31-May        Mon      Assemble in Auckland
                        Pre-departure Orientation
                        (AM) Depart from Auckland
  1- June      Tue
                        (PM) Arrive in Tokyo
  2-June       Wed      (AM) Briefing by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and
                        Japan/Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                        (PM) Traditional Culture Experience Programme
  3-June       Thu      (AM) Lecture on “Business Etiquette and Communications in Japan”
                        (PM) Visit to New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo
                        (AM) Lecture on “Business and Economic Outlook of Japan”
  4-June        Fri
                        (PM) Facility Visit
                        (AM) Travel to Kyoto
  5-June        Sat
                        (PM) Cultural Tour in Kyoto
  6-June       Sun      Individual Research
  7-June       Mon      (AM) Observation of Automobile Factory
                        (PM) Travel to Tokyo
  8-June       Tue      (AM) Company / Facility Visit
                        (PM) Visit to Japan External Trade Organization
  9-June       Wed      (AM) Facility Visit
                        (PM) Facility Visit
                        (AM) Lecture on Business Trend in Japan
 10-June       Thu
                        (FM) Group Discussion / Presentation
                        Farewell Reception
                        (AM) Individual Research
 11-June        Fri
                        (PM) Depart from Tokyo
 12-June        Sat.    (AM) Arrive in Auckland

(1)The above schedule is subject to change.
(2)JICE’s expert staff will accompany participants to all the scheduled events and will
provide support in terms of their living arrangements and health during and before the

3. Application Process
    (1)Important Dates for Your Application
    5 March 2010          Application Deadline
    26 March 2010         Notification of Selection
    31 May 2010           Pre-Orientation in Auckland
    1 June 2010           Departure to Japan
    12 June 2010          Arrival in Auckland

    (2) Application Eligibility
 Applicants must meet all the following requirements and must be eager to
  pursue a career that fosters Japan-New Zealand relations in the future.

      (a) Applicants should be young New Zealand professionals.
      Undergraduate and post-graduate students with professional work
      experience can also apply.
      (b) Applicants should, in principle, be New Zealand citizens and at 35
      years of age or below.

 Those who have not participated in any other invitation programme to
  Japan before will be given preference.
   Due to the outbreak of Influenza A (H1N1 or Swine Flu) in Japan, those suffering
    from any specific illness or condition detailed in the (*) below are recommended to
    refrain from applying as they might develop a serious illness were they to catch
    this flu while travelling. However, if applicants with such a predetermined
    condition strongly wish to participate in the programme, then they, if successful,
    will be required to submit a “Letter of Consent ” outlining their full understanding
    of the risks and their affirmation that they will be responsible for any costs
    occasioned by the consequent illness.
    (*)Chronic lung disease (Asthma, Chronic obstructive lung disease etc.), Immunodeficiency state (T

      cell immunodeficiency etc.), Chronic heart disease (congenital heart disease, coronary artery

      disease etc.), Metabolic disease (Diabetes), Renal dysfunction, Obesity, Myasthenia gravis etc.

 As Influenza A (H1N1 or Swine Flu) poses significant risk to pregnancy, it is
    strongly recommended that pregnant women do not apply to this programme at
    this time.

(3) Documents to be Submitted
  Applicants must submit the following documents (a)~(d) to the Embassy of
Japan by March 5, 2010. It is preferable that all documents are submitted
electronically via e-mail addressed to the Embassy of Japan and marked FBC.NZ
in the “subject” section. Should you have difficulty submitting all the documents
electronically, you may post documents (b) ~ (d). In this case, please ensure
document (a) is provided as electronic data and the other three documents (b- d)
reach the Embassy of Japan no later than March 5, 2010.

 E-mail address: japan.eco@eoj.org.nz
 Postal Address: Economic Section (FBC.NZ), Embassy of Japan
                   Level 18, The Majestic Centre, 100 Willis Street, Wellington 6011,
                   New Zealand (P.O. Box 6340 Marion Square, Wellington 6141,
                   New Zealand)

 (a) Application Form
  Fill in the blanks with necessary information and answers.

 (b) Passport-size Photo
  Submit a photo taken by a digital camera within the last six months. (Upper
  body, hat off.) Attach it to the application where it is designated.////////////

 (c) Photocopy of Your Passport
  Make a photocopy of the photo of your passport and send it PDF, JPEG, or BMP
  format. If you don’t have a current passport, you may substitute it with a
  photocopy of an official ID (eg driver's license). If accepted to this programme,
  you must immediately obtain a passport         and submit a photocopy of that.

 (d) Letter of Permission
   Print out the letter of permission and obtain your employer’s handwritten
   signature. Send it in PDF, JPEG, or BMP format.

(4) Notification of selection
   All applicants will receive notification of acceptance, rejection or of being wait
 listed by March 26, 2010. Invitation letters will be sent to up to 50 applicants.

4. Terms and Conditions
  (1) Arrangements and expenses to be covered by the programme.
    The Japanese Government will make the necessary arrangements and bear the
    total cost for the programme. Any other arrangement shall be made by
    participants at their own expense.

      Return international air ticket (Auckland-Tokyo, Economy class)
         * Excess baggage charge will be paid at one’s own expense.
      Overseas travel accident insurance
          * Please note that pregnancy-related diseases, chronic illnesses and
         pre-existing illnesses diagnosed by a Japanese medical doctor, and cases not
         approved by the insurance company will NOT be covered by this insurance.
         Individuals will be liable for such costs. (Please see 6. Notes (2)Influenza A
         (H1N1 or Swine flu))
      Domestic transportation from/to Auckland
         * If you reside in a location other than Auckland, a return domestic flight
         tickets (from at domestic airport near you to Auckland) can be provided at
         your request.
      Accommodation in Japan
      Transportation in Japan
      Meals in Japan
      Accommodation in Auckland for the day before the departure.
         *Other personal expenses will be paid at one’s own expense.

    The following is not permitted:

         To remain in Japan after the programme without a permission from
         JENESYS secretariat.
         to change the flight designated by the programme;
         to change accommodation designated by the programme;
         to be accompanied by someone; or
         to travel to third countries on the way to Japan or back to New Zealand.

  (3) Submission of Post-Programme Evaluation
    Participants are requested to submit the post-programme evaluation sheet
  reporting on experiences gained in this programme and to cooperate in any further
  follow-up programmes in the future.

  (4) Respect for Japanese Law and Regulations
    During the stay in Japan, participants must respect the laws and regulations of
  Japan, and offenders are subject to penalties under Japanese law.

5. Pre-departure Orientation
     Participants shall attend a pre-departure orientation that will be held in
   Auckland on 31st May, 2010. Further information about the pre-departure
   orientation will be sent to participants at a later date.

6. Notes
  (1) Participants should understand thoroughly the significance of this programme,
  which is to facilitate young professionals’ understanding of Japan.

  (2) Influenza A (H1N1 or Swine Flu)
          According to the past cases, when a person with a chronic illness is infected
           with Influenza A, the risk of the symptoms becoming worse is high,
           compared with other infected patients without chronic illnesses.
          When a participant with a chronic illness receives medical treatment or
           medication due to symptoms caused by the chronic illness, medical
           expenses will not be covered by the overseas travel accident insurance
           provided by JICE. Therefore, the participant will be liable for all the
           associated medical expenses.
          The participant must understand the above mentioned risk and conditions,
           and agree to bear all the medical expenses not covered by the insurance
           provided by JICE.

7. Inquiries
Contact the Embassy of Japan for any questions.
Embassy of Japan
Level 18, The Majestic Centre,
100 Willis Street, Wellington 6011,
New Zealand (P.O. Box 6340 Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand)

Tel: (64-4) 473-1540
Fax: (64-4) 471-2951
E-mail: japan.eco@eoj.org.nz


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