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                                      Gallagher Bassett News
                                      Gallagher Bassett News

Gallagher consortium wins Comcover contract
                                                                                        access information via the secure portal,
                                                                                        but their view is restricted to their own
                                                                                        agency data.

                                                                                        Peter said the secure portal was seen by
                                                                                        GB as essential to meet the contractual
                                                                                        requirements. Agencies needed to be
                                                                                        able to focus on their own business
                                                                                        plans, while Comcover required a more
                                                                                        holistic view.

A Gallagher consortium has been            has demonstrated large-claim-portfolio       Jon said the contract began on March
appointed to provide services to the       transition expertise; proven results         1, but the transition to the Gallagher
Australian Government’s self-insurance     in reducing claim costs for clients; a       group had started once the contract
fund, Comcover, for the next               unique information management system;        was announced. The contract value was
three years.                               consistently superior audit and service      confidential.
                                           results; and demonstrated experience in
The consortium is led by claims            stakeholder relationship management.         “Winning this tender provides
manager Gallagher Bassett Services Pty     These skills will assist us in helping
                                           Comcover provide improved services to
                                                                                        further opportunities for our
Ltd (GB). Comcover is the Australian
Government’s general insurance fund,       its clients,” he said.                       specialist team in Melbourne to
servicing more than 160 Australian
Government agencies.                       Peter Walker, General Manager –
                                                                                        help the Australian Government
                                           Business Development, said GB was            achieve its objectives,”
The Gallagher consortium won an
open tender after an extensive process
                                           providing tried and tested systems
                                           applications for claims management, risk
                                                                                        Jon said. The same team has managed
of presentations following the initial
submission of tenders almost six months
                                           management, CRM and management
                                           information reporting. The unique
                                                                                        claims for the Australian Government’s
                                                                                        HIH claims support scheme.
ago. Gallagher Bassett will provide        element was that the systems were
claims management, administration          provided via a dedicated, web-based            The entire team at Gallagher Bassett
                                                                                        Peter said GB’s expertise from the HIH
and project management services to         portal.                                        Services wishes all its valued clients
                                                                                        runoff meant the required systems and
Comcover and its clients.                                                                 and business partners best wishes
                                                                                        procedures were already developed,
                                           “Comcover can log into a secure                for the approaching festive season.
                                                                                        but needed refining to accommodate
GB Managing Director Jon Winsbury          portal and view instant information          Comcover’s needs.
said the total services included risk      across all facets of the various service       We hope you will spend time
management advice and training;            components. It’s a quick, efficient health     with family and friends and, most
                                                                                        GB also provides claims management
developing, maintaining, operating         check of the vital signs of the service        importantly, stay safe.
                                                                                        services for the New Zealand Earthquake
and administering a client relationship    being delivered across the scheme.”          Commission, WorkSafe Victoria and the
management (CRM) database; account                                                        We have enjoyed working with you
                                                                                        NSW WorkCover Authority.
management and marketing; event            From that single access point, Comcover        in 2008 and look forward to another
management; and insurance and              can drill down into the underpinning           exciting, prosperous and enjoyable
                                                                                        Comcover is administered by the
reinsurance advice.                        data and conduct cause analyses.               year in 2009.
                                                                                        Department of Finance & Deregulation.
                                           It can access file notes and claim           The contract covers motor, property
“This is a comprehensive package of        documentation.                                 Jon Winsbury
                                                                                        and liability risks and includes assets
innovative solutions to assist Comcover                                                   Managing Director
                                                                                        as diverse as Parliament House and
and its clients. The Gallagher group       The agencies within Comcover can also          Gallagher Bassett
                                                                                        overseas embassies.

  2      OHS plan makes
         workplace safe           3       Gentle Bears
                                          Project expands         5      Judge orders
                                                                         damages payout
                                                                                                   7      Solomons mission
                                                                                                          equips James for

                                          We manage claims... better
2 GB Advantage

GB improves in
WorkSafe assessment                       OHS plan makes workplace safe
Gallagher Bassett was the most
improved Agent in the Victorian
WorkSafe scheme in 2007-08.

It was the only Agent of the six in the
scheme to have improved across all
categories measured.

In respect to the categories of Claims
Management, and Service and
Processing, an Agent is deemed to have
improved if their performance in the
current year has improved by more than
4% of that in the previous year.
                                          Two serious incidents at a              Safety training has been
                                          prominent South Australian
In regards to the category of Data
                                          business prompted a massive             introduced and there
Integrity, an improved performance
means an improvement of more than
                                          program by Gallagher Bassett to         has been “a significant
                                          improve health and safety at            improvement to all parties’
2%, compared to the previous year.
                                          the premises.
                                                                                  attitudes to safety in the
The relative performance of all Agents
across a range of measures is published
                                          While GB had managed the client’s       workplace”.
                                          workers’ compensation claims for
in WorkSafe Victoria’s Annual Report
                                          some time, it had not previously        George said management and
                                          been involved with its OHS.             employees were now working
The key measures WorkSafe uses to                                                 together to ensure the premises were
                                          In the first incident, a worker’s arm   safe. For example, the shed where
assess Agent performance include
                                          was caught in a conveyor. With          chlorine gas is stored is now locked
claims management and return-to-work
                                          no emergency stopping system in         and breathing apparatus used by
(RTW) results and the level and quality
                                          place, the worker was badly injured.    staff who access the shed.
of service provided.
                                          SafeWork SA was notified and the
                                          company faced a potential $75,000       The business now meets Australian
The criteria include:
                                          fine and was given 30 improvement       OHS standards. George said the
Claims management and return to work:
 •	 timeliness of employer notification   notices.                                improvements had cost more than
     of a claim to an Agent                                                       $500,000, including structural
                                          Only three weeks later, the same        upgrades and an international
 •	 percentage of RTW plans               employee was injured when chlorine      consultant to assist with the building
    received within 43 days               gas, used to sanitise the plant,        redesign.
 •	 percentage of RTW training            leaked. The business was on the
    conducted compared to target          verge of being shut down, due to its    GB General Manager – SA Paul
 •	 growth in expenditure of long         unsafe work practices.                  Easter said: “GB SA was able to
    term treatment cost                                                           quickly implement substantial
                                          GB OHS consultant George Zervas         changes to work practises at the
 •	 proportion of workers receiving
                                          was immediately sent to the site and    site and, in so doing, prevent the
    weekly payments at 13, 26, 52
                                          began working with the company          business from being closed.
    and 134 weeks after injury.
                                          to implement improvements.
                                          Consequently he was able to work        “The significance was that the
Service and processing:                   with the SafeWork SA inspector to       business is the largest employer in
 •	 worker satisfaction with services     downgrade the fine to a warning         that area and closure would have
     provided by their Agent              and use the potential penalty money     been dire for the district. George’s
 •	 employer satisfaction with            to assist in OHS upgrades, as the       ability to quickly build a rapport
    services provided by their Agent      improvements were in progress.          with management, employees and,
 •	 number of valid complaints                                                    in particular, SafeWork SA was
    made against the Agent that           They included modifying equipment,      instrumental in turning the site into a
    are recorded on WorkSafe’s            replacing antiquated equipment,         very safe workplace and keeping the
    conciliation compliance database      guarding machinery and providing        business operating,” he said.
                                          employees with personal
 •	 timeliness of payments made
                                          protection equipment.                   “All the stakeholders pulled together
    directly to injured workers
                                                                                  to make it work and the result has
 •	 timeliness of payments made to        “It’s a long process, but we’ve been    been very impressive. Credit must
    providers for treatment they’ve       working through building systems        also go to the SafeWork inspector
    provided to injured workers           and procedures and having safety        who advised and assisted the team
 •	 data integrity.                       inductions for staff,” George said.     at every step of the implementation.”
                                                                                                           GB Advantage 3

Back to Basics                                                                      Gentle Bears
Site housekeeping                                                                   Project expands
                                                                                    Gallagher Bassett has expanded its
                                                                                    Gentle Bears Project to include the
                                                                                    Victorian children’s welfare organisation
                                                                                    Berry Street.

                                                                                    The Gentle Bears Project was modelled
                                                                                    on an overseas example and involves
                                                                                    emergency service workers and charities
                                                                                    having teddy bears on hand to give to
                                                                                    children in trauma situations.

                                                                                    The gentle bears, with GB footprints,
                                                                                    wear tiny t-shirts in the GB signature
                                                                                    blue, emblazoned with the words “hug

                                                                                    GB donated 250 bears to Berry Street.
                                                                                    Berry Street Chief Executive Officer
                                                                                    Sandie de Wolf AM said the donation
                                                                                    was “an amazing contribution to the
Every week, 50 Victorian                  penalties might apply if they don’t.      cause”.
construction workers are injured
seriously enough to stop work             Site rules: Before work starts, develop   “The very warm feeling a kid gets when
because basic site safety and             site rules that include housekeeping      they receive a teddy bear from a stranger
housekeeping is not up to scratch.        responsibilities, and make sure           is significant. It means a lot to them,”
                                          everyone on site knows them.              she said.
These injuries might not be
life-threatening, but they are painful,   Safety plans: Ensure the site layout      GB have recently delivered 200 Gentle
costly, and the effects can be            supports good housekeeping, eg            bears to the Salvation Army Coordinator
permanent, making it difficult to work    designated delivery and storage           on site at the scene of the Victorian
in the future.                            areas, waste management, walkways         Bushfires. We contacted the centre to
                                          and vehicle parking.                      offer our services and the Gentle Bear
They’ll hurt their back or neck, tear a                                             Program was mentioned.
ligament, cut themselves or break a       Supervise, supervise, supervise!
bone. On average, these injuries will                                               The response to the bears has been
keep them off the job for about 15        Once the site is established, proper      outstanding, as an area of particular
weeks. And it’s costing industry over     supervision is critical to ensure         concern during the recent devastation,
$50 million a year.                       everybody follows the site rules.         has been the traumatic effect on the
Poor supervision, and particularly        Principal contractors and
poor housekeeping, is often to blame.     sub-contractors should:                   GB launched the Gentle Bears Project in
Workers might cut open a leg on an                                                  South Australia, where police cars now
off cut, trip over building rubble or      •	 monitor the work and fix any          carry gentle bears to give to children who
strain a knee stepping backwards off          problems                              are victims of accidents or trauma.
a plank.
                                           •	 ensure contractors and visitors
                                              know who the site supervisor is
Good housekeeping doesn’t just
happen. Everyone on site needs to          •	 ensure the supervisor is available
do their bit. It’s time to get back to        and contactable
                                           •	 ensure all workers and visitors
                                              receive a site induction
Start with a clean slate
                                           •	 ensure the site is maintained in a
Ensure housekeeping is included               tidy condition.
in all work activities, from planning
through to start-up and completion.       For more information and to obtain
                                          a copy of the site housekeeping
Contracts: State in the contract          inspection check list visit the
that each trade is responsible for        WorkSafe web site on
cleaning up after themselves and that
4 GB Advantage

  Judge orders $850,000                                                                Training program
  damages payout                                                                       assists employers

                                                                                       Gallagher Bassett has implemented
                                                                                       a comprehensive training program
                                                                                       that involves a combination of
                                                                                       courses presented by GB and external

  A court has ordered an Australian         the fluid in July 2008. She then           Topics covered include:
  firm that admitted causing a              agreed to a course of chemotherapy,         •	 Return to Work co-ordinator training
  pensioner’s mesothelioma more             despite witnessing that similar
                                                                                        •	 Occupational Health and Safety
  than 20 years ago to pay the woman        treatment, when administered to her
                                                                                           (OHS) legislative compliance
  almost $850,000 in damages.               brother, who died from mesothelioma
                                            in 2000, and her daughter, who              •	 claims management
  Amaca Pty Ltd, formerly known as          died from cancer in 2006, left them         •	 contractor safety
  James Hardie & Co Pty Ltd, will           with significant side effects for little    •	 premium issues.
  have to pay $847,089.50 after Hilda       benefit.
  McNamara, 71, contracted the fatal                                                   To register for a course, complete
  disease through inhaling asbestos         Mrs McNamara told the hearing she          the Booking Application form in the
  dust from building products used          suffered “significant and extreme          brochure or email:
  in her Canberra home between              emotional anxiety,” thinking about her
  1972 and 1983. The products were          life expectancy and Mr Hardman’s           NSW:
  manufactured by Amaca, which              future needs. Judge James Curtis           VIC:
  admitted liability at the Dust Diseases   said:                                      QLD:
  Tribunal of NSW.
                                            “It is unnecessary to                      The Return to Work (RTW) co-ordinator
  The court heard Mrs McNamara                                                         package is a two-day course developed
  was in a healthy condition before         describe the extreme                       by the respective WorkCover authorities
  the onset of the disease in 2008          physical suffering                         in Victoria and NSW in consultation
  and played regular golf and tennis.                                                  with key stakeholders and carries their
  She had also cared for her disabled       and despair which                          endorsement.
  common-law husband, Alan                  will be visited on Mrs
  Hardman, since 2005.                                                                 Completing the course will enable
                                            McNamara before her                        participants to:
  In April 2008, Mrs McNamara began         premature death.”                           •	 relate the importance of RTW
  to experience shortness of breath,                                                       to OHS
  which got progressively worse. By the     Judge Curtis gave a breakdown of
  time she saw her general practitioner     the award, with $250,000 for general        •	 understand and fulfil the key
  three weeks later, she was able to        damages, $1,250 for interest on                responsibilities of the RTW
  walk only 25m without having to stop.     the damages, $17,500 for loss of               co-ordinator’s role
                                            expectation of life, $50,368.50 for         •	 create and complete RTW plans
  On April 24, Mrs McNamara was             past medical expenses, $60,000 for             and offers of suitable employment.
  admitted to the Gold Coast Hospital,      future medical expenses, $50,000 for
  where X-rays showed fluid had             past and future care of her husband        Most training sessions are free for
  caused her left lung to collapse          and $417,971 for the loss of capacity      Gallagher Bassett clients. All courses
  and more fluid on the right lung.         to perform domestic services.              can be tailored to suit individual client
  Mesothelioma was diagnosed after                                                     needs or conducted onsite. Tailored
  the fluid was drained.                    Judge Curtis also ordered Amaca to         courses may incur additional fees. For a
                                            pay Mrs McNamara’s costs. (DDT of          copy of our National Training Calendar
  Mrs McNamara underwent “a radical         NSW, McNamara v Amaca Pty Ltd,             download from our website or contact
  and aggressive procedure” to remove       8190/2008).                                our office.
                                                                                                                     GB Advantage 5

GB South Australia
tackles long-tail claims head on

Long-tail workers’ compensation claims         communication that may impede the              GB took on the case and, after more
are extremely challenging for employers        return-to-work focus. For example, it          sessions with a psychologist, was able to
and require a different skill set to           might be a medical report that says the        get the worker a new role, transitioning
manage them.                                   person can’t work for six-12 months,           her into a well-paid, ongoing position.
                                               and the time just stretches on. We need
In South Australia, GB’s role within           to look at why the report said that and
the workers’ compensation system               whether the reasons were connected to          The woman told GB:
differs to that of NSW and Victoria,
where it is an agent for the statutory
                                               the original injury,” Paul said.                “I wanted you to know
government-operated schemes. In SA,            GB has demonstrated time and again in          how much I have valued
GB provides consulting services in injury      the public and self-insured sectors in SA
management and OHS. In recent years,           its ability to resolve long-tail claims. “We   [the case manager’s]
GB SA has focused its core business            are unable to compete in the registered
around managing long-tail claims.              employer market, due to the single agent
                                                                                              work with and for me
GB General Manager – SA Paul Easter
                                               contract currently in place in SA,” Paul
                                                                                              over the past
said “stuck claims” were expensive in                                                         six months”.
terms of actuarial liability, but frequently   He acknowledges dealing with long-tail
needed only a fresh set of eyes, a review      claims, particularly where the claim may       [Her] work has assisted me to get to this
of the options and implementation of a         have been ongoing for many years, is           point - perhaps quicker than I thought
GB-designed, specific methodology to           “a tough job”. But, as an independent          possible. Her calm, focused, supportive
get the worker back to work or into an         third party, GB can challenge historical       and accountable approach has been
alternative position that better suited        assumptions about the case and get             really terrific.
their post-injury situation.                   results. It requires more patience and
                                               the ability to examine the root cause of       Nothing has fazed or fussed her and
Often the log-jam was simply a lack            the barriers to get the injured worker         her constant affirmations and supportive
of communication. “We have a can-              back into suitable employment. “It’s not       tone and words have really assisted
do attitude,” Paul said. “If an injured        always a medical condition,” Paul said.        my recovery. To be treated with such
worker wants to get back to work, we                                                          respect, compassion and focus has been
must think outside the box to treat the        At times, the legislation is not being         terrific to experience.”
injured worker and their circumstances         applied. For example, a worker may not
individually.”                                 be attending rehabilitation sessions, as       Rosslyn Jachmann, SA Operations
                                               required by the law.                           Manager, said the case manager had
In typical short-tail claims management                                                       been able to “get everyone working
scenarios, case managers have myriad           GB’s goal is to get the worker back into a     together to achieve a sustained
cases to manage, but each follows a            better physical and mental shape.              outcome”.
fairly regular pattern. Long-term claims
are different.                                 Its success in achieving the goal was          Long tail claims have been a solid
                                               demonstrated in a recent email from            success story for GB in Australia and,
“GB takes a holistic approach to the           an injured worker who had suffered             with the excellent work being undertaken
entire claim history, reviewing the claim      psychological injuries and was unable          in all GB’s jurisdictions, the firm is
from inception to identify what has            to return to her former job. The injury        quickly becoming recognised as experts
caused any changes in behaviour and            occurred in 2005 but, six months ago,          in the field.
6 GB Advantage

Fundraising for a good cause                                                               WorkSafe Victoria
                                                                                           calls for award entries

                                                                                           WorkSafe Victoria is calling
                                                                                           for entries for its 21st annual

                                                                                           The awards recognise businesses
                                                                                           and individuals whose ideas,
                                                                                           initiative and innovation help
                                                                                           Victorian workers get home safely
                                                                                           each night.

                                                                                           The 2009 categories are:
                                                                                            •	 Health and Safety
                                                                                               Representative of the Year
                                                                                            •	 Health and Safety
                                                                                               Committee of the Year
A group of GB employees last year              good childhood that equipped them to         •	 Best Design for Workplace
completed the Certificate IV Frontline         become healthy, functioning adults.             Safety
Management.                                                                                 •	 Best Health and Safety
                                               “That means our community will be               Initiative in a Small Business
As a component of the successful               a better, safer place to live for all of     •	 Best Solution for Preventing
completion of the certificate, teams           us - with less crime, mental illness,           Musculoskeletal Disorders
were required to develop a project from        substance abuse, violence and
                                                                                            •	 Best Solution to a Health
beginning to end. Team members Nicole          homelessness.”
                                                                                               and Safety Risk
Williams, Patrick Hogarth and Donna
Cathles were allocated a task to devise a      Berry Street provides an extensive           •	 Best Strategy for Health and
fundraising project for a GB client, Berry     range of services and, for the past 21          Safety Management
Street.                                        years, has held a foster care camp for       •	 Outstanding Leadership and
                                               children and young people in foster care        Contribution to Health &
Berry Street is a facility that has been       and home-based care programs in the             Safety
protecting and caring for children since       Goulburn Valley region of Victoria. Each
1877. It is the largest independent            year 180 children, young people and         Entries can be submitted online,
child and family welfare organisation in       their caregivers attend a summer camp       by fax or by post. Forms are
Victoria.                                      in Anglesea.                                available at

Berry Street looks after thousands of          As Berry Street depends on the support      To register online, click through to
Victorian children and young people            of government, business, individuals        the Awards Login page to register
who have been denied the most vital            and the community for funding its           your contact details, and follow the
ingredient for human development - a           programs, the GB team established a         prompts to select either the online
good childhood; cannot live safely at          goal to sponsor three children to attend    or hard copy application form. Full
home because of traumatic family               the camp.                                   guidelines on the requirements are
violence, serious abuse and neglect;                                                       on the website.
or will not recover from what has been         The GB team held three fundraising
done to them, unless they urgently             activities to promote the cause,            All entries must be received by
receive the help they need and deserve.        including selling homemade chocolate        Friday, April 24, 2009.
                                               truffles, marathon sponsorship and
Children are mainly referred by the            staff donations to enter a casual clothes   WorkSafe’s Awards Coordinator
Children’s Court or Child Protection. Ms       day with a yellow and blue theme that       can advise entrants on any aspect
de Wolf AM, Berry Street Chief Executive       promoted Berry Street’s colours.            of the entry process. Phone
Officer said Berry Street tried to assist as                                               Juliana Pecer on (03) 8663 5033
many children as possible, but resources       GB employees’ generosity and                or email
were always limited.                           enthusiasm was most successful and          au.
                                               the project raised $1,397.45. The
Ms de Wolf said soaring rates of               amount raised was beyond the team’s         Once the awards close, WorkSafe
substance use, family violence, child          expectations and will enable four           will assess entries and draw up
abuse and neglect mean that increasing         children to attend the next camp.           a shortlist. After validation visits,
numbers of Victorian children were                                                         finalists will be selected. The
suffering terribly. Berry Street was able      To donate to Berry Street, go to            winners are announced at a dinner
to ensure more children experienced a                      on October 29, 2009.
                                                                                                                  GB Advantage 7

  Solomons mission
  equips James for challenges

James Murphy on duty in the Solomon Islands.

After spending six months with                  •	 build strong and peaceful               Cultural and language differences were
the Army Reserve in the Solomon                    communities.                            a barrier, but he enjoyed the experience.
Islands, James Murphy can handle the                                                       “Working with my fellow soldiers as a
challenges of a new role at Gallagher          RAMSI was established in 2003,              team is always rewarding.”
Bassett with ease.                             following political turmoil on the island
                                               nation in the South West Pacific Ocean,     He further honed his skills in leading
James has been a member of the Army            2,000km north-east of Australia.            others during “tough, challenging
Reserve for 13 years and holds the rank                                                    times”. Keeping his fellow soldiers
of corporal. When the Reserve called for       As a youngster, James had considered        motivated and “on the job” was a great
volunteers to spend six months working         a military career, but when he began        experience.
with the Regional Assistance Mission to        work in insurance he decided to stick
the Solomon Islands (RAMSI), James             with that, but joined the Reserve to        James appreciates the assistance GB
was quick to put his hand up.                  get the best of both worlds. When the       gave him in being able to take time off
                                               opportunity came up for the RAMSI           work to participate in RAMSI. But, while
He’s now back on the job in GB’s North         project, he was keen to put the practical   he would consider such an opportunity
Sydney office in a new role as Team            training of the past 13 years into action   again, it won’t be in the foreseeable
Leader, Product Operations Support. The        and “do the real job”.                      future.
skills he learned in the tropical jungles
are coming to the fore. “You’ve got to                                                     He is building a new team in his new
be ready to do something for which you         Most of the time he was                     role and plans to invest his energies
are sometimes unprepared and not be            based in the Solomons’                      into that. James was previously a
daunted by the challenge,” he said.                                                        Team Leader with the triage and early
                                               capital, Honiara, but the real              intervention team.
RAMSI is a joint project by 15 nations to:
                                               challenges came when he                     The new role entails managing
 •	 ensure the safety and security of the
    Solomon Islands                            and his small team had to go                registration of new claims, overseeing
                                                                                           recoveries and providing technical
 •	 repair and reform the machinery of         into the jungle assisting the               assistance and support to the claims
    government, improve government
    accountability and improve delivery        Australian Federal Police to
    of services in urban and provincial
                                               track criminals.                            So the Army Reserve work will return to
                                                                                           one weekend a month, Tuesday nights,
 •	 improve economic governance                                                            and a couple of weeks off each year.
    and strengthen the government’s            The team operated in hot, humid
    financial systems                          conditions on very steep terrain. “It was   James’s other leisure activities echo his
 •	 help rebuild the economy and               difficult,” he says. Nights were spent      love of the outdoors – at weekends you’ll
    encourage sustainable, broad-              in the open, but James laughs off the       find him camping, boating, fishing and
    based growth                               hardships. “We’re used to it.”              four-wheel-driving.
8 GB Advantage

GB examines likely changes in NZ’s post-election climate

With a new government installed in         GB Managing Director Jon Winsbury            “We want to be able to refine our
New Zealand following the November         and General Manager – Business              claims management services to deliver
2008 election, there are likely to be      Development, Peter Walker, held high-       whatever the ACC scheme may require,”
myriad changes across government-run       level talks in New Zealand in February to   he said.
schemes and projects, including the        determine the likely ramifications of any
Accident Compensation Commission           proposed changes to the ACC scheme.         The new NZ Government was
(ACC).                                                                                 conducting reviews and proceeding
                                           They had confidential discussions with      through a consultation process. “GB
Following the election of the National     Dr Smith, the ACC Chief Executive           remains at the forefront of workers’
Party Government, led by John Key,         Officer Dr Jan White, Business NZ, and      compensation claims management and
Dr Nick Smith was appointed Minister       a broad span of other business and          injury management globally, having been
for the ACC, the sole and compulsory       government leaders.                         operating in these markets for more than
provider of accident insurance for all                                                 40 years,” Peter said.
work and non-work injuries. The ACC        Peter said the discussions were private,
scheme is administered on a no-fault       but GB was keen to determine what           “We have the experience to assist the
basis, so that anyone, regardless of the   the ramifications may be for GB’s NZ        NZ Government in the consultation
way in which they incur an injury, is      operations if the ACC scheme were           process and will continue to liaise closely
eligible for cover.                        opened to some degree of competition.       with government and industry leaders.”

   GB AUSTRALIA                            GB NEW ZEALAND                              The GB Advantage contains articles for general                                       information only. No responsibility is accepted
                                                                                       for errors, omissions, or possible misleading   
                                                                                       statements, nor for any action taken as a result of
                                                                                       any material in this publication.
   Sydney             +61 2 9464 7111      Auckland           +64 9 966 1760
   Melbourne          +61 3 9297 9000                                                  Additional information and professional advice
   Brisbane           +61 7 3005 1900                                                  regarding issues raised in this publication can be
   Adelaide           +61 8 8357 2655                                                  obtained from Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd.

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