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Pack 731 News
Volume II, Issue III Winter 2006-7

Mark Your Calendar December 15—7:30pm Pack Powwow Crofton Elementary (be sure to bring a matchbox car for the gift exchange) January 6, 2007 (heats will begin at 9:00am) Pinewood Derby Crofton Elementary February 10, 2007 Blue & Gold Dinner Crofton Elementary March 16-18 2007 Winter Camping Broadcreek Scout Camp

From the Cubmaster
In this newsletter you will find everything we know as of November 26 th, 2006 about what’s planned for Pack 731 over the course of the next three months. You’ll find tips and tidbits, instructions and advice, schedules and reminders. But things change… and tomorrow we’ll know something more. And that’s why in October we proudly announced our new website: .

Inside this issue:
Pinewood Derby Info 2

We will increasingly be using the Pack 731 website as our primary form of com-

munication with you, the parents and Cub Scouts. All Pack events are posted on the online calendar. As dates change and as event information arises, you’ll see it posted on the website. Each of you will receive an email when we update important content via the Pack 731 blog (wow! 21 st century technology!). For instance, I just this minute posted new information I received about ski trip packages available to local Scouts. You probably saw the resultant autogenerated email long before you’re now

reading this newsletter that I’m still typing. That’s why we’re moving to the web. I encourage you to use this resource to its fullest potential. There’s even a place for your den to post its own content and show off. Check out Den 10’s webpage as an example of what you can do. Contact our webmaster, Neil Kittleson, at:

for more information. Our boys are growing up with technology (cont’d. page 3)

Blue & Gold Dinner


Christmas Angel Project Underway
Winter Camping 3 Applause 4

As part of our Pack's on-going involvement in the community we have volunteered to participate in the Adopt-an-Angel Christmas Project sponsored by Prince of

Peace Church, our charter organization. We will work with the church to provide gifts and food to needy families in the Maryland area.

Den Leaders have received the lists and will distribute to their Dens soon (if not already!). Sarah White Adopt-An-Angel Coordinator


P A C K 7 3 1 NE WS


Pinewood Derby—News and Rules
Gentleman, start your engines!
That famous line will begin the Pack 731 Pinewood Derby which is scheduled for Saturday, January 6 in the Crofton Elementary School Cafeteria. This year we will reverse the order with Webelos II racing at 9:00a.m., Webelos I at 10:00a.m., Bears at 11:00a.m., Wolves at 12:30p.m., and Tigers at 1:30p.m.. The top three finishers in each group will return at 2:30p.m. to race for the overall pack championship. The Pinewood Derby Committee will ask for 2 adult volunteers to assist the all day race officials with each group of racers. Please contact the Pinewood Derby Coordinator if you would like to volunteer in advance of race day. Please remember that it is the boy’s car. When he designs, builds and decorates his car to the best of his ability he demonstrates the “Do Your Best” Cub Scout Motto and provides for a better race. The race format is designed to provide the boys with the opportunity to participate in as many races as possible. There will also be awards for several non-racing categories such as most patriotic, as well as several other design and creativity categories. Please encourage your boys to use their creativity when designing, building and decorating their cars. To ensure a level playing field for all boys, Pinewood Derby cars need to meet all the specifications listed in the Pinewood Derby car kit in addition to the following: 1. Pinewood Derby cars used in a previous Pinewood Derby race are not eligible for this year’s race. 2. Only the nails and wheels included in the Pinewood Derby kit can be used. 3. Do not add any lubricant of any kind to your car (race officials will apply a lubricant to all cars on Race Day). 4. Do not add anything that hangs below the bottom of your car (except the wheels) as this will cause the car to drag on the track. 5. The car must be built to run on all 4 wheels. 6. Do not add anything to the car that sticks out more than ½” on either side as this will interfere with other cars during the race. 7. If you choose to modify the front of your car, the farthest point forward must be the middle of the car. 8. All Pinewood Derby cars competing in the race must be registered in advance of the race. Registration will take place at Keith and Irish McClung’s house (1813 Hillburn Way) on Wednesday, January 3 and Thursday, January 4 between 7:00p.m. and 8:30p.m. You need only attend one session and it should only take a few minutes to weigh and measure your car. If there are any problems with your scout's car not meeting the specifications, you will need to make the necessary modifications to bring it into compliance before it will be registered. You may take it back to your home and return when you have made the changes. Once a car has been weighed, measured and found to be in compliance with the specifications, race officials will keep it so no further modifications to the car are made prior to the race. No modifications to the cars will be allowed on Race Day and race officials will be responsible for approving and supervising any car repairs needed between races. If time permits at the end of each group’s race time, we will offer an informal Parents’ Race where parents or siblings who have built their own Pinewood Derby car can race their son or brother’s car. The Pinewood Derby Committee (Brian Eppinger, Melissa Kittleson and myself) looks forward to Pack 731’s fast and

creative Pinewood Derby cars on race day. Roger Hansen Pinewood Derby Coordinator 410-721-5655


P A C K 7 3 1 NE WS


From the Cubmaster (cont’d. from page 1)
integrated into their lives. At Pack 731, we’re pleased to be taking a first step online, following their lead. I expect we can learn a lot more from them. Remember your Matchbox car for the December Pack Powwow, encourage your Scout to revel in the wonderful feeling of generosity that comes with Adopt-an-Angel, and have a happy holiday season! The much-anticipated Pinewood Derby comes up on us fast on January 6th. Wocca-wocca-wocca Andy Musliner Cubmaster aka Pack-Man, Pack 731 Now accessible at:

Important Information For All Adult Leaders
District Roundtable is moving to the 2nd Thursday of every month starting in January, 2007. Roundtable is open to all adult Scout leaders.

December Pack Powwow Reminder
Be sure to bring a new Matchbox or Hot Wheels car, wrapped as a gift (no name tag) for your Scout and any siblings who want to participate in the exchange game.

Blue and Gold Banquet
The Blue and Gold Banquet is a birthday party for Cub Scouting and celebrated by Packs in February, the anniversary month of the Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America began in 1910 and Cub Scouting began 20 years later. Pack 731’s Blue and Gold Banquet is currently scheduled for Saturday, February 10 at 6:00pm in the Crofton Elementary School cafeteria. Each year the Wolves are responsible for this fun event! Due to the large size of our Pack, we are looking for an alternate location that will more comfortably accommodate our group. Stay tuned! Each year we first target boys to have completed their rank advancements by the time of the Blue and Gold Banquet. If your son is not yet done with his advancement requirements by then, there’s still plenty of time to complete requirements by the end of April. Tim Spencer 410-721-3228

Winter Camping
Our Winter Camping trip is scheduled for March 16—18 at the BroadCreek Scout Reservation. Cabins have been reserved and plans will be underway in the new year. With the help of our local Boy Scout troop, the Scouts participate in a variety of activities including Scout Skills, Orienteering and the favorite final night bonfire! Our Winter Camping trip is coordinated by the Webelos I Dens. Registration information and forms will be posted at in the coming weeks.


P A C K 7 3 1 NE WS


A Few Rounds of Applause
Popcorn Results
Popcorn sales were a blockbuster success! Pack 731 raised more than $24,000 for Cub Scouts, $9,600 of which will go directly to support Pack activities. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Stand by for your prizes, which are coming your way soon! A special thanks goes to Dawn Fowler, our Popcorn Kernel, for coordinating this massive fundraising effort! For those of you tracking statistics, the incredible Scouts of Pack 731 contributed nearly 18% of the total popcorn sales in the District (and yet we’re only 1 of 22 packs!) You all deserve a round of applause! Three cheers for Pack 731’s amazing Top Poppers, each of whom was recognized with an award certificate at the November Pack Powwow: Chris Hoffman Joshua Peters Stephen Byers $1,780 $775 $710

New Advancements Chair
Please welcome Cindy Pique as our new Advancement Chair! She will be tracking and distributing all advancements and achievements for every boy and every adult leader (!). If you want to earn a pin, belt loop, or patch, or advance in rank, get to know Cindy. She is your gateway to an accessorized uniform. Thanks to Lawrence Cooper for the countless hours he devoted over the past year and a half to managing the complexities of hundreds upon hundreds of pins, belt loops, patches, and ribbons. Thank you, Lawrence, for your service to the Pack!

Pack 731 P.O. Box 4831 Crofton, MD 21114


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