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									  Wednesday 26 August 2009
Swissotel Sydney
68 Market Street Sydney NSW
  Friday 28 August 2009
Novotel Melbourne on Collins
270 Collins Street Melbourne VIC

Fresh ideas
on injury
Ready for some                      American College of                Other sessions include ‘fresh      You’ll be nodding
                                    Occupational & Environmental       ideas’ on:
fresh ideas on injury               Medicine (ACOEM).                                                     your head, thinking,
                                                                       •	 What influences Doctors to
management?                         She chaired the team who              put people off work
                                                                                                          “Yes! This is how
InjuryNET is pleased to             compiled this paradigm-shifting    •	 Evidence regarding the impact   injury management
provide an opportunity to           guideline which includes the new      of early intervention           can work better!”
‘refresh’ your thinking about       acronym “SAW / RTW” (Stay-at-
                                                                       •	 The use and need of medical
injury management, presenting       Work / Return-to-Work).
                                                                          tests commonly commended
some new perspectives with          Dr Christian will also present        for work-related injuries
a bit of ‘tang’!                    on the 60 Summits Project,
                                                                       •	 Telemedicine technology for
We’ve pulled together some          the rapidly growing grassroots
                                                                          injury management in regional
excellent thought-leaders,          movement. Summit stakeholders
                                                                          and remote locations
including our keynote speaker,      form action groups that continue
                                    to propagate the work-disability   •	 The dangers of asking Doctors
the highly motivating Dr Jennifer
                                    prevention paradigm among their       to comment on the causes of
Christian from the United States.
                                    colleagues and constituencies,        injury
Dr Christian will present on        and take on-going action to        •	 The shifting focus on people
the widely-acclaimed guideline      implement positive changes in         management rather than
entitled “Preventing Needless       workers’ compensation programs        premium management
Work Disability by Helping People   in their own organisations,
Stay Employed” from the             communities and jurisdictions.

8:30 am                                            About Jennifer Christian                            demonstrate the positive impact of training
Registration                                       Jennifer is co-founder, president and chief         practitioners and employers to ask “is time off
                                                   medical officer of Webility Corporation, as         medically necessary?”
                                                   well as founder and chair of the award-winning
9:00 am                                                                                                About Harry Papagoras
                                                   non-profit 60 Summits Project. She also
                                                                                                       Harry is a Physiotherapist who works in
Welcome & Opening Remarks                          founded and moderates the Work Fitness
                                                                                                       a number of settings, focusing on injury
                                                   & Disability Roundtable; a free, web-based,
                                                                                                       management and return to work from the
9:10 am                                            multidisciplinary e-group devoted to work
                                                                                                       perspectives of the clinician, the employer
A New Model: The Work Disability                   disability prevention and management with
                                                                                                       and the third party payer. He is a practicing
Prevention Paradigm – How Can We                   more than 1,200 members.
                                                                                                       clinician at Sportscare Physiotherapy, which
Avert or Foreshorten This Absence                  A leader in the American College of                 is part of a multidisciplinary clinic. His case
from Work?                                         Occupational & Environmental Medicine               load is comprised of mostly work related spinal
                                                   (ACOEM), Dr Christian chaired the group that        injuries. He is a Clinical Advisor to WorkSafe
Dr Jennifer Christian                              developed the guideline entitled “Preventing        Victoria, as well as a number of self insurers
Webility                                           Needless Work Disability by Helping People          nationally. He also provides strategic input
A fresh perspective on the stay-at-work and        Stay Employed” as well as the group that            and training project coordination at InjuryNET,
return-to-work process is being propagated         wrote a recent consensus opinion entitled           a national practitioner network of over 3,570
across North America, which is in the midst        “The Personal Physician’s Role in Helping           medical practitioners and physiotherapists,
of a paradigm shift. The traditional model that    Patients with Medical Conditions Stay at Work       focussing on early intervention and return
still drives most policymakers, regulators and     or Return to Work”. She has served as chair         to work for workplace injuries to some of
claims organisations focuses on the prompt/        of the Work Fitness and Disability Section          Australia’s largest employers.
accurate payment of benefits to the worker         ACOEM since 2001 and has recently been
and getting medical bills paid with a minimum      appointed chair of a Task Force on OEM
                                                                                                       11:40 am
of disputes. This processing model is rapidly      Reimbursement. In 2009 she received a
                                                                                                       Does Early Intervention Really Work?
giving way to a model that seeks to minimise       Presidential Award for The 60 Summits Project
                                                                                                       The Evidence
needless time away from work caused by an          and an Outstanding Achievement award for her
injury or disease.                                 role on the committee that produced a timely        Dr Mary Wyatt
Experts are converging on a clear and              position paper entitled “Healthy Workforce:         Many in the industry anecdotally espouse
specific set of principles and best practices      Healthy Economy - The Role of Health,               the positive impact of early intervention but it
that can reduce the time lost from work due        Productivity and Disability Management in           would be helpful to be able to quantify as well
to occupational injury. A widely-acclaimed         Addressing the Nation’s Health Care Crisis.”        as qualify this impact! Mary will present on the
report in plain language from the American                                                             evidence surrounding early intervention, based
College of Occupational & Environmental            10:40 am                                            on research compiled within the RTWMatters
Medicine (ACOEM) now provides 16 specific          Morning Tea                                         Knowledgebase.
recommendations for improving the stay-at-
                                                                                                       About Mary Wyatt
work and return-to-work process – hailed as
                                                   11:00 am                                            Mary is an Occupational Physician with
a clear blueprint for system improvement.
                                                   Time off Work - Is it Medically                     special interests in back pain and return to
Dr Christian, who led the development of
                                                   Necessary? An Australian Perspective                work management, and is the Chair of the
the ACOEM report, has been explaining
                                                                                                       Australasian Faculty of Occupational and
the new model to enthusiastic audiences of         Harry Papagoras                                     Environmental Medicine and Advocacy
employers, insurers, healthcare providers,         InjuryNET                                           Committee. Mary is one of the founders of
worker advocates, and others. Stakeholders         Obtaining a medical certificate of capacity an online resource for
in several jurisdictions in both the U.S. and      is one of the first steps in the return to work     people involved with RTW management, works
Canada have begun to work together across          process, following a workplace injury. However,     in clinical practice and is a lecturer at Monash
traditional boundaries to improve outcomes of      sometimes medical certification is clouded by       University. System factors that help employers
the stay-at-work and return-to-work process for    non-medical issues! These include practitioner      and employees take a positive approach offer
the benefit of injured, ill and aging employees;   and employer education, training, incentives,       the best opportunities to reduce work place
their employers and their communities.             expectations, commitment and culture.               disability, and are the objectives of the not-for-
                                                   Harry will present Australian findings on the       profit ResWorks (The Foundation for Research
                                                   influences on medical certificates obtained via     into Injury and Illness in the Workplace Inc.)
                                                   a series of low back pain education program         established in 2004 and chaired by Mary.
                                                   for practitioners. He will also present lost time
                                                   injury statistics from a number of organisations
                                                   using InjuryNET’s practitioner network to
12:20 pm                                          1:40 pm                                            2:40 pm
Lunch                                             Exposing Medical Fallacies about                   Afternoon Tea
                                                  the Causes of Injury
1:10 pm                                           Dr David Milecki                                   3:00pm
What the Doctor Ordered: A Layman’s               InjuryNET                                          Turning a Big Vision into a Local
Guide to Assessing the Use of Medical                                                                Reality: The 60 Summits Project
                                                  Doctors are frequently asked to comment
Tests and Treatments for Common
                                                  on the causes of injury. This is fraught           Dr Jennifer Christian
Work Related Injuries
                                                  with danger! Why? Dr Milecki looks at a            Webility
Dr David Allen                                    number of fallacies that doctors get caught
                                                                                                     After developing the ACOEM report, Dr
Quality Occupational Health                       on when commenting on causes of injury.
                                                                                                     Christian founded the 60 Summits Project
                                                  Identification of the thinking and evidence
                                                                                                     in order to spread the new work disability
                                                  behind such opinions is critical to obtaining an
1:25 pm                                                                                              prevention model across North America and
                                                  understanding of whether work caused
Telemedicine: A Fresh Approach                                                                       have it take root. The 60 Summits Project’s
                                                  the injury.
to Injury Management in Rural and                                                                    inspiring message, action orientation and multi-
Remote Areas                                      About David Milecki                                stakeholder approach appeals to seasoned
                                                  David is a medical practitioner who has worked     experts in many sectors of society. Groups of
Dr David Allen                                    in the Occupational Health and Safety field,       volunteers have sprung up in 17 jurisdictions
Quality Occupational Health                       specialising in injury management for the          in the US and Canada. The initiative calls
                                                  past 18 years. He has been designing and           for creating a shared positive vision of what
About David Allen
                                                  implementing injury management strategies          SHOULD happen during the stay-at-work and
David is a senior occupational and
                                                  for businesses for the last 10 years and in        return-to-work process and then employing a
environmental physician and a NSW
                                                  the process developed InjuryNET, a highly          collaborative and community-based approach
WorkCover Injury Management Consultant.
                                                  effective treatment and assessment network.        to turn that vision into a reality suitable to their
Since he founded Quality Occupational
                                                                                                     locality. This session presents the history
Health (QOH) in 1996, it has grown into a
                                                  2:00 pm                                            and achievements to date within the various
large multidisciplinary team of occupational
                                                                                                     established Summits. Could this approach be
physicians, occupational therapists,              People Management - v -
                                                                                                     useful in Australia? Come see for yourself.
physiotherapists, rehabilitation counselors,      Premium Cost
occupational health nurses and psychologists
                                                  Morag Fitzsimons                                   3.55 pm
servicing over 500 organisations. David
                                                  WCD Workers Compensation Solutions
is committed to the principles of quality                                                            Closing Remarks
assurance, risk management and evidence-          In the midst of a global economic crisis all
based medicine and has used these principles      costs must be considered; so how does
to assist a wide range of organisations to        the cost of managing your injured or tiring
                                                  workforce stack up against the cost of
                                                                                                     Drinks & Nibbles
achieve improved health outcomes. He speaks
widely on topics such as evidence-based           your premiums and what are the potential
injury management, dealing with yellow flags,     ramifications of premium and policy                4:30pm
negotiation theory in workers compensation,       amendments by WorkCover Regulators?                Close
drug and alcohol testing and managing difficult   This session considers the implications of
workers compensation cases. He is actively        premium initiatives across Australia which
involved in training occupational physicians      may impact your business along with some
and other health professionals.                   of the indicators and systems you need to
                                                  consider if you are going to effectively manage
                                                  the true cost of injuries within your working

                                                  About Morag Fitzsimons
                                                  Morag’s speciality at WCD is Claims and Injury
                                                  Management, analysing and implementing
                                                  post event strategies. With extensive finance
                                                  and insurance industry experience, she makes
                                                  sure that the human as well as the financial
                                                  implications of Workers’ Compensation are
                                                  appropriately addressed.
                                                                                                      Fresh ideas
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