; Monster by Walter Dean Myers
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Monster by Walter Dean Myers


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									Monster by Walter Dean
                The Monster
Steve Harmon’s Black
He’s in jail, Maybe
He’s on trail for murder.
And he’s sixteen years
         What is the genre?
The genre of the book consist of many types
  of fiction.
Murder fiction
Prison fiction
Afro American fiction
Self Perception fiction
Monster have received
   many awards over its
It has received the
   National Book Award
   Finalist, Coretta Scoot
   Award, and the Award
   Excellence in Young
This book is about a 16 year old teenager
 Steve Harmon who is charged for the
 murder of a store clerk in his
 neighborhood. But come to find out, other
 people were involved as well. As the story
 moves on throughout the book, clues are
 unfolded and the more people are brought
 in. Do you think Steve is innocent?
        Setting and Characters
This book is taken place at   The main characters in the
    the Manhattan Detention     story consist of:
    Center always around      Steve Harmon- The
    early morning to the        defendant in the story
    afternoon                 Kathy O’ Brien- Steve's
It also takes place in the      lawyer
    courthouse always         Petrocelli- Prosecutor
    around late afternoon.
                              King- Involved in the
And also his neighborhood       incident with Steve
    as it affects the whole
    neighborhood on how the
    incident occurred and
    how it will be solved.
Steve is a 16 year old black male who is about an average
  height for a male. He is a good kid but wants to let
  everyone realize that he didn’t commit the crime
Kathy O’ Brien is Steve’s lawyer. She is a white women
  who is trying to get Steve off and off for good.
Petrocelli is the prosecutor of this. He is a white male that
  is trying to prove that Steve committed the crime.
King was the person that was also convicted of the crime
  with Steve. He is an African American male and is about
  20 years of age. He is pretty big.
Other characters include: Bobo and Cruz who were also
  possibly involved in the murder of the store clerk.
             Point of view
Steve is the only person who is basically
  telling the story.
He keeps a notebook with him at all times
  and constantly writes what he thinks in it.
  Throughout the story he considers himself
  a monster because he is in this position
  and because of the mistake he has made.
He always calls himself A MONSTER.
The theme of Monster shows how the American
  legal system works to determine who committed
  a crime and how the criminal is punished. The
  book portrays the prison system through the
  eyes of a sixteen-year-old black teenager, who
  paints horrible images of life in jail, and this is
  just a detention center, not a penitentiary.
  Everyone who enters the system seems to be
  punished, guilty or not. Steve desperately wants
  to get out of prison, even if it means taking his
  own life.
               My thought
I thought it was an interesting book overall. I
   could relate to this book because I was in
   this situation before and had the same
   outcome Steve had in his situation.
       Why choose this book?
I think you all can relate   Other books Walter Dean Myers
                                wrote were:
 to this book. Even          Hoops- A book about a boy that is
 though everyone of             trying to fulfill his basketball
 you is not an African          dreams but has problems on
                                the way
 American, I think that      Streetlove- Book about a couple
 you all can relate to          in high school trying to stay
 this book and not              together through the problems
                                of rumors and lies.
 make the same               There are many more Walter
 mistake Steve did in           Dean Myers have wrote. Just
 the book                       look through this library and
                                public libraries.
            WORKS CITED
Websites include:

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