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FM Flower Series Brochure a


FM Flower Series Brochure a

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									                          Performance |        Quality    | Innovation

                  FM Flower Series:- Glass Door Flower Merchandiser

                                                                                             FM Flower Series
                                                                                             •     Specifically engineered with higher hu-
                                                                                                   midity for the storage and display of cut
                                                                                             •     Flower infill to mini sign.
                                                                                             •     MEPS Registered.
                                                                                             •     General operating Temperature 4°- 8° C
                                                                                                   @ 32° C Ambient
                                                                                             •     Standard Power point :- 240V 10 amp.
                                                                                                   Requiring only one GPO.
                                                                                             •     Mechanical Thermometer.
                                                                                             •     2 height adjustable Heavy Duty PVC
                                                                                                   coated shelves per door.
                                                                                             •     Stainless steel floor. Easy cleaning and
                                                                                             •     Automatic condensate disposal. (energy
                                                                                                   efficient hot gas evaporation).
                                                                                             •     Interior lighting behind door mullion. T8
                                                                                                   fluorescent lighting design specifically for
                                                                                                   flowers. Serviceable without removing
                                                                                             •     Light switch : for additional power sav-
                                                                                             •     Double glazed tempered glass door. Self
                                                                                                   closing torsion bar doors with full length
                                                                                             •     Double Bellows magnetic door gasket.
                                                                                                   Long life and superior insulation design.
                                                                                                   Replaceable with tools.
                                                                                             •     Curved Aluminum Door Frame. Powder
                                                                                                   coated white to enhance any decor.

                  MAIN DATA                                                 Continues product improvement may necessitate change of specifications without notice.

                  Model           Doors     Volume     Shelves    Height    Width           Depth          Voltage         Amps          Cord          Crated
                                            (litres)              (mm)                                                                  Length         weight

                  FM30S2-F           2       893          4        2200     1094             740              240           3.48           3m          188kg

                  FM45S2-F           3       1388         6        2200     1640             740              240           4.51           3m          310kg

                       Distributed By:                   5/20 Magill Road     Phone: (08) 8363 5282
                       Total Commercial Equipment        Norwood SA 5067      Fax: (08) 8363 5283           
Commercial Equipment
       FM Flower Series:- Glass Door Flower Refrigerated Merchandiser
       Specification                              •   Legs replacing standard castors.        Customization: The FM Series offers
                                                  •   Digital thermometer/thermostat.         a large range of options that will
       • Shelves: 2 height and angle ad-
           justable Black PVC shelves per         •   Side viewing panels.                    maximize the suitability of the product
           door. Adjustable increments            •   Single heat reflective glass.           to your exact needs.
           12mm.                                  •   Double heat reflective glass.           FM Flower Series includes:
       •   Operation conditions: 4° to 8°         •   Heated Glass
           C. at up to 32° C ambient.                                                         • FM30 F — 2 door refrigerator.
                                                  •   Locks
       •   Lights: 2 x 36watt T8 Fluorescent      •   Remote. Fitted with TX valve.
                                                                                              • FM45 F — 3 door refrigerator.
                                                                                              Australian Made: Designed and
       •   Electrical: 230-240volt 50hz                                                       Manufactured in Australia. Because we
           10amp. Single Outlet.                  Outstanding Benefits
                                                                                              design in Australia technical support is
       •   Construction: 80% gloss black          Bottom Mounted Condensing unit:             readily available. The experts who
           pre-painted steel exterior and 20%     The FM Series places the condenser in       design and build our refrigerators are
           gloss black interior. With stainless   the coolest position, close to the floor,   based in Australia and readily avail-
           steel interior floor and zincalume     which puts less strain on the refrig-       able for technical support. Additionally
           out back.                              eration system providing longer life        spare parts are available from most
       •   Insulation: 50mm high density          and greater energy efficiency.              local wholesales or our factory in
           polyurethane foam, CFC Free.                                                       Toowoomba. No need to wait while
       •   Refrigerant: R134A.                    Optimal product placement: The
                                                                                              parts are imported.
                                                  FM Series lifts the product off the
       •   Refrigeration System: Fully bal-
                                                  floor, placing it in the optimal position
           anced Orford condensing unit with
           forced draught evaporator, fitted      for your customers to easily reach in
           with reversing condenser fan mo-       and retrieve without the need to bend
           tor.                                   down excessively.
       •   Defrost: Cyclic defrost, with no-      Reliability and Serviceability: The
           cost, hot gas condensate disposal.     FM Series has been refined with over
       •   Castors: 4 (2 locking) x 75mm          30 years of innovative design im-
           swivel heavy duty castors.             provements.
       •   Warranty1: Orford’s 24 month
           parts and labour.                      Reliability and Serviceability are why
                                                  the FM Series is the choice of intuitive
       Options                                    retailers across Australia. From Uluru
                                                  and Alice Springs in the heart of Aus-
       • Extra Shelves                            tralia to every Australian capital city,
       • Custom signage to illuminated            FM Series is used because of its’ reli-
            canopy sign.                          ability, serviceability and availability
       •    Custom decals for side panels.        of spare parts. The FM Series is fully
       •    Custom paint colours.                 backed by a 24 month parts and la-
       •    Stainless Steel interior and or       bour warranty.

       Elevations                                                                                             1. terms and conditions apply.

                       Distributed By:                    5/20 Magill Road         Phone: (08) 8363 5282
                       Total Commercial Equipment         Norwood SA 5067          Fax: (08) 8363 5283
Commercial Equipment

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