Fedoras Christmas Platter SA king prawns with spicy tomato by lindayy


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									                           Fedoras Christmas Platter
                 SA king prawns with spicy tomato mayonnaise
                             Fresh oysters and lemon
                                   Smoked fish
           Risotto balls, dips, bread, olives, roast capsicum and fetta
                (In place of entrees, accounts for 2:2, ask staff for details)

 Smoked salmon timbale filled with avocado, chive and cream cheese mousse
                  with crusty bread and tomato dressing

                Fedora’s minestrone soup with pesto crouton (v)
                          Or with smoked ham bock

      Smoked chicken salad with seeded mustard dressing, crisp baby cos
                          and diced roma tomato

    Roast beef fillet with baked potato rosti, asparagus and mushroom sauce

Turkey breast filled with apricot, chestnut and honey stuffing with pumpkin puree,
                            broccolini and chicken glaze

      Crispy skin Atlantic salmon on shallot mash potato with green beans
                              and chive beurre blanc

               Traditional Christmas pudding with crème anglaise
                               and cherry compote

    Lemon tart served with crème Chantilly, candied lemon and sugar syrup

             Chocolate mousse served in a glass with fresh berries
                           and crispy meringue
                        Christmas Package Options


    2 Course                   2:2:0 or 0:2:2               $42.50 per head
    3 Course                       1:2:1                    $42.50 per head
    3 Course                       2:2:2                    $55.90 per head
    3 Course                       3:3:3                    $64.90 per head

                           Seasonal vegetables (v)(gf)

            Baby potatoes, crushed and fried with rosemary salt,
                   tomato relish and sour cream (v)(gf)

Cherry tomato, Spanish onion, cucumber, parmesan and rocket salad (v)(gf)


                             Bread @ 50c per person

               Bowls of Salad or Vegetables @ $3.00 per head

              Fedoras Restaurant                     08 8443 8404
  Please note that deposits of 10% or more will be required for all Christmas Bookings
                     Cocktail and Canape Menu
                             ***Minimum 30 guests

                     4 hot / 4 cold      $ 23.50 per head

                     5 hot / 5 cold      $ 25.50 per head

                     6 hot / 6 cold      $ 29.50 per head

                                Cold Selection
                        Pumpkin Scone with goat’s curd
     Smoked salmon on light rye with horseradish cream and salmon roe
         Crusted swordfish with lemon mayonnaise and fried capers
               Chicken and sweet corn on a crouton with chives
                               Peppered beef fillet
Salmon nori-roll sushi with soy sauce and wasabi (or veg alternative on request)
                 Chicken liver pate on a crouton with fig chutney
                        Sweet potato and spinach frittata
                         Prawn and coriander sandwich
                        Bococcini and tomato and pesto

                                Hot selection
                            Mini shepherd’s pies
                           Parmesan risotto balls
                       Spinach and fetta filo triangles
              Blue cheese, walnut and leek tart with sour cream
                       Quail and cabbage spring rolls
             Crumbed oysters with lemon and caper mayonnaise
                     Char grilled Thai chicken skewers
               Spiced sausage in puff pastry with tomato relish
                                Thai fish balls
                           Toasted mini burgers
       Gourmet BBQ Corporate Buffet

    $ 34.90 per head (minimum 30 guests negotiable)

                 Meat (choice of 4)

Gourmet sausage and sliced bread (Italian, Kransky, BBQ)
                Marinated lamb chops
            Marinated chicken thigh steaks
              Minute porterhouse steak
                  Mince beef patties
                 Spicy lamb skewers
             Lemon oregano fish skewers

                 Bread (choice of 1)
            Grilled Turkish bread in olive oil
                 Grilled San Giorgio loaf
                    Toasted focaccia
                      Hot bread rolls

                Salads (choice of 2)
              Tossed green garden salad
               House made Potato salad
                 House made Coleslaw
      Roast beetroot, walnuts and balsamic vinegar
        Sesame dressed char-grilled capsicum

                Hahndorf hot mustard
                Hilton chimi churi salsa
                   Spicy Hilton relish
                Newman’s horseradish

    Fedoras Restaurant               08 8443 8404

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