Enclosure Cards Sybil's Flower Garden SF1 by lindayy


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									Enclosure Cards Sybil’s Flower Garden SF1

   From Original Watercolour Paintings
   Blank Everyday Enclosure Cards.
   3 1/2”x5” Folded Size.
   White Post Office Preferred Envelopes
   Counter Pack #SF1
   16”W 6”D 15”H
   Includes FREE Cardboard Display
   Stand holding 144 Cards & Envelopes.
   12 each of 12 designs.
   Reorder # individual designs by
   code in units of 6 per design.

        SF 151           SF 152             SF 153       SF 154
        Pansies          Daisies            Daffodils    Petunias

        SF 155           SF 156              SF 157      SF 158
      Nasturtiums        Cosmos            Sea Daisies   Roses

       SF 159             SF 160             SF 161      SF 162
       Magnolia           Violas              Irises     Tulips

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