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       Winter 2007                  Douglas Partners Geotechnics • Environment • Groundwater

   New container terminal for Port Botany
                                               Ground Test drilling rig, mounted on top of a jack-up barge, allowed DP engineers to continue working in most weather conditions on the bay.

         new five berth container
         terminal covering approxi-
         mately 60 hectares with
  1,850m of quay length is planned in
  the north-eastern shores of Botany
  Bay (Port Botany), 12 km south of
  Sydney's CBD.

   Douglas Partners (DP) commenced
  an extensive programme of geotech-
  nical        investigation         and
  environmental sampling early last
  year for the new terminal after being
  awarded the contract by Sydney
  Ports Corporation.
   With over thirty per cent
  of Australia's containerised

  trade     being     shipped              BY 2025 THE
  through Sydney's ports,                                       sediment         to                                    conditions. In some boreholes the
  additional handling facili-
                                   EXPANDED PORT BOTANY         provide channels                                       casing was broken during drilling
  ties are required to service       WILL HAVE INJECTED         for       shipping                                     (due to either swell or difficult
  the    growing    consumer                                    access and subse-                                      drilling conditions) and divers were
                                   MORE THAN $16 BILLION
  market in NSW. By 2025                                        quent                                                  employed to retrieve the casing from
  the expanded Port Botany              INTO THE NSW            reclamation areas                                      the sea bed. Cone penetration testing
  will have injected more                                       for the port itself.                                   over water was also undertaken using
  than $16 billion into the
  NSW economy.

  commissioning is expected to take

   The design, construction, fit-out and
                                                     ”           The     investiga-
                                                                tion started late
                                            January 2006 and was completed late
                                            August 2006. Further investigations
                                                                                                                       a Scout drilling rig mounted on the
                                                                                                                       jack-up barge.
                                                                                                                        The key factors affecting this devel-
                                                                                                                       opment are stability of the proposed
  about five years and will continue        are currently underway as part of the                                      reclamation area, long term settle-
  through to 2011. The works include a      tendering process.                                                         ment of the filled area, foundation
  new container terminal, construction       The water depth in Port Botany                                            types for proposed structures, effects
  of new seawalls, dredging and recla-      ranges from about 1 m to 22 m and                                          of dredging the seabed on both the
  mation, pavements, roads, new             the boreholes were to be drilled to                                        new and existing structures, as well
  shipping and tug boat berths and a        depths in excess of 50m to 60m                                             as environmental issues, particularly
  public boat ramp. Rehabilitation of       below the seabed using Scout drilling                                      during the dredging.
  the Penrhyn Estuary and the               rigs mounted on either floating                                             DP engineers will continue to advise
  enhancement of beach and public           barges which were anchored to the                                          Sydney Ports during the planning and
  areas along the foreshore is also         seabed, or a jack-up barge suspended                                       tendering stage, and will be involved
  planned.                                  above the water on steel legs founded                                      throughout the construction process.
   The new terminal will be located         on the seabed.
  between the existing port facility and     The jack-up barge, however, was                                                Contact: Fiona MacGregor, Principal
  the Third Runway at Sydney Airport.       used because it is unaffected by wind                                                     (02) 9809 0666
  The project will involve dredging         and swell conditions and allowed                                                 Client: Sydney Ports Corporation
  over 7.5 million cubic metres of          work to continue in most weather

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 DP News

         ouglas Partners Brisbane
         office recently completed a
         pre-feasibility study for a
proposed water supply to the Lady
Loretta Zinc Mine located in far
north Queensland. With a shortage of
zinc projected world-wide, develop-
ment of the Lady Loretta Mine, 140
km north-northwest of Mt Isa, has the
potential to provide a significant
source of new zinc production for at
least the next 15 years.

 DP Senior Hydrogeologist, Iain Hair,
was commissioned by engineering
consultants Beca AMEC of New
Zealand, to investigate the potential
                                                              Gum Lagoon bore, windmill & tank at Thorntonia Station, NQ
for a groundwater supply to the mine
from the Thorntonia Limestone                              discussions and reviews of previous                             cal groundwater flow model of the
aquifer, 50 km north of Lady Loretta.                      investigations were required to                                 aquifer. The project also involved
The Thorntonia Limestone aquifer is                        protect and maintain future ground-                             the design of a borefield, delivery
situated within the Gregory River                          water supplies in the area. Currently,                          pipeline, and groundwater monitor-
catchment, which has been declared                         the primary use of groundwater                                  ing system.
under the Wild Rivers Act 2005 and                         resources within the catchment is for                            Iain continues, “Our investigations
is subject to restrictions on the use of                   cattle   watering    and     domestic                           were able to confirm that the Thorntonia
surface water and groundwater for                          purposes using bores equipped with                              Limestone aquifer would have the
industrial and irrigation purposes.                        windmills     or    small     electro-                          potential to meet the 15 year water
 Iain Hair comments, “The water                            submersible pumps.”                                             demand of the Lady Loretta project
crisis in Queensland has heightened                         DP hydrogeologists were required to                            without having an adverse impact on
awareness of the value of water. Our                       complete a thorough review of                                   existing groundwater users.”
study involved many discussions                            geological and topographic mapping
with personnel from the Department                         of the area, undertake field inspec-
                                                                                                                               Contact: Iain Hair (07) 3237 8900
of Natural Resources & Water and                           tions    and    groundwater      level                               Client: Beca AMEC Limited (NZ)
other legislative authorities. These                       monitoring, and construct a numeri-

                                                             CLIENTS VOTE DP THE BEST
                                                             Douglas Partners was announced winner of the Best Consulting Engineering
                                                             Firm (revenue under $50 million) in the national 2007 BRW-ST George Client
                                                             Choice Awards.
                                                             More than 11,000 clients responded to a survey by Beaton Consulting to rate
                                                             approximately 170 professional firms.
                                                             Managing Director, Terry Wiesner, says our staff and their attitude are the key to
                                                             delivering client service. “I believe our staff really cares about their clients, their
                                                             jobs, the quality of our work, and our standards of service. In consulting, you build
                                                             up relationships with your client based upon your performance. Take care of your
                                                             existing clients and they'll do your marketing for you”.
                    Terry Wiesner on site at Port Botany     For more information regarding the client choice awards, please visit the DP website.

                                                    Integrated Practical Solutions
                                                               nautical miles) has a substance that “has the potential to
On December 1 2006 The Contaminated Sites Act 2003             present a risk of harm to human health, the environment
and associated contaminated sites regulations took effect      or any environmental value”.
in Western Australia, described as the “most progressive        Sites will be classified by the DEC and memorials lodged
contaminated sites legislation in Australia”.                  on titles with all development approvals considered
                                                               firstly by the DEC. Details on contamination and remedia-
 One of the key principles of the Act requires owners,         tion for restricted use land will be available on a free
occupiers and polluters to report “known or suspected          public database.
contaminated sites to the Department of Environment and         The new laws have also facilitated the accreditation of a
Conservation (DEC) within 21 days. Failure may attract         Contaminated Sites Auditor Scheme (akin to systems
penalties from $250,000 to $1.2 million, plus daily fines      already operating in Victoria and New South Wales). The
of up to $50,000.                                              aim of the scheme is to expedite the assessment/remedia-
 A site is considered contaminated if an area of land,         tion/validation process. However, unlike other States, the
groundwater, surface water or offshore area (to three          Western Australian State Government will provide final
                                                               “sign-off” or certification of the contamination status of
                                                               sites and the types of land use they are suitable for.
                                                                Assessing contaminated sites can be a complex process
                                                               requiring knowledge in a range of scientific disciplines.
                                                               DP can provide all the necessary skills to assist in the
                                                               assessment and remediation of contaminated land and
                                                               groundwater as well as the services of an accredited
                                                               contaminated sites auditor.

 A fuel tank uncovered on site;                                                  For details please contact:
 the new regulations in WA will
 require owners to report any                                                   Glyn Eade (08) 9325 4774 or
 known contamination to the                                                     Michael Nash (02) 9809 0666
 DEC within 21 days.

                                          sioned DP to undertake rigor-

       he Ross River Dam, situated        ous laboratory testing within
       20km southwest of Townsville       the dam as part of a sand
       in North Queensland, is            resource study to identify
currently undergoing partial recon-       construction material required
struction, with the total upgrade cost    for the augmentation of the
expected to be around $115 million.       dam. Vibrocore sampling was
                                          undertaken using a barge
 DP Townsville office has been            mounted         mini-excavator
involved with geotechnical investiga-     which provided the mechani-
tions for the project since 2004,         cal assistance to DP’s portable           Embankment works at Ross River Dam, QLD taken November 2006
carried out for GHD. Original inves-      vibrocoring equipment.
tigations included the drilling of test    Over 2600 laboratory tests have           The works will take until 2008 to
bores and pits on the downstream          been completed since April last year,     complete and are expected to
embankment and within the dam             at DP’s onsite annex laboratory, and      increase the dam's storage capacity
catchment for the embankment              at the Townsville, Brisbane and           by nine percent, equivalent to
upgrade. Groundwater monitoring           Newcastle laboratories, for the Joint     an extra four months of water supply
bores    were    also   installed    at   Venture.      These tests include         for Townsville and Thuringowa
nominated locations and depths.           compaction and moisture control in        residents.
 During the initial stages of the         new embankment materials and
project, John Holland Macmahon            material quality testing on sand filter      Contact: Bruce Stewart (07) 4779 9866
                                                                                         Client: John Holland/Macmahon
Joint   Venture,    the   contractors     material, clay embankment lining
                                                                                               Joint Venture & GHD
appointed for construction, commis-       and armour stone.

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