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Welcome once again to the EasyCars Newsletter.

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Industry News

Used car safety improving

New data reveals safest second hand cars

According to new 2009 figures released by Used Car Safety Ratings (UCSR), a division of the Victorian CTP
insurer TAC, drivers in the market for a second hand car can still find many safe options.

The UCSR used data collected from more than three million cars and the analysis of more than 740,000
injured road users who were involved in car crashes across Australia and New Zealand. All told, 239 second
hand vehicles were rated in 2009, and of these 118 were rated as 'excellent' or 'good' in terms of

The results of the study show that a handful of Australian-made cars were rated as 'above average' but the
safest second hand cars available in Australia were European or Japanese vehicles for the most part.

An excerpt from a media statement released by the website revealed: "If you’re
looking for a small car or a large car, there are cars with excellent or good safety ratings in every market
group," but added that "There are also significant safety gaps between the best and worst performing used

The 2009 crashworthiness ratings assess a range of safety criteria of cars, including "the impact of a crash on
other road users like pedestrians, as well as on the car’s own occupants" says the reports author.

As such, vehicles that deliver excellent occupant protection will not necessarily be rated 'excellent' overall if
they do not protect other road users in the event of a collision. Based on this reasoning, the report states
that more small and medium cars have a better overall crashworthiness result.

Furthermore, the age of the car was a very influential factor, with cars built before 1995 dominating the
worst performing list. "This highlights the gains in car safety made in recent years and is important to
consider for your next car purchase," reads a statement from the report.

Article is sourced from carsales.

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                                                Self Help

Using the internet as a marketing tool
As you are all probably aware we are currently living in the technological age. People of all ages are using
computers for almost anything. According to the International Telecommunication Union in Feb 2009, 79.6%
of households (over 16 million homes) had access to the internet. It seems silly not to use this as a way to
push your business into the eyes of consumers.

Places like Google Ad Words ( allow you to do this. Through Google Ad Words
you are able to create ads for your business, create keywords that will link Google searches to your website.
You can monitor the amount of times your ad is displayed and how many times people click onto your page.
Allowing you to maintain a broad approach to your customers.

Advertise your business in online business directories., and are all free to list your business. Using these sites allows your potential customers to find
businesses by their location allowing a higher success rate for you. Today’s society is moving forward with
the times, so why shouldn't your business go with them?

EasyCars Tip
Ever been curious as to which vehicles you sell the best? Here’s how to graph it.
    •  Open up your “Profit on Sold Stock” Report
    •  Select the date range you wish to view the cars sold
    •  In the print sequence select “Make”
    •  Select “Vehicle Count” in the Graph box at the bottom left
    •  Now press the “Graph” Button at the top of the screen to view your graph

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Dealing with Fickle Customers
From the ausBIZ newsletter from Aus Wild Accountants

Customers are fickle – they change their minds. After all, they are human and just like us; they can and will
change their minds.
As a business owner, you can spend a lot of time and energy with a customer, figuring out exactly what they
want, negotiating a fair price based on the decisions reached. Then later, whether from whim or reason,
they change their mind. But they may not want to change the price or the terms.

Be clear about terms upfront.
Often we're so eager to make a sale that we neglect to mention or underplay any change penalties or
additional costs a customer may face. Of course, you don't want to mention extra fees first thing in any
negotiation, but before the customer signs on the dotted line, make certain they understand all the terms
and conditions, including the fact that if they change the terms, the cost may increase.

Get it in writing.
You can avoid some misunderstandings with a written agreement, whether a contract, purchase order, or
signed proposal. But don't depend on the client to read the small print. (Case in point is the low cost airlines
and the hundreds of complaints travellers make when they miss their flights or show up late for check-in and
are not permitted to board the flight or get slugged for over weight luggage or extra baggage) Make sure you
clearly point out the penalties for changes, if any. If it's not your practice to ask for a signed agreement then
send the customer an e-mail or letter, confirming the terms of your oral agreement.

Explain limits on special deals.
Let's say you're able to offer a customer a low price because it's your slow season or you have an overstock
of some inventory. Make it very clear – in writing – that what you're offering is a special, one time offer or
limited time offer, not available after a certain date or applicable to other items.

Develop clear change policies.
If you're in a business where customers are likely to alter or revise, devise a clear policy relating to those
changes – what kinds of alterations will result in extra charges, and which will be free. That makes it easier
both to accommodate customers and to charge them when they make changes outside the policy.

Develop policies that encourage customers to be committed.
Few things are as frustrating as customers who back out of deals completely. Clients and customers don't
realise that, often, even before you've spent money out-of-pocket, you've rearranged your schedule or
begun work on their project. Non-refundable deposits are typical and an effective method to encourage
customers to be committed before they give you the go-ahead. In some industries (for instance, real estate),
buyers are typically required to make a substantial deposit that they'll forfeit if they back out of the deal.
Don't be afraid to try this if it's at all appropriate in your business.
Nothing will completely erase the frustrations of dealing with customers who change their minds – and their
orders. But having clear policies and non-refundable deposits can reduce the confusion – and the cost –
when customers become fickle.

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JCS Products
            Websites Made Easy, a new service created and supported by JCS
One of the most time consuming and costly exercises of websites is keeping it up to date. With Web
sites made Easy, your vehicle information is kept completely up to date via your EasyCars software.
As and when you buy and sell vehicles the page is automatically updated. JCS support staff will
make as many changes to other web site content as often as you like. NO Technical expertise is
required on your part what so ever.

$199 start up & $99 per month is all you need to spend!

           If within 30 days you are not convinced that Websites Made Easy is not
                         the easiest web site that you have ever seen,
                              we will give you your money back.

                      Contact management software that really works!

    o   Effectively handle all communications with existing customers, helping to maintain a high degree of
        customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    o   Import your mailing list from EasyCars
    o   Keep track of your leads
    o   Maintain efficient internal communication with all members of your sales staff

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