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					FILLING OUT YOUR     Approval of your application form is based on how
APPLICATION          well your qualifications, knowledge and experience
                     meet the above requirements. The information you
                     provide must be relevant and accurate.
                     Your resume forms the basis of your application. You
                     must provide proof of your qualifications and
                     references to support your work history.
                                                                                            Commercial Builders are responsible for the
                               Each time you see this symbol on the
                               application form, you will need to supply                    construction of shops, offices, factories and other
                               supporting documentation.                                    buildings. They also examine clients’
                                                                                            plans/documents, tender for projects, submit
                                                                                            plans to a building surveyor for approval and
ESSENTIAL            In addition to the documents you must attach to your
                                                                                            organise inspections of building work. Builders
                     application, you also need to provide the following:
INFORMATION          • Business plan                                                        need excellent logistic, negotiation and
                     • Estimating worksheet
                     • Job Safety Analysis                                                  supervision skills to ensure their construction
                     • Profit/Loss balance sheet                                            projects are completed on time and on budget.
                     • Quality control checklist
                     • Resume (including work history)
                     • Schedule of works (flow chart)
                     • Site induction plan                                                  There are two classes of Commercial Builder registration:

                                                                                            Commercial Builder – Unlimited (CB-U)
                                                                                            May perform, manage and/or arrange any commercial building work.
APPLICATION          Use this checklist to make sure you have
                     filled out all the required parts of the application form.
CHECKLIST                                                                                   Commercial Builder – Limited (CB-L)
                        Part A - Personal details                                           May perform only the components of building work specified on their
                        Part B - Registration with professional bodies/interstate           certificate of registration. There are 11 classes for limited registration, such as
                                 registration or licence
                                                                                            low-rise construction, re-blocking, damp-proofing and commercial fit-outs.
                        Part C - Qualifications
                                                                                            See over for the full listing.
                        Part D - Knowledge and experience
                        Part E - References
                        Part F - Photographic ID                                            APPLICANT PROFILE IN BRIEF
                        Part G - General declaration
                        Part H - Insurance                                                  QUALIFICATIONS (CB-U)
                        Part J - Payment fees                                                              You will need a Degree, Diploma or Associate Diploma in
                        Part K - Statutory declaration                                                     Building from a University or TAFE College or a course in
                                                                                                           builder registration (BPB).

                                                                                                                     No formal qualification required. You will need to
                                                                                                                     demonstrate adequate knowledge and experience
                                                                                                                     applicable to the class being applied for.

                                                                                            KNOWLEDGE                You will understand laws relating to the building industry
                                                                                                                     and be familiar with current practices and building costs.

                                                                                            EXPERIENCE               Relevant practical experience to the satisfaction of the
                                                                                                                     Building Practitioners Board (the Board).

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                                                                                    Registration enquiries 1300 360 320
                                                                                    Facsimile 03 9285 6490
Commercial Builder
Take a look at each area in detail. Ask yourself which areas meet your current level of
knowledge and experience. Are there areas that you could improve? Do you have some
relevant experience that you could highlight on your application?

QUALIFICATIONS                    Commercial Builder – Unlimited (CB-U)                     Commercial Builder – Limited (CB-L)                       COMMERCIAL        As part of your Commercial Builder Limited                Re-stumping
                                  • Degree, Diploma or Associate Diploma in Building        • No formal qualification required. You will need to                        application, you may select registration in one or        Re-stumping, re-blocking, repairs to flooring, plaster
                                    from a University or TAFE College AND                     demonstrate adequate knowledge and experience           BUILDER LIMITED   more of the following classes.                            and roof material damaged by re-blocking.
                                  • Three years of practical experience to the
                                                                                              relevant to the class being sought                      CLASSES (CB-L)    You must be able to demonstrate the necessary
                                    satisfaction of the Board OR                            • Relevant practical experience to the satisfaction of                      qualifications, knowledge and experience for the          Shade structures
                                                                                                                                                                        class/es you select. Structural Defects/Building          Includes erecting shade structures, advising clients
                                                                                              the Board
                                  • A course in builder registration (BPB) from a                                                                                       Indemnity Insurance is required for all classes (except   on building materials, specifications, and construction
                                    recognised learning provider AND                        Additional for the above categories                                         Fitout non-structural).                                   methods. Complying with all planning, building
                                                                                            • Certificate III in Occupational Health and Safety                                                                                   legislation and preparation of permit applications.
                                  • Three years of practical experience to the
                                                                                              (Building and Construction)                                               Blinds and awnings
                                    satisfaction of the Board                                                                                                                                                                     Sign erection
                                                                                                                                                                        Erecting external blinds and awnings.
KNOWLEDGE                         You will need to demonstrate knowledge of the             • Protection work requirements under the Building                                                                                     Signs attached to buildings or freestanding signs on a
                                  following:                                                  Act 1993                                                                  Damp-proofing                                             building site. Lighting poles over 8 metres.
                                  • The Building Act 1993, Building (Interim)               • Project budgeting — income and expenditure                                Repairing buildings damaged by damp, including
                                                                                              projections, cash flow and basic accounting                               replacing rotten timber.                                  Steel erection
                                    Regulations 2005, Building Code of Australia 2005,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Steel frames, piers, foundations and external
                                    OH&S Act 2005 and Australian Standards                  • Standard types of insurance for the building project,                     Fitout – non-structural                                   cladding.
                                  • Standard types of commercial building contracts           for employees and for hire of sub-contractors                             Includes internal partitions, counters (freestanding),
                                    and how to administer them                              • Responsibilities of employees and employers under                         suspended ceilings and fire sprinkler systems.            Structural landscaping
                                                                                              the Occupational Health & Safety Act 2005                                 Replacing non-load bearing structures.                    Fences, pergolas, gazebos, retaining walls, ornamental
                                  • Building materials, methods and technology used in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  structures, site preparation and landscape paving.
                                    commercial construction                                 • Council building requirements                                             Fitout – structural                                       Landform structures requiring fabricated internal
                                  • Building permits process                                • Standards and tolerances in relation to construction                      Alterations to shop fronts, internal works, load-         support.
                                                                                              methods                                                                   bearing structures and fixtures.
EXPERIENCE                        Working as a Commercial Builder, you are expected         • Applying financial management principles to                               Greenhouse                                                Underpinning existing structures and associated
Practical experience shows        to have experience in the following tasks:                  monitor business performance and meet tax                                 Erecting commercial greenhouses.                          works.
that you have made the effort                                                                 requirements
                                  • Managing deep or bulk excavations - precautions
to apply your learning to real                                                                                                                                          Low rise                                                  Waterproofing
                                    required, construction techniques and retaining         As well as the general requirements described, a
work situations.                                                                                                                                                        Work up to 15 metres. Excavations up to 3 metres          The use of waterproofing membranes to the interior,
                                    methods                                                 Commercial Builder – Unlimited must also
                                                                                                                                                                        and cellars and basements to 2.5 metres. All building     exterior, below ground and remedial areas of a building.
                                                                                            demonstrate competence in:
                                  • Tilt-slab construction, from site delivery to                                                                                       work including non-structural.
                                    completion                                              • Contract law and construction legal procedures
                                  • Building steel structures in all styles using a range   • Developing a business plan for a building or                              Other
                                    of connections                                            construction enterprise                                                   Any other component of building work that the
                                                                                                                                                                        Board considers appropriate.
                                  • Preparing detailed tender documents and work            • Marketing and customer relations activities
                                    schedules for building contracts
                                                                                            • Energy conservation and management processes
                                  • Administering commercial building contracts and
                                                                                            • Estimating costs for labour and materials
                                    resolving any disputes legally and efficiently
                                                                                            • Site induction process
                                  • Delegating site responsibilities to project managers,
                                    forepersons, sub-contractors and tradespersons —
                                    and monitoring their performance

                                   NOTE: Please provide detailed written examples of your work experience and knowledge.

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