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					                           Christ the King School, North Rocks
 “Victory through Faith”                   Term 1,   Week 7                                        10th March, 2009 
2 Statham Avenue, North Rocks  2151                        Phone          9871 7438                       Fax       9871 6383 
Email—                     Website—         Newsletter Vol. 33 No. 7 

Dear Parents, 
This afternoon you will receive an information note explaining the Federal Government’s $42 billion economic stimulus package and its potential impact for 
our system of schools. 
The Catholic Education Office have called their response to this package Project Genesis which outlines what it means for Christ the King. 
This is great news and will give us a unique opportunity to further improve the educational learning and environment of our children. 
Our school, under the package may apply for $2.5million for major building works and $150,000 for minor works (what can be built is subject to strict 
guidelines and criteria). 
The government’s time frame for submissions is extremely short (April) and the diocese has already begun the process of architects visiting schools etc. 
Father Burton and myself will be meeting with the CEO planning team and architects shortly to determine possible footprints for our major building works. 
We have already begun obtaining the required number of quotes for suggested minor works.  At this stage we are investigating a number of potential 
developments depending on how far funding will stretch eg. large all weather structure on the top playground, resurfacing the back oval, new wet area 
benches in classrooms and a number of additional areas of need.  Unfortunately the time frame is consistent for all schools and doesn’t allow for a thorough 
consultation period.  The recent surveys have provided areas of need but further suggestions are welcome although some projects fulfil the government’s 
criteria better than others.  Shade has always been a priority but the bottom playground has always proved too difficult due to the playground being 
surrounded by 2/3 storey buildings and walls all around.  The top playground would allow an unencumbered shade area to be erected that could be utilized all 
year round.
At our next P&F meeting on 25th March at 7:30pm, we will further outline the Government’s Education Revolution / Jobs stimulus program and its
benefits for CTK. Additionally, we will hear from our pro­active committees, discuss further areas of need and present a summary of our recent
school and report surveys. We hope to see you there.
          Thank you for your continued support.  It is in partnership that we can achieve great things for our children. 

                                                                  Tony Calabria, Principal

                  Reflection of the Week                                                   Theme for the week : “Make Wise Choices”
         Children Learn What They Live
                                                                                    Our theme this week encourages children to think carefully
 If children live with criticism, they learn to condemn.        before they act, giving consideration to the choices they make
If children live with hostility, they learn to fight.          and how they can impact on others. Making choices and taking
If children live with ridicule, they learn to be shy.           responsibility for the choices they make is essential grounding
If children live with shame, they learn to feel guilty.           for future years. Please take time as a family to discuss the
If children live with tolerance, they learn to be patient.                   importance of decision making in our lives.
If children live with encouragement,
                                                               Week 7 at CTK :  2nd Week of Lent 
                                  they learn confidence.
                                                               Registration forms for the Parish First Eucharist / Confirmation Program 
If children live with praise, they learn to appreciate.        are still available in the Foyer of the Church.  More details inside. 
If children live with fairness, they learn justice.            Tue   10   Reconciliation Yr 4 
If children live with security, they learn to have faith.      Wed  11  Diocesan Education Mass  5:30pm 
If children live with approval,                                            St. Patrick’s Blacktown 
                                                               Thur 12 9:00am.  Yr 4 Grade Mass.  All welcome 
                               they learn to like themselves. Fri    13    Representative from Allowah Children’s Hospital at assembly 
If children live with acceptance and friendship,                           to say thank you to CTK for our donation.
                        they learn to find love in the world.              9:00am  Social Committee meeting.  All welcome
                                                 Dorothy Law Nolte.                         2:10pm Whole School assembly presented by Year 3. 
                                                                                            All welcome
Coming Dates and Events                        Religious Education News
WEEK 8           3rd Week of Lent 
Tue   17 Feast of St. Patrick ­
                                                What to give up…. A Lenten Reflection 
         Green mufti day / Gold coin           Give up complaining….focus on gratitude              Give up pessimism...become an optimist 
         donation for missions.                Give up harsh judgements...think kindly thoughts  Give up in God 
                                               Give up full of hope               Give up bitterness...turn to forgiveness 
           Yr 5 & 6 Girls Soccer gala day      Give up hatred...return good for evil                      Give up positive 
Wed  18 Reconciliation Yr 3                    Give up pettiness...become mature 
                                               Give up gloom...enjoy the beauty that is around you 
Thur  19  Feast of St. Joseph.                 Give up jealousy… pray for trust                           Give up gossiping...control your tongue 
          Year 3 Grade Mass 9:00am.            Give up sin…turn to virtue                                     Give up giving up...hang in there!!
          All Welcome.
                                               What can I do?        As a family, Lent is a time to stop and think about what we can do to
Fri    20 PIZZA Food Day                       make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others; acts of kindness towards others, time
                                               spent playing with a sibling, supporting family members and friends, praying a simple prayer
MARK IN YOUR DIARY                             together at dinner time or giving hard earned pocket money to the poor. Lent is a great
Wed 25 7:30pm P&F Meeting discussing: 
                                               opportunity for families to talk about what they really value and what is really important in
       Parent Surveys feedback                 their lives.
       Rudd Government grant                   During  this  special  time  of  Lent  why  not  make  the  effort  to  attend  Mass.  Parish 
                                               Mass times: 
Fri    27 Catholic Schools Week 
                                               Saturday Vigil at 6.00pm. Sunday Masses at 8.00am, 10.00am and 6.00pm.
          Celebration Mass 9:15am 
                                               Weekday Masses—Monday no masses, Tuesday 7.30pm, Wednesday 6.45am, Thursday 9.00am,
          followed by open classrooms.
                                               Friday 6.45am & 9.15am and Saturday 9.00am with the Rosary at 8.30am.
                                               Reconciliation is on Saturday at 9.30­10.00am and 4.30­5.30pm.
Thur  2    CTK Cross Country                   Morning Drop–Off            Parents are reminded that when dropping off their
Fri    10    Good Friday                       children in the morning the following guidelines apply:
Sun  12    Easter Sunday                       ­ Supervision of children begins at 8:15am
                                               ­ Always drive less than 5km per hour within the school grounds
                                               ­ If there are no cars cued up please drive along to the last witches hat outside the
          Prayers are requested                church so that more cars can be accommodated off the road.
         Please keep in your prayers the       ­ Always have children leave the vehicle on the passenger side only.
                                               ­ Always use the crossing
         Alphonse family (Katherine 4/10)
         on the passing into eternal life of   Always park around the hall, never on the top playground unless there is a
         her grandfather Joseph Alphonse       major school function, and only then after 9.00am as latecomers may still be
                                               walking across the playground.
         over the weekend.

               School Fees                     THANK YOU            Many thanks to the class parent representatives who were able to
                                               attend our recent meeting. This role helps create strong networks for a wonderful
Thank you to those families who have           support base for each of the classrooms.
    finalised their term 1 accounts.
                                               Class Parent Representatives
Any outstanding term 1 accounts are
   now overdue. Reminders will be              K1    Val Mendez
        coming home this week.                 K2    Nelly Mawad            Susan McCauley
Payment can be made by BPay, credit
 card, cheque cash or POSTbillpay at           1/3   Natalie Conway        Sarah Kaltoum
            any Post Office.                   1/4   Jacqui Stone           Karen Wimalaratne
                                               2/5   Jo­Anne Kite
     News from the Library:                    2/6   Marcelle Murphy
The Premier’s Reading Challenge                3/7   Michelle Harris       Roma Unwin
    is underway and students from              3/8   Kathleen Spurr
  Kindergarten to Year 6 are able to
 participate. Watch out for more info          4/9   Marianne Dwyer        Denise Ozer
 in upcoming newsletters about when            4/10 Marcelle Murphy
        the students can log on.               5/11 Michelle Harris        Kathleen Spurr
In the meantime keep a paper record
of the books you are reading and visit         5/12 Sarah Kaltoum          Rosetta Lao         Terri Unwin
              the website:
                                               Year 6 parent committee
                                               Jennifer Allan, Bernadette Clark, Kerrie Collier, Kamlee Coorey, Susan Coorey,
                                               Lisa Croxford, Majella Fernando, Georgia Georgaklis, Lynne Hawken, Julie Hekeik,
    The School Office is open from             Karen Kelly, Ruth Longworth, Cassie Rec, Sandra Rudd, Mary Sassine,
          8:30am—3:30pm                        Deirdre Tannous, Joanne Tannous, Tjandra Wari­Tandany. 
Parish News - First Eucharist and Confirmation Program      This is a Parish–run program.                Happy Birthday
Registration forms are still available in the Church foyer to enrol your child in the Parish              this week to
First Eucharist and Confirmation Program to be run in Term 2 of this year.

Please read the information and complete the registration form. Forms need to be handed              Wed 11         Gabrielle Vaggis
into Father Burton at one of the parish masses this weekend (14th / 15th March).                     Thur 12       Ryan Mater
For any further inquiries please contact Tony Hughes, Parish Sacramental Program                                   Ashley Regan­Scherf
Co­ordinator on 0413 222 523.                                                                        Fri     13     Joshua Kite
                                                                                                     Sat     14    Tiana Younan
IF YOU ARE EVER UNSURE                                                                                             Aaron Mendez
If you are unsure about any aspect of your child’s schooling, school event, activity, procedure,                   Jake Mendez
learnings etc., you are encouraged to please take the time to seek clarification with class          Sun 15        Miss Higgins
teachers, specialist teachers, office staff, Ms Crowe or Mr. Calabria as opposed to relying on
hearsay or others’ interpretations or perceptions. We are only to glad to assist you and work        Mon 16         Karlo Lozancic
in partnership.                                                                                      Tue 17         Madeline Maric
                                                                                                                    Carl Matheson
Secondary Schools
Each year our children head off to a variety of Catholic Schools to continue their ongoing
education in a Catholic teaching environment. Families select these schools because of the           CELEBRATING GIFTS AND
values we hold dear for the quality of education they represent. We encourage parents to
fully consider our excellent local Catholic Schools, as continuing enrolment is available at                TALENTS
our feeder schools, St. Patrick’s Dundas and Marist Brothers Westmead. (The enrolment                 Congratulations to  Carl 6/14 and 
period is usually in May). Parents of Year 5 and 6 children should by now have discussed              Jeremy 5/12 Matheson.  Their U10 
secondary schooling options for their children and begun enquiries. Please note, many                Futsal team won their Premier League 
independent Catholic schools have their own time frame for enrolments and set criteria.
                                                                                                      Semi­final with Epping YMCA.  The 
 There are many open days at these schools in the near future to assist you in your                     team has now progressed to the 
                                decision making.                                                                  Grand final.

CROSS COUNTRY            On Thursday, 2nd April CTK will be holding their annual Cross
Country Carnival. This event will be held at Don Moore Reserve.                                          Artist of the week- Week 7
Two kilometres are run by Under 8’s, U9’s and U10’s. Three kilometres are run by Under                       Junior Artist of the Week 
11’s and U12’s. Children are encouraged to prepare for the Cross Country.      Children                            ‘Lady beetles’ 
compete in the age group they are turning this year.                                                              Joseph Nasr  2/6 
                                                                                                             Senior Artist of the Week 
International Competitions & Assessments for Schools (ICAS) - Years 3-6                                        ‘Rainforest Life’ 
                                                                                                            Andrew Alphonse  6/14
Registration forms were sent home with children last week. Additional copies are available
from the school office. Registration forms must be received to the school office by
Friday, 20th March. Please note that no late entry will be accepted by the
University of NSW. Please note: please do not send payment. Competitions fees will be
                                                                                                         Students of the Week
included on your term 2 schools fees account.                                                               Term 1, Week 6
Thank You from the Library                 Thank you to the Larkin family (Gabrielle 1/4, Damian  K1          Jenna Gillespie 
                                                                                                  K2          Christopher Tran 
3/7)  for  generously  donating  a  box  of  new  books  to  the  Holy  Faith  Library. 
                                                                                                  1/3        Lourdes Chedid 
These books are now ready to borrow.  Happy Reading! 
                                                                                                     1/4     Rebecca Cheung 
                                                                                                     2/5     Marcus Straub 
DOGS IN THE PLAYGROUND                                                                               2/6     Aisling Murphy 
Please be aware that dogs are not permitted  on the grounds at any time.  Many young  3/7                  Lachlan Allan 
children are frightened and anxious around dogs.  Many thanks for your attention to this  3/8              David Cook 
area to ensure all children feel safe at school at all times.                             4/9              Marcus Cianci 
                                                                                                     4/10  Stephen Maric 
                                                                                                     5/11  Kelly Foskett 
World’s Greatest Shave Leukemia Foundation                                    Optional raffle        5/12  Jacob Federer 
                                                                                                     6/13  Thomas Lucey 
We have a number of children from CTK participating in this National fund raiser to help battle      6/14  Yasmine Sassine

Joseph Hekeik (6/13), Benson Isaac (6/13) and Jarrod Bechara (6/14) will be selling raffle tickets   Coming home this week
for this cause outside the staffroom for the next few weeks. This is a purely OPTIONAL raffle.
Proceeds will go directly to World’s Greatest Shave. Tickets are $1­00 each. Prizes include:         ·       Project Genesis—
Ladies & Men’s gift pack valued at $140 each; A Watch donated by Alexander Jewellers valued at               Government Grant
$150; Pearl Necklace valued at $150; Ipod Shuffle; $100 Westfield Voucher; Code Red six 10 ticket            parent information
voucher packs, with more prizes being donated daily. The shave off and raffle draw will take
place on Friday, 20th March at assembly.                                                             ·       Uniform Shop price list &
                                                                                                             order form
Uniform Shop $2 Bargain Day -               This Thursday, 12th March from 8:30—10:00am, until sold out, the Uniform shop
will be having a $2 bargain day on all second hand clothing. Also for sale: brand new shorts (old style) were $16, now $5; new
School bags (old style) were $36, now $10.

           THANK  YOU  for all the Easter eggs being sent in and for the selling of tickets for our raffle.  Just remember, the 
           more eggs that come in the greater the donation we can make to The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and Allowah 
Childrens Hospital, Dundas.  Additional raffle tickets are available from the office. All donated Easter eggs can be placed in 
the tub located at the front of assembly or in the office. Once again, thank you for your generous support. 
Pizza  Day—Our first exciting food day for 2009 will be held on Friday,  20th  March (Wk 8).  Keep 
an eye out for details coming home soon. 
                                                                                                                      Sarah Kaltoum , FUNraising Co­ordinator

YEAR 1 MOTHER’S NIGHT OUT Keep this date free: Friday, 27th March. More details coming home soon.
KINDERGARTEN MUM’S NIGHT OUT Mark this date in your diary: Thursday, 2nd April. Invitation coming home this week.
UNIFORM SHOP            Please see calendar and weekly newsletter for opening times. You are welcome to order via the office bag system and
items will be sent to your child’s classroom. The uniform shop will be open this Thursday and next Monday from 8.30—9.15am. EFTPOS
FACILITIES ARE NOT AVAILABLE IN THE UNIFORM SHOP. Any enquiries, please phone Leona O’Connor on 9890 5529.

Parents Representative Council  invites you to the inaugural U­CANN (Understanding Children’s Additional Needs Network) ­ A network organized for 
parents  by  parents.  Tuesday10th  March  from  6:30pm  or  Thursday  12th  March  from  9:30am.    Who  should  attend:  parents  of  children  with  additional  needs 
Kindergarten –Year 12.  Information pamphlet from the school office.

OUR LADY OF MERCY COLLEGE, PARRAMATTA Open Day Monday, 16th March 2009  For more booking information go to or contact 
the College Enrolment Secretary 8838 1251.

ST PATRICKS MARIST COLLEGE DUNDAS OPEN DAY ­ TUESDAY, 17TH MARCH, 2009 4:00—6:00PM  Staff of the College will be available to answer 
questions and guided tours of the College will also be conducted.

OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL FETE Friday, 20th March. 3pm—9pm  Bennett St, Wentworthville.  Hoopla, Cakes, Tea / Coffee, CD’s, DVD’s, Videos, Board games, Puzzles, Duck 
Pond, Ice Cream, Crafts and lots lots more.
SONS & FATHERS ASTRONOMY NIGHT—UWS OBSERVATORY Sat, 21st March from 7:30—9:30pm  This special Astronomy night for fathers and sons is being held to allow 
fathers to spend some quality time with their sons.  A relaxing evening with the stars above.  See some wonderful celestial objects: the Jewel Box, the Moon, the Orion constellation, 
Saturn and many more objects.  For bookings phone 4736 0135 (Mon, Tues or Thus).
NRL Footy Tipping fundraiser supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation  Join in the fun, try and win some prizes and help raise money for this     fantastic cause.  1st 
prize: A V8 Race Car Driving Experience at Eastern Creek or An Xbox 360 Console or Luxury Body Polish & Manicure at Spa Chakra.  2nd prize: An offshore Powerboat Pacific Blast for 
2.  3rd prize: 2 adult tickets to Sydney Aquarium.  Entry fee is $25 per person.  Grab all your family & friends & join, sign up on 
100% of all entry fees will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation
AUSTRALIAN GIRLS CHOIR AND AUS GIRLS DANCE Free tryout classes for girls K­Yr 6.  Information pamphlet from the office.
CARLINGFORD FLAMES NETBALL CLUB  Carlingford Flames are looking for players aged 7, 8 or 12 years to make up teams for the upcoming season.  If interested, please call 
Belinda Dooley 9871 2274.
Carlingford Cougars Junior Rugby League Football Club  Boys from 6­13 & girls from 6­12 years are invited to join in the fun of Rugby League.  We play for the BALMAIN DISTRICT 
on Sundays & train Friday nights at Roselea Oval, Carlingford.  Come & experience just how FUN & SAFE JUNIOR RUGBY LEAGUE IS.  We urgently need players for U6, U10 & 
U12's.  As a special concession this year UNDER 6'S WILL REGISTER FOR FREE So if you have been unsure now is the time to give it a go!  For More information contact Melissa 
Kelly 0407 294 373 or Marianne Dwyer 0418 641 412.

DIOCESAN SWIMMING CARNIVAL Congratulations to all our competitors who represented the zone at the Diocesan Swimming
Carnival last Friday. All children swam well with Finn O’Connor 3/7 progressing to the Interdiocesan Carnival. 
Congratulations to Finn O’Connor who is the fastest 50m 8 year boy in the Diocese of Parramatta.  Well done indeed! 
TOUCH FOOTBALL TRIALS On Friday, 3rd April, CTK will be participating in the Parramatta Diocesan Stage 3 Touch Football
Gala day. Trials for this gala day have already begun in the children’s sport lessons and will continue before school some mornings.
Children are notified of their trial times.
CTK CROSS COUNTRY THURSDAY, 2ND APRIL With our Cross Country quickly approaching hopefully all children have been
training hard. In week 8 the children in Year 2 will be heading down to Don Moore to walk the track as it is new to them. The Cross
Country is an event which requires a lot of parent helpers but only for a few hours in the morning. If you are able to assist, please
complete the slip below.                                                                 Miss Danielle Hodda, Sports Co­ordinator
CTK CROSS COUNTRY HELPER 2009                                                     Thursday, 2nd April, 2009

I ________________________________ will be able to assist from 8:30am—12noon at the CTK Cross Country.

Name: __________________ Contact No. __________________                                    Child’s name and class _________________________________ 

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