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					                  Australia Day 2009
                  Woy Woy Waterfront
                       On the Main Stage

2.00pm   Central Coast Concert Band.

2.45pm   Sign & Speak Australia

3.00pm   Taekwon-Do Woy Woy

3.30pm   Dancinality

4.00pm   Drumbala. Display of local children and African Drumming

4.45pm   Singer Guitarist: Warren Targett

5.20pm   Ray Minniecon “Going up the right Track”

5.30pm   Aboriginal performance including smoking ceremony.

6.00pm   Children's’ Colouring competition closes.

6.00pm   Official Australia Day Ceremony:
         Featuring Flag Raising, introduction of Australia Day
         Ambassadors and Citizen of the Year, acknowledgement of our
         Australia Day Community Award recipients and new citizens.

6.55pm   Brisbane Water Brass Band.

7.25pm   Peter Mace - Bush Poet

7.55pm   Dancinality (Senior Group)

8.25pm   Rotary Club of Woy Woy Raffle draw.

8.30pm   Youth In Performing Arts

9.30pm   Close
                            Around the grounds
Children's rides

Children's activities at the CWA Hall

Market and food stalls

8.30pm        Lantern procession commences from Memorial Park

9.15pm        Fireworks display begins. Simulcast soundtrack on STAR 104.5

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