Divorce, Washington-Style
                                    March 2000, Volume 35, Number 6


1. "Sanford K. Ain…is one of the best divorce lawyers in America and maybe one of the best lawyers,
period. His firm is famous for its low-key, non-confrontational approach to domestic-relations law. Ain
exemplifies that ethic. He is very discreet and gentlemanly in negotiation but capable of overwhelming the
opposition with his intellect, knowledge of the law, and determination to get the best possible result for his
client. Ain represented Herbert Haft in his highly publicized divorce from wife Gloria. One of his best-
known clients is author Tom Clancy, for whom Ain helped negotiate a relatively quiet out-of-court
settlement of the $191-million estate. Ain and his wife, Miriam, have been married for 20 years."

4. "Rita Bank…Few divorce lawyers have as much balance and perspective as Rita Bank. She has seen
life from both sides of the economic divide. A onetime poverty worker in West Virginia, Bank, 53, is now
adept at carving up the riches of her well-heeled clients. She represented Gloria Haft in her divorce from
her billionaire husband, Herbert. …Bank represented aggrieved wife Victoria Westin after her husband,
ABC president David Westin, gave her the heave-ho for Sherrie Rollins, wife of media consultant Ed
Rollins. The result was a windfall for Victoria. …Bank has been married to corporate lawyer Richard Bank
for 30 years."

43. "Lauren Shea…practiced family law in Manhattan before moving to Washington with her husband,
lawyer Robert Tigner. She has been a quick study, learning the craft from top divorce lawyer, Sandy Ain.
The Arlington resident has become a master herself in the arcane and sometimes unwritten rules of the
Virginia courts. Says one colleague, 'No one beats Lauren Shea’s thoughtfulness, civility, and competence
in the sometimes wild practice of Virginia domestic relations bar.' "

3. "Peter Sherman…is the gentle giant of the divorce bar, a throwback to the days when lawyers didn’t
brag about their clients, try their cases in the press, or grandstand. The mentor in some respects of Sandy
Ain…sets an ethical standard that few divorce lawyers can match. There are many firms in Washington
that will spy on and intimidate spouses, but if you want a lawyer like that, Sherman is not your man;
some potential clients find him distant. His representation of conservative writer Airanna Huffington in her
divorce from former Congressman Michael Huffington was one of Sherman’s classic 'dignified' divorces…"

44. "Claudia Pott…'I don‘t believe that anyone can obtain more levelheaded and sensitive advice than
someone working with Dia Pott,' says a colleague. Pott describes herself as having 'a firm hand, a level
head, and a warm heart.' Once divorced, …she is married to …Peter Sherman; she shares his commitment
to discretion and the need to try to avoid raucous court fights. With a background in social work, Pott’s
reputation has been as an expert in abuse matters, but her practice has developed into sophisticated
financial areas… "

                          Reprinted with permission from Washingtonian Magazine, Inc.

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