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					Responde Question 3                           Question 4
     34116 Local History objects, mainly from Initially an interest in local
           the Second World War.              history. When this reason was
                                              not determined to be adequate,
                                              claimed to be a post-graduate
                                              student writing a dissertation on
                                              London in the Second World War.

     34120 Compasses                           general interest in compass
                                               collection as my father collects

     34143 I asked to look at a selection of   My little Brother from back home
           medieval pottery, and to take       is studying medieval Britain, and
           some photos                         some photos would go well in a
                                               report he needs to write.

     34148 design books, perhaps by Irma       general interest
           Boom if they had any

     34219 19th Century objects relating to    I had seen some on display and
           the treatment and diagnosis of      wanted to see some more.
           mental health.
34326 Portrait miniatures, enamelled   A personal interest in the
                                       aesthetics of enamel, especially
                                       for usage in portrait miniatures
                                       (ie. interest in detail).

34339 Shetland knives - prehistoric    I think they look beautiful and I
      stone implements                 wanted to see more of them,
                                       more closely

34343 Early examples of Shetland       I am interested in Shetland
      knitting                         knitting and I would like to have a
                                       close look at some early

41925 victorian photographs of         I live locally and I would like to
      Wandsworth                       learn more about the area
                                   Question 5

Objects on exhibition              No online information, so I visited   No detailed information available
                                   the museum and then asked a
                                   member of staff.

Museums' website                                                         Museum's collection list online

General publicity, postcards etc   I searched the web, but could not Telephone enquiry
                                   find a wed site, or any information
                                   specific to the museum. The
                                   telephone number i was able to
                                   get (off my was

Museums' website                                                         Other

Objects on exhibition                                                    Email with published contact
Museums' website                                           No detailed information available

Objects on exhibition   I saw some in the displays about   Other
                        15 years ago, and thought they
                        were some of the most lovely
                        things one could possibly see

Objects on exhibition                                      No detailed information available

Objects on exhibition                                      Telephone enquiry
Question 6

Member of staff only gave very vague and            2
unhelpful comments and would only consider
even giving me the number to call to arrange a
visit to the stored colection once I had produced
my Student ID to prove I was a post-graduate


I called up, after getting the number off 118118,   2
and spoke to someone who worked there,
Tamara. She offered to pick out a selection for
when I got there

website had list of designers featured in the       3

There were some examples of the portrait              4
miniatures that were on display on the museum's
website. However, I could not determine
whether or not they had a stored collection I
could access.

I talked to the curator and explained that I wasn't   4
concerned about particular ones, about 6 or 10
would be fine

I went to the museum and Reception put me             4
through to the curator. There was no catalogue
or list I could look at to see what I wanted to
choose. The curator quizzed me and gradually
chipped away at me until she was able to say
that everything was on display.

Question 7

             1 No online information about the       1
               museum collection whatsoever,
               no information in the museum, no
               paper catalogue. Relied entirely
               on speaking to the collection staff
               (who never returned my phone
               calls) to find out exactly what was

             4                                       0

             3 A better wedsite/advertising. I       4
               forgot to ask when i was there if
               they had one. im sure they do but
               a simple search on Google didnt
               come up with anything.

             2 to list some specific objects in      0
               their collection, not just the

             4 Very good I asked for a list and      0
               was sent one very promptly.
1 It was easy to discover that the       1
  exhibit had portrait miniatures, but
  I could not determine whether or
  not they had a stored collection I
  could access for a more detailed
  look. I only found out that there
  were no stored collections once I
  had gone down to the exhibit
  myself and asked a front of desk
  staff member. They could easily
  remove any confusion by stating
  on their website that their portrait
  miniatures (and their other
  collections for that matter) are
  100% on public view.

1 The only list available was the in-    4
  house collections management

1 A publicly available catalogue,        1
  preferably on the public internet,
  or at least in the museum

4 One solely relies on the               4
  information given over the phone.
Question 8                               Question 9

The only member of staff           No Phone calls never returned, no       1
avaliable for comment did not         specific email given, general
know what was avaliable and           email elisited no response.
made me establish my credentials
and buy a book on local history to
prove my interest before he would
give me the number for someone
who might know what was in the
catalogue (and they never
returned my calls).

                                    No After sending an email to general   3
                                       enquiries about the collection, I
                                       was advised to contact the Stores
                                       Access Coordinator who didn't
                                       respond by the deadline date for
                                       this exercise.

They were very helpful, polite and Yes I called once and left a message    4
seemed knowledgeable about             on the answer phone, I did not
their collections. They were happy     hear from them for a few days so
to answer questions and were           called again during opening
very approachable.                     hours. The appointment was in
                                       two weeks from the phonecall.

                                    No                                     1

The contact at the store told me    No I was offered various               0
of some other items that were          appointments to see some of the
'better examples' than the ones I      objects all of which were on
had asked to see.                      Wednesdays, which I couldn't
I emailed the general contact       No It was hard to get in touch via       0
provided on the website,               email. I did not try phoning the
explaining my interest in portrait     general number provided,
miniatures and inquiring after any     because I opted to go down to the
accessibility to their stored          exhibit myself where I was told
collections, however, I never got a    that there were no stored
reply back. It was only after I        collections.
inquired in person at the exhibit
that I was told by a front desk
staff member that all their
collections are 100% on public

Yes, the curator was very helpful,   Yes Fine, she really put herself out,   4
but by then I had confessed I            they had to be fetched from a
came from UCL                            remote store and I had only one
                                         day I could visit

No! the one idea seemed to be to No                                          1
head me off

                                     Yes The heritage centre were the        4
                                         photographic records are kept is
                                         open only for two days per week
                                         (from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm).
                                         However, it was possible to make
                                         an appointment for the next day.
Question 10                          Question 11


Good and helpful: Immediate                                                No
response to my first email to
general enquiries Not good: no
answer received till date from the
Stores Access Coordinator,
possible reason would be that the
person is on leave
Very straight forward. My request                                          Yes
to see 'some medieval pottery'
was handled well and they gave
me lots of advice. I called up and
we aranged the meeting within a
couple of minutes

                                     the museum never returned my phone
                                     call/message where I inquired about
                                     the objects

The contact got back to me                                                 No
quickly with a range of possible
appointments and explainations
of why I could not see some of the
                                     The collection was 100% on public

Maybe I got good treatment
because I revealed my affiliation!

The only way to solve this would b   There were difficulties, it's fair to say,   No
for the museum to set up a proper    because the collection is stored off
system to provide access to the      site, knitting is difficult to transport,
collections.                         and they are reorganising the store.
                                     She mention lack of staff resources.

Question 12                                       Question 13                            Question
I was asked whether I had a legitimate        1 Only member of staff avaliable for
reason for my enquiries and then                comment was gruff and rude. It is
instructed to buy a book on local history.      possible he was a volunteer and
only after I had given a reason,                seemed out of his depth (there
established my credentials and bought           were at least 100 school children
the book (£3.50, moderately helpful)            running riot in the museum at the
was I even given the phone number for           time of my visit.) No one else
the archives.                                   avaliable for comment (other than
                                                an equally unhelpful parking
                                                attendant) and no contact
                                                numbers or emails avaliable to
                                                the public.
                                              4 In general it doesn't seem to be a
                                                problem to access the collection,
                                                but in my case it might take more
                                                time than the exercise allowed me
                                                to make an appointment.

I was just asked why i wanted to see the      4 My request was very well             3              1   2
pottery. It didnt feel in an abrupt or rude     recieved, but they were a little
way, just a query why i wanted to see           hard to get hold of
the pottery.

was not asked why I wanted to see             1
something, was forwarded to the person
in charge of collections by the person
that answered the phone, left a phone
message with my question and phone
                                              0 If I could have made the
                                                appointment it would have been
                                                easy and they were very helpful.

not really, I volunteered that I just         3                                      3   4   3
wanted to see some closely because I
thought they were beautiful

I said several times I just had an interest   1
in that kind of knitting, and did some. I
felt if I could claim to be a researcher I
would have been more welcome.

                                              4 The photographic records are not     3   1   3
                                                stored within the museum itself,
                                                but at a 'heritage centre' nearby.
                                                They seemed very used to deal
                                                with this sort of enquiries.


4 The workroom for viewing the objects            4
  was behind the reception/staff area (it is
  only a small museum) There was always
  at least one staff member present, and it
  was seperated from the front of the
  reception by a glazed partition wall, and
  the public area by a sliding door,
  admittedly without a lock. I was not shown
  how to handle the objects as the member
  of staff was there to do it for me (the entry
  as 'unsatisfactory' is a mistake and
  should be ignored)



4 The curator printed out a list from the CM   5
  system, and got me photocopies of
  relevant articles (not much known about
  them, maybe I'll pursue this!)


3                                              5
Question 15

The museum was an interesting local collection with
several fascinating exhibits (and a very odd slavery
exhibition). There was absolutely no information avaliable
regarding the reserve collection and the staff I spoke to
were very unhelpful and clearly struggling to cope with
the large school party in the museum at the time of my
visit. Phone calls were not returned and no further
contact entered into by the museum. A very poor service
at the moment, a problem I suspect to be the result of
poor staffing.

Staff friendly and aproachable, met my expectations at
every time. only poor point was how it wasnt that easy to
get hold of the museum.

I think that many people with a casual interest in objects
in employment would be put off by the Wednesday only
appointments but otherwise I thought the service was
very good.
I was told that the collection was 100% on public view by
front desk. Though this was the case, I was finding it
difficult to get in touch with anyone via email about
accessibility to any stored collections they might have. I
had to go to the exhibit physically and ask a front desk
staff member for information. When she responded to
my query, she did not seem very sure of her answer, and
no further information was provided in terms of
contacting someone who would be sure to provide
accurate information. Though, she was still hospitable.

Awful! I felt quite undermined!

The overall experience was pleasant. Although, because
of my choice of objects, I did not get to go behind the
scenes of the actual museum, when talking to the
museum staff over the phone they were very helpful and
offered their full availability (even if the museum is due to
close by the end of the year).

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